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Baby Jogger City Select LUX Single Stroller - Slate

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Stroller Weight:
30.8 lbs

Age/Weight capacity:
Birth to 45 lbs

Open Dimensions:
46.1 x 25.6 x 40.8

Folded Dimensions:
31 x 25.75 x 12

What's NOT Included:

Cup holder, child tray, rain cover

Over 20 Riding Options
25% more riding options than the City Select to accommodate your growing family.

Multiposition Recline
Tuckered out tot? A fully flat recline is perfect for naps on the go.

All-Wheel Suspension
The all-wheel suspension keeps mom and baby strolling comfortably on many terrains.

30% Smaller Fold
Folds 30% more compactly than the City Select, and includes an auto lock and carry handle for easy transport.

NEW for 2017!

  • 20+ configurations give you more versatility as a single, double or triple stroller.
  • New accessories include a jump seat and shopping tote
  • Always in control - decelerating brake and parking brake in one, at your fingertips!
  • All-wheel suspension for an even smoother push and ride.
  • 30% SMALLER fold than the City Select!
The City Select� LUX converts from a single to double stroller, so your growing family is always ready for any adventure. It has the most riding options of any single to double stroller, with over 20 configurations total. That's over 25% more than City Select! Add the new bench seat (sold separately) so your older child will also want to hop a ride. Or, add an infant car seat, pram, or second seat to accommodate up to two children of different ages. The fold is 30% smaller and automatically locks, so your stroller is even easier to carry. All-wheel suspension and a decelerating hand brake provide increased comfort and control.
  • Converts from a single to a double stroller, or make it a triple with a glider board
  • Most riding options of any single to double stroller - over 20 total! Add an infant car seat, pram, second seat, or bench seat to accommodate up to two children.
  • 25% more riding options than City Select
  • Seats are reversible, so baby can sit front facing, parent facing, or sibiling facing
  • 30% smaller fold than current City Select. Simply fold the seat and lift the sides to fold. New compact size and auto lock make it easier to carry, transport, and store. Seat folds inward so it stays clean.
  • Hand-operated decelerating & parking brake, all in one control. Decelerating brake slows down your stroller at a moment's notice and the flip-flop friendly parking brake is always within reach.
  • All-wheel suspension, large lightweight & durable wheels, and locking front swivels provide increased control and comfort over different terrains
  • Telescoping handlebar easily adjusts to users of different heights
  • Extended UV50+ canopy keeps baby shaded and peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure gives parents a quick view of baby
  • Multi-position reclining seat and rotating calf support easily adjust for baby's comfort

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Quality Stroller But Prefer Side By Side
By Rebecca
from Dickinson, North Dakota
on June 10, 2022
Verified Buyer
I got this stroller because of all the tandem options I read about this one seemed to be the best. Youre able to use two toddler seats that EACH accommodate 45lbs (UPPABABY vistas lower seat on holds up to 35lbs), kids can face forward and backwards and each other, the bassinet can be placed in the upper position with a toddler seat below (Vista cannot do this), and it is the only tandem stroller to offer a bench seat. In my opinion that bench seat kicks the crap out of a riding board any day. Most reviews of riding boards are negative. Yes they are a nice solution for a child to hop on to maybe cross the street or buzz through the airport, but for any kind of walking they are a nuisance. I used this stroller with a 3 month old in the toddler seat and 3 year old on the bench seat on a one mile walk and it was alright. The bench seat is a great option. But ultimately pushing two kids even in paced walkways is tough in a stroller like this. So Ive decided to sell it and then buy a bugaboo donkey or double BOB because the performance of a side by side stroller is just hands down better for longer walked with two kids in my opinion. This stroller is a great every day stroller for the store, maybe walking over to the park, shopping downtown, zoo, or air travel if youre willing to trust the airline with putting your stroller under the plane. I bought it intending to do for 2-3 mile walks and this just doesnt work for that.
  • Most versatile tandem stroller I?ve found in regards to seating options. Matching weight limits in toddler seats.
  • Optional bench seat. Overall maneuvers well on smooth surfaces and can get you across grass alright.
Best Uses
  • Zoo, shopping, getting to the park, walks on smooth surfaces that don?t have hills.
  • Not good for long walks with two kids in my experience with it. I feel it is more suited for one child on a long. And maybe having a second child that just needs breaks here and there.
By Michele T.
from New jersey
on May 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
The stroller feels very light and easy to maneuver. I really like it
Good and bad
By Marci
from NYC metropolitan area
on April 11, 2022
Verified Buyer
Fabrics of the seat were beautiful. The assembly was simple and fast. Overall quality seems high end. What I didnt like were some little details. The shade cover has this mesh elastic that goes over the back of the seat.and it covers right over the plastic button that you have to squeeze to adjust the seat angle to recline. That mesh makes it slippery and hard to squeeze that button and its super annoying. The hand break is very hard to squeeze to stop. While its not a problem for me, its a problem for our older babysitter. To adjust the level of foot recline, you have to push two buttons on the outside of the seatand keep them depressed while somehow you have to grow a third hand to adjust the recline up or down. Nearly impossible without a third hand.

We bought the adapters to put the seat on the lower level so our toddler can use the bench and footboard to ride along. It is a bit harder to turn and navigate with this configuration, I think because the center of gravity on the stroller shifts forward. But our toddler loves it so we just make it work.

We bought this because it was extremely hard to find a stroller that accommodates a toddler bench seat as well as an infant seat, and will fold up compact enough to fit in a smaller sedan. All the other ones are huge to much of a hassle to fit in a small car.

Three weeks of owning this stroller and the breaks stopped working all together and one of the wires got bent. The positive is that baby jogger is an excellent company and offered to replace the entire frame or even upgrade to a different stroller. So despite all the cons, and the early broken brakes, Id definitely buy again from baby jogger because the really seem to take care of their customers in a hassle free kind of way. I wouldnt recommend this particular stroller however since its discontinued and its hard to find the bench seat as an accessory.
Customer Images
Best Uses
  • We use this for our toddler and our newborn. It?s great to accommodate both ages. Although we did have to buy the bench seat separately and the foot board separately. (And they are expensive and hard to fine).
  • Small enough to fold down into our small car?s trunk.
Love it
By DIana
from Jacksonville
on March 22, 2022
Verified Buyer
Very good quality stroller, one thing I didnt like it was hard for me to pick it with two seats on
Don’t love the hand break
By Heather
from California
on December 29, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love everything about this stroller, minus the hand break. The break is in an awkward place and makes it not comfortable for me to push the stroller. Beyond the break the suspension is amazing, comfortable seat, simple recline, huge basket, beautiful fabric. Top quality from a top brand.
  • Large Basket
  • All wheel suspension
  • Seat folds in half
  • Easy fold
  • High quality
  • Hand break
Disappointing and cheaply made
By Kath
from Whitby
on October 19, 2021
We have been using our stroller for almost 2 years and at first it was great. Then after a year and a half the front wheels started to rattle uncontrollably. We trouble shooted but ended up needing to get a replacement parts. Now the brake has snapped. We also bought the tray/cup holder for the baby and it didn't last long either. We researched many strollers before deciding that this one would be the best one for us and we saved up to buy it because it was expensive and we are so disappointed by the cheap quality. my mom bought a second hand Graco that functions better.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Not an upgrade
By Hkoby
from Chicago, IL
on October 17, 2021
Not an upgrade. The belly bar hits your child in the face when you unlatch it. It's also incredibly difficult to latch and unlatch. It took me an absurd amount of time to put this stroller together and we've owned 10+ strollers so I would consider myself seasoned in the process. The fold mechanism was jammed and was so hard to get the stroller to fold. Felt bulky and unreasonably heavy.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great light weight stroller to grow with
By alexamb
from undisclosed
on October 16, 2021
Upon unpacking the stroller I noticed that the materials were high-quality and well-made. I do love that this has the option to add up to three passengers as I do have three children and my oldest could use the scooter board should we choose to invest in it-my oldest is always asking to sit in the stroller with littles but passes weight maximums. Compared to other multi children's strollers it is definitely lightweight which I do love. I do have another multi family stroller that I found to be too bulky and heavy and even when pushing it was difficult with the weight of all the children. This one definitely shines in that area that it is lightweight and moves easily.

The stroller is fairly easy to use. The assembly was easy up until the crossbar installation. I don't know if it is due to the directions using only pictures or if it was just a more difficult install than it had to be, but that portion was not at all intuitive. Another note about the crossbar is that it has a double lock which I don't find to be very convenient and the buttons to adjust it are on the inside instead of on the outside where I feel it makes more sense.

The compact fold was well-intentioned and is for the most part functional however the front wheels do not have a secure place to store and move around so if they are not in a straight position they will stick out and make the folding aspect a little harder- this is nothing that can't be adjusted easily. I do find that where they put the folding mechanism to close the stroller was not well thought out, the user has to lean over the handle used to push the actual stroller to grab both sides to fold it, and you must pull it hard. I am more of a fan of the fold being in the handle or in the seat.

I will say, that my children did love riding in the stroller which is unusual for my kids. They aren't usually happy in a stroller. The stroller does have very comfortable material it allows to be adjusted for the child to be sitting more erect so they can see everything and it can be put in multiple positions- facing away from you and facing toward you, leaning back very far and leaning forward very far. It is very light weight and the wheels are large enough to be going over grassy terrain and even mulch.

A few of my favorite features of the stroller was the extra large storage basket underneath and a small stretchy extra storage pocket on the backseat of the stroller. I also liked how far the canopy on top extended. My children definitely had full coverage from the sun when riding in the stroller. It also has a telescopic handle which is nice for the height change between myself and my husband. I do like the clips and how they separate into a few pieces it makes removing the child from the straps much easier as their arms do not get stuck under when you were trying to get them out.

Overall I will definitely continue to use the stroller. While there are some aspects I wish would be different-which were mentioned above- I think it is a quality stroller that is comfortable, convenient and lightweight especially for having a multiple children option. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this stroller to test and review!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
A stroller for the whole family
By Elizareviews
from undisclosed
on October 15, 2021
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller! My first impression of the stroller was that it looked very stylish and very functional. The fabrics are high quality and the seat is very comfortable for my little one. The multiple reclining positions is great for my 5mo old. He loves the stroller because he doesn't have to be in his car seat in it. But they do have car seat adaptors! I love that with a few other accessories like the back board and an additional seat I can fit our future family. There are a lot of modular multi-configuration strollers on the market now but this one is truly easy to use and move around. The ride is smooth and it's easy to direct the stroller in all directions. We just traveled with this stroller through airports and it held up very well and helped us carry a lot of items in the large storage area underneath the seat. For a stroller of its size it folds up a lot smaller than I expected. It does have to be in just the right set up to fold compactly though. And the folding mechanism takes a little getting used to. My husband has hit himself in the shins several times trying to fold the stroller. His other comment is that the assembly instructions are horrible. But a handy person can intuit their way through it. Overall I think my favorite thing is just how adaptive this stroller is. With a simple click I can switch my son to face me or face forward and alter his seat angle for maximum comfort and safety. Even a newborn could use just the basic seat with it leaned back to flat. I love this stroller and look forward to using it for a long long time.
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Love this stroller!!!
By Kelly
from Texas
on October 13, 2021
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love this as a double stroller.
  • This has so many options as a double stroller
  • It?s hard to recline the top seat with the bottom seat attached when it?s facing the parent.
Love this stroller
By Ashash21
from Florida
on October 11, 2021
I bought this stroller in April of 2021. I absolutely love it! However, the company advertises that it will be the only stroller you need for your growing family. Well now that they are coming out with a newer model I can't find any accessories that "will grow with my family". Then bench seat and second seat kit are sold out everywhere. Will there be adapters so we can still purchase all of the accessories in the future? I've had this stroller less than 6 months and would not have purchased it if I knew I wouldn't be able to use it as advertised.
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Back to Basics
By Tsuneb
from undisclosed
on October 7, 2021
I wanted to love the City Select 2 Eco Collection. There are so many perks - who doesn't love the compact fold, light build, room to grow for our family, sleek all-black design, and more? But it came down to the glide of the ride for us - by keeping it light you do give up a few of the nice to have shock absorbing and comfort features.

As a mother of 2 little ones (16 months and 2 years old), my hands are always full. So being able to easily open and store the stroller with its compact fold was a huge plus. From start to finish, putting it together out of the box took about 10 minutes and my youngest was in the seat ready for a ride. While he really enjoyed the ride and didn't want to get out, the ease of maneuvering it for me on bumpy terrain (we have a trail nearby that is a mixture of old cement and dirt) was rough and the steering feels a bit rigid. However, the fabric has held up well to the numerous hot hot hot California days we have been having. The top flap allows for ventilated nap sessions with the shade pulled all the way down and the seat reclined. Probably my favorite feature and a definite plus for outdoor lovers.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller. Overall, the City Select 2 Eco Collection has been a great on-the-go stroller for us. While I wouldn't take it on a long haul, it definitely has a place in our everyday activities and gives us all the mobility and storage we could ask for.

Ride: 3/5
Storage: 4/5
Fabric: 4/5
Features: 3/5
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
One and done
By Phasmamom
from undisclosed
on October 6, 2021
My first thoughts after putting this stroller together: luxurious. It is very smooth and high quality. Previously we were a family who bought the best stroller for each individual situation. We had a convertible infant car seat/stroller, a high-end umbrella stroller, and a jogging stroller. We still use the jogging stroller and the umbrella stroller on a regular basis. We received this stroller as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. My son was very excited about this stroller. He is at the higher end of the weight/height range at about 36 inches tall (almost 3 years-old). I think he likes that he is more upright and can see well. At the same time he can recline if sleeping. That is a nice feature. The biggest thing I like about the stroller is the large canopy. I try to protect him from excess sun exposure when possible, and this does that well. I think this stroller would be best for a family looking for a nice option that can grow with their family. While it is smooth, it is really best for smooth sidewalks or other city settings. Aired tires would be preferable for trails or other non-smooth surfaces. At the same time, this is not a tiny stroller that is easy to fold and take on-the go. What it is is flexible for changing family sizes. The ability ti have one stroller be a double or triple option (with the glide board) is a high perk for many families. I would choose this stroller if I had another child as I have no interest in a double-wide situation that is hard to maneuver. As it is, we will likely continue to use the umbrella stroller and jogging stroller (for walking) in their respective settings.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Very nice well made stroller
By Bhoff
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
The City Select 2 Eco is a very nice stroller. I love the material and you can really tell it is well made. It goes over bumps easily and can maneuver well. I do think the price point is high in comparison to similar strollers as it also seems to be a la carte. I would have loved to see a cup holder for the parent and I find that the flattened handle, while more aesthetically pleasing, is not as comfortable to hold as a round bar. Additionally, the button to lengthen or shorten the handle bar in the middle is an awkward placement. My favorite feature is the size of the sun cover. Most other strollers I've tried come down too short and baby's eyes are still in the sun. I would recommend this stroller to someone who is more concerned with aesthetics over price as it is still a very nice stroller.
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Infant and toddler travel system
By kath143
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
I received City Select 2 travel system from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and have used it daily since I received it. The material on the stroller is durable, yet breathable. We like that the canopy can extend and has a UV 50 plus protection. We have 3 and 1-year-old grandchildren, that love to be outdoors, walking or going to fall festivals. The travel system folds easily and is easy for this nana to get in the vehicle when needed. I am able to open the stroller and get both babies in by myself. The grandbabies fit well in the seats and are able to recline enough to even nap. We have been using it to take them to the fall festivals, and it has been great at handling any purchases we make throughout the day. The stroller has an adjustable handle, which enables the driver, pusher to adjust to their comfort. I recommend the City Select 2 system, new parents can be assured that they can add to the system as their family grows.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Lovely Stroller
By NandA
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
I received this beautiful stroller to review from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. The setup of this stroller was very easy and quick. I love the colors and fabrics used -the stroller is beautiful and sleek. My son seems very happy and comfy during our trial walks.
My favorite feature is that the seat position can be changed so that your little one faces you - My son thought it was so fun too! (though this does leave your basket completely open in the front which is not so great..I just make sure there's nothing valuable in it) The basket has a ton of space, and I appreciate the zip on the basket to access easily.
The only downside of the seat is the weight limit, 45 lbs and restriction on height. My son is 36 inches tall and 27 lbs and his head touches the canopy. He might not reach the weight limit before he outgrows it. I do love that you can add on with bassinet and another seat, so useful to have both kids in one stroller!
The fold is pretty simple once you get used to it - didn't realize you have to remove the seat! I think it would be compact and light enough to travel with (for a full size stroller). It might be a little inconvenient though if pieces are separate.
Overall a lovely stroller - I am thankful to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this for me to test and review.
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Great stroller that will grow as your family does
By Mrsmommi
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
The Baby Jogger City Select 2 Stroller is in a league of its own. This stroller is just downright amazing! The stroller rolls smoothly, and it is easy to fold and store away. It can be adjusted to where your child can be facing to or away from you, it can also have an additional seat and balance board (purchased separately) attached so it can grow with your family. My two most favorite aspects of this stroller are the adjustable handle (great for people with long legs) and the huge storage basket. It could easily hold 2 of my backpack style diaper bags and probably still have room. I like that the awning has a magnetic peekaboo window rather than velcro. You're like likely to wake a sleeping baby when you check on them. All in all this stroller is absolutely amazing. My 13 month old loves riding in it and I give it a 10/10. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller.
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We love it
By MNmama
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
First off, I will say that we have one 18-month old little boy and we love our City Select Eco 2! There are a ton of pros and just a couple of cons that I'd like to mention:

-Quick and easy to assemble for the most part. It took my husband about 10 minutes to put together, with the exception of the belly bar...more about that below.
-This stroller is has a sleek design! I love the black color, and the leatherette handle bar and belly bar are a really nice touch.
-It seems to be very comfortable for my son. He loves it, especially holding onto the belly bar as we stroll along!
-The main purpose of this stroller for our family is taking walks around the neighborhood. This stroller rides very smoothly!
-The extended canopy is another great feature. Skin cancer runs in our family, so keeping the sun's rays from directly hitting the majority of our little guy's body is a major plus!
-It's fairly lightweight and quick/easy to fold. It fits in the truck of our SUVs with room to spare.
-The under seat storage compartment is HUGE, which is so necessary and appreciated because we always seem to be traveling with so much stuff!
-I love that this stroller will grow with our boy. You can very easily adjust the stroller to accommodate your growing child. You can adjust the angle and the length of the footwell, the length/height of the handlebar, the angle of the backrest, and expand and/or remove the storage basket if desired!
-While we have only used this stroller as a single stroller so far, I LOVE that it can be the only stroller our family will ever need, as it can be assembled into 24 configurations and accommodate up to THREE kids at the same time! Wow! We're hoping to grow our family in the near future, so this feature is very important for us!

-The belly bar was the most complicated piece to assemble. The installation pictures for this particular piece aren't the most clear and it wasn't until after we finally figured it out about 10 minutes later that we realized there are written directions listed at the very end after all of the pictures. I think it would be more user friendly if the written instructions were directly underneath or besides the corresponding picture(s) so that you don't have to flip between multiple pages every step or two throughout the assembly process.
-Adjusting the safety harness was also much more difficult than I felt it should be. You have to squeeze your hand behind the back pocket while twisting the plastic square stopper through the PE board. The fit is extremely tight, while also having your hand at an awkward angle behind the pocket, making it an obnoxious task to adjust. That said, you should only have to adjust these every once in a while, so it's not a huge con in the grand scheme of things.
-I wish it came with a cup holder/storage organizer. I had to purchase one of those separately.
-I wish it would stand upright on its own when folded to decrease the amount of space it takes up. That said, you can lean it up against something sturdy if wanted.

In my opinion, the many pros far outweigh the couple of minor cons, and I would definitely recommend this stroller to any family looking for a comfortable, dependable, attractive looking stroller for their little one(s)!

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller!
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Adjustable maneuverable and compact
By Rani46
from undisclosed
on October 4, 2021
As a mom of four kids, I've used my share of strollers over the years. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I was able to try out the City Select 2 Eco they sent me. This stroller seriously has it all. I love that I can add a second seat AND a glider board for my other kids. It pushes so easily (with one hand, woo!), folds like a breeze with just a quick pull on each side, and it's compact enough to fit in the back of my minivan with the third row up. The fabric is easy to wipe clean and the leatherette handle and belly bar are comfortable to the touch. My favorite feature is how easy it is to adjust the seat. I can have it facing me and reclined for my 5 month old, and then super quickly flip it around and adjust the back up for my 3 year old. I also love the white peekaboo window on the giant canopy. No noisy Velcro to potentially wake my kiddos. My only complaint is I didn't get a City Select sooner!
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Beautiful and clean design with flexible seating
By SciTeacher11
from undisclosed
on October 4, 2021
I received this stroller to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and things went smoothly right out of the box. I used the images for assembly as I didn't notice there were written instructions later in the book, and I got everything put together quickly with my 2 year old helping me.

Once assembled, my daughter spent most of the evening sitting in the stroller, and she particularly likes the belly bar. Our current stroller does not have anything like this, and she has enjoyed having a place to hold onto while riding, as well as something to help her climb in. I like the higher position of the seat in the standard configuration as I feel my daughter can see things more easily, such as over a fence at the zoo. The belly bar is also a great example of the luxurious look of the stroller - it is very sleek, and the leather look of the handlebar and belly bar give it a rich feel. With plans to expand the family, I really like the option to add additional seating, and I like that I can get adapters to use our current infant carrier if needed rather than buying the one from the brand.

The ride of the stroller has also been good on both pavement and some loose gravel so far on walks, but a slight critique was that with my daughter in the seat and the diaper bag in the basket below, I had some trouble getting the front wheels up and over a curb, something I don't normally have an issue with. It also seems a bit tough to push one-handed; I feel a little resistance even on smooth pavement. As a pretty short individual (5'3"), I did also notice that the lowest position of the handlebar was a touch high. It was comfortable, but I wouldn't have minded being able to drop it lower.

The basket is nice and large, but the bar at the rear for seating expansion did mean I had to jostle things a bit to get my diaper bag underneath. However, the adjustable footrest on the seat means you can get the bag in from the front as well. On the back of the seat, there is a nice sized pouch for some storage, but it is just a pull-back mesh, not a zipper pouch that might offer more secure storage of items.

So far, in storing the stroller in the back of our SUV, we have left the seat on when doing the fold. The fold is very simple, and I like that is folds very flat, but it does limit placement in the car because it is also long. While I might be able to push it to the back and lean it against the seat, it was easier to lay it flat on the bottom, which means we either have to store other items on top of it or under it in the trunk. For our needs, a shorter, but wider fold would have worked, but I can see really benefiting from the flat fold if it is mainly stored in a closet in the home.

Overall, it is a beautiful stroller that offers good storage does what a stroller should do with the benefit of the option to add on seating. However, I wish it had a little more storage for parents out of the box rather than having to buy accessories and rode with a little less resistance.
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Amazed by this luxury stroller
By HeatherN
from undisclosed
on October 4, 2021
The City Select 2 Eco Collection stroller is by far the nicest stroller I have ever owned. The color in Lunar Black, is very classic yet striking and the fabric itself is durable and easy to clean. The maneuverability of it is second to none as it glides effortlessly around the city. Many of the strollers I've owned in the past have wheels that just don't turn so well. You wouldn't think such a thing would be a such a big deal but it really is, especially when navigating busy streets. You really need a stroller that can turn quickly and easily! I love the canopy too, which is UV blocking. I appreciate tremendously that the peekaboo flap for adding breathability is magnetic as opposed to a noisy Velcro so that I don't disturb my sleeping baby. Another feature that I love is that the seat and footrest is adjustable and can even recline all the way back! I also appreciate that the seat can be easily switched to rear facing as well. The storage compartment is much larger than in other strollers as well. While I was not able to test out converting it to a double stroller as I did not purchase the attachments for that, I have seen videos of it and am in awe of how much room each child gets. I'll definitely be purchasing those attachments for my next child, especially since the car seat attachment fits most infant car seats on the market. Lastly, I absolutely love that the handle is adjustable so that even my 6"3 husband can push the stroller without hunching over. My only complaints are that it does not come with cup holders and that it can't be folded if the seat is in the rear facing position. You have to switch the seat to forward facing if you want to store it flat. These are just minor inconveniences that are worth noting, in my opinion but do not change my recommending this product. This product was sent to me for testing through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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High quality stroller but lacking some features
By jmontagne96
from undisclosed
on October 3, 2021
I was given this stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. It is definitely a high quality stroller! Our little guy (13 months) is loving it so far. It is extremely well-made and well-crafted. I found it to be very easy to fold/unfold and the compact fold is great for traveling! It also has a very large storage area underneath, and the large wheels make for a pretty smooth ride.

I wish there were more bonus features included - like a cup holder, tray for snacks, and easy way to convert it to also hold our 3 year old. It seems relatively bare bones for such a pricey product.
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Not as good as the LUX version
By Mara912
from NJ
on October 3, 2021
I've had all versions of the city select and I absolutely love the new fabric in the eco version that I purchased, but the frame leaves a lot to be desired for the cost. This is almost like a show stroller not to be used unless going in and out of stores not for walking on pavement even as it is not a smooth ride. There is no brake on the handle and there is no suspension like the LUX version. I am actually disappointed.
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The stroller we all need
By Lili87
from undisclosed
on October 3, 2021
This stroller was everything I wanted and more. From the ample storage basket to the smooth ride it provided, I can't say enough good things. I love that there is an option to add additional seating for multiple kids without having to buy another stroller. The canopy is also adjustable which helps if you have a taller toddler! Plus with how light it is, I will not have to get a new stroller, even for travel, which was a top contender for me when looking for a stroller. The stroller was easy to put together and only took about 10 minutes. The directions were easy to follow. My most favorite aspect of this stroller was the compact size it folds into. I can easily fit this in a hallway closet. My little one can be finicky on how a chair feels and she had no issues with this one and climber right in. I am so happy I found our forever stroller. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Good Stroller For The Mobile Parent
By Avanalstyne
from undisclosed
on October 3, 2021
I was sent this stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Before even unboxing, I noticed that this was much lighter than other strollers of similar abilities. This stroller was extremely easy to assemble taking no time at all to put together.

The wheels stuck out to me, having treads that have the ability to adapt to a verity of surfaces; something not often seen on a stroller of this caliber. The stroller did fold up easily and into a compact form however the hight/angle of the handel did not allow the stroller to stand upright once folded.

The basket is lareg enough to hold just about anything you could possibly need to hold for a day trip and maybe even for a weekend! The seat itself is a great size with many safety and comfort features however the material used, while extremely comfortable, does not appear as though it would hold up to long-term wear and tear. Same could be said about the frame; while being primarily plastic allows for the city select 2 to be very light weight it does lead to concerns for the lifespan but seem worth the try.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Amazing stroller
By DaddyInBigCity
from undisclosed
on October 3, 2021
I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Pannel. It took me about 10 minutes to put it together. It is super lightweight, the bottom basket is extremely roomy, I was able to place half a pack of diapers, wipes and still had a ton of more room and that's before unzipping for extra storage! I love that it grows with your family, you can add a second seat and also a third child can ride on the glider board. It is a very luxurious stroller, the handlebars are very nice to the touch, it feels like its the Cadillac of strollers. The wheels are all terrain which I really appreciated when we had to go across a field full of rocks during an outside service. It folds very compact, it has a peekaboo window to check on your kiddo and the 5 point harness is easily adjustable. All in all, it's a great stroller the only downfall is that I wish I had it sooner.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Sleek design meets quality functionality
By Had0002
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
I received this City Select 2 Eco Collection stroller as a gift from The Stellar Testing Panel @stellar_reviews in exchange for my review of the product.
This stroller is great! I love the quality of the fabrics and materials and it strolls so smoothly on multiple surfaces! The 50+ UV protection canopy is great for sunny walks around the block. This stroller adapts and grows with your family with additional seating and glider board attachments for infants, toddlers and multiples all at once (sold separately). I do wish that I was able to try some of the other parts, especially the infant seat, but the stroller alone is our new favorite. Overall this stroller was easy to put together, but the instructions could have had written notes (the photos were confusing and somewhat difficult to interpret for set up). It easily folds and stores (though it took a few minutes to figure out how to do so) and is fairly light weight for being a full sized stroller. We did learn that you should unfold it on the grass or have two people, as it is difficult to unfold without scratching it due to the way it has to lie to unfold. I love the leather wrapped infant belly bar- and so does my baby! She really loves stroller rides and is very comfortable in this new ride! The safety straps and buckled are secure and not easily opened by little fingers. I would definitely recommend this stroller, and look forward to using it as our family grows! Thanks #stellartestingpanel #stellarreviews
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
My New Favorite Stroller
By Brig
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller. The first thing I noticed about this stroller is how great its wheels are. Our sidewalks aren't very even where we live, and I've had some strollers in the past get stuck on some of the cracks. Not this one!

It's a super cute and sleek design, with the ability to add another seat if needed or a glider board. However, you would need to purchase those accessories in addition to the stroller. The stroller doesn't have any cup holders, so you'd probably want to purchase those as well.

The seat and the straps are really comfortable. My son was happy the entire time he was riding in the stroller. And the canopy is truly one of the best I have ever seen on a stroller. So much protection from the sun!

There is a bar in the front of the seat which is great for attaching toys or fans to keep baby cool. And the undercarriage storage basket is giant, which unzips to give you even more storage space if needed. There is also a mesh pocket on the back of the seat that gives you another place to store things you might want quick access to.

The handle extends to make it more comfortable for taller caregivers to push.

Overall, it's an excellent stroller and our new favorite.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Amazing product
By Pewinsto
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and we love it so far! It's sturdy but feels light when pushing at the same time. Handles bumps well which was my main concern since our neighborhood sidewalks are not the best kept. It was easy to set up, it rides so smoothly (I can get through by holding the door with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other hand!), folding and unfolding is a breeze, and it looks great. Very stylish and holds both of the kiddos easily!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
An upgraded version of an already great stroller
By Amomto2
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
I received this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have an original version of this stroller which I love and have used every day ... until I received this one!
The pros: this model is much lighter, the shade is longer and covers my 9 month old almost entirely; the material is a huge improvement - it is soft and feels great; the basket is just as large as the prior model, the handle bar is great, my old attachments still work, like the tray; and the brake is now a foot brake as opposed to a hand brake. I really do love this stroller. I didn't know what I was missing!
The cons: I really don't see any cons to this stroller but my husband mentioned two so I will add here. He didn't like the lighter weight because he loved the sturdiness of the prior model. Also, the basket in the prior version had a higher front side so that it had to be zipped down to open and place big items. This was a huge pain to open when you only have one hand spare and are trying to fit a diaper bag in there. However, it DID hide all the messiness of my stroller basket. This new model has an equally great basket in size that is much more accessible, but it won't hide all the chaos!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Best stroller EVER
By Abby
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
I am the lucky recipient of a City Select 2 Eco Collection Baby Jogger stroller that I get to review through Stellar Product Testing Panel! This is hands down the best stroller that I've ever had the pleasure of pushing. This stroller uses a fabric called TENCEL that helps regulate temperatures. It is so soft and breathable that my daughter is never a sweaty mess when I take her out, even after even the warmest walks. The crunchy mama in me loves that this fabric is also sustainably sourced. I also love that they use leatherette accents on the handlebar and belly bar. It helps to make it look as luxurious as it feels. Another amazing feature with this stroller is that it allows a large variety of brands of infant seats to be used with the purchase of an adapter. I have multiple kids, so I thoroughly love that this stroller has 24 configurations to change this seat from a single, to a double, to even a triple with a gliding board. The storage compartment underneath is HUGE and holds all of our things without the fear of them falling out. My two older kids are in school, so when they are gone, my youngest daughter and I love to go for walks in the park. The park has both paved paths and gravel roads, so the all-terrain wheels on this stroller are a huge asset when it comes to a comfortable walk/ride. Anything that you could ever want to be adjustable on a stroller is available on the City Select 2. My husband and I have huge height differences so the adjustable handle is so convenient for our situation. The stroller is surprisingly compact and fits perfectly in the back of our van. It weighs just under 27 Lbs, so it's not the lightest stroller, but it's not ridiculously hard to lift into the car either. The only con that I can think of with this stroller is the instruction manual. It showed assembly with pictures only - it took FOREVER for me to figure out how to get the belly bar on correctly. All in all, you will not be disappointed in this stroller.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
City Select 2 Eco
By Zee9
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
I was given this stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
Things that I like:
It's a single to double stroller so it will grow with my family
The seat fabric is soft and breathable (nice for South Florida weather)
Pushes easily and smoothly
Compact fold
Easy to assemble

Things I don't like:
To unlock the brake you have to push it up with the top of your foot
I would have preferred a rounded handle bar for a more comfortable push
The storage basket only holds 15 pounds
Stroller does not stand when folded (fine for the trunk of my car but not as practical for my house)

Overall nice stroller depending on what your needs are.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Awesome Everyday stroller
By jfay
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2021
We tried this stroller mostly on walks around the neighborhood. It's a comfortable drive and ride. Our 15 month old LOVES this stroller and seems so comfy. My 6' husband loved that he could walk without kicking it when the handle was fully extended. I'm 5'5" and found a great handle position so I could walk comfortably (no reaching/pushing down). It fits in the back of my compact car with room to spare for groceries - but the seat section has to be removed first. It would not be my first choice for off roading, but I think it could handle some walks on the grass if needed. Great every day stroller. I did not try to add a second seat or attach a car seat, but appreciate that is an option if our family grows in the future. It has a good turn radius as well, which is nice for navigating smaller spaces.

What I love: The adjustable handle, the adjustable seat (recline, foot rest angle, and ability to face away or me while strolling), the luxurious material (so soft to the touch), the MASSIVE storage - fits our large diaper bag and more!), the ability to add a second seat down the road, and the large canopy to keep sun off our little one.

What I think could be better: The harness clasps are a little tricky at first, I wish there was a cup holder included for the adult, and I wish I could fit the stroller in the back of my car without taking the seat off first. I also am not sure how long we can use the canopy - our daughter's head is close to the top already.

Wanted to say thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this stroller. We will definitely be using it a lot!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Gine
from California
on October 1, 2021
Let me just start with the negatives.... I do not like that there is no place for parents to put their items on the handle bar.... I do not like that when you recline the seat the sun shade goes with it therefor not covering the child from the sun while reclined... last I do not like how the belly bar swings up and so close to the child it should have swung out like the snack tray... I removed the belly bar and replaced it with the snack tray... I do however like the heir of the seat I don't have to bend completely over to put my child in and he seems to like it way better then the city mini gt stroller we have
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great all around stroller
By KkVirkus
from undisclosed
on October 1, 2021
As a new mom I've spent hours searching for the perfect stroller, so I was very excited when I received the offer to test out the City Select Baby Jogger 2 Eco Collection from Stellar Product Testing Panel....like, REALLY excited! And let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! It is lightweight and very compact. The wheels are large and can easily glide over grass, pavers and gravel. It has all of the features you want and need, including a large basket, seat recline and adjustable handlebar. Two of my favorite features are the large canopy (great for our Florida sunshine!) and the extra little pocket on the back of the seat. I also appreciate that this stroller is capable to fit a second seat and a glider board, so I'm not going to have to go out and get another stroller when baby number two comes along! If I had to critique anything, it would be the bar across the back that makes it challenging to get my diaper bag into the storage basket. Also the handlebar extends higher but doesn't rotate up and down, I think that would be a nice feature as well. Neither of these things are a deal breaker for me and I very highly recommend this stroller. The search is over- this baby does it all!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great value with fantastic features
By SaraF
from undisclosed
on October 1, 2021
This stroller is easy to use, easy to store and has many great features! Overall, the assembly was quick and directions were easy to follow. We did struggle with adjusting the seat belt to a higher slot, which requires you to fit your hand in a tiny area and twist the strap out. However, since this is something that won't be done often, it wasn't too big of a deal.

We took this stroller on many neighborhood walks. You can push it and steer it one handed, which is a huge plus. It has a smooth, quiet ride. Our other daily use stroller has a large undercarriage basket that sometimes gets in the way if a tall person with a large stride is pushing the stroller. On the City Select 2, the large basket underneath can be made smaller when not in use. My tall newly 2 year old routinely chooses this stroller over our other stroller. He is obviously very comfortable and enjoys riding in it! I can appreciate that the seat fabric is removable for easy washing, however, the design makes it look slightly less finished than some other similar strollers.
The stroller is super simple to fold and store when not in use. Since it folds fairly compact, it takes up less space in our trunk and our garage than our other stroller.

This stroller is cheaper than other convertible two-seater strollers but has many more thoughtful features. We look forward to buying a second seat for this stroller so that our family can use it for the long run. I received this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Beauty Ease Comfort
By Erin
from undisclosed
on October 1, 2021
Beauty, Ease and Comfort describe the City Select 2 Eco Collection Stroller wonderfully. I received this stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I immediately set up the stroller as soon as I received it, and it took no time at all! Seriously less than 10 minutes to put it together for its first use. It was actually super intuitive to put together-I didn't even need the directions-but made sure to follow them to make sure I was putting the stroller together safely. The directions and illustrations were well explained and easy to follow. Once together, I was impressed with the sleek design of the stroller. The black aluminum frame and details such as the black leatherette handle and belly bar make this stroller look very sleek and on trend. The Eco Collection includes breathable fabric which is a major plus on warm day walks. The 5 point harness and buckle were easy to fasten and unfasten. The tires are
all terrain and never flat, which included with a great suspension, makes for a really smooth and easy maneuverable ride. The basket underneath is large, and provides ample room for baby + toddler gear. Another great feature of this stroller is that it will accommodate my growing family! It can be configured in 24 different ways, and each seat can hold up to 45 lbs! That's a major selling feature as other brands have a much smaller weight limit! I will be ordering an additional seat and glider board so my toddler who sometimes wants the stroller and sometimes doesn't, has options! The only teeny tiny gripe I have about the stroller is when folded, you can't set it down standing up, making it a bit awkward to adjust to load it in the car. Honestly though, once I get used to it I can see it being a non-issue. The stroller is lightweight and folds surprisingly flat, great for loading in the car or storing it when not in use! This stroller is great and I really could go on and on about the features! There are just way too many to count. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this stroller to anyone and everyone.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
What a smooth ride
By OsMama
from undisclosed
on October 1, 2021
I'm a mom to a 2 year old and 3 month old and I'm always on the hunt for things that make my life easier. My son tries to insist on walking everywhere these days but when I'm by myself I'm much more comfortable getting around when both kids are in a stroller. The stroller we had left a lot to be desired and while we love our wagon it's a lot to deal with and not compact. I've been looking for about a month for a solid stroller option and was willing to pay for convenience and options!

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me withthis stroller.


1. So sleek. I'm not someone who gravitates towards black, but I have to say the all black design is super modern and attractive. It made me feel chic at the pediatrician (despite my messy bun and athleisure wear).

2. Way lighter than it looks! I can lift this into the trunk with 1 hand no problem.

3. Easy to open buckle. My Saint of a mother-in-law has arthritis and watches our kids frequently - she struggled so much with the buckle on our last stroller that she would have to call us to help her get it open. This has a nice large button that doesn't require excessive hand agility and strength to open.

4. XL hood with XL viewing window. Does a great job blocking out the sun and wind and makes it super easy to quick peek at baby (see attached pic).

5. Easy to access brake. To the genius who put this in the middle vs. wedged next to the wheel where I have to ruin my pedicure to engage: THANK YOU!

6. One-handed removal of wheels for smaller storage. Our previous stroller took up way too much space in the car, especially on road trips, but a quick click of a button (see attached pic) and you can remove the wheels for a much flatter fold.

7. XXL storage underneath (with ability to unzip for even more storage).

8. It's the little things in this stroller that continue to bring a smile to my face when I use it. Like labeling the part you need to pull to fold it with FOLD (see attached picture). This seems like a minor thing but on my old stroller I was always trying to wriggle the wrong side frustratingly and usually with a crying baby in tow. Or like putting hang tags on removable accessories so you can easily store them on a hook. I'm obsessed with organization and things like this make me want to sing a company's praises. Or the fact that it comes with strap protectors when you usually have to purchase those separately.


1. I went online to purchase additional accessories and most have below 4 star reviews. As an example I wanted to purchase the glider board (which I was excited about for my 2 year old) but it only has 3 stars. In reading the reviews there are very valid issues mentioned - hard to push, handle bar is in the way, scratches when attached, etc. Being that this stroller is being advertised as heavily customizable the company needs to make sure that the quality of the accessories matches the stroller! This was enough for me to dock 1 star.

2. Minor con but I wish the instructions were color coded or something similar to better show what comes with the initial purchase vs. what is an available accessory to purchase. See the attached pic of instructions to see what I mean. I read the instructions before taking out the stroller and was confused by what I was going to be pulling out of the box (and a little disappointed).

Verdict: Would I want to purchase this stroller knowing what I know now? If I had only 1 kid, absolutely! The features and the convenience are fantastic. Until they get their additional accessories up to par, though,I don't think I'd want to purchase for more than 1 kid. I'm really crossing my fingers they're taking the feedback on the roller board soon so I can purchase!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Impossible to find accessories and second seat
By JoyD
from Lancaster, PA
on September 25, 2021
I have a city mini GT and I love it, so when I found I was expecting a second child going with baby jogger again sounded like a no brainer. I decided to go with the city select lux because I love the bench option for my daughter that will be almost 3 when the baby is born. I decided go with the single seat first so I wouldn't need spend a lot at once. Well there is when I got disappointed, it's impossible to find second seat adaptors, second seat or bench seat, so I'm basically stuck with a single stroller. I heard they are going to discontinue this model, I'm not sure if it's true but anyway is really disappoint that it is still being sold and advertised as a convertible to double stroller when you can't find the pieces to do it. I'm about to return and get another model. So if you are planning to convert it to double I wouldn't buy, I also wouldn't buy it to use just as a single neither since it's way heavier and bulkier than the single options like the city mini.
That being said it's really easy to assemble and looks really nice and comfortable, wish BabyJogger would care about keeping at least essentials available for awhile even if discontinuing a product.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Sarah M.
from Pensacola, FL
on September 2, 2021
Love this stroller! Exceeded my expectations- super smooth ride, light weight for the category type, easy to maneuver, fold, etc. highly recommend!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Perfect pick
By Mwilson
from New jersey
on August 5, 2021
Love it so far! It's sturdy but feels light when pushing at the same time. Handles bumps well which was my main concern since our towns sidewalks are not the best kept. Only complaint is that you need to buy all of the add ons such as cup holder, child's lap bar/cup holder, etc. and they don't seem to be in stock often anywhere.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Awesome buy!
By Stephanie M.
from Texas
on July 20, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is a wonderful stroller. We added the bench for our older child with special needs & it makes life, outings, so much easier!
  • Pushes like a dream!
Great double stroller
By Stephanie
from Michigan
on July 10, 2021
Verified Buyer
I had the original City Select but wanted the Lux which folds a bit smaller. It's easy to use, great push on sidewalks. I love that the seats fold in half and I plan to add the bench seat for my second child. It's heavy but sturdy.
Love the stroller but for one child but not two
By Rass24
from Logan UT
on June 23, 2021
Verified Buyer
I purchased this stroller with the Nuna RX Pipa infant carseat... we went to the zoo with my sister and used the second seat for her little girl and it does not fit with the infant carseat. The front second seat hits the carseat and won't properly lock nor recline. Would love to know any tricks because I spent this money knowing I will have another child and want to be able to use it!! Until then I wouldn't rate this any higher. Website claims it has 20 positions when it really doesn't.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Good Versatility
By BoyMomma
from New Mexico
on June 17, 2021
The versatility is awesome, but it's awkward to carry when folded up and fairly heavy.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Two Years Later with Twins
By Two l.
from New York, NY
on June 16, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought this stroller more than two years ago to be the primary stroller for my twins from birth. I really loved the stroller for 1.5 of the last two years of use. It is intelligently engineered and seemed perfect for our family. Worked well with my chicco car seats and got us where we needed to go comfortably.
I'm guessing that most strollers are not meant fo the amount of use they get in New York City or any city where walking is the primary mode of transport. After about one year and eight months of daily use the break line snapped. Baby jogger does not offer any information on how to repair it. They will sell you the parts but but without instructions. I'm very mechanically savvy and can say that it is quite complicated to sort out.
Also, now that my little ones are two they don't have much leg room in the back chair and they hate being in the stroller. They are two, so I'm sure their attitude is not baby jogger's fault but I didn't anticipate having to get another stroller or wagon until these two were five. So be sure to check your expectations of stroller longevity if you have twins and use it a lot...
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Reason for review: Front wheels chatter
By NH2190
from North Dakota
on June 16, 2021
Verified Buyer
I received this stroller of my registry after my sister in law recommended it to me. My first time taking my baby for a walk (on pavement) I heard a loud rattling/chatter noise from the front wheels. I was using the car seat attachment at this time. I called customer service and they sent out a new stroller and I mailed the one I received off my registry back. However, the new stroller that I received makes the same rattling/chatter noise just as loud if not louder than the first stroller did. My son recently moved into the seat rather than the car seat attachment so I thought this may improve the problem by putting more weight on the front wheels however it did not. I rarely use this stroller as I am embarrassed with how loud the rattling is and it creates a bumpy ride for my son. I regret going with this stroller. I was in between this one and the vista and I wish I would've read all the reviews regarding this problem before choosing this stroller.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great stroller!
By Laura
from Gurnee, IL
on May 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is such a nice stroller for a great price on the discontinued color Port! It's great for my 6'4" husband, and it works well for my 36" 2.5yr old with the canopy at the higher level. I LOVE how easy it is to recline and change positions. The basket is huge and didn't break when my 30lb toddler immediately climbed in, despite the 15lb weight limit. The fold is nice and compact, but mine does get stuck like others complain about. Overall this is a great upgrade from my old stroller, and I can't wait to use it as a double when #2 arrives.
  • Good for tall parents and kids.
  • So easy to recline and move seats around.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Compact fold.
  • Large storage.
  • Frequent annoyance: Gets stuck when trying to fold like other reviewers complain about.
  • Infrequent annoyance: Extremely difficult to rethread harness.
The best
By Mackenzie
from Idaho Falls, Idaho
on May 18, 2021
Verified Buyer
Ive only been using this stroller a couple weeks, but I love it so far. This stroller is bigger and bulky but thats expect with any stroller that it built to be a double. My toddler hated her other stroller but seems much more content in this stroller. I like how high up she sits and that you can recline the seat to many positions. I would highly recommend this stroller.
  • Heavy
  • Big
Good purchase!
By Sense
from Houston Texas
on May 18, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this stroller and love the single to double feature! My husband took it with our toddler for a little walk /jog at the park and it did well on the somewhat uneven surface. The color of great and the canopy is large. I don't like that i have to buy so many attachments separately but it's still a great stroller
  • Folds with all the attachments
  • Pushes smoothly
  • A bit heavy at $30 lbs or so.
  • Beach seat parent faces only

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