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Baby Jogger Single Child Tray for City Premier/City Select LUX

This item is discontinued.
Every child can easily find his or her drink and snacks with the City Premier/City Select LUX Child Tray. Itâ??s easy to clean and opens on either side so itâ??s easy for your child to get in and out. You can fold the stroller with the tray attached.
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Sioux City, Iowa
Verified Buyer
Great product!!!
March 30, 2023
Love these snack trays. came in handy for our Disney World trip with two littles. has clips on both sides to swivel the tray out of the way when not in use. Highly recommend
  • Great Price
  • Convinient swivel to open to get child in
  • Holds most standard cups/bottles
Child Tray for City Select Lux stroller
April 15, 2021
Fit as advertised. Took a lot longer to get than I had been led to believe, but I did finally get it
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Great addition
April 2, 2021
So far we really enjoy having a snack tray to use on the double select lux. I like that the seats can fold up for trunk storage without taking the trays off. After reading reviews about the clips being broken, I'm scared to remove it but for right now we don't have a reason to! Great for snacks on the go, not perfect for a cup but I'm working on figuring out which cup I can attach since the cup holder isn't deep. For the price, it's ok. Just hate to admit how much money we've put into a stroller for twins!
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OXFORD, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Must have
March 10, 2021
This is a must have if you bought the stroller I’ve always liked putting snacks and other things in the area for my son when we are on the go
Houston, TX
Verified Buyer
just okay
March 8, 2021
This snack tray is honestly just okay. It fits the Lux, which is great - but I wish it was a little higher quality. The plastic is a bit thin so it ends up feeling less sturdy than other brands of snack trays. Overall, it fits the Lux and we haven't had any trouble with it breaking.
Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
monopoly and then it doesn't work well
March 4, 2021
I have had this tray for a year and half now. The tray is narrow and the cup doen't hold well (only my munchkin 360 fits) For such an expensive travel system (which I enjoy ) the accessories are not great. I have had issues with all...The only thing going for it is it is designed for the system and you can detach from either side.
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Excellent and convenient accessory for strollers!
January 2, 2021
It's the perfect tray to keep all the baby supplies while out for a walk
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Buffalo, NY
Verified Buyer
Weak Clips
December 23, 2020
Similar to other reviews - the clip came out with little use. The spring that holds the clip into the seat is lost making the tray useless.
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Verified Buyer
Works nicely
November 27, 2020
Works nicely for the job at hand- holding snacks and some cups. Easy to take on and off for my toddler's use. Not all of our cups fit or stay in the holder.
Grovetown, GA
Verified Buyer
Like it but...
September 20, 2020
The drink holder is too shallow. Other than that, it does the job and was the only option so we just deal with it!
Rushville, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Love it
August 6, 2020
Fits perfect on my city select and my almost 3 year old is able to open and close on her own so she can get in the stroller by herself!
Boston, MA
Verified Buyer
July 13, 2020
I was looking everywhere for a snack tray for the City Select LUX stroller---so happy I found these. I have two for the double stroller, and my kids use them everyday! easy to come off and clip back changer for snacking!
Watseka, Illinois
Verified Buyer
City Premier tray
April 3, 2020
Super easy to attach and detach. Works perfect for our needs.
Orland Park, IL
Verified Buyer
March 27, 2020
We bought two of these trays with our Lux seats. After the first one's clip broke for seemingly no reason, I took the other one out of the box (my infant is still in her car seat with adapters so we didn't need her seat/tray yet)... this one broke, too!! For how much we've invested in this stroller, you would think the tray would be better equipped and sturdy. The reviews stating cups don't fit are correct also...
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Gatesville, Texas
Verified Buyer
Easy install, ok for looks, not super functional
December 21, 2019
Easy click on, not made with toddler functionality in mind. Too narrow to hold much of anything for a toddler
Atlanta area
Easy to use, could be bigger
August 6, 2019
It's very easy to attach and use. I love that I can easily open the tray to get my kid in an out. Folds up with seat easily. It could be bigger but it's fine for what it is.
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San Jose ca
Verified Buyer
Baby Jogger Single Tray City Select Lux
July 10, 2019
Easy to attach and can fold seat with it on.
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Please redesign!
April 10, 2019
Baby Jogger needs to completely redesign this tray. I accidentally purchased the City Select tray for my City Select Lux, and that tray is way more functional than this one. As others have stated, this tray is too small to hold much of anything. I don't understand why the City Select tray is so much larger than this one if the strollers are essentially the same. Please address these issues!
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Verified Buyer
City Select Lux Tray
March 6, 2019
Tray fits seat nicely. The tray can open both sides and rotated out rather than up. Tray can stay attached when seat is folded
New Jersey
Verified Buyer
So disappointed
March 4, 2019
I bought this tray and only used it for 2 months and it has already broken by where it attaches! So upset after spending so much on this stroller now I need to keep spending to replace the attachments.
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Verified Buyer
Really disappointed
February 27, 2019
Like others said the cup holder is very shallow. But most disappointing was that after only a month the spring that holds the clip in button out popped out and the tray no longer locks. Allowing it to be pushed out and useless.
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Denver, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Fits the purpose
February 20, 2019
nothing much about it, is great, durable, easy to clean and to put in and out
Lynchburg, Virginia
Verified Buyer
February 4, 2019
Works well for my 1 year old, but not as well for my toddler. Small, shallow. Really wish these just came standard with the stroller. Very easy to attach to the stroller and works like a belly bar
Lexington, KY
Verified Buyer
Helpful for on the go snacks
December 27, 2018
A snack tray is a necessity for my 18 month old who gets cranky on outings without food. This holds a sippy cup as well and works like a belly bar would, but even better.
Niagara Falls, New York
Verified Buyer
Don't Waste Your Money
November 21, 2018
The cup holder is too shallow to actually hold cups.
Verified Buyer
Horrible design
November 9, 2018
I bought this for my City Select Lux after reading all of the reviews thinking people were just being too picky. Nope it really is that bad. The cup holder is super shallow and narrow. I've only found one brand of cup that fits and it still falls out easily over bumps, the tray is super tiny as well, which is okay but I wish it had deeper sides as well. Only reason I give it two stars is because I can leave it attached and fold the stroller seat up, and it's better than no tray at all. There has to be a way to improve this while still being able to fold the seat up.
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Villa Rica, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Love it
October 20, 2018
It’s so nice easy to put it on and off folds with the tray I love it and so is the baby
Stafford, VA
Verified Buyer
The cup holder does not fit any cups!
September 10, 2018
The cup holder does not fit any cups! They really need to redesign this. My toddler has to put his drink cup beside him or I have to hold it. The tray does clip and unclip on both sides for easy access.
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Twin M.
North Liberty, IA
Verified Buyer
Tiny and Cheap
September 8, 2018
Bought 2 of these for my twins to use for my City Select Lux & they are mini sized, much narrower than the stroller & look ridiculous. The cup holder is not deep enough to hold any sipppy cup & the tray itself is not very deep. They do snap in easy but that's really the only nice thing I can say about them. For such a nice premium expensive stroller they should come with a nice premium tray! Very disappointed!
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Charleston SC
Verified Buyer
Very easy to install
September 5, 2018
I love the stroller! And just purchased the tray to go with it, it's so easy to attach it to the stroller and you open it with one click! Love it!
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Verified Buyer
Severe supply availability for Lux compatible tray
August 16, 2018
Military stationed in Guam: Bought the Lux (to include seconds seat) and unable to find any trays available for online purchase due to what I believe is a severe supply limitation.
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San Diego, California
Verified Buyer
Small tray unable to fit drinks
August 12, 2018
I bought this to go with my stroller, it is very small tray area and unable to hold any cups due to cery shallow holding area. Had it for a few mo ths and then it broke, im looking for a new one unable to find one anywhere. Hopefully Baby Jogger is taking all these complaints and improving. In the mean while my double stroller doesnt have trays... even though they where useless.
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Verified Buyer
Shallow, Tiny, Useless
August 8, 2018
We just got the City Select Lux with a single child tray. Already having a City Mini Gt with a child tray, this one is completely useless. I can't find a cup that actually fits in it, and if one does it falls out at any bump in the sidewalk. My one year old loves putting cups and toys on the tray but even he keeps getting frustrated that he really can't do this. The tray on our City Mini Gt is large, deep enough for cups, snacks, and toys to function as a tray, but this is ridiculous. It is as if the design is meant to be more sleek than functional. I am just hoping I can find a small enough cup that actually fits and won't fall out on every bump so my son can have water while we are out. Do not waste your money on this.
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Verified Buyer
July 5, 2018
We bought this a couple months ago to add to our City Select Lux. The first we received was the incorrect tray. The second has been used lightly and occasionally for a couple months, but now has broken with little use. Very flimsy attachment points to the stroller.
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Bloomington, il
Verified Buyer
Horrible for drinks.
June 7, 2018
Bought this tray for the lux stroller. and it junk. The tray is not deep enought to hold anything and the drink spot is shallow so the cups just fall out. Also if you have a contigo or camel back cup. It wont fit. I expected better for an accessory to a premium stroller.
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Peterborough Ontario Canada
Verified Buyer
Tray for city select lux
April 21, 2018
Have ordered 6 trays and each one doesn't fit our city lux jogger stroller need the one pictured here and would send back those that aren't for ours
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Verified Buyer
Definitely a good idea to have
April 18, 2018
Love this child tray more than the regular select one. It can open in either side and installs really easily.
Verified Buyer
Love the tray
February 5, 2018
I have twins and love the trey to put food in and keep them occupied.
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Kansas City, MO, United States
Sturdy and Helpful
September 6, 2016
This child tray is sturdy and works great for holding my childs goldfish as we walk around the neighborhood.
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