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Britax Blink Stroller Double Dots

This item is discontinued.
  • Appropriate from 6 months up to 55 lbs.
  • Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body
  • All-Wheel Suspension provides for a smooth ride
  • Practical Storage Pouch is the perfect place to keep your most frequently used items like keys, wallet, phone, etc?
  • One-Foot, Linked Rear Brake locks both rear wheels with one step
  • Portable Carry Strap enables you to carry the stroller while keeping two hands free ? perfect for airport travel with children and carry-on luggage!
  • Layback Recline with Adjustable Leg Rest offers customized sleeping positions for all children
  • Clever Fold Release Mechanism allows you to fold the stroller without scuffing the tops of your shoes or feet
  • Compact Fold is handy for quick trips and packs well for long excursions
  • Heavy Duty Construction with 55 lbs child weight capacity
  • Lightweight Stroller is easy to maneuver in stores and in-and-out of the trunk.
  • Large Canopy with Visor blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from child's sensitive skin
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Verified Buyer
April 4, 2012
I've had this stroller since mid October, and it was used as a secondary stroller since my bugaboo was sometimes too big for public transportation. It is a great stroller, cheap price and more comfortable to use than a Maclaren. I'm giving it three stars because after 5 months of light use, two of the metal bars that hold the seat up have broken. i called Britax to see if they could replace the part or at least fix it under the warranty, but was told that the damage was not covered by the warranty. It's a shame that they wouldn't at least attempt to meet me halfway for a solution, i really loved this stroller. i was tempted to buy it again, but am afraid of the same problem happening. i ended up buying a maclaren quest, which is very similar to this one, except that the Britax has taller handles.
  • great handle height
  • easy to fold
  • baby fits comfortably
  • no raincover
  • bad customer service
Los Angeles, CA
Does the Job
January 25, 2012
I'll tell you why I bought this--it's an old model, but for the price there was nothing comparable to it. Basically it's the same as the mid-range MacLaren strollers, but maybe a couple pounds heavier. I actually could care less about the weight so long as it's not too heavy--and since it's not too light I don't feel like it will tip as easily.To buy something new equivalent to this, like a MacLaren or one of the newer Britax, it would have cost $150+. So here at albeebaby I was able to find a discontinued model that works very well.It's basically as good as the others, with a couple things I don't like:The wheels don't roll perfectly smooth. It's way better than what we used before, but to get picky, it's slightly rickety like the wheels don't all match up perfectly. Still, it rolls fairly effortlessly and is easy to turn. That said, it's nothing compared to their new B-Agile, which is frankly the smoothest rolling stroller out there. But it's almost 3x as much, and bigger too. We wanted an umbrella stroller so this size is perfect.The other thing i will nitpick about is the canopy. Let's just face it, it's very high for smaller babies (mine is less than a year old right now), and the canopy does pretty much nothing except for when the sun is completely above our heads. Not good. Look at the B-Agile, where the canopy has a few stages, and it can really come down to block the sun frontally. But again, at $70, I can't really complain too much, right? I'm very happy with my purchase.
Bay Area, Ca
Verified Buyer
Love It!
January 21, 2012
Thsi stroller has all the features of the more expensive ones, but for an UNBEATABLE sale price! I love how the leg support can extend to help him lay down and nap, it has a handy storage pocket, and is a great height for me. (I am on the taller side, it might be a bit tall for someone on the shorter side.) Being more narrow, and collapsing the way it does, it has made getting around much easier.
Harrison, OH
Verified Buyer
Britax Blink Stoller
January 14, 2012
This is a great umbrella stroller. It is very sturdy, Easy to handle. It has adjustable seating positions, a nice sun canopy with a window to view your child. Holds children up to 55 pounds. I can use it for my 1year old or 5 year old granddaughter. It comes with a nice zippered carrying case.
  • My only dislike about the stroller is I have a difficult time getting it into the carrying case.
Catawba island, oh
My daughter loves it
January 12, 2012
Purchased for sole use to take on 10 HR flight to Hawaii. Easy to fold us, carry and took a beating from being lugged around in an airport, gate side checking and in and out of rental cars. Best part: my daughter loved having her feet up and relaxed for multiple walks with grandpa. He even figured out how to recline it for naps. What a bargain!
  • Weight, ease of use opening and closing, compact
  • Harder to get out of reclining position
San Diego
Verified Buyer
Britax Blink Stroller
January 3, 2012
frame is very steady and easy to foldaway. Seat is comfortable and the zipped pocket at the back is extremely useful and I can put camera, wallets, phone into it and safely zip up the pocket. Wheels are bigger than usual umbrella stroller (which this is not really an umbrella stroller) so the rides are not as bunpy. Back could be adjusted from upright to almost flat.Overall a good product to replace travel system as toddler gets bigger.
  • frame is very steady and easy to foldaway. Seat is comfortable and the zipped pocket at the back is extremely useful and I can put camera, wallets, phone into it and safely zip up the pocket. Wheels are bigger than usual umbrella stroller (which this is not really an umbrella stroller) so the rides are not as bunpy. Back could be adjusted from upright to almost flat.
  • Overall a good product to replace travel system as toddler gets bigger.
  • much heavier than umbrella stroller if you are looking for that.
Atlanta GA
Verified Buyer
Pretty good stroller
January 3, 2012
We like the stroller, it is lightweight, looks nice. I love that you can adjust the seat so the baby can sleep confortably. I do not like the fact that when the stroller is closed the wheels touch the canopy and the dirt from the wheels transfers to the canopy. Overall a good buy.
  • Compact, lightweight, adjustability, look,
  • When closed, the wheels touch the canopy
Jamestown, La
Britax Blink Stroller Double Dots
December 27, 2011
I bought this stroller to take to Disney World instead of bothering with a rental. It proved to be less expensive than renting and we had it at the airports and resort. Well worth the money.
  • Very sturdy, well built even for a 37 pound 3 year old.
  • A little difficult to fold.
Verified Buyer
I am happy
December 27, 2011
Very nice stroller, my baby and I enjoy it so much.
  • Confortable, recliner is great thing, easy to use.
Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
Britax Blink Stroller Double Dots
December 23, 2011
I bought this stroller to travel with the baby - I love it - would not want it for everyday use as it doesn't have the "extras" such as cup holders, tray, etc. - I keep it in my car for unexpected uses such as an unplanned run to the mall - love it
  • Absolutely love the smoothness of this stroller
  • The height for the person pushing the stroller is better - we're all taller in our family and we have no issues with kicking the wheels or our body being at an awkward angle
  • I was looking for a lightweight stroller for travel and this one fits the bill
  • Price was great
  • ... not really a "dislike" but you can't hang a bag or backpack on the handles if the baby is out of the stroller - the stroller WILL tip over
  • When the stroller is folded up you can't lean it against anything because it takes off
los angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Excellent umbrella stroller!
December 21, 2011
I am thrilled with my purchase. I researched many umbrella strollers and considered Maclaren, Uppababy etc but could not beat the price of this one! It seems much sturdier than the Maclaren equivalent. Only downside is that it is a few pounds heavier but for in and out of the car it is fine.
Lonsdale, Minnesota
Verified Buyer
We are loving it!
December 20, 2011
The best purchase ever and even better price!
Orange County, Ca
Great stroller
December 20, 2011
Great stroller, compact, easy to use for travel. My baby is very tall an the stroller is very comfortable for him. The only issue with the stroller is that when the stroller is closed the tires get the canopy dirty. Other than that awesome purchase, still rated it 5 stars.
  • Compact, lightweight, good for tall/ long babies, handles are high for taller moms, great canopy for sun or rain
  • Tires get canopy dirty when closed.
Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
lightweight AND sturdy
December 20, 2011
I love my new stroller, takes up a lot less room than my chicco stroller in the trunk. It's so light and easy to use, my little girl loves riding around in it. The color is more rich in person and the height is nice on the handles. I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality lightweight stroller.
  • Nothing, maybe a cup holder? But that's an easy enough fix.
Verified Buyer
good stroller
December 18, 2011
easy to use. perfect umbrella stroller
  • light weight, recline
  • color
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Britax Blink Stroller
December 18, 2011
Overall happy with the stroller, especially it's ability to lean back at variable angles (can go very far down). Downfalls are the feet rest which could be further out or wider (set too far in) and the weight which is a bit heavier than our McLaren stroller but still manageable. Also can't seem to lock it when it is folded up which makes it hard to aside standing up. Overall though pretty happy with it for the sole purpose of having a stroller I can have my 3 year old sleep in when she falls asleep during our errands.
  • Backrests very adjustable, color
  • Weight, footrest, can't lock wheels when folded up.
Verified Buyer
December 17, 2011
good stroller
David M.
Bronx, NY
Verified Buyer
Very good Umbrella Stroller
December 17, 2011
This Britax is great. Folding it, holding your baby in one arm, folding with the other, is manageable. It is sturdy, and it has a reasonable storage compartment. It handles well, one handed or two. My son is comfortable in it, and the full recline option is nice for naps. Furthermore, it has that mesh rear, so you can see him when he is napping, but it also has the cover that can wrap around to block out sun.
  • I like the large wheels, for an umbrella stroller, this thing has pretty good sized wheels. The hood is very sturdy. The whole thing feels sturdy. It will last us through at least two kids.
  • Its a little heavy, but I was happy to accept the weight in exchange for the build quality. My major compliant is that there is no rain cover specifically designed for it. Its easy to partially lock the brake... Make sure you really step down to lock it in place.
Rhode Island
Verified Buyer
Great umbrella stroller
December 16, 2011
Stroller is light, easy to handle and very sturdy. My 8 month old son loves the foot rest that folds up. Would definitely recommend the stroller. We brought it with us for vacation where we did lots of walking, on/off public transportation. The only problem was at airport. Whoever folded it back down smashed the clip that keeps folded stroller together. It's still functional to keep it closed but sometimes I have to put the baby down to clip it.
  • Lightweight, easy strap to carry, easy up/down, good storage for umbrella
  • Recall zipper covers get in way of clip to fold up, canopy only covers directly over head.
Central Illinois
Verified Buyer
Very worthwhile purchase
December 6, 2011
We chose the Blink due to the height of the handles. We're tall parents (both over 6' tall) and were tired of a bulky travel system and short little umbrella strollers. It took a year to find the right stroller that was also affordable as we don't use strollers often. The Blink fit the bill on paper; so we ordered sight unseen. We have not been disappointed. The blue color of Double Dots is more slate blue than turquoise as pictured and that was a nice surprise. The wheels are very solid and smooth, the handles are a great height for us and the zipper pocket is a bonus. The Blink folds easily and is very portable. The one downside is that, when strapped in, our toddler leans forward to try to touch the wheels and the back of his seat can move forward enough that he reaches his goal. This is not great. I'd prefer a more solid back that won't move when he wants to do something dangerous. I've read the next generation stroller from Britax accomplishes that but we could not afford it. This moveable seat back is all that keeps me from giving this stroller 5 stars.I do recommend it and you can't beat Albee baby's price!
  • The color, smooth ride, handles situated high for taller people.
  • Seat back allows too much forward movement by child.
Central NJ
Verified Buyer
Wow! So impressed!
November 9, 2011
After 6 years (two kids) with my old Maclaren, it had finally given up the ghost and I needed a replacement as I am due with my fourth child any day. I can't stand the bulky full-size strollers and my Maclaren had held up very well, but I also didn't want to invest more than $100 dollars in a stroller as this is most likely my last baby. In addition, I have always had positive experiences with Britax car seats so I figured I would give this one a try for the price. As always, my order arrived over night (I live in NJ.) The stroller pattern is adorable, and gender neutral as I don't know the sex of my new baby yet. I was most concerned about the handle height since I am a taller mommy and soooo many strollers are akward and SHORT. No need to worry, this is even taller than the Maclaren. It probably weighs a little more but is more substantial as it accomodates children to 55 lbs. The seat is much more adjustable than I found my old stroller to be as well. Over all I think I am in love! Would be worth it at the full price, but at the clearance price you really can't pass it up.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
very nice made stroller in a reasonable price
October 22, 2011
sturdy, fashionable, comfortable, very tall seat even my 5 year old 42 inches kid can rest in. handles made with high quality material and ergo shaped. easy to push even with the 5 year old of 45 pound. foot rest is a big plus for smaller baby. almost flat but still recommend for baby 6 and up. however, the canopy is not really useable, the underneath basket is way small, no cup holder for mom. other than that, it's a perfect stroller.
  • sturdy, fashionable, comfortable, very tall seat even my 5 year old 42 inches kid can rest in. handles made with high quality material and ergo shaped. easy to push even with the 5 year old of 45 pound. foot rest is a big plus for smaller baby. almost flat but still recommend for baby 6 and up.
  • he canopy is not really useable, the underneath basket is way small, no cup holder for mom
Best stroller for traveling! LOVE IT!
October 16, 2011
We took this stroller to Disneyland. Not only did it fit our 10 month old, but my 5 year old sat in it as well. is comfortable! Best light weight stroller! My other stroller is an $800 stroller, and I like this one just as much!
United States
Verified Buyer
Very pleased!
July 8, 2011
We are driving to visit family 18 hours away, and needed something a little more compact for our 18 month old. Ordered this without ever seeing it in person, and love it! She fits in comfortably, and has enjoyed riding in it. I have a 41lb 3 year old as well and it works great when she is tired and wants to ride a little. I love that it holds up to 55 lbs. Seems very sturdy, and a nice height for me (I am 5'9). I will say the color is different from the picture. Seems like, from the pic, that it would be a teal color, however not the case. It is a darker stone blue, which I was VERY happy about! So far love it and I am very happy with the price and the purchase completely! Can't wait to take in on vacation!
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Awesome everyday stroller for the price
July 5, 2011
We've had this for about a month and are loving it so far. It's really durable and feels strong, not flimsy like many similar strollers I tried. It travels well with the included carrying bag (already flew with it once), has a smooth ride, folds up easily, and has a nice tight turning radius for shopping etc. where the aisles are narrow. The mesh storage compartment underneath is perfect for a few odds and ends although it's lightweight and I wouldn't put anything too heavy in it (like an entire diaper bag). The leg rest also folds out easily so baby's legs are supported if he falls asleep and needs to be reclined.
  • Tight turning radius, easy to get in and out of the trunk, has it's own carrying case, easy to recline
  • no cup holder, storage compartment underneath is very lightweight so can't carry too many items.
Verified Buyer
Perfect umbrella stroller
May 20, 2011
I searched for hours for a compact light umbrella stroller to take on an overseas trip. I chose this one because it had all the features of the other strollers that were way more expensive. I have 3 kids and this stroller works great for all of them...even my 5 year old napped in this on our trip! It's a great stroller for travel....light but doesn't tip when hanging things on the handles and the basket is decent size too.glad I chose this one and didn't waste $100 more for another stroller with the same features.
AWESOME stroller
April 29, 2011
I got this stroller instead of the Maclaren and i don't regret it, this is an awesome stroller and i love everything about it.... i reallly love how much it reclines and that my son can put his feet up!
  • big canopy
  • reclines
  • folds easy
  • opens easy
  • nice zip up pocket
Judy C.
Verified Buyer
Great umbrella stroller!
March 30, 2011
Just bought this stroller to use for my granddaughters. Easy to assemble. Easy open and close. Would recommend to a friend. I love the price from this website. More than 50% cheaper than babies r us.
  • Ease of operation. Came with a carrying case and what was needed for the recall.
  • Nothing
Long Island, NY
Verified Buyer
Love it!
March 28, 2011
I just got it and I love it. It is light weight where I can carry it up the stairs. The design is nice and unisex.
  • Light Weight, Sun shade is large and has a window to see baby, easy setup and closing.
  • when in full recline it is hard to access the storage space.
Perfect Stroller
February 18, 2011
I wish I had bought this instead of my Graco travel system and I'm still giving it a five star even though it has no cupholders.
  • Compact size
  • Reclines
  • Ease of steering
  • no cupholders
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller
February 2, 2011
Very happy with purchase. A great stroller that has a great price! Has fantastic features and made well.
  • Large canopy
  • Easy to push
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Attached rear locking brake
  • Don't have to bend over to push ( I'm 5'9)
  • Reclines far back
  • Small basket
  • No cup holder
  • Both are true for most umbrella strollers
Boston, MA
Sturdy and yet compact
September 7, 2010
The Blink rolls great and folds very easily. It's very comparable to the build of a Maclaren but much much cheaper. We've loved using it for short walks and traveling with it.
  • Strong, well built, rolls easily and affordable.
  • Canopy doesn't provide as much shade as we'd like. A bit heavy for an umbrella stroller.
Forest Hills, NY
great stroller
September 4, 2010
I was nervous ordering it due to the low price. I bought it to replace a maclaren quest that I loved and ran into the ground. I figured it was worth a try given the price. It definitely compares to the maclaren with ease of push and toddler comfort- my 2 year old asks for "blink!". I'm ordering a second for grandma's house- now i have 2 umbrella strollers for less than the price of the one maclaren!
  • large sun canopy.
  • full seat recline
  • ease of push and fold
  • tall seat back
  • recline mechanism
  • no rain cover offered
Stroller is awesome!
November 20, 2009
It pushes great. I love the zippered storage pocket and the basket. Easy to fold/unfold and the handle height is great for tall people.
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