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Wubbanub Giraffe Pacifier

This item is discontinued.
  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made wth a Soothie? medical grade, latex free pacifier
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
  • The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner.
  • WubbaNub? functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten!
  • Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub? near baby's mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller.
  • Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier.
  • Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby's laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.
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West New Uork, Nj
Verified Buyer
Super cute
February 19, 2021
Was hesitant to buy this because we got so many pacifiers as gifts already. However, this one is super cute and the baby loves to cuddle with it.
Baton Rouge, LA
Verified Buyer
Very Comforting for Baby
June 14, 2020
All three of my children have used wubbanubs and loved them. They are so cute and last a long time.
Baton Rouge, LA
Verified Buyer
Wubbanubs are the best pacifiers
June 11, 2020
My kids absolutely love these. They are easy to find and the babies love to rub the animal for extra comfort.
Baton Rouge, LA
Verified Buyer
Wubbanub is a family favorite
June 11, 2020
All three of my kids have used wubbanubs and they absolutely love them. I find that they are easier to keep in the mouth of little babies and as they get old they love to stroke them as they relax.
Verified Buyer
Cute and does the job
February 23, 2020
The penguin is a good wubbanub because the weight of it is nice to keep it in one place without having it move all over. They are easy to through in the washing machine to clean.
Lusby, Maryland
Verified Buyer
I Admit When I'm Wrong...
January 28, 2020
I thought these things were ridiculous. And then I saw one IRL. Who can resist that adorable little dino that gently helps your little one keep his pacifier in place and helps you get some quiet time?! Who knew something so ridiculous could be so amazing??! Overall, a great concept and they come in many different animal buddies. Find your favorites!
Boulder, CO
Verified Buyer
baby loves it
November 4, 2019
Super soft and cuddly. Baby loves it. I wish it had a way to detach the animal fron the pacifier for washing, usually I handwash.
Verified Buyer
September 9, 2019
These are so cute and so much easier to find around the house.
Plantation, FL
Verified Buyer
Super cute!
August 28, 2019
We love the Wubbanub brand and I purchase a new one every 3 months so my daughter is not too attached to one and because it says to replace. This one is so cute and she loves it! Very durable and easy to hand wash.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Cute!
  • None
Springfield Gardens, New York
Verified Buyer
Cutest Pacifier
August 8, 2019
I love wubbanub they are the cutest pacifiers for baby. I just do not suggest baby sleep with it
Verified Buyer
very cute item, perhaps better for an older baby?
April 12, 2019
This item is very cute and I don't regret we purchased it. However, the design does not really promote making it easier for a younger baby to use it. That being said, I saw an older young toddler the other day with a similar product and she seemed to be using it just fine. She was grasping the plush toy and sucking on the pacifier. This likely makes it easier for the kids when they get older to use it.
Niagara Falls, New York
Verified Buyer
November 21, 2018
Very cute and easy to see when baby drops it
Verified Buyer
Perfect paci
April 26, 2018
The wubanub is perfect for a newborn bc it rests on their chest thanks to the stuffed animal. This causes it to move less. Also less likely to lose it.
  • Stays put on baby thanks to stuffed animal.
  • Baby can continue to play with stuffed animal after they outgrow the paci.
  • None
Verified Buyer
Very cute , very soft
April 26, 2018
Very cute & soft . it's easy to find if they dropped it
  • it's easy to find if they dropped it
  • hard to clean
Verified Buyer
Cute and convenient
November 15, 2017
I bought two of these and both of them are loved by my little one. The stuffed animal part prevents the pacifier from dropping easily. After my baby outgrew the pacifier part, he was still playing with the stuffed animal!
Verified Buyer
Totally recommed this pacifier
November 15, 2017
Out of all the pacifiers, this one is my baby's favorite. It certainly does not drop on the floor easily like the other pacifiers and the stuffed animal part really soothes the baby. It is all washable and is a very quality product.
Arlington, TN
Verified Buyer
Best paci
September 8, 2017
My daughter loved her wubbanub. Easy to grasp & the paci attached is great quality (& used in most hospitals)
Rowland Heights , CA
Verified Buyer
my baby love this!
August 11, 2017
My baby loves this!
Kansas City
Verified Buyer
July 19, 2017
These are adorable and great for infants. They are easier to keep track of and help from falling off all the time.
Chicago, Illinois
Super Cute and Functional
July 12, 2017
Recieved a few and purchased a few more. They are beyond cute hoping baby likes them when she makes her appearance. I think we almost have every animal. Planning on leaving one in our hang our spots so we don't have to search for pacifiers when in need.
Tunica, MS
Verified Buyer
July 3, 2017
Both my kids used Wubbanubs exclusively. They loved holding on to the animals and it made them easy to find if they dropped or lost them in their crib.
Avon, Colorado
Verified Buyer
Must-have for new moms!
June 12, 2017
This is our 6th Wubbanub pacifier - cannot recommend these enough. The stuffed animal allows our little one to more easily grasp the pacifier, plus makes it less likely to roll across the floor or get lost. Super easy to clean as well!
  • Easy to clean - washing machine safe
  • Easier for little one to hold on to
Millersville, MD
Verified Buyer
Cute & Functional
June 3, 2017
My baby loves this! Wubbanub is the best! And the penguin is super cute.
  • Lots of design choices, easy to clean, baby loves it
Las Vegas, NV
Verified Buyer
May 13, 2016
It's an adorable pacifier, and my son loves the plush toy attachment. However, I wish it came with a cover for the pacifier, and that there was a way to remove it from the plush so that the pacifier can be sterilized.
Kitts Hill, Ohio
My baby can't live without it!!
June 1, 2015
My son loves it !! He is 8 months and has had this type of pacifier since he was a month old , love it !He was always losing his pacifier, but no problem with his puppy pacifier!! The Puppy sits on her chest while he sleeps it's much easier to find in the dark!!
Augusta, MT
Baby loves it, so do I
March 30, 2015
Baby loves this! I want to get all the different ones cause they are so cute! My baby can't always find the nipple, but loves to chew on the whole thing, so that is great!
Blaine, WA
Verified Buyer
Love this soother
January 17, 2015
Perfect for little hands, easy to find :)
Blaine, WA
Verified Buyer
Perfect soother!
January 17, 2015
Love this soother and so does my daughter :)
  • Easy to find
Buffalo, N.Y.
Verified Buyer
October 21, 2014
My kids were always losing their pacifier it's about time they came up with something like this! I wish this was around 30yrs. ago!!
Best Uses
  • The Lamb sits on her chest while she sleeps it's much easier to find in the dark!!
Papillion , NE
Super cute
September 29, 2014
Super cute! But unfortunately my daughter didn't like the pacifier, she only liked mam!
Verified Buyer
Promising Product!
September 14, 2014
Recently received our first WubbaNub and now trying to resist buying more until our baby arrives and we know if he/she will use a pacifier as it is even cuter than the picture. So far very impressed with the quality, size, and concept as I expect this will be much less likely to disappear than a normal pacifier!
El Dorado Hills, CA
Wabbanub wasn't my favorite
August 27, 2014
I had a couple of friends that recommended this pacifier to me, so I decided to give it a try. It didn't work so well for my daughter. I washed and dried it, and then I cleaned the pacifier with warm soapy water. To me, it was a pain because if she dropped it on the ground, I would have to wash it in the wash machine and sanitize the pacifier as opposed to just picking up the regular pacifier and washing it. I also don't think it stayed in her mouth any better than a regular pacifier. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't order this.
  • Has to be machine washed AND sanitized every time it is dropped
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