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Stokke Sleepi Nook Pebble Pure Organic Mattress - Blush Light Pink

This item is discontinued.
The world?s most considered organic infant mattress just got better. Naturally. Featuring a certified organic coconut core layered with 1? of natural latex foam, the dual-sided design ensures a firm, breathable sleep space for infants and toddlers while the superior softness of the eucalyptus wrap provides comfort and convenience.

Oval mattress made especially to fit the Stokke Sleepi crib.


  • Breathable: The asymmetrical surface facilitates airflow over and through the mattress. A sub-surface layer promotes increased interior air circulation for a longer, undisturbed sleep.
  • Anti-fungal: Nook's innovative moisture-wicking fibers prevent liquid from seeping into the mattress surface and hinder the growth of fungus and mold.
  • Anti-mite: Monsters don't just live under the bed; they can live in the bed too. All-natural latex and zinc-infused fibers help prevent dust mites and other scary critters from burrowing into the surface.
  • Microbe-resistant: Zinc is nature?s solution for protection against bacteria, fungi, mites and odor. Be gone evil microbes.
  • Hypoallergenic: Nook champions the use of materials that cause fewer allergic reactions, like organic cotton, wool, eucalyptus and zinc. Nature is nicer.
  • Comfortable: Silky eucalyptus wicks moisture away from skin, helping sleeping infants maintain a consistent temperature. Nook's natural latex core provides support for growing infants. Eucalyptus, natural latex, organic cotton and wool are nature's solutions to comfort, safety and sustainability. Good for your baby and good for your world.
  • Coconut coir: Coconut Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of a coconut, then bathed in latex to maintain its shape and durability.
  • Water/stain resistant: A patented, non-toxic nano-layer on the Pebble surface prevents liquid, dirt and oil from seeping into the mattress, eliminating the need for crib mattress pads.
  • Non-toxic: Not all infant mattresses are non-toxic. Nook replaces chemical fire retardants with organic wool. Replaces non-breathable plastic coatings with smart nano-level water proofing agents.
  • Machine-washable: All-natural zinc is infused into the eucalyptus fibers to provide microbe resistance through unlimited washes. Just unzip and toss in.
Please note that this will NOT fit the Sleepi Mini.
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