Clek 2017 Fllo Narrow Convertible Car Seat with Anti-Rebound Bar - Thunder

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Seat Weight:
25 lbs

Rear-facing Capacity:
14-50 lbs/24-43"

Forward-facing Capacity:
22-65 lbs/30-49"

12.5" D x 13-16.9" W x 21.5-26"

What's Included:
Anti-rebound bar

What's NOT Included:
Cup holder

Fits 3 Across
Fllo boasts a best-in-class narrow width under 17" at its widest, making 3-across seating possible.

Extended Rear Facing
Accommodates children up to 50 lbs in rear-facing mode!

Anti-Rebound Bar
Advanced Side Impact Protection and a steel anti-rebound bar protect child in case of impact.

Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology
Integrated into every Clek Fllo is an Aluminum Honeycomb Safety System designed to reduce the forces transmitted to a forward-facing child in a collision.

NEW for 2017: New and improved crotch pad.

Created with Compare Ninja

Clek's compact convertible car seat equipped with safety from every angle - Extended rear-facing, Energy-absorbing crumple technology, and Advanced side-impact safety!

Fllo is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Fabrics and is designed with best-in-class width at 17 inches, providing space to fit 3-across easily.

Extended Rear-Facing Use: Fllo was designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use.

Steel Anti-Rebound Bar: Fllo comes with a Steel Anti-Rebound Bar, which improves stability by limiting rotation of the child seat, helping protect your child?s head from impact in the event of a collision.

Advanced Side-Impact Protection

Fllo was designed to protect the child's head in a side-impact collision through:

  • Adjustable Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Energy-absorbing EPP foam-lined headrest connected to the frame using steel rods ensures maximum head protection in a side-impact collision.
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Layers: Foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame protect your child by absorbing energy in a side-impact collision, resulting in less force transferred to your child.
  • Metal Substructure: Steel substructure prevents twisting to keep child contained and protected in the child seat.
Integrated into every Clek Fllo is an Aluminum Honeycomb Safety System designed to reduce the forces transmitted to a forward-facing child in a collision. Fllo?s Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology (EACT) transfers forces away from the child and to the aluminum honeycomb deformable cores integrated into the seat base.
  • Improved compact design sits lower in vehicle for improved visibility and ingress/egress.
  • Fllo boasts a best-in-class narrow width under 17 in. at its widest.
  • Integrated Flip foot for rear-facing installation.
  • Base of child seat measures 13 in. wide for improved installation in difficult vehicle seating positions, like deep bucket seats and centre seating positions.
  • Anti-rebound bar nests into flat part of vehicle seat back ensuring a snug installation with ease (and is removable for a more upright installation for extended rear-facing).
  • Approved for use in aircraft. Learn more about child safety on airplanes.
  • Crypton? Super Fabrics are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.


  • Seating Depth: 12.5 in.
  • Seating Height: 21.5?26 in.
  • Harness-Slot Height: 10?17 in.
  • Width: 13?16.9 in.
  • Fore-Aft Measurement in Rear-Facing 32.5 in. (29 in. without anti-rebound bar)
  • Height Measurement in Rear-Facing 23.5 in.
  • Seat Weight in Forward-Facing 23 lb
  • Seat Weight in Rear-Facing 25 lb
Product Reviews
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121 Reviews
Ratings Snapshot
of Reviewers
Cincinnati, Ohio
Verified Buyer
great seat
December 8, 2023
i cannot recommend this brand enough! love the space saving slim of seat.
  • heavy and expensive
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat!
July 12, 2022
This is the safest seat. Comfy for kids. Easy to wash material.
KERNERSVILLE, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Very comfy
April 16, 2022
Very comfy, daughter loved it!
ADA, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Fire retardant free Convertible car seat!
November 22, 2021
There are slowly more car seats coming out on the market without using unsafe fire retarded chemicals.. Wool is a naturally fire retardant material and is also great at regulating temperature. We love our clek fllo car seat and currently own 3. Only thing I wished was that it had a no rethread adjustment instead of manual adjustment.
Athens, GA
Verified Buyer
All 3 kids have a Clek fllo
July 6, 2021
We love these. Very easy to clean, install and adjust. Buying my baby another one those month!
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Built to last
November 30, 2020
We've been using this car seat now for 3 years and ready to purchase another for a second child. It feels very sturdy and our son doesn't complain about it. He's still rear facing at age 4.5 and almost ready to switch to forward facing.
Boston, Massachusetts
Verified Buyer
Great slim seat
June 21, 2020
Sits higher which is great for kids to look out the window. Also easier to take the child out while he/she is sleeping. It doesn’t recline much so the child looks a little uncomfortable asleep because it is so upright they head droops down.
  • Slim
  • Younger children who needs for a incline will not look comfortable.
Raleigh , North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Easy to clean! Worth the $$.
June 2, 2020
Love how easy it is to clean and install. It claims a small footprint but is still pretty large and hard to sit alongside other car seats in a smaller car/sedan.
  • Easy to clean and install. Simple and looks like it belongs in the car.
  • Extremely heavy and the angle can be difficult to get right in smaller cars.
Glenoma, Washington
Verified Buyer
Love this seat
May 22, 2020
We've owned 6 of these for the last 5 years. We love these seats.
  • Easy to install
  • Safe
  • Easy to take on a plane
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Heavy
Norfolk, VA
Verified Buyer
Love it!
May 15, 2020
We have 2 Clek Fllos and love them both! They are comfortable and last forever
  • Expensive
Box Elder, SD
Verified Buyer
Great quality
May 6, 2020
Great quality, cute print, and I love that it rear faces up to 50lbs. It’s a heavy seat, but still easy to install. Loosening and tightening the straps is super easy which is something I had trouble with on the last car seat my daughter had.
Canton, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Toki Doki Clek
April 16, 2020
We are so pleased with our new carseat! Also love the print. It's absolutely adorable ❤️
  • Very good quality carseat and ordering through Albee baby made our choice quick and easy.
Best Uses
  • Protecting my baby
Richland Center, Wisconsin
Verified Buyer
Love this seat!
February 17, 2020
I am an avid britax lover normally, but I just made the switch to clek. I love it! So easy to use, and so so easy to install. I needed to fit 3 across in my vehicle, and this seat helped me achieve that. My daughter is absolutely obsessed with her pink car seat, and so is this Mama! The only thing I would change is, I’d add a no-rethread harness. Other than that, no complaints at all!
  • Super slim, sturdy, safety features, easy install, plush fabric, comfortable cushion, strap covers, easy to clean.
Best Uses
  • To fit 3 across in a vehicle, in your main vehicle.
  • No no-rethread harness.
Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Narrow Car Seat
February 6, 2020
Great Car seat to fit multiple children in the back of car.
  • Narrow
  • Not Removable or washable covers.
Dover, Florida
Verified Buyer
Peace of mind
January 27, 2020
I already knew that I loved clek and this car seat And after experiencing our first accident I was so relieved we chose this seat. It protected our daughter completely. I am so glad we had this car seat
Verified Buyer
Awesome seat
December 30, 2019
I love this car seat. Install is easy and the fit is great. Fits into smaller vehicles. My daughter seems very happy and has tons of growing room. Got toki doki unicorns print is adorable. Seat is very heavy so i leave it in one vehicle.
Sarasota, FL
Verified Buyer
Love our Fllos
December 2, 2019
We absolutely LOVE our Clek Fllos! So easy to install and love the fact that Clek is one of the only companies that publishes their crash test results. The steel frame and ARB gives us peace of mind knowing that our kids are safe in their seats. Our 4 year old son is pretty tall and he is still able to rear face in his Fllo at 41" tall. We are buying two more Fllos now that our 1 year old daughter is about to outgrow her Nuna Pipa infant seat. Our son's Fllos still look brand new, the fabric wears well and he never complains that he is hot or uncomfortable.
  • They are the best!
  • None!
Milford, Ohio
Verified Buyer
Love my clek fllo
November 24, 2019
We order the clek fllo to fit 3 across in my chevy equinox. It was a perfect fit! My daughter and I both love the seat!!
  • Slim
  • Easy to clean
Best Uses
  • To fit 3 across or in small cars
  • Heavy
Wading River, New York
Verified Buyer
So happy I splurged on this
November 20, 2019
I had some issues with my son's first convertible carseat, a Graco MySize65 so I decided to invest in something more top of the line and I am so glad I did. This carseat is super easy to install, very comfy, the fabric is so nice, and the extended rear facing limits are a huge plus. My son was able to rearface in this seat until he was over 3 years old, and he is quite tall for his age. I love that it is made in Canada and has a steel frame and the anti-rebound bar for rearfacing mode. This carseat is worth the money. I used it both a toyota corolla and a subaru impreza.
  • anti rebound bar, premium fabric, ease of rearfacing installation
  • slightly harder to install forward facing
Verified Buyer
Worth Every Penny
November 12, 2019
Our family loves our Clek Fllo! This seat is so easy to install and use we will never go back to any other convertible car seat. We originally purchased the seat to replace our Chicco Nextfit because our daughter would over heat even on the shortest of drives. This seat is incredible, it’s narrow enough for 3 across without compromising safety, my 3 year old is comfortable even on cross country drives, and the fabrics is easy to clean and resists even the worst stains. If I had to do it over id but this seat again every time, without hesitation.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Narrow
  • Safe
  • Color choices
  • It?s expensive (but worth it)
Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
Verified Buyer
Tall seat
September 20, 2019
It’s a tall car seat so hard to see baby when rear facing. I have it in a Honda Odyssey and we have a very hard time getting a tight latch
  • Longer rear facing
  • Hard to get a tight latch. Tall seat. Expensive
jensen beach, fl
Verified Buyer
Easy install, comfy, cute
September 20, 2019
I bought this seat when my daughter was 9 months old, she's now 4.5 years old and still loves it. She's about 45lbs and and 45inches and will fit it for another couple years. It feels safe I trust the design and it installs so great (2011 MB Station wagon). I have achieved 3 across! The fabric and seat are comfy. And I am not revolted when I look at or touch it (like pretty much every other carseat out there).
Baltimore, MD
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
September 19, 2019
My daughter loves this car seat because it is so comfortable. I like the fact that she is safe.
Newport Beach, CA
Verified Buyer
Robust car seat - our 3rd one!
September 15, 2019
Think I like the "shadow" color even more than the "noire" that we previously got.
Louisville, KY
Verified Buyer
Not user friendly
August 22, 2019
After extensive research this rear facing/convertible seat was selected for me by my daughter as it was recommended for people with somewhat less dexterity. I am an active grandma but with bad arthritis in my fingers so we were sure this was the one. Loved the soft blue fabric and it looked simple enough. My son-in-law spent a lot of time getting it installed for me and then we took it to be inspected at the local children's hospital. It did need further adjustment in positioning so glad we got it inspected. BUT, the big problem is I have great difficulty releasing the latch to loosen the straps, The hole to get to the latch is way too small for me to get my crooked fingers in. At first I tried a cheese knife which sometimes worked to release the latch but often slipped off. I finally figured that I have to use my right hand (seat is on passenger side of car so this is awkward) to release the latch while I reach under my right arm to simultaneously pull the straps loose. The red button is so hard to undo, even with the Unbuckleme gizmo I bought which helps, though awkward to get in place without too much pressure on baby.. Placing the toddler into the seat goes fine, but it is extremely difficult for me to get the straps securely tightened. I suspect most of this is due to the fact that one has to work from one side or the other. I sure miss the Chico Keyfit as I could face it head on to secure the baby/toddler and then slip the bucket into the base. Really, it is safest for a child to be rear-facing until age 4 but I cannot imagine working with this seat for 2 1/2 more years.
  • pretty color, soft fabric, sits high so baby can see out.
  • NOT easy to work for arthritics!!! Can't help but feeling that sitting up so high is as safe as a lower riding seat. But I'm no crash safety expert. See mu comments in the above review I gave.
Verified Buyer
Favorite Car Seat!
August 2, 2019
My kids absolutely love their Clek Fllo's and we find them to be so much easier to install and maintain vs. the Chicco NextFit's we've had in the past. The Clek's work with inflatable seat belts which is necessary for us because we have a Ford truck and exceed weight limit for latch. The best part is because they are compact and built for 3 across, an adult or dog can fit in between their seats with ease and comfort.

The TokiDoki print is super fun and colorful :)
  • Compact
  • Looks good
  • Extremely safe
  • Fairly easy install
  • Comfortable
  • Cover doesn't come off to clean, but they do come apart enough and we've been able to clean them with ease. The fabric is treated and we've put it to the test.
Washington DC
Verified Buyer
Great seat!
July 26, 2019
We like this car seat. We bought this one based on a recommendation from the Car Seat Lady. The fabric cleans easily and feels soft and towel-like. It's a bit heavy to travel with.
Phoenix, Arizona
Verified Buyer
Toddler & Mama approved.
July 18, 2019
I am an extended rear facing parent & I purchased this seat to replace a Nuna rava which my 4 year old disliked.

The fllo fits great inside my 2018 Chrysler Pacifica. We have it installed behind the drivers seat. No issues with it touching the seats.

Customer Images
  • Fits well in our van
  • Ample leg room for older kids rear facing
  • Easy to install
  • The straps never twist (huge deal for me)
  • And I don?t find the strap pads bulky and my toddler doesn?t mind leaving them on. Usually she wants them off.
  • Seat seems comfortable for my toddler. No complaints from her she likes that it sits a little higher so she can see out the windows.
Best Uses
  • Extended rear facing for safety
  • Children 14 lbs & up rear facing, unless you buy infant thingy insert.
  • Good Installed in smaller vehicles
  • Could get 3 across if needed
  • Most annoying con for me is. The strap release button is so far inside that it?s hard to lift the little lever to release the straps. Even my husband struggles with it. I can do it but it?s with the very tip of my middle finger.
  • Not machine washable but for me not a concern as I don?t let the kids eat in the car. But if there?s a car sick accident etc I?d def want to machine wash. So bummer
  • I do not like the crotch buckle pad and nothing hold it in place. So it slides up and you have to stuff it back into the slot and it also does get in the way of clipping it if you don?t make sure to adjust it out of the way first.
  • You have to put the seat together of sorts
  • It?s expensive & has no included cup holder which I think is ridiculous especially for the price point.
  • We live in Arizona and I do allow my kids water in the car because it?s scorching hot here.
Henderson, NV
Verified Buyer
Love this seat!
July 16, 2019
This is a great car seat. Sleek and super safe. Our #1 choice, we have for both cars.
Verified Buyer
Our Favorite Car Seat
June 15, 2019
This is our third Fllo - so obviously we love this car seat! The crypton fabric is so much better than removing a bulky cover, and the seat itself is easy to install or switch between cars. We originally picked the Fllo for its slim profile and that’s come in handy recently when putting our kids three across in our car for a road trip. It’s worth every penny - highly recommend!
Customer Images
Simpsonville, SC
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and safe seat!
June 7, 2019
I absolutely love our Clek Fllo! I really wanted a seat with an anti-rebound feature and found this seat. The color is awesome too!
  • Long rear-facing
  • Well-made
  • Confirm height and placement in car. Due to the extended rear-facing ability, the seat can be pretty tall. We had to install it in our middle seat because my hsuband and I both are on the taller end.
Houston, Texas
Verified Buyer
Safety and Style
May 20, 2019
The feel of the car seat along with industry safety reviews make this a high quality item. Added bonus narrow width and low profile look. Ink fabric is a dusky blue, almost denim.
Washington, District of Columbia
Verified Buyer
Best carseat
May 19, 2019
There’s a reason that Clek is considered the best car seat brand, everything is well designed with parents in mind. It exceeds safety requirements ten-fold, has a small footprint to ensure plenty of room in the backseat, and looks especially sleek. Will be purchasing more Cleks in the future as our family and needs grow. Albee’s price is the most competitive I’ve found and the customer service is unmatched.
Customer Images
  • Small footprint, nice fabrics, extra safety features.
Washington DC
Verified Buyer
Favorite carseat
May 14, 2019
Love this carseat. This is our second Fllo. Easy to install and get very secure with the lap belt, which I appreciate. The fabric has been vomited on countless times and truly does not smell after, which is nearly miraculous. It's heavy, and some sedans may find it a tight fit while rear facing, but we had it in a Ford Fusion behind the passenger and it all worked. It's a rock, and easy to use. The best!
Shorewood, WI
Verified Buyer
This car seat is excellent!
April 13, 2019
We opted for this car seat for the nontoxic cushioning material and for its size given the back seat of our jeep wrangler is shallow and thin. Our fear was the base would overhang the seat but we were pleased to find out that it fits perfectly. Setup looked intimidating but the instructions were clear and it was far easier than it looked. Very happy with our purchase!
  • small size, easy installation, nontoxic material
  • The extended sidewalls make it a little challenging to load our child into the seat in rear facing mode.
Nashville, Tn
Verified Buyer
April 8, 2019
My 2 year old loves this car seat. It sits high in the car so he can see out of the window really well. It is a bit difficult to install alone. I needed someone to push down really hard to get it tight enough. It is really heavy. I hope this means that it is very protective.
  • Cover doesn?t come off to wash.
  • Heavy, so it?s difficult to travel with.
St. Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Heavy but worth it
April 8, 2019
So, this is a heavy car seat. But is definitely worth it. Of course, we don't move this car seat often. We usually use this one when we travel as it has a higher weight limit for the latch system. Also because it is 10 lbs lighter than the foonf. We got a glorified luggage cart and strap the kid in it when we go through the airport.
Pacific Grove, CA
Verified Buyer
Nice comfortable seat
March 31, 2019
Nice and comfy, easy to clean (everything just wipes off) and love the added Anti-rebound bar
Georgetown, tx
Verified Buyer
Amazing carseat
March 17, 2019
This seat is amazing .. it is so sturdy and the quality is great . Great for fitting 3 across in smaller cars and so nice . Shipping was super fast as well I will definitely be a return customer
Clay, PA
Verified Buyer
Awesome seat
March 15, 2019
Bought this seat to fit in the middle seat of my middle row and still be able to put a side seat down. This seat is so sturdy and appears super comfortable for my little one. Contacted CS for a little install help and they were just as awesome, and actually knew what they were talking about. No complaints so far.
  • Easy to use
Best Uses
  • Compact cars, small spaces.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Verified Buyer
Love it!
March 3, 2019
We love Clek fllo car seats! Comfy, narrow and customer service is wonderful! I can sit in the back of my Ford Explorer between two clek fllos which is awesome when my kids need or want me back with them.
Raleigh, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
February 22, 2019
I really like how this car seat is more narrow as it allows us to fit three along the bench seat. The wool is also a plus as it is naturally fire resistant so, no flame retardants!
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat
February 13, 2019
We have only bought clek for each of our three kids and would highly recommend these seats if uou are looking for a quality seat with a compact footprint that will hold ypur child for a long time.
Hope Mills , North Carolina
Verified Buyer
January 23, 2019
This is by far the best car seat ever. Beware it is a bit heavy in comparison to other car seats. However, who wants a cheap flimsy car seat. The material is very easy to clean - a wet washcloth will clean the seat with minimal effort. The seat also is slim and does not take up a lot of space in the back seat.
Plymouth, WI
Verified Buyer
Fantastic customer service and a great seat
January 14, 2019
This is a great seat. My nephew couldn’t wait to sit in it. I love the design and fabric. It’s really pretty. I chose it because of the high rear facing limit and the safety features. Fabric is easy to clean. Highly recommend.
Customer Images
  • Exceeded US safety standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional anti rebound bar
  • Extended rear facing weight
Best Uses
  • Fitting in narrow side to side spaces
  • Longer front to back than other options
  • Install isn?t as easy as other options
West Virginia
Verified Buyer
Great product, room for improvement
January 3, 2019
Love the construction and materials on this car seat. The narrow footprint is great even in a larger car. As other reviewers have noted the “assembly” and aspects of install/use could be better. Specifically, the manual needs clearer pics/instructions. I also need to adjust the strap height and based on the instructions (have done it yet) it appears more complicated than other brands. Even so I will buy another FLLO when an additional car seat is needed. Can’t beat the quality and design.
Southern California
Verified Buyer
Better than the original
January 3, 2019
The merino wool version of the Fllo/Fronf feels much better than the original fabric, not that the original fabric is bad, but the wool version feels softer and keeps the kids comfortable. If I didn't already have an original I would have bought 2
Swarna C.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Great car seat!
December 19, 2018
This is our second Clek Fllo car seat and we are pleased with our purchase again! Was pleasantly surprised to see the manufacture date was just 2 week before we received the order in the mail! Can’t beat the Albee baby price and fast, free shipping. Also, less importantly, the ink color is lovely.
Sara G.
Litchfield, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Small but Mighty
December 8, 2018
This is our second Clek Fllo, and there's a reason for it - this thing rocks! The Fllo is an easy install, takes up far less space than most seats, and is big on safety, making it easily worth the price tag! Our kids feel safe and secure, which is evident by how "lived in" our seats can appear. A big thanks to the manufacturer for the easy to clean fabric, and simple to follow instructions which make disassembling and assembling the seat a breeze.
  • slim, small, easy to clean, safe, sturdy
Best Uses
  • three across
Wanette, Oklahoma
Verified Buyer
Great Safe Carseat
December 3, 2018
This carseat looks great and its sturdy and safe. My only complain is that is is somewhat difficult to clean if bodily fluids get into the fabric since the fabric cannot come off to be washed.
Customer Q&A