Bee5 Complete Strollers

The Bugaboo® Bee5 Stroller

The Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller is likely what Frank Sinatra’s nanny would have loved to push around the Upper East Side. It’s luxury urban at its best, being Bugaboo’s most compact stroller. The one-hand fold makes this stroller easy to taxi around city streets or to just store in smaller spaces. It’s not just the functionality that makes this such a great stroller, but the incredible care that has been taken in the design and style of this much loved model.. If you want to turn heads in Beverly Hills by navigating the streets seamlessly and in style, the Bugaboo Bee5 is the way to go.

Why Parents Love the Bugaboo Bee5

Typical to Bugaboo, the stroller checks all the boxes. It's smooth. Compact. Flexible. But what parents really love is having a super lux urban stroller that they can customize and restyle. And what’s more, is that there are so many designs to choose from.

The Bee5 also works in innovative ways to provide the most for the little one. It has an extendable sun canopy, reversible seat, recline options, and you can even pull the seat out to support smaller legs (or sleeping babies) and push it back in for older children. The handlebar has a faux leather feel and is height adjustable. There is an independent four-wheel suspension. It’s a well thought-out stroller ready to wow the neighborhood.

The Key Features of the Bee5

The Bee5 is Bugaboo’s lightest stroller, with remarkable maneuverability. It’s great for a growing child, with a reversible and reclinable seat, an adjustable backrest, and the modular options that include the Bugaboo Cocoon or Bee5 Bassinet.

Why We Stand Behind the Bugaboo Bee5

Bugaboo has a special place in our hearts. They spare no expense on high-end design and deliver on fashion and style. We’re based in New York City, with our long-standing brick and mortar store, and we know what it’s like to push strollers through these crowded streets. To do it so well, from the smooth ride of the Bee5 to the seemingly endless customization options (all of which are high quality) and modular add-ons, who wouldn’t fall in love with a stroller like the Bugaboo Bee5?