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Cybex Zeno Cycling Kit

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Ride smooth and safe. Convert your ZENO into a bike trailer with the ZENO Cycling Kit and set off on a road trip with your little passenger.

What's Included:

  • Cycling Drawbar
  • Cycling Hitch
  • Safety Flag
  • Rear Safety Light

Compatible with the CYBEX ZENO multisport trailer

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A must have accessory
September 8, 2021
This accessory is by far my absolute favorite for the Cybex Zeno multisport trailer! I found the cycling kit fairly easy to hook up, the initial set up did take me roughly 20 minutes because I found the instructions to be a little hard to decipher and it made me a little overwhelmed but ultimately everything came together quite easily and after that it's now a breeze to quickly add on so my little one can ride around with me. Once assembled, I thought the cycling attachment felt very secure and sturdy.
This product made cycling so much fun with my kids. I have a 15 month old and a 3 year old, both of which absolutely loved riding along and fight over who gets to go for a ride first. We usually ride around some trails nearby and our neighborhood and it's such a smooth ride, I often forgot I was peddling with the extra weight! I do wish the reflector came permanently fixed on the trailer but not a big deal at all. I appreciate the safety features of this product and really love the Cybex brand.

Thank you so much to Stellar product testing panel for providing me with this sporting kit!
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Wonderful Extension
September 24, 2021
I already love the Cybex Zeno multisport trailer but the added accessories turns this trailer into a multi season trailer! I love this bike kit and my little one does too!

I had to knock the kit down a star as this kit was very difficult to put on with 1 person, almost impossible. With 2 people it wasn't so bad but still took some muscle. I plan to leave the kit on until we are sure we won't use it for awhile. The kit will be easy to take off but not to put back on.

Once the bike kit was on, it was amazing! I loved how the trailer glided behind the bike. Bumps, hills and turns were no problem with this kit. It effortlessly moved easily with the bike while riding. The trailer arm goes off to the side and it bends and flexes to the bikes movements. My little one thoroughly enjoyed riding in the trailer and can't wait to go again!

The materials are high quality and it even comes with a safety strap in case it comes loose. I felt very confident and secure once I hooked it up.

Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to test this bike kit!
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I love this cycling kit
September 17, 2021
I received this cycling kit from Stellar Product Testing Panel, it was a set with the trailer. I like how easy this is to attach to my bike and it was very easy to assemble. My child enjoyed the smooth ride, was actually able to take a nap!! My favorite thing about this would be the easiness of use. I take this everywhere!
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Great trailer difficult assembly
September 14, 2021
I was so excited to receive the Cybex Zeno Cycling Kit as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel because my husband and I cycle with our young children in tow often. The description was amazing and I loved the idea of the versatility of it. Even after reading the full manual and laying out all the components, I found some of the instructional diagrams a little hard to follow. I am usually pretty good and quick at putting things together but I found this took far longer than I expected and had some really difficult steps that involved pulling small tabs through slots- which was difficult even with my smaller slim hands. It connected relatively easily to my bike once I got it together and I really love the snap on snap off mechanism. The ride is smooth and I love the design of the trailer-super sleek. Also really love that I can use it as a stroller!!
My daughter who is almost 2 and in the 90th percentile for height enjoyed her ride and leads me back to this trailer often for her next ride! Im just glad I don't have to put the cover on again because that part was not easy. Overall a great trailer, but would be even better if you could buy it with the cover already on!
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Great Cycling Kit
September 13, 2021
I was lucky enough to receive this kit as a member of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. My family really loved using this cycling kit. It was quick and simple to hook up both the bike and the trailer.

It was great being able to quickly hook it up and head out on a family bike ride with such little effort. My little one also seemed completely comfortable sitting in the trailer for the ride and was smiles the entire trip.

I definitely recommend this cycling kit attachment for anyone looking to add a bike trailer to their list of baby gear!
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Pairs well with the Cybex Zeno Trailer
September 9, 2021
One of my biggest complaints with the Cybex Zeno was the fixed front wheel. However, with this attachment, that is no longer a problem! The cycling kit is pretty easy to attach to the Zeno trailer and it also attaches pretty easily to my bike. When the Zeno trailer is transformed into a bike trailer with this cycling kit, it is phenomenal! I love all the padding and protection it offers my son while we ride. It also allows me to go on bikes rides with the whole family instead of having either my husband or I sit back to stay with our 17-month old. I also love that the Zeno becomes an all-in-one for our outdoor family adventures courtesy of the cycling kit. Perhaps someday we might check out the hands-free running kit too!

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving us the opportunity to try out this awesome cycling kit.
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Very Easy to Use
September 9, 2021
I really enjoyed using the cycling kit. I was able to easily hook it up to my bike and head off with one kid in the trailer and the other on her bike.
Converting the trailer from run to bike mode was incredibly easy. I was really surprised by how little effort it took to attach the hitch to my bike and the bike part to the trailer.
My kids loved being able to ride "with" me on my bike. Having the bike trailer made it much easier to run to the park or the store with a kid.
My favorite feature of the cycling kit is the hitch. I have used other bike trailers in the past and none have been so easy and secure to use.
I received the cycling kit as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Amazing accessory that should come with trailer
September 8, 2021
If you own the trailer already and want to use it with your bike, purchase this, it's a no brainer. If you are loving the trailer, and add this on, it's a fair price for what you get, and it's a 5-star product. If you don't already have the trailer, please note that this review is primarily for the cycling attachment alone to go with the Cybex Zeno Trailer. Please see my separate review for the trailer. I feel very strongly that the trailer should come with this attachment and that at its price point the trailer should come with all of the available add-on accessories (except for maybe the ski) that are available like cupholder and jogging harness because I don't think that trailer is very user-friendly out of the box. That said once you have the trailer, I feel this accessory is absolutely critical to making the most out of your trailer but don't love the price of the set as a whole as I feel the trailer is really only great for cycling.  I'm a mom of two boys aged 2 and 5 and we have a dual bicycle trailer already so I'm comparing it to that. The one we have cost half as much, turns into a stroller, has storage capacity in addition to sitting both kids. This trailer is much nicer, comfier, amazing shocks, a smooth ride and will hold a taller/heavier/older kid, but I do not feel the value is enough to justify it costing double from the cheaper bike trailers.
I think really highly of Cybex as a company and was really pleased with the safety features. I liked the rechargable blinking red light, which does need to be very snug on the handlebar not to slide. I like that I could use this for other things too, although it definitely is designed for the trailer. I like the flag and how high it goes. It was so easy to ride with I periodically forgot I was even toting my kid - great turning radius and so smooth all around. All the parts are very high quality and durable, and there are white reflectors on the front part of this in addition to the red reflectors on back of trailer and some reflective stripes on trailer itself. 

 It did not take my husband long to attach the part to my Liv bike, although he's pretty handy. I will say he said he had trouble initially but he made it work and I'm not sure what exactly he had to do to make it work. I get the sense there was some light modification that I'm a little worried to know more about what exactly he did. I'm content to just know that it works, but I'm not super sure if I would have been able to figure it out on my own, so you may need professional help if you aren't good with bike adjustments. It still seems surprising this product is so strongly targeted to women because I definitely think it's great for everyone. I do really wish this trailer held more than one kid and then it had some sort of storage for not only the rain shield but also for groceries for trips to the farmers market etc. (again, these are complaints about the trailer as a whole but do matter in considering it as a bike trailer option).  Now that the part is on my bike, it attaches to/detaches from my bike really easily and I've ridden my bike alone leaving the attachment in place. Both my kids find it really comfortable. Like almost every other bike trailer I have encountered it does get really hot because of those plastic vinyl siding as balls so this idea of them being breathability is a bit of a joke but that's across the board with this kind of product. Thank you so much to Stellar Review Panel who gave me this product in exchange for an honest review.

Two photos are of my Younger son next to the trailer in stroller mode for size. The trailer goes lower when in trailer mode. The other two photos with the bike/trailer/attachment are my 5 year old who is 75th percentile with an exceptionally long torso. 45"/48lbs.

 Cybex - I dislike the motto "Shape you up" especially since it's aggressively targeted to women. I'm offended. Please change it and praise me for wanting to be active with my kids and take an environmentally friendly transport method. Thanks!
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Awesome sporty trailer
September 8, 2021
I was given this sporting kit to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. We had been very excited to test this product since we live in the mountains, bike a lot, and have two kids (15 months and 3) who would enjoy an alternate mode of transportation than the car. Upon opening the box, we were immediately impressed with the quality of the materials and the clean look of the bike kit. Admittedly, the color of the chariot itself (teal) was not our favorite - we appreciate something bright/fun/visible for safety purposes, obviously, but would have preferred a more neutral color. But appearances-wise, that was our only "complaint". It is sleek, lightweight, and functional and the other safety features (light, flag) are awesome and much appreciated.

We were pretty impressed at the versatility of this product. While we'll primarily use it as a bike trailer, it is pretty cool that you can use it to walk/run and also to cross country ski. My husband is a big XC skier and this will be a great option for the (long) winter months when he's out on the trails and the kids need some fresh air too. I don't envision us using it to walk/run with the kids but never say never - people are sporty here and we could be convinced!

As far as the assembly process, it was relatively straightforward. We were excited to see a QR code in the instruction manual, as we thought it would take us to a quick assembly video; unfortunately, it just took us to the manufacturer's main website and not to video tailored to this kit, which could be a cool option just to see it visually come together before assembling it ourselves. Even without the video though, it was easy. People had warned us that the key to using the trailer is to make sure that it hitches appropriately to your bike and this kit made that so easy; I feel like we avoided the headaches that a lot of our friends have had by getting a trailer but not having the appropriate connectors.

We really liked the shocks to damper the bumps. We have a nice bike path here and plenty of places to ride but there are a fair amount of mountain bumps so that will really help. One other thing to note is that the brake seems decently strong, but it's also relatively easy to push the unit forward even while the brake is fully depressed. We'll keep using it to make sure it's not user error, but wanted to point that out.

We are really hoping that our kiddos enjoy this for a while. We took them for a turn tonight in the driveway and around the neighborhood and our littlest was enthralled (he's basically only been in the stroller, car seat, or hiking backpack so this was a fun new adventure mode for him). Our oldest was timid at first based on an earlier (rickety) bike trailer experience that we have not repeated, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the breeze. They seemed comfortable! There were no complaints. We are psyched too about the storage aspect - being able to fold it up to take up as little space as possible is a huge plus - both for the trunk of the car and in our garage, both spots where space is at a premium. It seems like a lot of care/thought went into the design of this kit. That includes all the storage and the comfort for the kids. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to test!
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Cute Bike Trailer
September 5, 2021
I was given this sporting kit to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I received the teal color kit and really love how it looks. It's unisex, and I don't think it will show dirt. I also appreciate that it comes with a rain cover. The wheels are very similar to road bike tires, helping to ensure that it will ride smoothly. Finally, the bike conversion kit was easy to assemble to convert the jogging stroller into the bike trailer.

My one complaint is that the trailer itself / body of the stroller took a long time to assemble. It incorporated a lot of zippers, and the fabric was so tight that it made assembly pretty difficult and frustrating.

I'm looking forward to using this kit with my child when she's old enough to safely ride in it.
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Great for parents on the go
September 4, 2021
I was given this sporting kit to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

This is a great stroller for active parents! For running or hiking it has large wheels and shock absorbing. Steering is smooth with one hand as well. Comfort. It's nice that I can put my son into his trailer and off we go. My son has not complained about being in the seat, it has great padding around the crotch and shoulders. He can hold his water bottle with him without the fear of him chucking it out.

The bike trailer hitches easily and hangs on tight. The wheels help once again with a smooth ride.
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A Cycling Kit You and Yours Little Will Love
September 3, 2021
The Cybex Zeno cycling kit has been a major game changer for me. We are a big cycling family but haven't been able to ride much with a two year old until now. The cycling attachment is sleek and not bulky. My son absolutely loves riding in it and will climb in himself the moment he sees me getting it out. It's a very smooth ride and it navigates turns really well. The trailer is pretty light at 27 lbs so it wasn't as hard as thought it would be to tow with a child. We got stopped several times by people asking about the trailer and cycling kit as it's such a sharp looking set up. I've used it on streets and sidewalks and it's performed great with a smooth ride.

My only critique is that I found the instructions to be a little confusing on how to attach the piece to the bike's back wheel, but we figured it out with a little trial and error.

Overall, I love this trailer and cycling kit! I've already gotten more miles ridden the last two weeks than over the entire summer. You won't be disappointed and your little will love it too. This will help you get out more as a family. I cannot wait to get the ski kit too!

Many thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to test out this cycling kit.
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Blaze a Trail
September 2, 2021
The CYBEX ZENO trailer kit is an absolute must! There are plenty of safety features. The cross bar that goes in front of the trailer extends as wide as the wheels, which helps to protect the wheels (rocks, etc). The reflectors are also at the end of the bar and in front of the wheels to provide reflective safety. The arm that attaches to the bike was a little bit tricky the first time just to ensure we were using the right sized parts. We really like that it had an accordion protective cover to help keep from pinching fingers. We wouldn't do without the trailer kit to go on the many bike rides that we enjoy. We received this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for our honest feedback.
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Nice features
September 1, 2021
First, I recieved this as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. The bike adapter system works pretty well and is easy to install and uninstall. I like that the hitch attaches to the axle instead of the seatpost. The quick release on the hitch is a nice feature. The only thing that I didn't like was that the nylon strap that is directed to be attached to the chainstay as a failsafe for the hitch release could possibly interfere with a disk brake.
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