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Baby Jogger City Mini Single 8" Stroller 2011 Black / Blue

This item is discontinued.
    The City Mini captures the essence of urban mobility. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for running errands or all day excursions in the urban jungle.
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pleased m.
Verified Buyer
awesome stroller
August 14, 2012
my sister-in-law has been advocating for a city mini since my pregnancy. after my back went out when my son was around 20 months, i went ahead and purchased this stoller. at the time of purchase the price was unbeatable -- significanly lower than anywhere else. i don't know if it was albee or the manufacturer, but the stroller arrived already assebled -- we only needed to make last minute snap adjustments. while the cart isn't huge, i can still do large amounts of grocery shopping with this stroller. it has helped my back tremendously (versus the previous stroller) and i think the colors are really striking. the canopy is huge and the ride is smooth. also very easy to collapse. love love it
  • starting to wear down a little too quickly
New York
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller
August 2, 2012
Great stroller overall. Easy to steer, easy to push, incredibly easy to fold and put in the car/on a bus/check on a place. Great for trips and walking. For the normal asking price, it's annoying that there is no cupholder or place to put my stuff. However, for the discount price, I didn't mind buying a seperate attachment. Would be nice if it at least came with the child tray.
  • Easy to steer, Easy to fold, Comfortable, Lots of options for the canopy
  • Kind of clumsy to unfold/take out of the car, the lock is very tight so I tend not to lock it, No cupholders/hooks or any place for my stuff, Basket underneath is awkward to get stuff in and out of.
Verified Buyer
amazing carriage- best purchase!
July 31, 2012
i am very happy with my stroller! it's everything you want in a baby carriage- lightweight, comfortable, nice looking- color is beautiful (i get tons of compliments on it), reasonably priced... it's a pleasure pushing my little daughter around in this carriage. i highly recommend it.
  • lightweight
  • smooth
  • nice looking
  • comfortable
  • reasonable price
  • small basket
  • doesn't recline all the way back
St. Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
A very long title - but accurate!
July 22, 2012
I purchased this stroller to use when my grandson is at my house. It is lightweight, easily collapsible, and provides a smooth ride. I am very pleased with this item.
  • Lightweight, easily collapsible and smooth riding.
  • It was a little confusing to assemble, but not impossible!
los angeles
Verified Buyer
love it!
July 5, 2012
It is my third single stroller and it is the best! Nothing beats the ease of packing it into a car, it is so easy to fold and unfold. The canopy is large offering excellent protection from the sun. The stroller is also comfortable otherwise.
Tijuana, Mexico
Folding stoller - one handed!
July 3, 2012
Light weight and durable. The sunshade is large. The front wheels pivot for quick turns.
  • Light weight and durable. The sunshade is large. The front wheels pivot for quick turns.
Harrison, TN
Verified Buyer
City mini
June 26, 2012
City mini stroller is so easy to pack up & go with! Previously had Jeep running stroller. Difference in needed storage space is unbelievable! Very easy, one-handed folding is wonderful when holding upset, squirmy, or sleeping baby. It is easy to both run & walk with. Almost zero turn radius is amazing!! Highly recommend this stroller to any on-the-go mom. Wish we had this stroller during airline travel.
  • Easy 1-handed breakdown & setup.
  • Adjustable back is a must-have when baby falls asleep in stroller.
  • Love the extra canopy coverage for blocking the sun & rain.
  • Accessories are so easy to install & remove.
Granite Bay, CA
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller!
June 17, 2012
Bought it for Disneyworld - worked greeat! Easy easy fold, great hood and steers like a breeze. Works well for mom and dad who are a foot difference in height
Verified Buyer
June 14, 2012
I haven't used the stroller yet but was so excited for the easy assembly and features when I put it together last night that I had to review it immediately. Simple but useful features. I'm dumping my traditional Graco for this slimmer and sleeker stroller. Can wait to go on a run with my son OR go shopping! Didn't give it 5 stars because I haven't been able to use it just yet.
  • Size, easy fold feature, extremely easy to put together (snap on the wheels!), and love the fact that this stroller lays back too.
Reading, PA
Verified Buyer
Love It!
June 11, 2012
After having my second child, I had to look into getting a better stroller. I have a Graco and BabyTrend and just didn't love either of them. This stroller was the solution to all my stroller problems. It handles so easily-I can walk or jog and push it using one hand. Great steering!! I also love how easily it fold and how compact it is when folded.
  • Easy Steering, Folds Easily, Very Compact
  • Small basket, Does not come with parent or child tray.
Verified Buyer
Baby Jogger City Mini 8" Stroller 2011 Blck/Blue
June 10, 2012
I love this stroller because of how easy it is to fold. You can literally close it with one finger.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Nothing
Portsmouth, NH
Verified Buyer
Baby jogger citi mini is amazing
June 1, 2012
This is the best stroller I have ever owned and this is my 5th stroller:). The fold up is amazing! The drive is excellent. My son loves it. Highly recommend this stroller for all ages. The attachment accessories are great!
Boston Suburbs
Verified Buyer
City Mini a good buy
May 30, 2012
We bought this stroller on sale and I feel it was a good value. At full price ($239) I would have returned it because we use it only on paved roads/sidewalks and it does seem to get hung up quite frequently even on very slight terrain changes.
  • I love the super flat and easy fold (truly one-handed). The color is really bright and pretty. Assembly was easy. On very flat and regular ground the ride is smooth, even for jogging. The harness is secure.
  • The cargo area is really small and a bit hard to access. It has some trouble on even very gentle terrain (it seems to get hung up even on slight irregularities in the sidewalk caused by New England frost heaves.)
St. Louis
Verified Buyer
Can't beat the price!
May 30, 2012
I haven't actually used this yet, but from playing with it, I think I'm going to be completely satisfied. I contemplated going with the 2012 model because of the upgrades, but at this price, I'm not sure I'm going to miss them!
  • It's SOOO lightweight and just overall easy
  • Not sure yet... Hopefully nothing!
Desiree B.
San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer
Easy Breezy
May 26, 2012
Good stroller with a smooth ride. I wanted this stroller but did not want to spend $240 on a second stroller. When I saw this one for $159 I jumped on it right away! I use it for dog walk and usually push it with one hand and hold the leash with the other. It is so easy to turn and move. I really love this stroller!
  • I love how easy it is to make turns and to get in and out of the car. I was using my jogging stroller for everything and it was just so heavy and bulky that I decided to get a City Mini. I love it! The color is nice and can be used for either a boy or a girl (I have a girl).
  • I wish it came with a snack and drink tray.
Verified Buyer
The best stroller I have ever had
May 25, 2012
When I first had my son I planned on getting this stroller but money said otherwise. I decided to get a combo stroller (with the car seat). I regretted that decision since day one. My son hated the uncomfortable car seat and the stroller was too big to fit in my tiny car. I constantly told my husband and myself I should have listened to my gut. We ended up getting a new more comfortable car seat and bought a couple of cheaper strollers at a mom to mom sale but still was unhappy. Once day we sat down and said we should just bite the bullet and buy the stroller we really wanted. Since we had it we absolutely love it. Its the best stroller and plus it fits in my tiny car with still room to spare. It folds down so small. My son loves this stroller - its very comfortable for him and it has a nice canopy that basically covers the whole top of his body. There are also two little windows in the canopy so you can see your child. I also like how quickly you can fold it you just grab a strap and pull up. I have the stroller in the car in a minute. I can't say enough about this stroller and wish I didn't waste all my money on one of those combo strollers. Listen to your instincts - get the stroller you want.
  • smooth, comfortable for child, quick to break down
  • None
Verified Buyer
May 24, 2012
It wheels like a dream even with my 40 pound child and with a newborn in the carrier, I can use one hand, I can hold an's a smooth ride and I can even lay my baby in it for diaper changes at the park...beautiful!
  • The recline is great and the wheels are great
  • the angle of the handbars makes some universal items difficult to use and most annoying is that the basket underneath is difficult to get things in and out of smoothly so I don't use it too much
Happy m.
Best stroller
May 18, 2012
Love this stroller. Light weight and best of all so easy to fold up and put in the car. Accessories are a little pricy but shop around and you can get better deals. Highly recommend this stroller.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold.
Verified Buyer
Very good stroller
May 18, 2012
We ordered this stroller for my 1 1/2 year old because he was getting too big for his previous stroller. Plus, it didn't have much of a sunshade. This is a very nice stroller. Very smooth ride, nice height of the handles, GREAT sunshade. He looks very comfortable too. My only complaints are that he sits pretty low and the sides are pretty high so he can't see as much. He also can't yet reach the tray. It has a fairly small basket underneath as well.
  • Sunshade
  • Colors
  • Smooth ride
  • Comfort
  • Size of basket
  • Height of sides
Ontario, Canada
Verified Buyer
Great price, excellent stroller
May 8, 2012
I got this stroller, as it is compatible with the OnBoard Air 35 car seat here in Canada. I have to recline the back of the stroller a bit, but then the car seat rests comfortably on the accessory bar that I bought for the City Mini. It's very lightweight and easy to handle. I love the large canopy! There are several accessories that can be purchased separately for the City Mini, which, I plan to take advantage of soon. The only bummer is that the shade of blue is much different than what the website shows, I was expecting something a little more vibrant like the picture, but that wasn't the case. Still..hard to beat the price.
  • I love the fact that this stroller is lightweight and easy to maneuver, also the one hand fold is great.
  • I was disappointed that the colour was not the shade of blue shown on the website. It's more of a boy blue, true blue if that makes any sense. The website shows the blue to be more vibrant and teal-ish blue.
Lindsey C.
Fort Benning, GA
Verified Buyer
A smooth ride
May 8, 2012
Baby Jogger did not disappoint with this stroller. It maneuvers well even with one hand, turns without an issue and gives my son the privacy and space he needs. At 2.5 yrs old he fits comfortably in the seat. I was worried that the black shade would get hot, but if anything it keeps him cooler. The one hand fold makes this stroller easy to toss in the trunk.
  • large sun shade, easy to push, easy to fold
  • belly bar, child tray and adult tray are not included.
Charlotte, NC
Verified Buyer
Best stroller ever!!
May 2, 2012
This is the best stroller I have ever owned and used. I love running with it and how light it is! I get lots of compliments and have really nothing negative to say about this stroller. Very happy!
  • Light weight, very easy to steer even with one hand, great big canopy for lots of shade, folds easy and is small when folded
  • No dislikes
Ontario, Canada
Verified Buyer
Best Affordable Stroller
April 26, 2012
I LOVE this stroller. Handles so easily, folds in one second, sun shade is large and awesome and so easy to wipe clean. Best bang for your buck!!!
  • almost everything is a pro with this stroller
  • very hard access to basket below
Tacoma, WA
Verified Buyer
Amazing Stroller
April 24, 2012
I love this stroller. It's very light weight and super easy to maneuver. I would never buy any other stroller now!
  • Light weight
  • can handle with one hand
  • can fold with one hand
  • easy to push
  • doesnt come with a cup holder
South Carolina
Verified Buyer
April 23, 2012
Best Stroller I have EVER owned! Great airport stroller and everyday stroller. Its so lightweight and easy to fold yet roomy and comfortable for my son! No complaints whatsoever!!
  • Style
  • easy fold
  • weight
  • easy to get around
  • Small basket space
Kristina M.
The Colony TX
April 6, 2012
Overall I am truly happy with this purchase. It arrived in great timing. Is great for the family that is on the go. Great Price.
  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • Fold/ Open with ease
  • Canopy is great
  • The basket is not easy to get to.
  • There is no parent console
Northern, IL
Great Stroller
April 5, 2012
I love everything about this stroller!
  • I love the way this stroller pushes, its one handed fold its large sun canopy.
  • I wish it had larger wheels.
Franklin Park, NJ
Verified Buyer
City Mini
April 4, 2012
I love this stroller. It has a very smooth ride. My complaints are that there is no cup holder and the basket is way too small. But the biggest problem is that the wheels come out a little too far in the back and I actually broke my toe! I was wearing sandals and I kicked the wheel as we were walking! So I suggest being very careful about that. BUT my son is very comfortable in it and it is the easiest stroller to open and close so it is a real winner in my book. Just be careful for your toes in the summer!
Baltimore, MD
Verified Buyer
fantastic stroller
April 3, 2012
My wife and I did a ton of research to find the best stroller at the best price for our 7 month old boy who was starting to outgrow his snap-n-go. We decided to purchase the City Mini stroller and we are extremely happy that we did. It's reasonably priced (especially this particular model on Albee Baby), relatively light-weight, stylish, solidly built, easy to maneuver (even with one hand), with a large easy to use canopy and a reclining seat. Our boy also seems to be quite comfy and content when he rides in it.But the best feature is definitely the one-handed folding system. Simply pull up on the strap that lies over the seat and it folds like magic, nice and compact. It's extremely helpful, especially when mom or dad is alone carrying the baby in one arm. You can see a demonstration and more detailed reviews if you go to youtube and search for "baby jogger city mini". It's worth seeing the folding system in action before you decide whether or not to make the purchase.There are only two things we're not crazy about. First, it doesn't stand easily when folded. You can balance it, but it's unsteady at best. We lean ours against a wall in the closet or in the corner of one of our rooms. Second, the storage pouch underneath is a bit small. Not unusably small mind you, I think we were just used to the nice big storage area under our snap-n-go. But those are our only gripes. Overall we highly recommend it and would purchase this stroller again in a heartbeat.
  • style
  • ease of use
  • canopy
  • maneuverability
  • easy one-handed fold
  • seat back recline
  • doesn't stand well when folded
  • small underneath storage pouch
Verified Buyer
Love it!
April 3, 2012
We have owned four strollers now, this is by far the easiest to handle. Liggt weight, folds up in a snap, and down flat enough to fit in our small sedan's trunk, tuck into resturant booths, go through narrow subway gates, all sorts of places. The basket holds a lot more than you would expect. Rolls smoothly and looks great. We highly recommend.
  • Quick Fold
  • No cup holder (but can purchase seperatly).
Scottsdale, AZ
Verified Buyer
Great Stroller
March 28, 2012
This stroller is everything we were looking for when we decided to purchase a smaller stroller (our baby was huge and grew out of his travel system at the ripe age of 4mo so we were using a convertible car seat and the bulky base stroller). We live in AZ and a stroller with a good sunshade was critical. We also needed one that would work well on some dirt paths in our neighborhood (aka: sturdy stroller). This stroller is such a great answer to our needs. It's easy to fold, compact, sturdy and has a huge sun shade (with a recline so the baby isn't stuck sitting at attention at all times). I also like that this goes from indoors to outdoors w/o an issue. The stroller's color is a lot better in real life (think: royal blue not neon teal). The stroller takes bumps in the road/rocky surfaces like a champ and our son loves it.
  • HUGE Sun shade, reclining stroller, sturdy, easy to fold
  • Doesn't stand up on its own, need to purchase addtl belly bar
M D.
Verified Buyer
Love this stroller
March 22, 2012
I wish this was the first stroller I purchased. It is a breeze to steer, turn, and folds up with one hand. Very comfortable for my little one and has great sun protection with the canopy which is a big plus while using this outside. Would recommend to anyone who wants an all purpose stroller. I plan to get years of use out of this one!
  • Easy to steer
  • Makes tight turns
  • One hand fold
  • Carry basket underneath isnt easily accessible
West Fargo, ND
Verified Buyer
March 20, 2012
This is an amazing stroller! I bought it without ever seeing one in person and I was not dissapointed. It rolls so smooth, folds up easily, and has a huge shade. The only con that I see is that you have to buy things like the cup holders separate but it is not a huge deal. This is a great stroller for a great price!
Verified Buyer
baby jogger is our ideal stroller
March 16, 2012
we have owned 3 strollers. a graco travel system, a keekaroo karoo (mclaren knock off) and this baby jogger city mini (bought about a month ago). the baby jogger is amazing! the graco was akward, too big, too heavy, and hard to use in tight areas. the keekaroo just didn't have the features we wanted, and was still not that great in tight spaces. however, the baby jogger was more than perfect! the color is more muted (the blue) than in the picture, and isn't shiny like it looks. its really nice, and durable. after a few uses, the front wheel of mine started to squeak, so i send them an email and heard back quickly. after giving them all the stroller info, they send me a new wheel happily, and it solved the problem, best customer service i have ever seen! the new wheel was here within 2 days! the stroller is light, easy to maneuver, easy to fit in tight spaces, great for walks around the neighborhood, or long walks as well as zoo, museum, and even the mall, it fits easily into my trunk, even ontop a case of water, it's so thin! we got the child tray and the parent console. the parent console isn't that great for coffee, starbucks spills everywhere. and the child tray looks like it is too high, but for our 21 month old, he loves this tray! when he sees this stroller, he dances excited and tries to climb in! he has never liked the stroller much untill we bought this one! and for the price, go for it! 33% savings is great! these are almost always full price, and are very hard to find on the cheap. accessories are about 20 bucks/each, and i don't like that you have to buy it all seperate, but its one of the best baby products i have ever owned. sometimes it gets caught on a curb if you don't lift the front much, but it doesn't bother us much. my hubby lOVED the graco we had, but it broke so we went shopping around, and he really was against this stroller because of the price. but after he took the baby for a few walks with it, he admitted it is far superior. we will be getting a glider board when our next baby is born so our older toddler can ride along! the basket is hard to get into, but honestly, i knew that when i bought it. so i won't hold that against them, the new models are easier, but also another 100 bucks. not worth it to me. i unhook the snap on one side and get into it on one side, which helps a lot! its easy to clean, stays very clean and doesn't stain. i was concerned because when folded, the seat part is facing outward, but have had no trouble keeping it clean and wiping it down with a baby wipe when certain toddlers dribble food in it! i wish we had started with this stroller and saved the money we spend on the others! the fold is really easy, and we have no trouble unfolding, it unfolds like a pop-up tent. it is worth every penny! we plan on using it for years because it is very duable.
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • easy to unfold
  • light
  • comfortable
  • if you do have a problem, very good customer service!
  • one year warranty from the time you buy it
  • price
  • accessories are all extra/not included
Ottawa, Ontario
Verified Buyer
February 29, 2012
Bought this stroller a few weeks ago. I LOVE it! I can take my son out and hold him in one arm while collapsing the stroller and putting it into my trunk. I can also get into doors without needing to back in like I used to have to. Turning is a breeze with one hand and I can have a coffee in the other :) Some dislike the difficulty of getting to the basket, but I actually prefer it that way as I feel that items are safer in there and not as likely to fall out.It took me approximately 5 minutes to put together and didn't involve any tools. I wish I had bought this sooner.
Hanover, Pa
Verified Buyer
New mom
January 4, 2012
Absolutely love this is so easy to fold up with one quick motion, even with the chicco car seat adapter attached! For everyone reading the bad reviews about the chicco adapter, don't pay them any mind. I can lift up on the car seat with it attached and the entire stroller lifts off the ground. It is VERY secure, unlike many reviewers claim. You must install it correctly, however, and this means removing the canopy. A small price to pay for a dependable and easy to use product!
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Easy to use
  • Maneuvers well
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Light and easy
December 19, 2011
I love this stroller. It is smooth to push, easy to fold-the perfect city stroller! The only minus is the storage in the bottom, it's small and hard to access.
  • Easy to fold and push
  • Storage
Mommy b.
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
December 14, 2011
Not to say I needed another stroller! Lol but it was great price! My first babyjogger stroller was after I had my second child now almost 3 years old and I got the micro double and just loved loved the fold, how compact it is! And very very easy to push! Well then my oldest who is now 4 didn't like sitting in strollers anymore so I got the micro single (also from wonderful albeebaby)! And loved it but it did lack some stuff I knew the mini had but didn't want to spend that much being we recently bought that micro double and that wasn't cheap! But I did get the micro Single for an awesome price $99! My son loved it and same as double SUPER easy push and quick fold but honestly my son who was about 1 when we got the single micro didn't look comfortable I was sitting him on pillow trying to make extra cushiony the canopy didn't keep the sun off! Then I saw this one and even though my son is almost 3 I have to say the last few months I've had this he loves it I love it got a great price and is def worth the extra money then the micro (which I donated the micro single to a friend i do still have the double micro just incase)! The padding is great the more straight up he sits the canopy is awesome keeps sun out or if he's napping keeps everyone around out when we're out and about! It pushes like a dream even with my 4 year old in it! The fabric is awesome! Just awesome I def couldn't be any happier! its the stroller I always use when I need it! Folds up great! Perfect! The blue though in the pic looks brighter then it really is! The blue just is not so vibrant on the stroller like the picture shows! Thank you again albeebaby for such wonderful prices and great costumer service I'm def a loyal costumer! (lost track of all I've bought from yous ;))
  • Comfortable
  • EASY push
  • Quick easy fold
  • Sons love it
  • Very compact
  • AWESOME canopy
Keller, TX
Verified Buyer
Amazing Stroller!!
December 13, 2011
This stroller is amazing! I have been through so many strollers trying to find one that I actually like! This stroller pushes very easily and turns on a dime. I am still amazed in the ease of folding this stroller up. There is no bending over or stepping on something or anything. You literally pull the handle in the seat and it folds in half like a brief case. I now own two of these for each of my children. The under stroller storage is a bit small and difficult to get anything in (that's the only negative I have found with this stroller).
  • Ease of steering
  • Easy folding
  • Small/difficult to get to storage area.
Verified Buyer
December 6, 2011
great stroller
  • wheels are soo smooth
  • the only thing i don't like is the basket underneat is a little small
Houston, tx
Verified Buyer
December 6, 2011
I have 5 kids, so strollers are not new to me. With my first 2 kids, we were young and just starting out, so we took the economic route and bought the "middle of the road" strollers but was never fully satisfied. So we finally decided to spend the money for this stroller. We actually got a really good deal for this stroller, so it wasn't so bad. Let me tell you, using this stroller has made me feel regret. I regret that I didn't buy it sooooooo much sooner. My life would have been so much easier with this stroller. It's extremely lightweight, it rides very smooth, and pushing and steering (even with one hand) is effortless, the seat reclines all the way down for sleeping children. It doesn't have a parent console which was one of my concerns, but an additional $9 for a parent console (not babyjogger brand) and another $10 for 2 stroller hooks and my babyjogger is perfect. I would rather buy inexpensive accessories rather than sacrifice the quality and performance of this stroller. My younger 3 children are ages 1-3, so I could never go anywhere alone because one or two was always falling asleep and the double strollers we had before never fully reclined. We loved this single stroller so much, it convinced us to buy the double stroller too. Now sleeping babies while on the go alone is so easy....but that's another glowing review.
  • Lightweight, easy to push & steer, seats can be fully upright or fully reclined and every angle in between, bright, bold color, plenty of storage pockets.
  • Lack of parent console
Tryon, NC
Verified Buyer
Awesome stroller we will use for years!
December 6, 2011
This stroller is extremely durable, dummy proof, very light weight, easy to collapse and store, and secure for baby. Cons: you have to purchase tray, car seat attachment and there is not a lot of room for storage underneath. I find the storage issue a bit annoying but I don't think my "perfect" stroller exists in a lower price point. This stroller glides with ease across all terrains, my 2 year old loves to get in it and I look forward to using it with my infant. I went from a Graco travel system to this and look forward to seeing how it transitions for a baby. I know I will get a lot of miles out of it and so far have LOVED the ease of breaking it down and setting it up, not to mention how little it weighs! I also love the fact that it is only three wheels, can tolerate some moisture without molding (my Graco did not), and the break system is great!
  • Easy to break down and set up
  • Tolerates moisture
  • Comfortable for my toddler
  • Great on all terrains
  • VERY light weight
  • Three wheels fits in tight spaces
  • Turns on a dime
  • Easy break system
  • Little to no storage
  • Have to purchase attachments such as tray and car seat adaptor which are expensive
Queens NY
Verified Buyer
December 5, 2011
great product great deal honest service!!!
Washingon, DC
Verified Buyer
Easy to fold/maneuver/handle
December 4, 2011
Great stroller -- wish I just had hsd this one from the beginning instead of the Uppa Baby Vista. Handles like a dream; easiest fold of all the strollers I've ever had ot used; and nice andcompact for the car. Great stroller t a great price!
  • Fold;steering; compactness when folded; great sunshade too
  • Bigger basket
Northern VA
Verified Buyer
Nice looking and Functional
October 7, 2011
I originally had this stroller in orange and exchanged for the bright blue, We love everything about it. easy to use light and compact. Great handling and reclining comfort. Wish the basket was bigger and easier to get to but the pro out weigh the cons by a long shot.
  • Light compact stylish easy to use store and put away. Comfortable and reclines fully wonderful shade and sleek design
  • the basket underneath is hard to get to and small
Verified Buyer
Love this Stroller!!
September 28, 2011
After much debate between the mirco and the mini I decided to get the Mini!! I am so glad that I did! Living in Florida I thought that the sun shade was a major selling point. This is not my first stroller. My first one was a Travel system. I can tell you that while it is nice to see baby it takes up WAY too much trunk space. I really love the way it folds up! This is great for a mom on the go. I do wish it came with the front tray or belly bar and a space for key and water. It is a very well made product. The ride is smooth and very easy to maneuver. I honestly did not think that I would like the color but since it was on sale I decided to grab it. The color is very close to what is pictured but not horrible. I have a little girl and didn't want anything pink. I think this was a great choice and I am extremely happy!!
  • Love the sun shade!!
  • Great quality!
  • No place for water or keys.
  • No belly bar or tray for baby
Stephanie A.
New Mexico
Verified Buyer
so far so good :)
September 27, 2011
ive had this stroller for about 3 weeks and i really like it so far. both my 3 yr old and 9 mth old fit in it. its easy to handle even with one hand, its sturdy and nice colors. i have no complaints
Rock Hill, SC
Verified Buyer
The greatest baby item!!!
August 30, 2011
I don't think I could love this stroller any more than I do! It came quick, was easy to assemble, and was an amazing price! It's so easy to maneuver and very light weight. I couldn't wait to wake up the next morning and take my son for a walk! It's such a pleasure to use and it's a very attractive color! 10 stars for this one!
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Fold up w/ one hand
  • Colors
Amazing service!
August 25, 2011
We ordered the city mini yesterday afternoon, and it came today! talk about service! Very excited about stroller- very easy to put together, fold. maneuver. Basket underneath seems a little hard to get to. Haven't tried it out yet, still a few months until baby comes, but so amazed with service! Item as described, new, in perfect condition.When we tried this stroller at the store, my husband was obsessed! SO easy to use, and the folding and unfolding could not be easier. Light weight and easy to move around.I had been looking at the city select, I like that we could change to a double and have the bassinet, but with the the baby joggers- everything is another expense. This is much cheaper, lighter, and easier to use. My husband was sold, and so was I!!
  • easy to assemble, fold, maneuver, light weight, sturdy, solid wheels (no flat tires)
  • have to buy EVERYTHING as an accessory NO extras on this one. no parent console, no lap bar, nothing. But, I knew this about the baby joggers before I bought it.
Customer Q&A
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from israel asked:
December 27, 2011
does this stroller have the PE board on the seat back?
Yes, the PE Board is included on this model.
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 27, 2011