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Baby Jogger 2010 City Mini Double Black/Black

This item is discontinued.
    Baby Jogger - You have probably heard of them, as they were the ones who first invented the 3-wheeled jogging stroller. For 20 years, Baby Jogger has set the standard in fitness strollers, and they are still going strong today.

    Baby Jogger strollers are backed with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and designed to be the ultimate in performance strollers for runners. Using a high-end staged assembly process.

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Good for a double stroller
January 16, 2009
As most moms who need a double stroller know, finding the perfect double stroller is nearly impossible. The Baby Jogger City Mini Double comes close though. It handles very well, the wheels turn smoothly and it does fine on sidewalks, the boardwalk, and pavement. It's not intended for going jogging or hiking but it's fine for normal errand running and places like the park. The sun shades are great, they actually keep the sun off of my twins and extend rather far. The clear view windows are a good size and come in handy for checking on the babies when the sunshades are in use. One of the things I like the most about this stroller is how easy it is to set up and put away, it really does collapse easily and it's lightweight compared to a lot of other strollers I've looked at. The things that I'm not crazy about are the basket and the seats. The basket is fairly large, however you can't actually put anything big in there because you can't access it except from the sides. It's very awkward and inconvenient; I don't even use mine. If I need to use this stroller at the store I usually just pile things on the sunshades instead. Of course this won't work for anything too heavy but it's fine for a few things. The seats are roomy and sturdy, but they sit slightly back even when they're adjusted up all the way. My babies don't care for this because between that and the safety harness, they're kind of strapped back and can't really sit up and look around. I haven't tried the belly bar yet, so I'm not sure if this would improve the situation or not but I dont' see how it would since the harness goes over the shoulders. Also, for what this stroller costs, it doesn't come with much in the way of accessories. I did purchase the Parent's Console and it works wonderfully. It has a decent cup holder and convenient areas to store small items like your keys and cell phone which velcro shut. I also don't like that there is no child tray. For some reason, it is nearly impossible to find a child trays on a side by side stroller. Baby Jogger did just release child trays for this stroller that velcro onto the belly bar, but I haven't tried them as they weren't available when I purchased my stroller. So overall, this is a good sturdy stroller that is very user friendly and lightweight but definitely could use a few more accessories and is somewhat expensive, especially once you add up all of the accessories that are fairly basic and included in a lot of other strollers such as child trays and parent consoles
June 12, 2008
This is a great stroller, easy to maneuver, turns on a dime, sunshades actually provide enough shade, and it is very easy to fold and unfold.
Love this stroller!
March 7, 2008
Great double stroller. Pretty light for a double, HUGE sunshade, sturdy, looks comfy for the kids. Reclines all the way and a decent sized basket (although you kind of have to go in from the side to access it well. Folds easily (you just pull up on 2 straps. Not a jogger like an MBUD, handles more like a Maclaren with bigger wheels. Overall a great stroller and we've been very happy with it.
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