Britax ClickTight Car Seats

Britax Clicktight Car Seat and Accessories

When Britax says they are on the leading edge of car seat innovation, they mean it. Since 1939, Britax has been researching and testing new technologies, and has partnered with car manufacturers, government bodies, and child passenger safety experts to constantly improve child safety and transportation. It also specializes in developing products for children with special needs.

Nowhere is this commitment to safety more evident than in their Clicktight Convertible Car Seats. The safety engineering in the Clicktight is unsurpassed in the industry ? and in fact, they led the way to raising safety standards across the industry with this technology.

Along with the first true side impact protection, the innovation of Clicktight system revolutionized how we use car seats today. A full 75% of seats are not installed correctly ? which can lead to unnecessary injury in the case of accidents. With this simple technology, installation is as easy as buckling a seatbelt.

These products work by simply unlocking the latch on the front of the seat, which allows you to lift the seat portion up to reveal the seat belt path. There’s no tricky threading, kneeing, or yanking ? you simply pull the safety belt through the belt path, and then push the seat down. It clicks securely in place, and you know you have the safest installation possible. If you’ve ever wrestled a car seat into place only to wonder if you did it correctly, it’s easy to see why this innovation set the bar for industry standards in recent years.

Another invention that was a game-changer for the industry is the ?convertible? aspect of these seats. This technology allows for car seats to adjust as your baby grows into a toddler, from rear-facing (which is safest and required for infants) to forward-facing when the child is taller and heavier. Britax launched the first convertible car seat in 1997, paving the way for the rest of the industry.

All Clicktights come with Britax’s industry-leading side impact protection. This uses high-tech energy-absorbing EPS foam and specially-designed headrests that protect head and neck stability in the event of a side-impact accident. The best part is, the most popular Britax models, One4Life, Marathon, Boulevard and Advocate feature the Clicktight safety features.

Britax believes that families should be free to make the most of every moment with their children, and as a company, it sees itself as responsible for making that a reality.