Britax Roundabout 55 Car Seat in Silverlake

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Anne S.
pensacola, Florida
Verified Buyer
Love Love this carseat
July 22, 2013
i really like the Britax brand and love this car seat. I am using it for my grandson and it is easy to install and to fasten the baby in.
Seattle, wa
Brand that I Trust
June 29, 2013
Great brand and good price. Easier to install than I thought. I bought another brand before trying this one and you can definitly tell the difference in quality. My lil one looks comfortable in it and it also looks great. I will only buy Britax.
Warren, MI
Verified Buyer
Great product
March 12, 2013
This is the 2nd one I have bought. Grammy and I need one in the car. Gave one to the kids. They had bought an upscale Britax, which they are very happy with. But they think this one is awsome for the price. Yeah... they need two. Fast delivery, excellent product . Comfortable for the little ones. Easy in and out. I would buy another.
  • Easy in and out the the children. And comfortable.
  • Moving/adjusting the strap height for the child takes a little time. But not really hard to do.
Verified Buyer
Very satisfy With the car seat
February 17, 2013
We like this car seat. Easy to install with following the instructions. I used a bath towel to get a better recline. I feel my baby is very secure and comfortable in the car seat. I also like the pad the most which support my baby boy very well since he was only 4 months old at that time.
  • Soft Material
  • Extra pad
  • Color
  • None
Annapolis, MD
Verified Buyer
Great value for the price!
February 15, 2013
Love this seat. Bought a similarly priced Graco for my first child, and bought this one for my second child when she outgrew her infant carrier seat. The quality of this one is great for the price, and is much easier to use than the Graco we already have.
  • Ease of use, price, quality
  • The padding is a little thin
Verified Buyer
Great purchase!
October 25, 2012
Great, safe carseat as the next step up from our pumpkin seat for our little guy. Easy to install. Very well made. I've owned/used the carseat for about 4 months now and have no complaints thus far ( in rear facing position). About to turn the carseat around now, only because my mom has her carseat forward facing and our son throws a fit because he wants to be forward all the time now (not because of carseat complaints). Only downfall is that some liquid stains show up better on the gray color when the kid gets messy. Straps are easy to adjust. I like the easy LATCH buckles (same as CHICCO Latch buckles vs the Evenflo buckles...they are horrible)...basically this is the exact same as the CHICCO and I loved my CHICCO pumpkin seat. Albee Baby was a great website to order from too. This purchase was my very first order and I would definitely recommend them!!!
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to install
  • comfortable for my baby
  • safety safety safety!
  • better color option for boys
San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer
Great price and great product!
October 15, 2012
So far, we REALLY like the Britax Car Seat. We are keeping my twin sons rear facing until they are 40 lbs or 2 years old. They seemed to adjust easily and comfortably into this seat. So far, seems easy to install, we are still going to see how it goes with transferring in between cars, but the process seems pretty easy.
  • Seems comfortable, stylish and very sturdy
  • I just wish it was a SLIGHTLY more narrow. We can still fit a person in that other seat in the back, but it's always a challenge with twins.
Koen's M.
Verified Buyer
Great Carseat for Price
July 4, 2012
I did alot of research and surfing the web before I finally commited to buying a carseat. Britax brand definately received the highest ratings, but I just couldn't decide on print and style of carseat to purchase. Roundabout is the cheapest of the britax carseats so I was afraid I might be sacrificing quality and safety. Once I received this carseat on my front porch I soon realized it is just as good as all the other Britax carseats. Quality and Safety are still top priority! The print is great for girl or boy, the straps are so easy to use, my son loves it. It is very similar to the Marathon, the only difference is the extra head piece and the Marathon goes to 70lbs. I didn't think my son would like the extra head piece blocking his view and 70lbs is alot. By the time he weighs this much I plan to buy a Britax booster. I liked this carseat so much I purchased it in differen't color, but from another website. (it was $10 cheaper)
Jen S.
Haymarket VA
Verified Buyer
My Third Child's Seat - Best One Yet
May 2, 2012
I have an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a now 14 month old. I went through a couple of seats with my first two children and they should have been labeled as torture devices. Since for our third child, I did more research and tried to remember all the "I wish this did this/had this" items from the dark days of the other seats. I also went to Consumer Reports and looked up their Best Picks, which this was on the list. I have to say this has been a slice of heaven to use!! It is narrow enough, the fabrics are soft, the harness has a great extra fabric piece to keep precious skin from getting caught and easing the pressure points. The extra fabric piece for the head is ok, but doesn't attach so my son tends to pull it and toss it away into the dark bottomless hole that is my van. So when I found it again, I put it away, you don't really need it. If it helps with their head, I would recommend getting some vecro tape and adhering it to the sides of the seat. It is also much easier to take in and out of the car when needed and the latch system belts are much easier to use than the seats we used before.. I wanted to torch the last seat... I HIGHLY recommend this seat if you want to keep your sanity...and your child's :)
  • Ease of Use - harness, installing, etc
  • Comfort - padding and fabric softness
  • Safety
  • Consumer Report Best Pick
  • Size - enough room without being bulky
  • Wish they could bring the price down some more
Amanda H.
Jacksonville, FL
Verified Buyer
Love Britax
April 20, 2012
Very happy with the speed and service of Albee Baby. We (my son mostly) are enjoying our new car seat. It is pretty compact compared to others of the same type which is what we were looking for due to the space in our SUV, and of course you can't beat the safety of Britax!
  • compact
  • great price
  • didn't have to pay shipping!!!!
Clayton, NC
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
March 12, 2012
We really like this car seat and did not have any troulbe installing it in our mid-sized SUV. After reading all the reviews we felt the Britax Roundabout 55 was much safer than less expensive options but certainly affordable. Our son loves his new seat and was all smiles the first time he sat in it.
Verified Buyer
Great Deal, for a Great car seat!
March 1, 2012
I can not say enough about, their customer service is impeccable, there prices can not be beat, and their products are amazing! Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience!
  • Beautiful item, great price!
  • Fabric shows stains easily!
D M.
D.C. suburbs
Verified Buyer
Good deal
February 21, 2012
The carseat was purchased for our occassional use with our two year old granddaughter. Our son, having the same model, installed it for us, since he'd already 'been there, done that.' So far so good. Once she outgrows it, we can use this for her younger sibling who they expect in spring.This price was even better than what our kids paid for theirs.
Victoria, Texas
Verified Buyer
Repeat Buyer
February 20, 2012
I purchased my first roundabout five years ago. I loved it! It fit perfectly in my small car. I used the same seat with my two year old for the first year and a half, but I needed a bigger seat to accommodate her growing size. So, I purchased the boulevard. Now, I have a new infant, and I loved my first roundabout so much, I decided to purchase the new roundabout.
  • Size, Velcro strap holders, Easy installation and removal, most importantly, very Stable
Verified Buyer
Britax Roundabout 55
February 14, 2012
We are very very happy with this car seat for our 14 month old son. We ended up buying another for his twin sister (we've learned to try one out before buying two). The only downside is that it is hard to get the kiddos into the seat without bumping their heads when the seat is still backward facing. Maybe it's the design of my car (Subaru Forester), or that my babes are really wiggly. But that's certainly not the fault of the car seat and I'm sure will not be as much of an issue when we turn it around at some point. It seems to be very comfortable for our babies, I love the velcro straps making it easy to find the straps once the babies are in, and they love the belly pad - always asking for it every time we put them in the seat.
Buffalo, NY
Verified Buyer
February 13, 2012
My children have been in 2 car accidents, one of them where our car was spun around, air bags deployed, and the car was totaled. Not a scratch on my kids whatsoever! I wouldn't buy anything but a Britax for my kids. Highly recommend
  • Side impact protection, comfortable,excellent safety rating
  • Would like cupholders
Verified Buyer
Great Car seat
February 13, 2012
Very easy to place rear facing and still very easy to buckle a child into.
Boynton Beach, FL
Verified Buyer
happy mama
February 10, 2012
This is my second Britax car seat that I have. I bought this one for an extra seat to have and leave at my parents house in NY. My daughter was very comfortable in it and it was easy to install.
  • color, easy to install
Rochester, NY
Verified Buyer
Love the Britax Car Seat
February 8, 2012
The number one reason I bought this car seat was for the safety, this car seat has is rated by consumer search as THE safest car seat for accidents. This car seat was easy to install. It is very soft and has a lot of cushioning for extra comfort, and the straps don't tangle.
Central Illinois
Britax are the best
February 8, 2012
We love this car seat. We have one for our now 2.5-year-old and now that our 9-month-old son finally outgrew his infant seat, we decided to buy another roundabout. Very safe and easy to use. The straps are easy to tighten and loosen and it's easy to install. Enjoy!
Verified Buyer
Great carseat
February 4, 2012
I bought this carseat to keep in my car for my grandson. It's not as padded as some of the other models, but for a part-time seat and the price it's great. Safe and easy to install.
  • Safety
  • not as padded as other models
Very nice!
January 31, 2012
Very nice. We also have a britax marathon. We got this one for the grandparents' car because it was cheaper and won't be used as often. Would give it 5 stars but it was kind of a pain to adjust the shoulder straps. Much easier with the marathon.
Verified Buyer
Good car seat
January 30, 2012
Easy to install (good to read instructions first). Seems comfortable and it is easy to strap in and out. This is a second seat for us with the Marathon being the first. Not as nice as the Marathon, but a good second seat.
  • Easy to install
  • Good safety ratings
Verified Buyer
good value
January 25, 2012
My wife and I researched alot. (First child) Having to puchase 2 seats we found this to be the best value. We havent been disappointed.
Mpls, MN
Verified Buyer
Britax Roundabout 55 Car seat
January 25, 2012
Very happy with it and Albee Baby.
  • very comfy, love the color, easy to put my son in
  • it was hard to recline it
Ithaca, NY
Great Seat but bulky and not for tall kids
January 20, 2012
I love this seat, however it is very bulky and not much taller than other seats with less bulk. If you have a tall child, opt for a seat that converts to a booster. My son is 2 1/2 and will probably be outgrowing it soon.
Bowie, MD
Verified Buyer
Love Britax!
January 20, 2012
We have 2 Britax Marathon 70 car seats that we ordered from Albee for our cars, which we are very happy with. We purchased this car seat for our daycare provider's van since they only do minimal driving compared to what my husband and I do with our daughter in our cars. I know that she is in a comfortable and safe car seat while they are going to school (for the daycare provider's kids) and to the store. Very happy with the purchase.
Verified Buyer
SO easy to install !!
December 30, 2011
I am so glad I bought this seat it is so easy to use and to install.
  • Sturdy
  • easy install
  • easy to use
Mommy 3.
Verified Buyer
Great Carseat
December 8, 2011
Love that they increased rear and front weight limits on the roundabout. Very easy to use LATCH system and reclines nicely for rear facing.
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