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Beaba Bib'secondes Bottle Warmer

This item is discontinued.
Beaba's bib secondes: ultra-fast food jar heater. Beaba's Bib'secondes is a feeding bottle and food jar heater designed to heat baby bottles and meals in record time and in total safety.

The Beaba Bib'secondes bottle warmer works with steam and uses a patented system to achieve accurate heating to 37°C evenly, reducing risk of burns to nil. A dual programming switch allows you to select the starting temperature of the bottle or jar to be heated, bottles and jars at room temperature of 20°C or those taken straight from the refrigerator at 5°C are heated easily and quickly.

Beaba Bib'secondes has a temperature maintenance feature and requires no preheating. Feeding bottles are ready to serve in less than 2 minutes and food jars are heated in less than 5 minutes. Beaba Bib'secondes is convenient and simple to use, avoiding the risks involved in using a microwave or a bowl or pan of hot water. With the Beaba Bib'secondes, safe, accurate and even heating of baby's bottle or food jar is guaranteed on every use. Beaba is a French company specialising in design of childcare products and accessories.

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House 7.
Salt Lake City, UT
Verified Buyer
January 8, 2013
Great for bigger bottles. When the twins were only doing 2oz, swishing the bottle under hot water was fine. Now that they are up to 8 oz, this warmer is perfect. Heats quick. Stream does come through the top, so watch your hands. Duh. Droplets also accumulate on the outside of bottle and can be hot. Just keep a towel handy. Also, use a magic marker to better identify the cold and warm settings on the dial. Overall, this does the job quick and warms perfectly.
  • Fast
  • No crazy parts to clean
  • Small
  • Dial is hard to read
  • There is a 10second beep when done. Why can't we mute that?
  • This appliance might be tricky for grandma to run. 😆
Little Rock, AR
Verified Buyer
Excellent Bottle Warmer
December 26, 2011
We make out bottles ahead of time, so we have to store them in the refrigerator. Our baby wouldn't take the cold formula, so we researched bottle warmers. We settled on the Beaba because it had great reviews. We have not been disappointed. We use it 6-8 times per day and it is very consistent. We have been using it for almost three months now, with zero problems. We only have to clean it every few days as well. Great product.
  • Very easy to use and very consistent.
  • Can easily burn yourself if you are not careful.
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