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Though established as an official company in 1999, the now-iconic Bugaboo stroller first came to life in 1994 in a design school in the Netherlands. The designer, Max Barenbrug, wanted to create a stroller that was multi-functional, loaded with features, safe, and beautiful. It’s common today to see many lines of strollers that fit these criteria — but in 1994, the Bugaboo was the first of its kind.

More than 16 years later, the company is still innovating and creating transportation for children that continues to break new ground and finely hone existing ideas.

The pioneering legacy of the highly modular stroller started with the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Suitable for use from birth, the Cameleon can accommodate a car seat, a bassinet, or an an upright seat — and they can be switched out with a simple click. The seat reclines and can be forward- or rear-facing.

For the tight corners and narrow corridors of urban life, the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 has an effortless 360 degree turning radius that keeps its movement compact and efficient. If you’re navigating outdoor trails or uneven ground, simply switch to the rough terrain position and lock with swivel wheels for a smooth, comfortable, stable ride.

The ultimate urban explorer is the Bugaboo Bee 3. This stroller was designed specifically for the city family on the go. Lightweight and versatile, the Bugaboo Bee 3 can go wherever and whenever you need to.

Like the Cameleon 3, the Bee can carry your baby from day one – the snug bassinet snaps perfectly into place — and has the same sleek design and easy maneuvering. What makes the Bee a standout for city living is its compact style and its extra carrying capacity underneath — all while still staying lightweight. It folds with one hand and one click, for easy transfer from the car to wherever you’re headed next.

When your family is growing and you need a stroller that can easily change with you, the Bugaboo Donkey is happy to accommodate. It can go from a single to a double – and back again – with a single click. Whether you’re adding a baby or you’re expecting twins, the Donkey’s simple and ingenious system has exactly what you need.

The stroller that can take on any trail is the Buffalo. Designed to be rugged, spacious, and versatile, you can be out exploring in the Buffalo from the moment your baby arrives to the day she’s ready to run the trails herself. Sidewalks, bumpy trails, off road, urban jungles – the Buffalo is built to help you discover together.

Bugaboo strollers literally changed the game when they hit the scene in 1999. Other companies have followed suit, and the whole industry has benefited from the innovative, modular, and customizable fit that Max Barenbrug introduced at his design school over two decades ago. Today, Bugaboo continues to set the bar for beautiful strollers with ingenious features that help them move like a dream, transport easily, keep your baby safe and comfortable, and grow with your child.

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