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Cybex Eternis S All-in-One Convertible Car Seat - Manhattan Grey

Share Cybex Eternis S All-in-One Convertible Car Seat - Manhattan Grey

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Please note: This model does not have SensorSafe

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Great car seat!
By Kim
from Massachusetts
on August 1, 2022
Verified Buyer
I have owned a lot of different car seats over the years (I have 9 children plus I was a baby for 14 years prior to having kids). My 7 month old HATED her infant car seat (Nuna) which was leading to very stressful car rides. I started my search for a new seat.
I currently have 3 Diono seats (that still have 6 years left) however, they are TERRIBLE for rear facing!!! I only purchased because I had two RF kids and 1 FF kid. Used them and hated them. I reviewed every seat, every measurement for height/width, etc! I've owned Britax, Clek, Graco, Nuna, Diono .... You name it I've used it! My 2.5 year old also wasn't comfortable in his Clek, so I bought him one to try!
Here's my personal opinion -
1. Yes it's "heavy" but really it's lighter than the a Diono and just as awkward as the Britax and Clek.
2. SIMPLE to install! Love that it has dual pulls unlike Diono and Clek.
3. The recline is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! I have her behind the drivers seat, fully reclined and I didn't have to move the front seat! (I'm not short, 5'7) and can slip a piece of paper between the seats (if you can't, you need to move the seat forward put alter the recline).
3. My 2.5 yo is forward facing and the seat fits perfectly in the second row! His sister can still skip my to get into her seat.
4. The head rest aspect is super cool! So far, only the 2.5 yo has trialed it. His head didn't flop forward like it did in the Clek, he says it's cozy and soft (sensory issues and he gave it 2 thumbs up!!!)
5. Cup holder is okay. I could take it or leave it.
6. Please be sure to read the manual on regards to the side impact. You don't use both if there are passengers on either side only use on the side next to door / window.

I give this seat 5 stars! My 2.5 yo loves it and my 7 month old (knock on wood) is no longer screaming in the car!!
*I drive a 12 passenger Chevrolet van for reference*
Great car seat
By Melissa
from Tampa
on July 17, 2022
Verified Buyer
Great car seat! Easy to install and the reclining headrest is awesome!
By Jacob
from Wylie, Texas
on July 17, 2022
Verified Buyer
Has to be the most difficult seat to install securely. Following every instruction it is very difficult not only to install the seat but to get the installation comfortably secure. We also bought a Britax marathon clicktight. Night and day experience between the two. Skip cybex and look elsewhere.
Love this seat !
By Stephanie
from Indiana
on July 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
The safety features are amazing ! My daughter is 3 1/2 and still sits rear facing with no problem, she loves the recline for long car rides . We only by Cybex because there high safety ratings.
  • Safety , recline , head positioning, comfort,
  • More girly colors would be nice
Easy install, comfortable
By Sharp
from New Orleans
on July 2, 2022
Verified Buyer
Easy to install rear facing with latch system. Comfy and easy to clean.
Best Car seat that’s not Britax
By Jonathan G.
from Spring Hill, TN
on July 1, 2022
I wish other manufacturers would implement the v shaped top tether system like Britax. Thatís what is so nice about Britax is that the v shape tether keeps seat in place. This one has the normal single tether at the top. It has my favorite feature on a car seat and thatís the adjustable head position. My second child was not a car sleeper till I got this seat. My son vomited all over it and I took all fabric off washed and had it back in the car in 1.5 hrs. Pretty easy and simple
  • Everything
  • I wish it had a V-Shaped tether.
By Natalie
from New York
on May 9, 2022
Verified Buyer
It is beautiful- I am a big fan of Cybex, we have the Mios travel system from them and I knew this car seat would not disappoint and it is gorgeous. Matches my car interior and is very big so the baby is definitely comfortable in it
Easy install and clean
By KH P.
from DC
on April 14, 2022
Verified Buyer
Best car seat ever.

I used 3 car seats beforeni bought enernis s.
Infant car seats and 2 car seats. Both 3 car seats were not eady to clean and ride my kid.
But eternis s was so easy to clean . Just take off the seat cover and laundry. Actually other 3 car seats cover were not easy to dettach and they were compose of 3~4 parts. But eternis s seat cover was easy to remove it was just 1 cover. I tumble washed and lay dried it before I install.
Easy to install and safe. Love it.
  • Easy to clean
By Wallace
from Belleville, Illinois
on April 11, 2022
Verified Buyer
My husband knows about carseats and how to install the first day it was tight today never being used it was not tight at all. Im extremely disappointed. We have 2 nunas and a chicco and both are secure and very easy to install. I COULDNT EVEN USE THIS PRODUCT. I am planning to return.
  • Looks nice
  • Cannot install tightly therefore cannot use
Perfect car seat
By Candi
from NYC
on February 26, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is an ideal car seat. It is very well designed and aesthetically appealing. The safety features are great. I love that it can be used from infancy until the child is able th? come out of a car seat. The quality seems really nice. I highly recommend this product.
  • Useful from infancy until child no longer needs to be in a car seat.
By Dom
from Staten island, ny
on February 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat! We ordered two and its so comfy for my daughter and so well made. She loves sitting in it and doesnt fuss on long car rides. I love the safety features.
So nice!
By Lkc
from Kentucky
on February 3, 2022
Verified Buyer
Ordered this for my 1 year old. Itís great because he can stay rear facing up to 50lbs.
So far so good
By Hannah S.
from Minneapolis Minnesota
on January 7, 2022
Verified Buyer
I havenít had a chance to use this but the no rethread harness and for this seat being as luxe as it is, 200$ on sale is the BEST deal!!! It was even cheaper than chicco seats! Very stylish, comfortable, practical, truly an adorable seat that isnít an eye sore in my car. Perfect fitting cup holder too. I wanted something for my car for if I have to take kids anywhere that I could just keep for if I ever needed it. (Not a parent but Iím very Type A) I was ecstatic to find something that is extremely safe with LSP and really solid padding too! I feel confident that if something happened (an accident, needing to sit for a bit to get bailed from snow, etc) that a kiddo will hopefully not be injured whatsoever and will always be very comfortable. I get to use it on Tuesday! (Written on a Friday) also itís very cold where I live (Minnesota) so evenflo disappointed me with its lack of padding. their side impact testing also disappointed me. Found out they donít do much SI Testing.
  • Super safe. LSP. Stylish. Metal frame. protects kids well in the event of a car accident. cost efficient. no rethread harness (praise the lord). again, metal frame and stylish. What more do you need from a seat. Anxiety relieving. Ahhh
  • The kid is basically in a bubble.
Best Uses
  • Staying in one vehicle, infants, toddlers and preschoolers. This seat starts at newborn.
  • Wish it had two cup holders but not a massive deal. obviously bulky. However that?s because it?s super duper safe! on the pricier side of affordable. can?t see other kids as well because sides go up so high, but to me this is a major pro. Feels like the kid is in a bubble.
Beautiful Safe Carseat
By ehhsamanta
from undisclosed
on July 1, 2021
I personally love children products which are not only the highest safety standard but also looks really nice. The CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat is definitely one of those products! I received the denim colour through the Stellar Product Testing Panel to test out for my honest feedback. Love the fabric and every feature of this carseat. It can easily converts from back facing to front facing and has many recline options which for me is very important since my toddler constantly falls asleep in the car. One of my favorite things about this carseat is their attention to detail. They've added magnets to the side of the chair to help keep the buckle in place so it doesn't get tangled under your child.
The best part of the carseat is the safety features. I know my child will always be safe while riding in it since it alerts me if she is too hot, unbuckles or has been seated too long through its unique sensorsafe technology. It will also fit her for a very long time which is nice to know.
Highly recommend this carseat to everyone.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
The Luxurious Seat a Baby Deserves
By michlei
from undisclosed
on July 1, 2021
Wow! You know you're a full-blown MOM when you call a car seat beautiful, but that was my first reaction upon opening the Cybex Eternis. This thing compromises nothing in comfort, safety, or aesthetics. I received the car seat as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and tried it rear-facing as well as forward-facing with the 5 point harness and as a belt-positioning booster (I have a 5 month old, a 2 year old, and a tall 5.5 year old). I was happy with every configuration, so deciding which kid ultimately gets to use it will be the hard part!

1. The comfort features of the seat blow others I've had out of the water - from the padding to the soft fabric to the tilting headrest, it is lux-ur-i-ous!
2. In safety, the steel frame and Linear Side Protection provide unmatched peace of mind.
3. The denim blue color is gorgeous (more of a silky, rich blue...I'm not sure denim describes it well) and even the tether strap has a cover when it's not being used, making the whole design sleek and appealing.
4. To top it all off, the button/strap to tighten/loosen the belts is the smoothest mechanism I have used and the magnetic buckle holders are genius.

1. While the mechanisms for adjusting the belts and tilting the headrest felt smooth and well-designed, moving the headrest up and down was more challenging. I liked that the belt path adjusted automatically, but actually sliding the headrest was difficult and felt clunky.
2. I really wish the cover was removable for washing. I'm glad I have a good spot cleaner, but with the incredible longevity of this seat, I would love to be able to give it a good clean periodically! While my kids may not outgrow the seat for 10 years, I'm not sure if they'll be able to avoid spills enough for it to last that long.
3. The seat is heavy and large (both good things for safety and comfort!) and is not ideal for traveling or if you have to move the seat from one car to another regularly.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this car seat to someone whose priorities are safety, comfort, and beautiful design.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Provides Peace of Mind
By MrsCastro
from undisclosed
on June 30, 2021
The CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat is ideal for anyone looking for a product that can be converted from infant to toddler and beyond. My favorite feature of the car seat is the steel-reinforced frame as its durability provides advanced child safety protection and peace of mind for me as a parent. The safety features are top of the line. The are also numerous options in terms of seat belt preference and options which many other car seat brands do not provide. Another amazing feature is the 3-position reclining headrest which helps provide my son with a more comfortable sleeping position. As a mother of a 12 month old baby who is often on the road taking naps, this is a must. Another great aspect of this car seat is the longevity and versatility. It grows with child and can be used and converted from baby (4lbs) to todQAAWWwdler (65 lbs). I have this in my husband's car who usually transports only one of our kids at a time and it is ideal as one is 3 years old and the youngest is 1 year old. This car seat keeps both safe and comfortable. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with†this convertible car seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Sleek and sturdy
By Laura B.
from undisclosed
on June 29, 2021
Thanks to the generosity of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I received the Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat in exchange for a review. My 7-month-old daughter is getting harder to carry in her infant seat, so this convertible car seat arrived at just the right time. Upon removing it from the box, I took note of the high quality of the materials used to construct the seat. The fabric is soft, and the seat looks very plush and comfy. I loved the separately reclining headrest. My daughter occasionally naps in the car, and the headrest lets her relax more comfortably. Although the car seat is large (and definitely not something I would want to switch between vehicles on a regular basis), it is not as bulky as some other car seats on the market. Regarding safety features, I especially like the LSP System. It is easy to activate with the quick press of a button, and it gives me peace of mind to have extra protection for my child in case of a side-impact collision. In terms of convenience, I liked the magnetic holders for keeping the straps on the side of the car seat when removing my child from the car seat. My other children's car seats have different ways of keeping the straps out of the way, which do not work as well as the magnets. The only thing I do not like about this seat is how difficult it is to use the chest clip. On the flip side, hopefully that means my daughter will not be able to unclip herself easily as she gets older. I was very surprised to see that this seat can be used for 10 years and that it can be used rear facing and forward facing and then convert to a booster. I'm looking forward to watching it grow with my child!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
The Only Car Seat You Will Ever Need
By Burchsta
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I was able to try this AMAZING car seat! I absolutely love how this car seat goes from infant to child; I have three children (8 months, 4 years, and 6 years), and ALL of them can use this car seat, which makes it unbelievably awesome to have it in my husband's car for quick and easy school pick-ups without needing to swap seats. If you have limited storage space like I do, you will appreciate this car seat's extended life and versatility. Safety features are our number 1 priority, and this car seat ticked all the boxes. It's sturdy and doesn't shift. And, I love how the booster still has a full back (not just the seat cushion) with the normal seatbelt fitting across and under a notch - it provides better protection than only a booster seat would. The car seat also has wing-like structures on the sides that can extend to create a bumper in case the seat shifts in an accident! The three-position headrest made this comfortable for all three of my kids regardless of their differing heights and long torsos, too. If you need a car seat that'll last a long time - this is it!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
overall great carseat though heavy
By hhills
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
I was excited to try a different type of car seat when I received this product to test as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. There were quite a few features that made me intrigued if it would be a good long term solution for our family! After trying it for a few weeks, my conclusion is that it is a great car seat and I would recommend it but would make sure people knew a few things about it first.

The positives were:
- the whole LATCH system! There's a place to store it when it's not needed -- there is a place to rest your thumb to press it into the seat -- it has a pull tab so rather than needing to get my fingers into the seat and push hard on a button to disengage the latch, the red pull tab was easily visible above the seat crease and with a quick pull I could disengage the latch when needing to move the seat -- and, my favorite, you can tighten and loosen ON BOTH SIDES so it doesn't matter what side of the car the seat is on!
- the 3-position reclining headrest! I tried this seat with my 12 month old (rear facing) and my 3.5 year old (forward facing) - other car seats I've tried have a straight back so when they fall asleep their head ends up falling forward. In this seat, I could recline the head portion so their head tended to fall to the side against the headrest - yay!
- the hardware (buckle, LATCH, shoulder straps) was all installed in a way that made it easier for things not to get tangled when moving straps around.
- the fabric has so far spot cleaned incredibly well! Gunk from food pouches? Rubbed with damp washcloth and it was like new!
- the safety features - I had not seen a pop out side on a car seat before and it made me feel like they had more protection from potential side impact.
- the longevity - being able to use this car seat from birth to 120lb can be a huge plus for families not wanting to buy a seat for different stages!
- easy to change positions back-and-forth at the bottom of the seat and up-and-down for the headrest/straps.
- I like that the bottom of the seat flips open without having to remove the cover - makes it easy to change the strap positions or guide a seatbelts through

While using it, the things I wish were improved were:
- the weight of the seat - this is not a seat we could easily move between cars. Weight is somewhat subjective based on your strength, but as someone who lifts weights regularly, I found it heavy. My mom is a very active person and said it's the heaviest seat she's had to move. Even if you don't plan on moving it between cars that often, it makes taking it out to clean a hassle.
- ease of removing and putting on the seat cover - I felt like I was going to stretch the fabric to the point of tearing when trying to take it off to clean. It was a bit cumbersome to get the cover back on, too - the edge needs to fit into a crease around the outside and my fingers took a bit of a beating getting it back in. BUT like I said above, the fabric spot cleans super well so you might not need to wash the whole thing very often.
- The cupholder sticks far off to the side which makes it hard for the kids to grab things in it and wouldn't allow for positioning in the middle seat if I needed to get three seats across.

Other things I noticed:
- The material is very soft which is great for the kids to be comfortable sitting in but I wonder if in a few months it is going to show pulls in the fabric like another seat I used that had a similar feel. Not happening yet (which is great) but something I'll be keeping an eye on.
- the tightening strap is has a plastic piece around it that, when I had the seat rear facing, would pop up when I was tightening because of the angle I needed to pull the strap at. When I looked closer, it looks like it's made to come off of tabs but there isn't a way to press the tabs in - it just comes comes off and tilts when it's pulled on hard enough at a high angle. Hope the tabs are durable!
- the shoulder straps sometimes get stuck when I'm trying to loosen them - one side will loosen just fine but I'll have to pull pretty hard on the other side and it does a little pop before loosening. They are enclosed on the inside of the seat so I can't see what's going on. It doesn't happen every time but I'm wondering if the straps will have a shorter life than the seat (e.g., if the strap is getting caught on something and ends up fraying).
- the buckle has a cloth cushion around it which makes it comfy for the kids - it is really hard to remove which is great for not randomly falling off but also hard to take off and put on for cleaning. I'm torn on if I like it or not ...

I'm giving this carseat four stars because the LATCH system is even easier than the already easy LATCH system, it has what appears to be top-of-the-line safety features, the fabric wipes up super well, it's easy to adjust the straps/headrest but the weight and difficulty of removing/putting on the cover makes it so it wouldn't be my very first choice/recommendation.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Excellent car seat with great safety features
By Carrmama
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
My husband and I loved having the opportunity to try the CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat for our son! Aesthetically, the car seat is a great color with excellent fabric, and it looks really nice in both our minivan and our SUV. We loved the subtle cushioning and comfort that this seat offers our son while still providing safety and sturdiness. We were intrigued with the Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P.) and loved to be able to use it while our son was in his seat. Any extra protection of our baby boy is excellent and much appreciated, and we feel that it shows the extra thought that went into the design. The 3-Position Reclining Headrest was a great feature to make our son as comfortable as possible in his seat, especially when he falls asleep while we drive. It was easy to adjust, and we saw a difference when we adapted the seat to his comfort level. We look forward to using this seat for him (potentially over the next ten years), and were excited to see that it would last him a long time! Our two daughters (our son's older sisters) wanted to try out their brother's new seat, too, and it was effortless to adjust to their heights and comfort levels. It is obvious that this is a well-designed, safe, and reliable car seat, and I am happy that our son has it. I would highly recommend it! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with†this convertible car seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
They Thought of Everything
By Samantha
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
My initial thought after using the CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat is that they thought of everything! I received this car seat through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and as someone who has used an all-in-one car seat for nearly two years I thought, what could be so different about this one? Guys...it's like they kept everything I loved about my all-in-one car seat and tweaked those little things that drove me nuts every time I buckled in my three-year-old!

For example, a slightly larger cupholder than can actually hold a toddler-sized water bottle so I don't have to reach back and yank it out for my son every time he wants a drink. And magnetic belt holders to hold the buckles out of the way. And the straps glide SO easily as you tighten and loosen them. But the piŤce de rťsistance: the reclining headrest. Game. Changer.

Every mom hates when their kid's head rolls forward when they fall asleep. It restricts airflow and ultimately isn't comfortable, so you child doesn't sleep as soundly (or as long...). I was skeptical that the reclining headrest would actually keep my son's head from falling forward but it. works. And my son even commented how "cozy" his new seat was, unprompted. This is especially important to me now that we're driving to and from my parents' house 375 miles away and 5+ hours up north to our cabin all summer.

Of course I love the added safety features and the fact that this seat will fit him until he's 120 lbs, but the fact that they paid attention to the little details and got those right really made all the difference for me. The CYBEX Eternis has permanently replaced our former all-in-one car seat in my vehicle!

For reference - I drive a 2018 GMC Acadia and my son is three years old (30 lbs, 38" tall).
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Super impressed
By ChelsMama
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
This car seat caught our attention with the beautiful design and fabric, but when we learned that it grows with our child, we were so excited to receive it and get it installed. Being able to use one car seat for 10 years is incredible! It was very easy to install with the latch system and came with clear and simple directions. As a mom of 5, I've tried multiple brands/styles, and I'd have to say that this car seat really impressed me with the safety features. We are in the car often, and the 3-position reclining headrest has been so nice for car naps and being comfortable while preventing my child's head from falling forward while asleep. The quality is very impressive and the steel reinforced frame provide lots of peace of mind while driving. Safety is always my number one priority, with comfort and ease of use tied for second. Both my newborn and my 1 year old have been able to use this car seat, and the ease of adjustment between positions for proper fit plus the quick install reference guide and level indicator on the side car seat has been so convenient for our family that is always on the go! Can't say enough about this car seat, and I'm confident that the quality will last over the next 10 years. I received this amazing convertible car seat from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great seat but too big
By Seonaid
from undisclosed
on June 27, 2021
As much as I would love to give this seat a 5 star review, I just cannot. There are a few things I love about it- the fabric is super easy to clean, lots of cushion for soft baby skin, and very comfy especially with the reclining head rest. The seat is customizable and I love that it lasts 10+ years. The side pop-outs for extra side impact cushion is a great safety feature, and it's easy enough to install as far as car seats go.

However, my biggest issue is that although the full seat recline helps it to fit in your car, the seat is almost too tall for our backseat. It butts up against the front seat and barely fits- and we don't have a small car! We have a midsize SUV. But for some reason the shape of our car does not mesh well with this carseat and although we're keeping it in there, it means we can't adjust the front seat back any further for now (even when we play with the different recline positions). As the seat is advertised for being super flexible and fitting in any car I have to take away one star because it just isn't the case for us. Thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending it to us to try out!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great for years to come
By Good
from undisclosed
on June 27, 2021
This I'd our first post-infant car seat. I'm thrilled it can convert over the coming years, has so many small adjustment features like tilt and the quality of materials is excellent. It's hefty weight makes me very comfortable from a safety perspective from this early age. The installation is a bit tricky, and we needed several online video searches to figure out the correct setup. The chest strap monitor is nice to have but also not something I would have made a decision based on. I received this car seat through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By far the best seat we have
By NycVH
from undisclosed
on June 26, 2021
Let me start by saying this is my third child and I've purchased at least 8 car seats. This is by far the most luxurious one that we have. It was very easy for me to install using the Latch system and secure it tight in the rear facing position. I think my favorite feature is the reclining headrest. We take a lot of long road trips and I cringe every time one of their heads falls forward while sleeping. My littlest sleeps comfortably in his new Cybex seat and his head has not fallen forward thanks to this headrest. I also appreciate the LSP System on the side facing the door. I hope I never need it, but I feel a little safer knowing it is there to help protect my baby if the worst happens. This truly is the only seat he will ever need. Now I need to purchase another one for our other car, since I'm not sure I want to go back to his old seat. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this convertible car seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Safe and Sleek
By AndreaL17
from undisclosed
on June 26, 2021
We honestly had never heard of Cybex, but compliments of Stellar Product Testing Panel, we were able to give it a try! We received the Eternis S All-In-One to review. It is such a sleek clean design without having random straps hanging and clanking around while rear facing. It is a large seat though, if you have a small car, you may struggle to make them fit. The side impact protection has to be the best known to man. I was in awe of the effort they went to in regards to safety measures, it's beautiful. The head tilting feature is wonderful as well and more beneficial than we ever realized it was going to be. The grandparents are thankful for the large, easy to see release button, as our other one is a bit of a struggle with their older, worn hands. The fabric flows together nicely so there are very few "crumb catching" areas. The largest weakness of Eternis is the cupholder. We always let our kids have water cups in the car and the cupholders are a bit of a joke and have become a toy to our one year old. While I appreciate they are able to pop off to make cleaning easy, they pop off too easily and become a football or weapon in the backseat. All in all, we love the seat and are impressed with the brand, but I'm more than certain my husband will be supergluing or duct taping the cupholder on if he doesn't completely throw it out.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Love it
By Tvermilya
from undisclosed
on June 26, 2021
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this convertible car seat. I tried it out with both my 10 month old ad well as my 3 year old. The seat is easy to install and extremely easy convert from recliner rear facing to straight back forward facing. The reclining headrest is my favorite feature (and works!) because my 3 yo always falls asleep on rides and her head always falls forward. I definitely love the fact that it goes from infant and up making the life of a car seat practical and convenient. I mean who wants to buy one they can only use for a few years because they grow so fast!? I must say that when my 10 month was testing it out, he looked ridiculously comfortable, I almost I felt like I was spoiling him with how cozy he looked! One thing to take note is that when rear facing and reclined, it does take up quite a bit of space so it may not fit into small cars. All in all, love it, would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Thanks again Stellar Product Testing Panel!
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Best Car Seat I Have Ever Seen
By AdventureMom
from undisclosed
on June 26, 2021
This car seat is hands-down, the best car seat I have ever used with either of my children. This all-in-one car seat is incredibly comfortable and roomy for little ones. My daughter hates riding in the car. She usually gets fussy after about an hour. We took a 7 hour trip this past weekend, and my daughter sat in this car seat for the ride. She lasted 4 hours before we had to stop to take a break! I really think all the padding, space, and ability to recline really helped a lot. It also was such a relief and peace of mind to have all the extra safety features, especially the Linear Side Impact Protection. I will say that this car seat is very large and quite heavy. Personally, I love that about it, because it seems so sturdy and doesn't shift around, but I also drive a large car. For a person that has a tight space and other car seats in their car, this might not fit for you. Overall, this is one of the best car seats that I have ever had or seen. I will not hesitate to recommend this to anyone and everyone. It's a major bonus that you can use it for up to 10 years. My 3 year old has already been fighting to sit in it as well. Special thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this convertible car seat!
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Comfortable and stylish
By Marisha5
from undisclosed
on June 25, 2021
The cybex eternis s is the perfect all in one car seat for my youngest boy. He fits very well in it. It's snug but super comfortable. I noticed he sleeps much better in this car seat on longer trips especially with the 3 position reclining headrest which is unique and I haven't seen before on competitor brands. The seat itself straight out of the box was pretty much ready to go short of the latches to connect to the vehicle. I really liked that it was simple to install, has leveling indicators for added safety and stability. The latches felt durable and the handy loops were easy to pull and secure. The car seat felt safe and durable. The side impact protection was unique in this car seat and with a simple push of a button it extends out depending on which side of the vehicle the car seat is at. The harness is well made and very simple to buckle. One of my favorite features of this car seat is that it is a smaller frame on the bottom and gets wider as you go up allowing this car seat to be installed in a 3 in back position in my suv. The comfy material and cushions allow for additional comfort for my child which is a large benefit. I like that this car seat is rated for up to 120 lbs and should allow me to see my child grow in it as I convert it up. Excellent for longevity and durability. The only comment I'd make that was slightly disappointing is that it's a bit on the heavy side. If it could be made from aluminum or fiberglass material maybe will help. Nonetheless excellent carseat and very practical. I like the cupholder as well that can detach and go on either side. The seat was a very nice navy blue color. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
quality versatile car seat
By Y
from undisclosed
on June 25, 2021
The Cybex Eternis S All-In-One car seat is a great car seat! This is our first time using an all-in-one car seat. This seat can be used rear-facing, forward-facing, or as a booster seat depending on your child's weight, height, and age. We tried it with our 18-lb, 26-inch, 6-month-old and he seems happy in it! He was having trouble in his infant seat, possibly because he would get hot and didn't like the angle (we are speculating), so we were eager to try him in a new option.

The lower anchor latch release clip is convenient and easy to use compared to other seats we have tried. Installation was complex, but not any more complex than other seats. The height is easy to adjust as the baby grows and the angled headrest will be useful when our child is older. I look forward to trying out the headrest when he's taller.

The angle of the seat in the rear-facing position causes it to take up more space than a standard infant seat, so this is something to keep in mind when considering an all-in-one or convertible seat as opposed to an infant seat with a base. You need a spacious backseat for any of these options. Our baby isn't tiny so he doesn't seem to get lost in the seat even though it's big and suitable for a much older kid as well. It's made to fit a newborn as well, but I can't imagine putting a newborn in such a big seat.

This seat has a safety feature called "Linear Side-Impact Protection" or LSP, which I had never heard of before. The system is meant to enhance the safety of the seat in the event of a side collision crash. Of course, we have not tested this feature since we haven't been in an accident, but it is nice that it is built-in. The feature has a section that you push and it just pops out so it's incredibly easy to use.

My favorite feature of this seat so far is how easily the straps tighten, almost as if they are gliding. Our other convertible seat has straps that are a pain to tighten and loosen. On the Eternis S, the straps easily loosen with the push of a button and pull of the strap. They are also easy to tighten by pulling the strap at the bottom.

The idea of this seat lasting 10 years is great, although I have a hard time believing ANY car seat will last that long just due to wear and tear. I do think this seat will hold up well over time. The construction feels sturdy and the fabric feels high quality, but I've also owned other car seats that just get dirty and worn with a couple of years of daily use. Let's be honest, kids and babies are brutal on these types of products! The option of being able to use this seat at multiple stages is great though and for parents who would like to try to use a car seat for a long period, I think this is a great quality option. For us, it is nice that we can use it for our 6-month-old now, but if we decide to move our 5-year-old to a booster, we could potentially switch her to this seat when our 6-month-old is ready for the convertible seat. The versatility is definitely a plus.

The appearance of this seat is really nice, too. I did not choose the color since we received this through a panel, but the "Denim Blue" color that we received is a pretty indigo that I would have definitely considered given the choice. It's nice that it's not just black, but it looks modern and sophisticated and nice in the car.

Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with the Cybex Eternis S All-In-One car seat!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great car seat
By L1234
from undisclosed
on June 25, 2021
I was given this convertible car seat to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I was excited to upgrade my daughters car seat and she really loves her new CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat. I love the reclining headrest feature, it's so simple to adjust for when she's ready for a nap and it makes it more comfortable for her as she grows. I also like the lower car seat sides that make it easier for her to climb in herself, perfect for her as she grows into a big kid. This car seat does seem heavier than our old one, so it makes it more difficult to transfer between cars, but we plan on keeping this one positioned in my car, so it works out well and not a big concern. This car seat has all the necessary safety features that is most important to me when picking a car seat and it's also super comfortable for my daughter. We are both very happy with this car seat and I love that it's convertible and versatile, it can grow with my daughter over the 10 year period.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
The only car seat you will ever need
By MamaRey
from undisclosed
on June 25, 2021
The CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat was given to us for free to try out and review from the stellar parent panel. It arrived at the perfect time. Our 5 year old had grown out of her car seat and needed a booster seat and our 9 month old would soon be needing a replacement for her infant car seat. Since the booster we had ordered our 5 year old was delayed in shipping we decided to use the CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat as her booster seat for our upcoming three hour road trip.
It was PERFECT! Our daughter complains about being uncomfortable during road trips but loved this seat. Never complained and napped comfortably. The headrest tilts forward and back which made it easy for her to nap during the drive. Converting it to a booster was super easy. We love that she's so comfortable and that we know that she's safe and secure in there. The side impact safety is a feature I haven't seen on other booster seats.
The fact that this car seat works from infancy to year 10 is amazing!! Really wish we would have had this car seat sooner. It's comfortable, stylish, and safe. The fabric is soft and doesn't get too warm. Living in Houston that is a big plus!
I can't recommend this car seat more. Saves you money and the trouble of having to replace car seats to accommodate your growing kiddo.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Top Notch Safety
By Colee47
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
If you're looking for a car seat that values safety as a top priority than this is it. Every detail is designed with safety in mind. It's one negative for me is that these extra safety features and soft extra padding make the actual car seat very large. Now for our family situation it wasn't a problem and safety is always the number one concern when it comes to our children. The CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One car seat has some very cool safety features, some I've never seen on any other car seat before. The L.S.P (Linear Side-Impact Protection) is a feature I never knew I needed before but the added protection from side impact is super easy to set up, literally pops out into place and a great peace of mind for kids with car seats by a door. The new reclining headrest feature seems like a fun and fancy feature but really didn't make a difference for my child's comfort and sleep in the car. However, with that being said my kids can sleep anywhere and in the most ridiculous conditions but if your child has more difficulty sleeping in the car this may be something you really love. For us we could take it or leave it. Overall this car seat definitely has a learning curve. The features are top notch and significantly nicer than other car seats I've used in the past. The longevity is outmatched at ten years and so it's worth learning and investing in to make sure your child is safe for as long as they are needing to be in a car seat. So thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this amazing car seat. I look forward to using it for a many more years to come.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Comfortable but bulky
By Ekhumphries
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
I was excited to try this seat for my almost 4 year old. It was easy to put together and seemed like it would be a great fit. My son loves the cup holder, says it's very comfortable and likes the multi position head rest. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to get a tight fit in our car when installing with the lower latches. I had to have my husband help tighten it as much as possible and even with it tightened as much as possible I'm not very comfortable with the fit. The shoulder straps also twist very easily, which is kind of a pain. Overall it's an okay car seat and I love the look of it, but due to not being able to install safely very easily I don't think it's the most user friendly. I am looking forward to trying this as a booster when we get to that point though. I was given this convertible car seat to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Amazing carseat to grow with
By Olivia
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
Before this carseat, we had another brand's that was okay for his first year of life, but nothing to write home about. We knew we were quickly approaching the need to level-up and invest in a new carseat.

CYBEX Eternis S is a perfect carseat he'll be able to grow with:
It's soft and he looks extremely comfortable, well supported and the ability to recline his seat back when he takes a snooze.
He's already spilled some food on it and it was easy to spot clean.
The carseat fits in the center our our mini-suv comfortably, while still allowing me to sit in the back with him!
Lastly, and the most important part, there are several safety features to that, god forbid, we were ever in a car accident, he would be safe in. My only grip, and perhaps it's just me, is that I wish the seatbelt would tighten a bit more.

I received this convertible car seat from the Stellar Product Testing Panel
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Very sturdy with great features
By jcocookie
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
I received the CYBEX Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat just in time for a 9 hour family road trip to FL. This was our first long trip with our daughter, who is now 15 months old so I was very interested to see how she would do and if the car seat would be comfortable for her. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this convertible car seat for my honest opinion.
The first thing I noticed was that the car seat was quite heavy! It feels very sturdy, which I find important for safety. The design is sleek and not bulky. It also does not take up as much room from the front seat as expected. The fabric is smooth and the padding seems plush.
Installation was more difficult than I anticipated. I installed it rear-facing, in the center seat of the back seat, using the seat/lap belt. It was quite hard to get the seatbelt into the lock off. The instruction manual could be more clear in how to get it in the lock off (how to maneuver the strap/manipulate it). I ended up getting it in after about 20 minutes of using a "flossing" motion. Since we installed ours in the center seat, we didn't need to utilize the Linear Side-Impact Protection, but that feature is pretty cool to have in case we change the position in the car. Extra safety features are a big plus, and this would make me feel much better about a side impact collision using that feature.
Once installed, it is very easy to use. I love that the straps are attached to the headrest so they don't have to be rethreaded as she grows. The magnetic holder for the straps is a nice touch for getting baby in and out while keeping the straps out of the way. The reclining headrest is nice for napping - it definitely helped keep my daughter's head from falling forward. She was able to nap her usual 2 hour naps on the road trip both directions so I would say she found it very comfortable!
My daughter can't reach the cup holder yet, so it would be nice if it could be moved closer, but it is large enough to accommodate a variety of sized bottles/cups which is great. When the seat is installed rear-facing, I can't seem to reach the recline adjustment since it is located right up against the seat so that's a bummer. I also noticed that the straps go tightly around her thighs vs the waist so I wasn't sure if this would leave imprints/marks on her legs, but it didn't.
I'm excited that we can use this car seat for many years to come as it will grow with her. Overall the car seat exceeded expectations and appears to be very comfortable and will keep my little one safe as she grows.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
This car seat is the only one you need
By Brooke
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this convertible car seat. I was most impressed with the longevity of the CYBEX Eternis S and it's ability to transform for all the stages of a child's growth with the latest innovation in safety features. My daughter is 2 months old and is currently using this car seat in the rear facing position with the newborn insert. It's easy to strap her in and she loves the comfort of this seat with the reclining options. It feels completely secure and safe around her, giving me peace of mind. As a mom, I especially love the smart features of the seat which ping me if the car is getting too hot or if she's been in the seat for an extended period of time. I think this seat will be even more valuable as she grows with features that alert me if she tries to unbuckle her belt.

Overall seat has a sleek design and it is both very heavy and feels extremely secure. This is definitely a seat that will remain in my car now that it is installed vs a light weight car seat carrier that can be affixed to a stroller. I think the value here is really that it can be used for an infant, a toddler and a young child all the way up to 120lbs so once you purchase you are covered for life.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
High quality car seat with added peace of mind
By MrsB
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
I was really excited to receive this seat as part of the Stellar product testing panel! We were due for an upgrade for my 18 month old's seat and I've heard great things about Cybex products so I was interested to see how it really was. Out of the box, I loved the color and quality of the fabric of the seat and immediately noticed a few things:
- places to store the front or rear facing latches for whichever set you aren't using
- magnetic spots to hold the bottom buckles out of the way when taking out or putting in your child
- the three positioned head recline for little ones who fall asleep
All of these features were great! I also loved the added side barrier protection that you pop out depending on the placement of the seat. These will help incase of side impact in a collision and I thought that was pretty neat. Most importantly, my son seamed very comfy and happy in the seat and I can tell it will be great to grow with him. Oh and another thing is that it was super easy to install and get a tight fit immediately! Loved that. Overall, very impressed with this car seat!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Absolutely love the safety features and look!
By MDucharme
from Plainfield, CT
on June 24, 2021
Verified Buyer
I had the pleasure of testing the Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat, as part of the Stellar Star Parent Testing Panel for the last three weeks! I am a stickler for car seat safety, and love the new advances that are coming out. This car seat completely blew my mind. It is a beautiful, sleek, dark blue color (denim blue), and is loaded with safety, convenience and style.

My absolute favorite feature is the linear side impact protection . It adds an additional almost 2 inch safety barrier at the head level (door facing) of the seat in the incident of a side impact. Knowing the seat itself is reinforced with steel, and there is this additional feature to keep her safe is incredibly reassuring.

As someone who has tried multiple car seats, I love how deep my daughter sits in this seat, and how protected she looks. The three position reclining head rest is great if your child likes to fall asleep in their seat. The seat itself has such longevity and has 12 positions of height. It will last from infant (4lbs!) to preteen.

The Eternis S is very easy to install, and you're able to get a nice tight fit. You can pull to install on both sides. It is even easier to remove with the one pull latch removal system. No one likes to fight a latch hook! I found that it was a little difficult to pull to tighten the harness.

My big drawback to the seat is the softness of the belts. And while that is also a pro, it is a con for me. I felt that the belts twisted easier as they were a much softer material than others, however, if you lose the pads, it won't leave a mark on your little ones neck. On a side note, it is a little bit heavy, so may not be the best to fly with!

I would absolutely recommend this seat to anyone!
Customer Images
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
An awesome car seat
By pureCheri
from undisclosed
on June 24, 2021
The Cybex Eternis S is the only convertible car seat you will need for your child from 4lbs to 120lbs!
It has a unique 3 positioning reclining headrest that made it easy for my daughter to put her head back when she wanted to rest. It prevents that child head forward tilt when they sleep. We enjoy how comfy and luxurious the seat is, it's so thick and squishy! My daughter immediately loved sitting in her seat and enjoyed having her sippy cup in the removable cup holder!
The cool side impact protection system, shown in picture two, is also really neat because you push the button when you need it or put it back in if your seat is not next to a window.
Other neat features include an adjustable 12-position headrest that moves up and down to size your child. A no-rethread harness, 6-position recline, as well as an in-seat recline feature which allows for extra legroom (and extended rear-facing to 50lbs!) without cramping the front seat! The magnetic clip connector is so helpful to have with a fussy child!

There are so many reasons why you need to consider this car seat for your baby or older kid! It really is as great as it sounds!

I received this product as apart of Stellar Product Testing to give my honest feedback!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Good Car Seat
By John
from Boston, MA
on June 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is a perfectly competent car seat and seems reasonably comfortable for our daughter (she's now 2 and often falls asleep in this seat). There are several spots to make adjustments for the position and angle of her head/neck. We do have difficulty getting it tight enough around her chest, not sure whether some part of the belt is caught or twisted somewhere.

Fairly easy to clean. Plasticky, but the colors are inoffensive. Although I have not tried the newer "SensorSafe" version of this car seat (which is much more expensive) I must say I find the notion of that technology totally uncompelling, and I expect it would probably be a huge and overpriced nuisance. Much prefer the non-smart version. All we really wanted was a safe child car seat that works and that our daughter is willing to sit in for 30-60 minutes (when necessary), and this is pretty much that.
Great seat
from Raleigh , North Carolina
on June 2, 2020
Verified Buyer
No complaints about this seat. Pretty easy to install compared to others and feels secure and sturdy. Love the additional features. Our other seat is a Clek and like the features on this more.
Safe and comfortable
By Gina
from Long Beach , CA
on May 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
Sturdy and comfortable. Would recommend.
Very nice
By Gabrielle
from Brasil
on March 5, 2020
Verified Buyer
Liked a lot!
By Nicole
from Virginia
on February 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
We went from a cybex infant seat to this convertible seat. Our girls are so much more comfortable in these and we know they are safer too because of the European standards. This was easy to install and worth every penny knowing/planning on keeping this until they out grow it....which will be in YEARRRRRSSSS.
Love it!
By Lindsey
from Maryland
on February 9, 2020
Verified Buyer
Love this Carseat! I have a pria 85 before and it was very hard to buckel and my daughter never seemed comfortable in it. Switched to this and it's great! She is much more comfortable. The low sides make it easy to get her in and out of and the very easy to buckel. Only compliant is cupholder is hard to reach.
  • Comfy, sleek look, easy to buckle, less buckly than most carseats.
  • Cup holder out of reach, only comes with 1 cupholder.
Very comfortable
By crystal
from Irvine, Ca
on February 8, 2020
Verified Buyer
Kiddo loves the car seat, very comfortable. Itís also light weight. Very easy to clean.
By Mayara
from Georgia
on January 31, 2020
Verified Buyer
arrived super fast, I recommend.
Solid Build
By Jill
from San Diego, California
on January 15, 2020
Verified Buyer
So, this is one heavy solid safe car seat. Love the engineering for safety. The seatbelt can be moved to the side and attached with magnets easy child placement. It is a good idea... but it would be be better if the chest clips were also magnetic and could be move to the side as well. I wish the back was more cushioned. The bottom cushion is cozy. But for the reclined position, the back needs a bit more loft in my opinion. It is a BIG car seat. Not a problem for us because we donít have other kids. But, it will be tight it you have other tots. And if you have a higher sitting vehicle (pick-up truck) know that positioning a wiggling baby is difficult. Unfortunately, Cybex doesnít sell the UK version in the US. In Europe this car seat is on a base that swivels 180 degrees. So you can swing the seat out facing the door and then swing it back rear facing. So cool! The upholstery is not awesome to remove and clean. It can be done- but is a huge pain in the butt. Do yourself a favor and find a granny who can make a seat cover for you. But, for the safety and reliability- this is an excellent choice. My big guy loves this seat.... no complaints.
  • Safe, cozy, solid.
  • Not something to haul around the airport.
By Yang
from Los Angeles, California
on December 22, 2019
Verified Buyer
buy another one for my friend!

1 Question & 1 Answer
Chantelle Konitzer
from Austin Texas asked:
December 2, 2019
Is it airplane approved? Thanks 
Eternis S is approved for use on aircraft when itís in harnessed mode.
Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on December 2, 2019

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