Cybex OPEN BOX Maira Tie Baby Carrier - Denim Blue

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The MAIRA.tie from the CYBEX Gold range offers easy and intuitive adjustment to fit parents of all sizes and allow for comfortable carrying. It also adjusts as baby grows: the ergonomic seating panel adjusts in width and height so you can carry your child from newborn days to toddler years (approx. 2 years). The carrier

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Very Comfortable
By Ellie18
from OR
on August 12, 2019
From the moment I took the carrier out of the box, I knew it was going to be a good fit with me being 4'9. The carrier is Light weight and not bulky like other ones. It's a combination of back pack material and a sling carrier to wrap around you. I really like the future of the sling to wrap around, which has been a bit difficult since it is my first time using, but it feels more comfortable! I can't wait to go on walks with my little guy in this carrier!
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Maira.tie is essential
By Kitkat24
from Newport,RI
on July 27, 2019
I was lucky enough to receive this product to test through the cybex/ even Flo savvy parents panel. The item arrived at the perfect time as we were going on vacation and it offered a new hands free option. It does take a bit of practice to tie the straps and feel like your child is secure. I love that there is a side carrying, front carrying and back carrying option. Technically front facing isn't an option but I tried it just to allow my child to watch her sibling and friends play. I also appreciated that the newborn insert comes with the carrier and doesn't require an additional step for purchase.Once you have the hang of tying it this is a great carrier.
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very high quailty with a great look!
By gspice87
from New York NY
on July 26, 2019
Like other Cybex products, the instruction manual is hit or miss. In this case, it's somewhere in the middle. Once you get the product adjusted it fits really good; adjusting in this case requires far more steps in comparison to other products I've used. When you're dealing with infant/toddler gear, things need to be very simple. I do love Cybex products and alway recommend them, very high quailty and just take a bit of time getting used to.
After the first couple times of use were a little hard but after the thrid time it was great; wore my 18month old (25pound) around while I walked through Central park and even through the grocery store.
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I love the adjustments
By Mamabbrown
from Minnesota
on July 26, 2019
Wow! This carrier is so amazing. It is perfect for both hands on parents. The wide stars make it comfortable for the person carrying baby. The quick adjustable waist strap is nice for when switching from one caregiver to the next. The different carrying options are a plus too. Give baby a different view when needed.
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Light weight, easy to use and very comfy
By Xochitl74
from Tehachapi, CA
on July 21, 2019
I've tried a few baby carriers, the wraps, the ergo carriers, and so far I like this one the best. This carrier I find quite unique, it is basically a mixture between a wrap and regular carrier. The carrier is very comfortable and very nice material, it's also very light weight. My favorite feature is that it is sooo easy to adjust. Especially the waist. My husband loves that he can use it and adjust so easily to his size as well. We had other carriers, and they were much more irritating to adjust. This one is by far the easiest and most convenient. My daughter is 15 mos and 19 lb, and she still likes to be carried. She loved to be carried on the hip and back, she adjusted to it quite nicely. It's very supportive and secure. I definitely recommend this carrier! I'm going to be using it until my daughter reaches its weight limit. It's awesome!
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Great carrier with wrap features
By bernig
from Palo Alto, CA
on July 21, 2019
My first impressions of the carrier were positive. It is stylish and also comes well presented, with some clear information about the three positions outside the box.

I'm using the carrier with my 1-year-old boy, mainly, when we go out hiking or walking in places where the stroller is not the best option (for example, on the beach). For a walk, back carry is the best option because he keeps distracted, also it's comfortable for me as he gains more weight. When he is tired, we usually change him to the front carry position, to give him better support. Hip carry is useful for short periods when he wants to be with me and I need to do something else with my arms (housework for example). In this case, as the baby's weight is on one side, I end up a bit tired when I carry him for more than 15 minutes. Sometimes, I missed the front position where the baby can face out, but as it's not the best position for them I don't think that it's a must.

For the first few times using each position, I had to use the instructions to set up the carrier, they are very clear. The waistbelt is easy to adjust. The child can be seated easily in a natural position, comfortable and safe for their hips. The tricky step for me is to fit the straps. It's difficult to set them considering that one hand needs to be holding the baby, and as they are very long, usually they end up touching the floor while adjusting the carrier (the good news is that the carrier is machine washable). Also, in the beginning, I wasn't sure how tight should I pull the straps to set it to a comfortable and safe position.

Beyond this, this carrier is a very good option if you want to carry your baby with a wrap but knowing that he is safe enough. It combines perfect support with the waistbelt at the same time that the baby is comfortably wrapped. Before trying this carrier, I couldn't get this with a wrap. I would definitely try it on with my second baby as a newborn.
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Great Features
By abbyliz424
from Dallas, TX
on July 15, 2019
Upon receiving my carrier, I was expecting it to be able to forward face and carry. Even though it doesn't, there are still so many comfortable options that make carrying my baby a breeze. I love the functionality of being able to tie the straps - it helped to get my daughter in a comfortable (for me) carrying position. I would definitely recommend this carrier and reading the instruction manual to familiarize with the different ways to use tie it.
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Great style great product
By Islandgirl19
from North Carolina
on July 12, 2019
When we received the product I was a tiny bit worried of how well it wouldn't hold but to my surprise this carrier is amazing it's light weight and bonus myself and my partner can use the same carrier and have it work right and we'll for us both we would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a strong yet light carrier
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Comfort is key!
By Evangeline
from Pittsburgh
on July 12, 2019
I love the versatility of this carrier!! You can wear your baby on the front, back, AND side!! This is the 4th baby carrier that I have owned and this is the only one that is side-carry compatible!! I know you can side carry with the RingSling, but I found the sling very confusing to wrap and tie even after watching how to videos. This carrier is a hybrid of my ringsling and my Tula and it's amazing!!
The straps are super comfortable for me and my kiddos and tying it is a breeze!! The directions are easy to follow, but I practiced on a babydoll before trying it for real haha. The only issue I have is the ties are super long, so if you are outside they hang on the ground until you get the baby situated and start tying-it's not a problem, Im just a bit of a germaphobe.
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Really Nice
By kjmommy
from Denver CO
on July 11, 2019
This carrier is so nice! I love how soft it is. The seat also helps make sure baby has his/her legs in the right position to prevent hip issues. Which is also nice. This carrier has replaced my more $$$ carrier as my favorite.
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Frustrating Directions but Great Details
By Kteach
from Redlands, CA
on July 11, 2019
I was super excited to receive this, but it caused stress and frustration. The directions are very unclear as they are just pictures. It would have been helpful to have wording and descriptive steps in the directions. I looked to YouTube for help but even those didn't include someone speaking English to explain how to create each position.

Due to the very long length of the straps, when taking my baby out, the straps would drag on the ground.

It is a great idea to have it adjustable for baby's width and height. I love that it includes options for a headrest, sun shade, or infant seat! I also think it's fabulous to have the ability to wrap up the extra material from the waist belt.

If I could have someone show me how to properly adjust and use this, I would recommend this product. Beware of this product if you are not a visual learner.
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Great, Lightweight, easy to use carrier!
By lilypunk5
from Utah
on July 11, 2019
I love this carrier! The fact that it is a cross between a wrap and carrier is outstanding! I struggled in the past with a wrap because I never felt that I could get my baby tight enough that I felt it was safe! I love that this feature has the wrap feature around the baby but also has the belt around the waist to make sure the carrier is tight enough with support, I can't express my love for this more! It's easy to use, my two month old slept in it the entire time at our 2 hour 4th of July parade, which I was so please to use it for! I was hands free to do other things but knew my baby boy was secure and comfy in place!

I would highly recommend this product to a new mom in the market for a carrier for her new baby! I can see how it will grow with my baby as he gets bigger and look forward to using it on trips and outdoor hikes!
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Super Comfortable!
By LaurenAlexis4
from Asheville, NC
on July 11, 2019
I received this a few weeks ago and being a carrier snob I was so excited to give it a go! Having a 28lb toddler who still loves to be worn, it takes quite an impressive carrier to put him up comfortably, and this one is quite supportive and adjustable. To me it's a mix between an ergo and a moby styled wrap. I love that the shoulder straps tie instead of snap making it more adjustable and honestly more comfortable. My guy was super happy in the back carry position as we ran errands and I didn't feel any discomfort from have a heavy toddler up. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is I did have to re-tighten the tied on straps once or twice as I wore it. It isn't a a huge inconvenience but they did seem to stretch/loosen the longer I wore it. Can't wait to give it a go on some newborns in my post partum Doula work!!
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