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    The Best Carriages/Prams at Albee Baby

    A carriage or pram (perambulator) is an old fashioned word that conjures up thoughts of an old fashioned stroller, unless you happen to live in the UK (we don’t ship to the UK, for the record), in which case a pram might very well just be any stroller. Or a “buggy.” Our shared language with the UK is sometimes complicated. For our purposes, a carriage or pram is more of what you would see for a “doll stroller,” something that reminds you of a cradle that allows your baby to lie down fully reclined, as though they were in a side sleeper. 

    Today’s carriages/prams are much different fromthose of the past, however, and most times serve a hybrid purpose--yes, the stroller functions as a carriage/pram during the first months of your baby’s life, but then converts to a regular stroller after that. In doing so, you get the benefits of having a fully reclined baby stroller that is ideal for a newborn, and a stroller-in-waiting with a more traditional setup for you to switch to when your baby is ready. This dual-function pram/stroller also eliminates the old stereotype that carriages/prams are bulky and hard to maneuver. 


    Carriage/Pram Stroller Safety

    We’re glad to say that all the strollers we sell here at Albee Baby not only meet, but exceed, federal safety standards. You can browse our selection knowing that we’re only providing you the best of the best to choose from when it comes to carriage safety. With that said, it’s important to realize that you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations that come with your stroller--generally, your baby will be about six months of age before you turn your carriage into a regular stroller (or, in the instance that you don’t have a convertible carriage, switch to a new stroller better suited for your growing baby). 

    Also, do be sure to send in the registration card that comes with your carriage so that you are aware of any recalls or updates that may (however unlikely) occur with your particular model of pram. 


    Choosing Your Carriage/Pram Stroller

    Knowing that you can shop any of our hand-curated carriages without worry about their safety, it’s then a matter of choosing a stroller that meets your little one’s comfort requirements and your personal taste (style considerations). If you’re taking walks throughout the neighborhood (on paved surfaces) and want to do so in style, a carriage is a beautiful celebration of parenthood and a great opportunity to allow your little one to sleep while you explore the world.


    Some of Our Favorite Carriage Strollers 

    • We just love the Nuna Mixx2 stroller. The included bassinet is a cozy and secure newborn environment. You can also attach a Pipa infant car seat for a safe and sleek travel system (adapters included). In addition, your baby can face you or face the world in a snap—the Mixx2 makes reversing the seat a cinch. And believe it or not, the Mixx2 also has a one-piece, fuss-free compact fold that folds with the seat facing you or outward to the world.
    • The Mamas & Papas Sola 2 Chrome Stroller & Carrycot is wonderful, with a seat that is easy to reverse so your baby can face you or explore the world. It also folds superbly and is easy to push. No nonsense, great style, and just one very useful design make this carriage stroller a great choice.
    • If you love luxury (or if your baby loves luxury and you could take it or leave it), then one of our Stokke Xplory 6 Stroller & Carrycot Bundles is what you want to shop. Intuitive design makes the Stokke Xplory a dream to push. The swivel wheel function provides effortless, one-hand maneuvering (even around the tightest city corners). Parent- or forward-facing, with an adjustable seat height and seat angle, the Stokke Xplory offers an almost infinite choice of seating positions to adapt to your family's ever-changing needs. It is suitable from birth to 45 pounds.


    Carriages/Prams at Albee Baby

    We have a wide-selection of carriage strollers, each one carefully hand-selected, based upon our years of experience in the baby gear world (our company has been around since 1933). We’re parents, too, and bring that love we have for our children here to our work. It’s a beautiful walk through your neighborhood each summer day with your little baby just sleeping in his or her pram or looking up, staring at the clouds above. Do browse our carriage selection and get ready for some amazing adventures with your baby.