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Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car Seat - Mod Black (SafeWash)
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Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Oasis
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Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car Seat - Mod Ivory (SafeWash)
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Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car Seat - Mod Blue (SafeWash)
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Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car Seat - Mod Purple (SafeWash)
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The Britax® Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Car seats, no matter how highly they are rated, rely on proper installation in the car to fulfill their safety promises. The car seat engineers at Britax have given this challenge great attention, and have come up with a system to deliver the Britax Marathon Clicktight. This is not only a high-performance car seat that exceeds safety standards but one that is easy to install and helps to ensure a secure fit in your vehicle every time. This is accomplished with multiple installation-based methods, including the unique ClickTight installation system itself, auto-level indicators to ensure the perfect angle in your vehicle, multiple recline positions to adjust to those angles, and a patented V-shaped energy-absorbing tether that minimizes the Marathon ClickTight’s rotation during an accident by reducing the force of a crash and diverting the impact energy away from your child.

Why Parents Target the Britax Marathon ClickTight

While the Britax Marathon ClickTight is best known for its easy installation features, it might as well be loved for all the other design characteristics, too. Constantly appearing on the Best Car Seat lists from around the world, the Britax Marathon ClickTight is draped in premium plush fabric and padding.  And it’s designed to wipe clean, as we all know babies (and their food) can make quite a mess. Also featured is the 14-point harness system, which adjusts to your growing child and requires no re-threading on your part. You also do not have to remove the harness when cleaning, thanks to the easy-to-remove covers. This car seat is as safe as it is cozy, and you’ll love it just as much as your little one does.

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Wows on the Runway

The Britax Marathon ClickTight comes in a variety of cover variations that demonstrate that a great sense of fashion doesn’t have to come at a cost. As for the look, the car seat line delivers a multitude of different styles, such as Oasis, Vue, Ollie, Verve, Cowmooflage, and Tempo--all of which provide the perfect stylish backdrop to the pictures taken of your child on the drive to the beach.  

Remember When You Swore You’d Someday Own a Convertible?

Okay, so maybe a convertible car seat isn’t the same as a 1960’s Corvette, but in some ways, it’s even better. The Britax Marathon ClickTIght is rated for 5 to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position, and 20 to 65 pounds in the front-facing position. It has a height capacity of 49 inches (about 4 feet tall). This car seat is ready to handle the first months of life all the way through graduation to a booster seat. And don’t worry--the engineers at Britax have thought about that and made sure the materials, while soft and comfortable, are also going to last many wonderful years.

Why We Stand Behind the Britax Marathon ClickTight Car Seat

Safety is a must when it comes to hitting the road, as there will never be a more precious gift in your life than that of your child. With car accidents one of the largest dangers to children’s health and survival, there’s no reason to not protect him or her at every turn (pun intended). The Britax Marathon has SafeCell side-impact protection to shield your child in the event of an accident, a SafeCell impact-absorbing base, a SafeCell impact-stabilizing steel frame, a SafeCell impact-absorbing harness, the v-shaped energy-absorbing tether, and more. It’s certified for air travel, and it’s made right here in the United States. And more importantly, any car seat’s safety features are null and void when the seat isn’t installed properly--something the Britax Marathon Clicktight Installation System does a great job of ensuring. So let go and send your child for a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa--the seat will guide your parents on a secure-fit installation (especially if they move between cars) and protect your loved one the entire time.