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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat - Cumberland

Share Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat - Cumberland

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The Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat is an extended-use car seat with superior comfort and convenience features to keep your growing child safer while riding in the car; from a tiny baby coming home from the hospital to an older child going to school! It starts as a rear-facing infant car seat with a removable infant support to keep smaller babies snugly positioned. It then converts to a forward-facing car seat and later transitions into a belt-positioning booster. Newborn until approx. 10 years old / 5-100 lbs
  • Extended-use car seat
    • Rear-facing 5-35 pounds
    • Forward-facing 22-50 pounds
    • Belt-positioning booster 40-100 pounds
  • Side Impact Protection
  • QuickFit padded headrest adjusts with harness in one easy step - never needs re-threading
  • 3 position recline to get a better and more comfortable fit
  • Removable infant support keeps smaller babies snugly positioned
  • Movable armrests
  • Cup holder
  • LATCH equipped

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I love it!
By Aunt 1.
from Ohio
on February 11, 2019
I got mine from a friend about 7 or 8 months ago. Never had any issues from it. Easy to adjust easy to clean. My neice loves it. She very comfy. I'm actully gonna get ready AMD turn it front facing since she will be a year old this week.
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Best investment foyour child's safety!
By Destiny
from Tacoma, WA
on December 21, 2018
Was involved in an accident and this car seat was awesome at protecting my son as an infant. Later as a toddler we had a smaller booster seat with a flimsy back and woman hit us. It did not protect my son. Though the seat seems difficult to install it is worth the protection. I also had some trouble with it initially but someone suggested I take it to the fire department for a free car seat inspection. So, I took the advice and the car seat did it's job protecting my son the first time. I wish I had not compromised on price and easy installation on the second car seat. My son would not have been injured in the second accident. I would recommend this to a friend and I do every chance I get.
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Would not purchase
By KelMom
from North Carolina
on September 29, 2018
My daughter's friend came over.
Brought me this carseat for her.
This thing is a nightmare.
First of all, it's heavy and wide.
I was having some issues (even after adjusting it for 20 minutes) getting it to sit any type of flush against the seat.
So I looked up the manual and was surprised to see how low the weight limit on 5pt harness was. Even on a tiny just-turned-five kid, she is most likely past the weight limit (or juuust under).
I ended up having to use the seatbelt method and still didn't feel like it was quite tight enough.
I have been taking my daughter's (also 3-in-one) carseat for granted all these years. I want to go out and kiss that petite, tight fitting, easy to install, lightweight carseat.
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By Proud G.
from Santa Rosa ,Ca
on August 12, 2018
I love this car seat, it was a great purchase! i read the other reviews haha LAZY is what you are,, if you read the manuel you would see how easy it is to clean ... knowing how secure the car seat is gives me great comfort knowing my grandson is very secure,
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By Bianca
from Glendale, Az
on August 2, 2018
I've had this car seat for 3 years got it as a gift at my baby shower and i love it i will definitely buy again. Honestly the people saying it's hard to clean are just LAZY, SUPER LAZY. All the material come off and it's easy to assemble again I've done it multiple times since I've had for such a long time. I machine wash it and it has not been ruined it still looks like new! If you dont want to "disable" to wash it then just dont buy it, simple.
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This product product sucks to install it's absolutely ridicu
By troy
from moline
on June 28, 2018
If they would have added one or two more in to the strap that goes across the seat the installation would be 10 seconds but they went cheap to save a buck.
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Does it's job but, difficult to clean
By Jane
from North Carolina
on September 28, 2017
We have 2 of these car seats and bought them both at the same time. We have 4 kids and 3 out of the 4 so far have used them. I did not use them with my infants but, used them both once my children became forward facing. They do their job and I feel my kids are safe in them. We do a lot of traveling and my kids never really seem to complain about them being uncomfortable. My biggest complaint is it is a beast to take apart and put back together. Literally just took me an hour to get 2 carseats back together and then I had to reinstall them. It can be done just make sure you have the time on your hands.
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I WILL buy this product again!!
By Kristina
from Virginia
on September 25, 2017
My mother bought this carseat for my 11 month old grandson, we received the carseat and installed it into the car, 4 days later my daughter and grandson were in an accident that totaled the car, they were hit in the back passenger side at 45 mph which sent her car flying, then it flipped onto its side and slid down the road quite a ways before it flipped back onto its wheels. My daughter was pretty beat up from the accident but my grandson had not even a scratch or bruise on him, he never even cried, This carseat kept him very safe!!!!! Love it, just wish it was easier to get secure in the car, it was very hard to tighten the strap that holds it into the car and the seatbelt to keep it secure but we did it.
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Great Seat
By Smarter r.
from Ohio
on September 1, 2017
Always read owners manual before using anything, especially something as important as a car seat for your child. You may find things out like how to adjust it and how to clean it properly. If your considering this product, go ahead and get it! The complainers have either refused to read the manual, or have very little intelligence. It's a great seat, and my youngest son finds it to be very comfortable.
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Mom of 2
By Mom 2.
from Ohio
on August 17, 2017
I bought one for my 3 year old, she loves it! Easy to get in and out of our car, and taking it apart to clean is easy! We liked it so much we just bought another one for our 6m old.
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I would NOT buy another carseat like this one ever again!
By Jessica 4.
from Florence, SC
on August 10, 2017
I was extremely disappointed in this product. I was excited at first when I got it but it turned out to be a disaster of a car seat. We have been unable to transport it from one car to another and had to buy another car seat. We are unable to take the cover off to clean and now have wasted almost 2 hours trying to take it off.
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Nearly impossible to clean.
By Guy s.
from Minneapolis, MN
on July 1, 2017
On our 3rd child with this seat. It's filthy, trying to get the harness guides off to clean the cover is ridiculous. I'd imagine this was designed by someone without kids. Seat is fine but the process to clean it makes it worth looking somewhere else.
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Worst Car Seat EVER.
By Kill I.
from Marlton, NJ
on June 24, 2017
I hate this car seat probably more than anything I have ever owned. Every time I try to remove it from my car to put it into grandmom's car or daddy's car, I end up fighting myself to not just light my car on fire and go back to bed. It is IMPOSSIBLE to loosen the straps without actually hurting my wrist joints. Literally, I feel like I have arthritis right now because I just wasted 15 minutes of my life trying to move it into their grandmother's car. I wouldn't wish this seat on my worst enemy. Or maybe I would, if I REALLY really hated them.
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Good carseat
By Shay
from IDAHO
on May 16, 2017
I love this for long trips due to the ability for it to decline, and both my children like them. It is hard to take the cover off and the rubber bands do wear out. Also getting three car seats in a row with these guys is impossible. I also just washed them and lossed the chest clip and can't find a replacement. Would hate to have to buy a new car seat just because of being unable to buy another chest clip
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ok seat
from MD
on April 12, 2017
Good carseat. We are on our 3rd child. First seat purchased in 2011, second seat was in 2013 and I still h ave an use both. Overall the seats have withstood the test of time pretty decent for going through 2 children, and soon to go on to the 3rd possibly if I can replace the covers. They have been used in my toyota corolla with little problem.

Bad side: The elastic cords that hold the cover in place wore out or broke pretty quick which I had been fixing. We are at the point now my 4 year old climbs in and has to adjust the cushion under her since it falls off. The armrest on both seats broke off within a few months with very little use. The straps have gotten finicky but I think that is due to age. One seat came with a cup holder but I lost it quickly, the second seat I guess was missing it from the package.
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Hard to unbuckle harness
By GiGi
from Ohio
on February 23, 2017
I received this car seat to transport my grandson age 2.5. I find it extremely difficult to unfasten the harness at the crotch. I have had to continually depress the red button which does not depress easily or very far. I have had to go and get my husband to disengage the harness multiply times. I am worried if I were someplace other than home I would have to call the fire dept to help get my grandson out of his car seat. Is there anything that can be done to make this easier?
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Good carseat for all ages
By Steph
from Austin, TX
on February 2, 2017
This car seat has been great for my daughter who is now 5. Held up well through many washes and after taking apart and installing a couple times for that, it's not difficult at all. Been using it for 3 years and plan to until she's out of a booster.
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good seat but has afew problems
By jj
from new york
on October 30, 2016
good carseat cant seem to find a replacement pull cord it frayed and is really hard to pull so im iffy about even using seat anymore lost warrenty paper when my son threw up in car seat none of papers were good that were in the base after
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This product did its job
By Ana
from Florida
on October 1, 2016
I am a petite female who had no problem installing this carseat on my own. I installed the seat in a midsize truck and it was a little large (couldnt really use the passenger front seat with rear facing). My 2 year old was recently in a roll over car accident and thanks in part to this seat he was able to walk away unscathed. I would definitely purchase this seat again based on that alone.
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Wouldn't buy again
By Nelle
from Denver, CO
on August 29, 2016
Don't use this car seat in a small car. I tried installing it in my honda civic and went and had it evaluated by my local law enforcement car seat inspectors. 2 separate inspectors told me that their professional recommendation was not to use this car seat in my honda and to return the car seat as it was not safe. This car seat is not designed for a small vehicle. I did have a vehicle that it fit in and the car seat inspector advised that this car seat would work in my larger vehicle. The straps are incredibly difficult to loosen and tighten. I often find my son is able to wiggle out of the straps. I wouldn't recommend this car seat.
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Replacement cover?
By MommyOfTwo
from New york
on August 14, 2016
The product is very versatile for children's ages. Taking the cover off is a bit tricky but it can be done. It would also be handy if it had a cup holder.

I am looking for a replacement cover...where can I find one?
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OK convertible seat
By Matt
from Gilbert AZ
on August 11, 2016
I have two of these car seats in two different cars and have been using each for over a year. The car seat is functional and gets the job done for a reasonable price tag. Cleaning the fabric cover was somewhat difficult due to the complicated process to remove and reinstall the fabric cover.
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did its job well
By shane m.
from spokane, WA
on August 10, 2016
These all in one carseats are fantastic mainly because they are "all in one" for growing children. Yes, as already mentioned, hard to maintain, for me because there needs to be a better way to remove ALL cloth portions, especially since children are messy. But when it comes down to the point, I broke my foot in a 35 mph collision and my child was unharmed.
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I would not buy this product or recommend it
By Grandma J.
from Yakima, Wa
on August 10, 2016
The car seat is not very cushioned, and is not intended for long trips. The cup holder rattles when the car is in motion, and is annoying to the driver. I use it occasionally, so it is fine for my use. If I were a parent, I would invest in a more comfortable car seat.
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Difficult to remove cover broken arm rests
By 4Kiddos
from Iowa
on August 7, 2016
The removal of the seat cover for washing is quite a process and really difficult. Also, the arm rests broke off (because they stick out and my son grabs them to get himself in the van) so I was going to replace them, however there is no option to order replacement ones.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Not very happy with this product
By Mari K.
from Dallas TX
on July 26, 2016
Can not clean cover? Most can be removed and washed in a machine.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Excellent seat
By Jen
from North Dakota
on June 17, 2016
Bought two for my first child (one for each vehicle). Love that it is an all in one seat so we don't have to go out and buy more seats when they outgrow a feature. Only issue I have with it is how hard it is to tighten the harness, I literally have to put all my weight into it an still have issues (we have an expedition and four door pick up, so room to move around isn't an issue). Also, allows room to put our infant car seat in the middle seat with this one on the outer seat. Also easy to move from vehicle to vehicle.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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