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Clek 2019 Liing Infant Car Seat - Knit Chrome (Jersey Knit)

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Please note: The warning labels afixed to the head rest are not shown in the pictures.

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Tokidoki Reef Rider
Jersey Knit
Jersey Knit
Jersey Knit
Pitch Black
C-Zero Plus
Tokidoki Reef Rider
Jersey Knit
Pitch Black
C-Zero Plus
Tokidoki Rebel 2.0
Merino wool + TENCEL Blend

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Include the Clek 2019 Liing Infant Car Seat - Knit Chrome Jersey Knit


Review Summary
32 Reviews
94% (30)
0% (0)
3% (1)
3% (1)
0% (0)
94% Recommend this product (30 of 32 responses)
By Jessica
Cleks for everyone!
April 14, 2022
We love our foonfs so much we decided to go with the Liing for the third baby. He was a preemie coming home from the nicu and fit well with the little cushion. It has gotten HEAVY now that he is almost 8 months but Iím ok with that for Clek safety. The mammoth fabric is soft and easy to wipe clean. I wish they would add a better/ more comfortable handle especially for the price of the Mammoth Liing. The handle also clicks super loud to me. Overall we recommend the seat and will stick with the brand
  • Safety features
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Preemie fit
  • Flame retardant free
  • Loud
  • Uncomfortable handle
  • Pricey
By Amanda
Southern California
Highly recommend
March 29, 2022
The quality of the seat is wonderful. Wipes down well with any ďspillsĒ. Itís a little on the heavy side but it installs easy and the safety rating is exceptional.
  • Safety, quality fabric, easy to install
  • Heavy
By Trisha
Enumclaw washington
Premium product
March 21, 2022
I love clek products. You can feel the quality. The straps always adjust so nicely. This seat is great. Easy to use. Nice snug fit for babies. And is narrow enough to do 3 across. A tad heavy though.
By Trisha
Enumclaw washington
Quality material and user friendly
March 21, 2022
I love Clek products. Yes this base is extremely heavy. But itís not meant to be carried around. I love the added load leg feature and the easy installation indicators.
  • Easy to install
  • Load leg
  • Install indicators
  • Price
  • Heavy
By Riss
Easy to use!
March 18, 2022
I love this infant seat! Itís uncomplicated and straight forward. I also love the load leg on the base!
By Shirleedierker D.
York, Maine
Infant car seat base
November 18, 2021
Per my daughters, this is thee best gift they have received! Ha, but what else would they say!!
They received a stroller from a friend. I would watch them strap my grand baby in and out of the car seat to the stroller each day. It seemed like a lot of work for them & poor baby. So the clerk base was the answer!!!! My only grand baby, nothing is to good for her!!!
  • Convenience
  • None
Best UsesCar seat to stroller
By Matt
San Francisco, CA
Great car seat, feature rich base
November 16, 2021
Did a lot of research and was not disappointed with this seat. Great safety features, lightweight, easy to use, and looks great too.
By G
New York, NY
Great Seat!
September 27, 2021
Great and safe!
Seattle, WA
Great so far
August 15, 2021
It's easy to put the base in the car. Baby's not here yet but so far I like the car seat. Also got adaptors for the uppababy stroller and it fits well in the stroller.

We picked this car seat because it had the highest safety rating. Nuna pipa lite lx was our runner up.
By Lauren
Westfield, Indiana
Lots of research - wouldn't go with any other brand
July 19, 2021
I spent hours researching car seat brands and while there's plenty of good, approved car seats on the market, you get what you pay for. Clek is the only car seat we will put our children in due to the safety features that go above and beyond what's required, how well-made and easy to use the products are, and how fantastic their customer service is. We have another "top" brand of infant seat that we bought for our firstborn prior to discovering Clek and when our second baby was born and we pulled the original car seat back out, we quickly realized that it was a hassle compared to our Clek convertibles that we purchased for our firstborn when he outgrew the infant seat. So off we went to buy this Clek infant seat and we don't regret it. It's a fantastic seat!
By Erica
Safety rating
July 1, 2021
I chose this infant seat after being in a car accident because the carseat lady said itís the safest seat in the market. Love that Clek releases their crash testing reports. We have a Liing, a Foonf, and a Oobr. Love them ALL. I have 3 kids and this is by far my favorite infant seat the install is amazing, love the load leg, cozy, narrow, love that it tells you when itís installed right and clicked in correctly. Love rigid latch
  • Rigid latch, easy install, load leg, looks and feels cozy, narrower than some seats, lots of fabric options, flame retardant and chemical free fabrics
  • None
Best UsesInfant newborn first year
By Suzanne
Ardmore, PA
Good light weight car seat
May 27, 2021
We are very particular about our car seats. My husband is a crash reconstructionist and is very insistent about a few things in his car seats. One is anti-rebound to help prevent head injury. This car seat is light enough to be able to carry easily but also is safe. Additionally, the fabric is washable and breathable.
By Anonymous
Warren, MI
Excellent quality infant car seat. Shipped promptly.
April 28, 2021
We really like the car seat and will work good for our infant. Great quality and expect it to meet the need for safety and security for baby.
By Veronica
San Antonio, Texas
Easy to put in your car
April 21, 2021
We bought this base to complete the car seat. The base is easy to put in your car and gives us added comfort to keep our little one safe. The base arrived quickly and without damage.
By Courtney
Its okay
April 7, 2021
Its a very stylish looking carseat. The only reason i dont like it, is before this carseat i had the nuna pipa lite and now this carseat seems sooo heavy. I even compared to my sisters maxi cosi and its heavier than that also.
  • Stylish
  • VERY heavy
Best UsesLove how the hood extends and carseat can grow with baby by adjusting the base.
By Emma
Quality, size and safety all great
March 10, 2021
We needed a narrow seat because this will be our third car seat in the row, but chose it because of the high safety rating and lightweight style. I'm very pleased with it. The fabrics and design are high quality and the size and weight are perfect for our car (we managed to fit 3 seats into a relatively small car). I like the latch and the seatbelt tightening function, and the extra leg for safety. The shade/sleep hood is very generous too.
By Jennifer
Richland, Mi
Great seat!
January 21, 2021
This seat is amazing! Iím due in May so havenít put my baby in it but the fabric is super soft and light. Weíve also installed in the car and is super thin so itís not squishing my other kiddos.
By Michelle
Worth the price!
December 22, 2020
I cannot say enough good things about the Liing. As a CPST, NICU nurse, and parent, I have used practically every infant car seat on the market in some capacity. I have very strong preferences (skip the uppababy mesa) and had my favorites (Nuna and Britax). And then I met the Liing. And this thing blows the competition out of the water. The rigid latch base installation is mind blowingly easy. The European belt path makes baseless install secure and reliable. The load leg is a top of the line energy management feature - in a sea of marketing and random claims by car seat manufacturers, load legs are one feature that actually make a big difference in crash performance. The carrier is sleek and attractive, and the handle shape makes it comfortable to carry even with my 20lb 9-month-old inside. With all my other kids in all my other infant car seats, I got tired of carrying the infant seat around by 3-4 months, but here we are at 9 months still using the Liing because it's seriously that user friendly. Also, when I had a minor (not safety related) issue with my Liing, Clek customer service was absolutely amazing, following up regularly until I got a replacement part. I normally love to try out different car seats but I don't want to use any other infant seat after having a Liing.
  • Extremely compact front to back, easy install, advanced safety features, excellent newborn fit, soft fabrics
By Isabella
Grand Rapids, Ohio
Could be improved
September 16, 2020
I bought this car seat having extremely high hopes and expectations only to be let down. But let's begin with what I enjoy about the car seat. It is extremely safe, the car seat is lightweight, and the fabric is not only flame retardant free but very obviously high quality and luxurious. I love the leather bit on the carrier handle. I love how sleek the car seat looks. And I love that the car seat came with different inserts. Its aesthetically pleasing, its sturdy, and it's not a big bulky heavy carrier. However, this car seat could be better. The canopy barely covers my newborn so we always have an issue with sun in her eyes. The carrier handle adjustment buttons have to both be pushed to move the handle which is a hassle while holding your crying child trying to leave in a rush as a single mother. The carrier handle is unusually large... or tall? It sticks out quite far from the carrier. And I dont believe I'll be able to get much more use from this car seat which is so disappointing given the price. The clek claims that this infant carrier fits a child put to 35 lbs and or up to 32 inches and yet my 2 month old that isnt at either of these measurements is already using the highest shoulder strap placement. It wont be safe to use once she surpasses that.... this is a nice car seat and one of the few that is flame retardant free but I'm afraid it isnt living up to my expectations.
  • Sturdy
  • High quality
  • Flame retardant free fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Better for small babies
By Lina
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Best car seat!
July 20, 2020
I have a 4 year old and a new born. Both have clek car seats. This seat makes me feel like sheís very protected! Absolutely love it!
By Jonathan
Kinnelon, New Jersey
Ling Base
May 19, 2020
The base is heavy and well built. I especially like the belt tensioner and load leg. Would recommend.
By Jonathan
Kinnelon, New Jersey
Clek Ling
May 19, 2020
The Ling reminds me of my old Graco with removable base except this seat is higher quality with more safety features. The cloth and design feels nicer and i especially like the seat belt tensioner and load leg. I would highly recommend this seat.
By James
Sturdy but light weight
May 7, 2020
This is car seat came recommended to me by a lawyer who works in the car seat safety industry. This was her absolute recommendation as was all of the Clek seats. My whole family uses these for their kids and they love them. They are built like a tank, yet still light weight for carrying. My newborn also fits safely snug in there and no need to buy one of those inserts so their head doesnít flop around.
By Krystal
Newport Oregon
May 2, 2020
This is by far the best quality car seat I have ever seen. This car seat is one of those, ďyou get what you paid for!Ē Very sturdy, high quality, material is hands down beautiful and cush. It was between this and the Nuna but I went with my gut and I am very satisfied. I would pay a $1000 for this car seat, honestly.. Itís worth the price. Nothing I have seen compares to its quality on all aspects. I kind of like itís not mainstream because itís very different from anything else out there.
  • Everything about this car seat.
  • Nothing at all
By taylor
manchester, New Hampshire
April 17, 2020
i have done EXTENSIVE research on infant carseats and this is seriously one of the BEST seats you could get. so many safety features. the tokidoki pattern is SO cute. definitely BUY THIS if youre looking for the BEST seat you can get!
  • load leg, cushion, great customer service, can be installed with out the base, safe, side impact protection, soft
By Jenny
Great car seat and base
January 15, 2020
Easy to install. Heavy but it makes me feel comfortable know how safe my child is in the Carseat.
Absolutely LOVE it!
November 22, 2019
We have been Clek fans for years however we still searched for months, looking at other car seats before deciding on this one. Dozens of reviews from car seat safety specialists, bloggers, and customers and I couldnít find any complaints that werenít related to price. This seat checks all the boxes on safety, helpfulness of customer service, ease of use, and even style. We had also considered a Cybex seat however what tipped the scale for us was that not only is the Clek manual easier to understand but we felt the construction of the Clek base was more substantial. If you have to funds, or the ability to save for it I would highly recommend the Clek Liing.
  • Construction
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Helpful customer service
  • Price
By J
Love the jersey knit fabric
October 16, 2019
I wasnít sure which fabric to choose for this seat. I ended up going with Jersey knit. Iím really happy with it. Itís super soft but still durable.!
By Christopher M.
Duxbury VT
Rock solid
October 12, 2019
Love it, itís solid well built (not like the cheap brands) and love the non toxic merino wool
By Lauren
No Chemicals, Well Made, Easy to Use but Not Cheap
August 12, 2019
I wanted a car seat that was free of chemicals and the Clek Liing (Mammoth) was one of only two on the market that fully fit the bill. It is free of smells straight out of the packaging which is just great. The seat is pretty lightweight yet sturdy, easy to install, and can be used without the base. The material is soft which I also like though I do wish it came in a lighter color as I live in a very hot and sunny region. Overall the Clek Liing is a great carseat.
  • Chemical Free
  • Easy to Install
  • Well Made
  • Dark (can be hot) Fabric
  • Expensive
By Lauren
Easy to Install, Sturdy but Not Cheap
August 12, 2019
I bought the Clek Liing in Mammoth due to its lack of chemicals and purchased an extra base so we could use the seat in multiple cars. The base is a little heavy but seems very sturdy and easy to install. The seat and base are a bit expensive but they seem very well made.
  • Well Made
  • Easy to Install
  • Not Cheap
  • Heavy
Best UsesSafety
By Ashley
Pearland, Texas
Perfect car seat!
July 12, 2019
I love this car seat! I am a small mom and this car seat is super light and very easy to carry. It is also very easy to install in my car and has great safety reviews. It was shipped very fast to my house!

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