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Baby Jogger City Summit X3 Single Rain Canopy

This item is discontinued.
The Summit X3 Single Weather Shield keeps your child dry even when itâ??s pouring outside. The non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials block rain and wind with proper ventilation to provide a dry, safe environment for your little one. Compatible with the Summit X3 Single only.
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Ripped after one use
April 10, 2018
After the first time using this I notice a big rip on the side. I used clear tape to mend the cover but within 2 more uses there were so many rips I could no longer use it. I did not take the cover on or off the stroller or store it. I ordered a replacement and the exact same thing happened. Very poorly made. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of other options for weather shields.
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York, me
Verified Buyer
same thing!
April 8, 2018
I bought this for my grandson's jogger used it just a few times and its totally cloudy and ripped. He hates it, but we live in Maine and we have cold wind many days ! now I can't take him out on those days I'm very disappointed. Love the jogger, please improve this product!!!!!!
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Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Horrible quality!
April 1, 2018
I have had this for about a year and a half but have never used it. Took it out of the box and left it folded in a closet. Just took it out and it is full of tears and holes in the plastic part. The material just completely fell apart while it has been sitting on a shelf.
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Washington, DC
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Do not buy!
March 19, 2018
I bought this and used it once, worked great. The next time I went to use it the plastic disintegrated and was broken into a million tiny pieces. It was bad enough that we only got to use it once, but the cleanup of the plastic pieces was a headache as well. A waste of both time and money.
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New York, NY, United States
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Do not buy
December 15, 2017
We got this late last year (2016). We used it twice. After the last time, we hung it to dry, folded it and stored it in the on-board pouch of the stroller. We didn't try using it again until the other day (we have a smaller, lighter weight stroller, we use daily), when we pulled it out, the fabric was fully intact but the plastic had literally disintegrated!

Some parts had holes, others had rips. It looked like it lost a fight with an angry cat (we have NO pets). The plastic had also turned a smokey yellowish color. I'm still finding pieces of it in my hallway.

I realize the plastic is thin and flexible but it should have more resiliency than poorly manufactured food wrap. The weather cover for our Maclaren stroller, which is at least five years old, looks almost as good as when we purchased it.
This product was a wasted of money.
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Amanda M.
Verified Buyer
Only a couple uses out of it
December 11, 2017
The shield fit the stroller wonderfully and I was very excited to be able to run with the stroller despite certain weather. However, while applying the weather shield for its second use I noticed 2 large slits in the plastic. Two days later the entire plastic area was rittled with slits, making it unuseable. I am so disappointed in the quality of this shield.
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Minneapolis, MN
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Great Product... I wish it lasted longer.
November 29, 2017
We live in Minnesota and are avid runners/walkers. We use our Baby Jogger Summit X3 every single day. We received the weather shield as a gift for Christmas in a previous year. Our baby was still in his infant seat last winter when we ran and walked, so we had no use for the weather shield. We have now used the weather shield for about a month and a half this year. It has clouded over, and the plastic has small cracks in it in multiple places. I am so disappointed as the product does keep our 1 year-old warm, especially in the wind! I continue to use it, but I don't feel like I should have to purchase a new one only a month and a half into winter this year! We have many months left in our cold MN winter! It's a great product to keep your child warm, but it does not last. We love Baby Jogger products, but this one does not meet the quality standards of our strollers and attachments, unfortunately.
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Tulsa, OK
Verified Buyer
It started falling apart getting it out of the box
November 15, 2017
The shield started falling apart as I was pulling it out of the box. The plastic and zipper separated when I installed the shield for the first time and the plastic had pretty much disintegrated by the end of the first run.
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New Hampshire, United States
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Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing
October 21, 2017
I actually only ever used this product once (in a light shower and I dried the plastic off when I got home too) and its disintegrating before my very eyes. I've never come across a plastic like this before. I certainly wouldn't waste your money on it as it simply doesn't work.
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Seattle, WA, United States
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Horrible quality
October 11, 2017
The weather shield fits perfectly and is wonderful while it lasts. Unfortunately I only used it three times in the spring before carefully putting it away for summer. Pulled it out now that the rain is back and the plastic is cloudy and cracked. Totally unusable and waste of money! I love my stroller and am upset the cost of this was a waste and can't run with my little buddy in the rain. ;-(
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Bethesda, MD
Great product until it got cloudy
January 7, 2017
I agree with all the other reviews here. We loved this addition to our stroller to protect our little one from wind chill or rain, and it tucks nicely underneath. But over time it got cloudy and I haven't figured out how to clean it. I'm not sure I'd recommend this product because of this degradation of the material.
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Atlanta, GA, United States
Does not last
November 29, 2016
Like many other reviews I've read on this product, after minimal use, the plastic has become cloudy meaning our little one cannot see out, nor can we see him. We've tried to clean it using a plastic cleaner, with no success. Bizarrely, the clouding appears to be on the inside. We live in a warm climate and have only used this product 5 or 6 times. I simply cannot recommend a $35+ product that becomes unusable within 12 months.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Plastic gets cloudy
June 4, 2016
With in a couple of months from getting it the plastic part got cloudy and now my daughter does not like it when put the shield on. Other than that the product is funtional and fairly easy to put on.
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Washington, DC, United States
Plastic Shield Clouded Over in less the 6 months
May 20, 2016
I bought this product about 8 months ago to use with my SummitX3 stroller and in less than six months the plastic clouded to almost opaque in some areas. My grandson became visibly upset from the lack of transparency when I tried to use this product recently. We live in an urban center and his stroller is our means of transportation about the city and the limitation imposed by the Shield clouding has been a problem.
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Wisconsin, United States
Great product!
December 4, 2014
Very pleased with product! It keeps my 5 month old daughter snug and cozy in cooler weather!
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