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Baby Jogger City Micro Double Stroller in Red

This item is discontinued.
The Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller is the most compact-folding stroller made by Baby Jogger. This double stroller handles and steers as easily (and often MORE easily) as any compact umbrella stroller of equal weight. It rides on EVA tires, with sealed ball bearings in the wheels to ensure no grit or dirt slows down your ride. Baby Jogger's patented quick-fold technology has been incorporated into the City Micro double stroller. It collapses in a single easy step, and the folded size is quite manageable. The two-position reclining seats on the Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller helps with nap time. The standard 5-point safety harnesses ensure that your children will be securely strapped. With a tall, rounded handlebar and good legroom for pushing, the City Micro double stroller is a very good choice for small to tall parents... and much better than most umbrella-type double strollers. The Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller looks similar to an all-terrain stroller, but it is designed to be used on sidewalks, in malls and stores, and other smooth surfaces. The City Micro will not push easily over rough terrain.
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San Jose, CA
Verified Buyer
My kids love it
December 18, 2011
Both my 2 year old and 4 year old daughters love to sit in this stroller. They seem to be very comfortable and it's a must for travel with two kids.
Verified Buyer
Perfect for twins
December 18, 2010
I love this stroller! I had been using a Graco double-tandem stroller and it was a huge pain. The Graco takes up a ton of space in my hatchback, is super clunky and difficult to manuever. The City Micro is none of those things. My 6-month-old twins have plenty of space and both get a good view of their surroundings while being able to see each other. The Micro is easy to collapse and takes up half the space of the Graco. And the red color is wonderful! It's very easy to spot on cloudy, rainy days. The Micro also pushes like a dream. I can do it with one hand! My twins are about the same size, but it's not much harder to push with my 3-year-old in one of the seats. It's also well made with a sturdy frame.Some reviewers have complained about lack of storage, but the two baskets on the backs of the seats and the basket underneath are enough for most items. Instead of carrying a big diaper bag, I just use a canvas bag with the basics (which fits). There are no cupholders but I purchased the Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy for $7.99 on Amazon. It attaches with velcro to the pushbar and holds two cups, keys and other small items. I've also read complaints about the shades and reclining of the seats. The shades pull out quite far, not enough to block all light, but farther than the other three strollers I've used. The seats do not recline to a flat position like some, but most children don't need to be lying down to fall asleep. The seats recline enough for my babies, and my son fell asleep in his seat on one of his first outings in the stroller. Overall, this is a great stroller for $200. I probably wouldn't have spent $300, but it's definitely worth that price. It comes almost fully assembled (just needs the wheels screwed on).
  • Color
  • Maneuverability
  • Easy to fold
  • Sturdy frame
  • Shades
  • Price
  • Doesn't lock into folded position
  • No cupholders
Atlanta, GA
Disney World necessity
September 27, 2010
I've had the Chicco side by side, the sit and stand as well as two Maclaren Volo's. The first two didn't work because of depth/jealousy issues, and the 2 single strollers didn't work because if I was by myself they fought over who rode. This seems to be the an excellent solution for 2 toddlers (mine are 2 and 3) because it is very sturdy for them to climb in and out as well as deep enough for comfort. My only complaint is the straps are next to useless for escape artists like mine! Luckily they both seem to like the ride so they enjoy being in the stroller sans straps. I actually wanted the micro because we go to Disney World alot, and the city mini is available as a rental. So, this one should be a little easier to find in the stroller parking lots! As my husband says you wouldn't call this lightweight, and width-wise it requires a big trunk (preferably mini van) if you're going to keep it on stand-by.
  • seat depth, fabric
  • weight, width
Dallas, Texas
Verified Buyer
I love my Micro!
June 9, 2010
I had already purchased a sit and stand for my 2 year old and infant, but it was so hard to push I really wanted a side by side. After researching I knew I wanted a Baby Jogger, but didn't know if I wanted the Mini or the Micro. The Mini is $399 and when I found the Micro for $199 I knew I found my stroller. The Micro is everything the Mini is except it doesn't have as many canopy or reclining options. It also isn't as cushioned. For $200 I did not find it to be that much of an advantage. The Micro is very sturdy and of high quality. My 4 month old does not mind it at all and can easily fall asleep in it with how far it reclines. The only drawback is the basket underneath. It is very difficult to access so I use the net compartments behind each seat for essentials. Also, do not purchase the car seat adapter. Other people said the same thing and I bought it anyway and was very disappointed. The car seat is suspended above the stroller and it looks very wobbly even though I knew it was secure. I have stopped using it and am much more happy with the stroller. I do love how it folds. It is very thin and easily fits in the trunk of my Jetta with tons of room to spare for groceries. If you are looking for a great deal on a functional side by side I think you can't find a better one than the Micro.
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