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Peg Perego Book Pop Up - Atmosphere

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Item # IPMS62MF53DX53

Stroller weight:
    With seat: 23.7 lbs
    With bassinet: 26.6 lbs
Usage Age/Weight Capacity: Birth to 50 lbs
Open Dimensions: 36.5”L x 23.16”W x 41.58”H
Folded Dimensions: 15.25”L x 23.16”W x 33”H
Bassinet Included
Car Seat Compatible

Premium Chassis

The Book Pop-Up chassis can accept the Seat Pop-Up, Bassinet Pop-Up or Primo Viaggio infant car seat directly onto its frame. It folds inward, “like a book” with just one hand and is equipped with an adjustable handlebar outfitted with high-quality “Prima Classe” material. Large polyurethane wheels and ball bearings guarantee a smooth drive, even on the roughest of surfaces. A remote front wheel control allows parents to swivel or straighten wheels without having to bend over and touch front wheels.

Folding Bassinet

The Bassinet Pop-Up welcomes your baby with comfort and fashion from the very first days. This innovative bassinet can fold easily with a simple gesture, perfect for carrying and storing. The Bassinet Pop-Up and chassis fold compactly together and stand alone when folded. It includes an externally adjustable headrest and a hood with mesh insert that provides air circulation. Includes a removable mattress and is approved for overnight sleeping.

Reversible Seat

The Seat Pop-Up is a detachable and reversible seat that allows for an easy fold in BOTH rear and forward facing positions. It offers Comfort Recline - the seat and the backrest slide open, creating a comfortable resting angle for the baby. The Seat Pop-Up folds compactly and inward “like a Book” on the Book Pop-Up chassis, keeping the upholstery inside clean and protected. All-new tailoring and upholstery fitting allows for a clean and modern look.


  • Premium Chassis Can fold inward “like a book” with just one hand.
  • Folding Bassinet Bassinet Pop-Up has a unique folding and opening feature; can fold while attached to the chassis.
  • Reversible The seat Pop-Up can be switched to face parent or the world ahead.
  • Travel System Travel System-compatible with the Primo Viaggio SIP (30/30 and 4/35) infant car seat. Accepts car seat directly on to chassis.
  • Easy Close Innovative design allows for quick, easy and compact fold in BOTH rear and forward facing positions.
  • Soft Ride Large polyurethane wheels with ball bearings and suspension allow for 360 degree agility, less effort in pushing and more comfort for baby.
  • Comfort Recline Seat and backrest slide open creating the most comfortable resting angle for baby, unlike in other common seat reclines where the hip angle remains the same.
  • One-Piece Handlebar Allows for easy push with just one hand.
  • "Prima Classe" Handlebar Adjustable handlebar is outifitted in “Prima Classe” material; can be modified to fit each parent’s height preferences.
  • Remote Front Swivel Control Allows parents to swivel or straighten wheels without having to bend over and touch front wheels.
  • Bumper Bar Front bumper bar hinges open for easy access to child. Outfitted in "Prima Classe" material.
  • Basket Large, practical and easy-loading storage basket that holds all of the necessities.
  • Large Hood Keep your baby protected with the large hood that includes a UV protected visor and a mesh insert that provides extra ventilation.
  • Fashion Forward Upholstered with a variety of fashionable collections, in materials that will keep child comfortable.
  • Stroller - Open: 36.5” L x 23.16” W x 41.58” H
  • Stroller - Folded: 15.25” L x 23.16” W x 33” H
  • Bassinet - Open: 32.5” L x 16.42” W x 26.3” H
  • Bassinet - Folded: 32.5” L x 16.42” W x 8.75” H
  • Stroller Weight: 23.7 lbs.
  • Bassinet Weight: 9.04 lbs.

Peg Perego Book Pop Up - Atmosphere
3.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Lynden, WA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Peg Perego Book Pop Up
September 25, 2014
Nice stroller, but not at all worth the price. The handles are too short (and too close to the frame) for a tall person, and the seat could use some work to truly fit toddlers. Bassinet is great though. My toes still hurt hours later from kicking the frame on the walk today.

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 22, 2014
Ok so here are my questions. We have been on the peg perego book pop up (PPBPU)page and completely off the Uppababy vista page. We love the design, the bassinet, the drive and manueverability, the gigantic basket, the easy fold, the front wheel lock. I mean every feature is amazing. The PPBPU has a car seat (primom viaggio) that attaches straight on the chassis and weighs just under 9 pounds. It looks like a fantastic car seat, very safe and easy to use in the car. We didn't like the uppababy vista because it took us 10 minutes to figure out how to fold the thing in the store before someone had to teach us how, it is crazy bulky and heavy and those wheels are gigantic. I have been told that they can get stuck in smaller places. The extended sun visor looks like it can be ripped with one baby grab. However I've recently noticed a few differences that peg perego just doesn't seem to have that Uppa does - and it is mostly additional accessories. 1-the Vista has INCLUDED the mosquito net and rain cover for both the bassinet and the toddler seat. The PPBPU is additional. 2- the Vista has included a bassinet cover to store and keep the bassinet clean. The PPBPU doesn't even have this option. 3- the Vista's material is all machine washable. The PPBPU is hand wash... Who really wants to be bothered with that?! 4- The Vista has an additional luggage carry case that can be purchased separately for travel. the PPBPU does not. 5- the vista is able to be converted to a double or even a triple (ish) by adding the rumble seat or a rumble and buggy board. Now granted I don't think it looks very comfortable but it may be worth it in the long run. The PPBPU doesn't have this option but you can add a universal buggy board. There aren't many reviews of the PPBPU so I was glad to come across yours. We were considering it in Onyx and then wondered if black would be too hot for our newbie as it attracts heat. The vista comes in a variety of colors. I don't want to lean towards the vista, but I'm not sure why PP hasn't included/thought of these additions especially for the price (which is higher than the vista!) Any feedback would be appreciated.

Chicago, IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Worth the wait
June 23, 2014
I dislike writing reviews, but with so many strollers on the market today, often times, the reviews were the first place I looked when considering whether to even consider a particular stroller. No stroller is perfect, including this one, but I love it! I love the stroller and even the company itself. I was debated between this stroller, the Uppababy Vista, and the CityMini My stroller "wish list" items included: bassinet (included or purchase separately), compatible with a carseat (preferably without an adaptor), have a reversible seat, an adjustable handle bar (vertically as well as horizontally), large storage basket, and large canopy. This car seat pretty much fulfills all of those requirements and more! (1) The bassinet - love this! While it's a little long, it's the perfect fit for my baby and comfortably holds baby in cold and warm weather. In the winter, I was able to a down cover and other blankets in it. The bassinet cover and canopy protect the baby from rain, snow etc. Now in the summer, I open the screen on the canopy to let in fresh air and for the baby to look out. The base of the bassinet can also be raised two levels so that the baby is not lying completely on his back. I usually keep it on the second level, slight elevation. The third level doesn't look very comfortable, but the baby doesn't cry or otherwise complain when it is on that setting. LOVE that it folds while attached to the frame as well. Also, we live in a city and space is at a premium. I LOVE that I can easily fold and store the bassinet when the time comes. (2 and 3) I have the 4-35 car seat and it works perfectly with this stroller and looks sharp. Both the car seat and bassinet can face either direction. I haven't tried the seat yet. (4) The handle bar is fantastic. Funny to stay that about a handle bar, but it is. It's soft, but more importantly fits both me (5' 1") and my 6"1 husband. It is easy to adjust and it not only adjusts vertically, but it swings closer (more horizontally) towards me as well. That was important to me (comfort) and not many strollers have the feature. (5) The basket on this stroller is HUGE! Once I leave the house I'm out, so my basket has to fit the baby bag as well as any other items I pick up on my travels. I've fit so many grocery bags into this thing it's amazing! I will that sometimes getting items out of the basket is difficult because the seat is low. Unlike the Uppababy Vista which has an elevated seat, this seat is constant. One side of the basket is a bar that you can push down on to access the interior, however, I often have to struggle to pull bags out. If the seat were elevated just a little bit, I think it would make a huge difference. (6) The canopy on the bassinet is great. I haven't looked too in-depth at the seat. I pre-ordered this stroller, and my baby came about six weeks early. I refused to cancel my order and just purchase another stroller, and boy am I glad I waited. Aside from the quirks noted above, I really love this stroller. I walk quite a bit and this performs beautifully. I can fairly easily push it with one hand even when it's weighed down with baby, baby bag, and many shopping bags. After opening it and closing it a few times, it's a breeze! Also, love that when folded it can stand upright alone on its handle bars. That leaves me with two hands to handle the baby. Moreover, I am so impressed with Peg Perego. When I first received the stroller there was a small crack in the frame that the basket attaches to. I called the company to complain, for this price it should arrive in pristine condition, and two days later I received a whole new frame. Great customer service and great stroller.
folding bassinet large basket unique look travel friendly fairly lightweight
doesn't come with a cup holder sometimes difficult to get items out of the basket


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