Britax Advocate 70 CS Car Seat in Opus Gray

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Lethbridge, AB
Verified Buyer
Britax Car seat
June 16, 2012
I own two Britax car seats and they rock. I especially love this one and highly recommend it. It's so soft and very comfortable for my little guy.
Verified Buyer
Great seat, great price, fast shipping
March 13, 2012
Purchased this seat when my son out-grew his carrier and was still rear-facing. Besides the top-rated safety features, the seat also seems comfortable and is easy to get my son in and out of. Installation was pretty simple and I can see us using this seat for quite a long time. We liked it so much we purchased a second one for our other vehicle.
Stephen A.
State College, Pa
Verified Buyer
Britax car seat
March 7, 2012
So far, it seems to be very good. My son seems to relatively enjoy sitting in the car seat, and it sits a little higher than the others so he can see what's going on in the car, and outside.
  • comfort, protection, safety and ease of use
  • Placement of adjustment straps for the shoulders. Seems to be in a weird/odd place on the base.
Verified Buyer
Great cars eat. Best price here!
February 22, 2012
This car seat seems very comfortable for my child. It is very secure and safe I love the design and materials feel much more expensive than other car seats. My little 14 month old loves this seat (as much as any small, wiggly child can love something that they are strapped down in)
  • High quality
  • Nice design
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of room
  • Large
  • Hard to movie and out of cars
Corona, Ca
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
February 17, 2012
I love the quality of detail, seems cozy and comfortable to my little one. Not sure how the fabric will hold up to washing, as some of the trim has freyed when I took a damp cloth to it. I've noticed on warm days the fabric tends to hold in a lot of heat. It fit's well in my Honda Accord , I placed it in the middle rear of car, and I still have enough room for two "slim" passengers. Overall I'm happy with this car seat, it seems very solid, and I love the metal frame as oppose to plastic.
  • overall construction is solid
  • trim on fabric
Bay Area, CA
Rated the safest!
October 18, 2011
I thought that this might be a little big for a newborn. While it is big, it reclines enough to cradle the newborn in the seat. I love that it is rated the best for safety. I'm always afraid of being hit on the side, but I'm comforted knowing that this car seat has side impact protection which is better than no protection. My daughter is now 11 months old and has used it since birth. I think she likes it better than other car seats she's sat in. Since it's so big for a little '95 Toyota Corolla sedan, it takes up part of the middle seat. A small person could squish in there if it was absolutely necessary, but since we're getting another one for our expected child there won't be any possible way to use the middle seat. When our third comes along, we'll have to upgrade to a bigger vehicle.
  • Safety features
  • Economical one car seat purchase
  • Seems comfortable
  • Bulk seems to come with safety
Springfield, VA
Verified Buyer
Best Seat in the Car!
March 24, 2011
We're all very impressed with this high quality booster. With all the new safety technology Britax added with their Next Generation models, we were more than pleased to spend the extra money on getting it. Our minds are at peace and our little girl has yet to complain about being placed in it. She is always comfortable, even when she sleeps, her head never hunches over thanks to all the perfectly placed padding. We only had one issue with this seat and it was the fact that the side cushions, which protect the other kids during side-impact crashes, took too much room on a bench seat, so we took it off. Otherwise, we love EVERYTHING about this car seat and are often jealous that she gets the best seat in the car.
  • Slim base; soft, easy-to-clean fabric; simple to install and adjust; great quick release button; cushioned belts to keep from snags and keeps head propped.
  • Advocate side impact cushions not removable; no cup holder
Fort Rucker, AL
Great Car Seat!
March 8, 2011
I purchased this car seat for my 6 month old and I love it! It is VERY sturdy while still being very soft and comfortable (I imagine). I researched car seats extensively before choosing this seat. It has the most comprehensive safety testing and features of any seat I found. It is very easy to use. I especially like the CS feature. "Click Safe"... you can loosen the arm straps with the push of a convenient button. This makes it much easier to get baby in to the seat without having to tweak him/her (I always feel like I'm bending his little arms funny!). Then, you pull the Click Safe strap and it tightens the shoulder harnesses right back up to exactly where they should be!I would recommend going to the Britax website to watch the installation instructions... they were VERY helpful! I would recommend this seat to anyone. I know there are less expensive car seats on the market... but you often get what you pay for and the decision of which car seat to trust with the life of your child is one that should be taken very seriously. *Safe Travels*
  • Ease of use
  • Softness/lovely fabrics
  • Ease of installation
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