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OXO Tot Stick & Stay Divided Plate - Teal

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The OXO Tot Stick & Stay Suction Divided Plate has a secure base that sticks on surfaces till mealtime is over. The parent-friendly design is easy for grown-ups to remove, but tricky for tots to budge. That means less slipping, tipping and toppling. The curved side walls promote self-feeding, and four sections (plus a center section for treats) are perfect for portioning. This dishwasher safe Plate and base pad twist apart for thorough cleaning.

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Must have suction plate
from Bay Area, California
on June 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
This divider suction plate is great, it sticks to tray nicely, my baby couldn't pull it off.
Works but could be better
from Columbus OH
on March 22, 2021
Verified Buyer
It does stick to the surface well but itís own surface gets scratched easily. Would be a 5 star item otherwise.
Good for our one year old
By Kevin
from Clay, NY
on November 24, 2018
This bowl has done well for our one year old. She likes to throw her food and plates on the ground, and this stays on the tray better than others we have tried. It's also good for portion size and encouraging her to try a variety of foods
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This OXO product makes feeding a toddler easier
By jackson3141
from Lorton VA
on November 6, 2018
I sent this to my daughter to try with her toddler. These were her comments on the OXO divided plate:
Easy to use, easy to clean, makes feeding babies and toddlers much easier with less mess, or at least fewer thrown plates. We love this product! It also facilitates self feeding with the curved sides and deep bowls, encouraging independence. This is true for both finger self feeding and for learning how to manipulate a spoon and a fork. Particularly beneficial for those children who like to keep their foods separate or parents who want children to experience flavors and food textures in isolation.
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Great features for toddlers
By DeidreC
from Brooklyn, NY
on November 6, 2018
Let's face it, the fact that this bowl stays put is reason enough to love it. If you've ever had a toddler, you know what I mean. We got this for my 15 month old grandson, who just loves flipping things off his high chair. Toys or a sippy cup are no big deal but a plate of food is a huge mess this bowl is pleasure to use. The sections are great to keep things separate and it's easy to clean. I'm going to get another to keep at my house and one for his little cousin!
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Great for Toddlers
By nechbenj
from Baltimore, MD
on October 28, 2018
I got this product a month ago and my 2 year old now refuses to eat without it! I love that it sticks to our table (although not very well to tablecloths which is understandable) and that it has so many sections. Obviously the middle one is for ketchup :-) I just wish the sections were a little bigger because if the food isn't cut up it overhangs. Overall a really fun and useful item!
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Sticky Mat Really Works!
By LNG706
from Brooklyn, New York
on October 26, 2018
I love how well the plate suctions to the table. It really seemed to keep my daughter from littering food all over the table! I do wish it was a little bigger/deeper - I kind of have to pile up the food for a meal so this plate would probably be better for a younger toddler who is not eating big meals yet! We'll still be able to use this a lot for snack time, especially with the dip compartment it's perfect for veggies and hummus. I had some difficulty getting the sticky mat part to come off so I could wash the plate, but that's my only real complaint.
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Good overall, doesn't work with some OXO stuff
By Greg
from Minneapolis, MN
on October 26, 2018
Works well as a plate, but does not stick to OXO sprout high chair, leading to kid constantly flipping and throwing food on floor.
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Works great on the proper surface
By ValNtina
from celina, texas
on October 26, 2018
My daughter likes walking around with her plate which then leads to spills all over the house. This suction plate has been great in reducing the amount of messes, however, it has to be used on the proper surface. It works great on our glass dining room table, but not on my daughter's textured plastic toddler table (it has a texture on it). Overall, I am satisfied with the product.
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Very Practical
By PamS
from Dallas, texas
on October 26, 2018
This plate with suction cup worked great on my son's high chair. The suction prevented him from throwing it on the floor when he was done eating.
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Great Suction - makes mealtime easier!
By RSPumpkin
from Detroit, MI
on October 26, 2018
This is awesome for any parent with children who eat in high chairs - the suction stopped my daughter from tossing around her plate and the dividers allowed me to portion different snacks - I would definitely recommend to parents with toddlers!
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Doesn't work on all surfaces.
By Harrigera
from undisclosed
on October 25, 2018
Sadly we have a wooden farmhouse table and this will not suction to it. However on the kitchen counter it works good. Another con is that even though you can't lift it straight up off the counter, it slides side to side very easily. A smart child might catch onto this and could simply slide the plate off the table if they wanted. We do not own a high chair, but I could see where this would work good because most high chair trays have edges around them to prevent things from sliding off.
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Couldn't be better
By Aleohansen
from Cleveland, Oh
on October 25, 2018
This plate has all the features you could possibly want from a suction plate. The suction holds strong against the child but is easily removed by the adult. The dividers serperate the food effectively but are easy to wash. This thing is durable too, I imagine that it will sustain quite a bit of abuse for years to come.
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Awesome plate for your little one!
By RyanMc
from Birmingham, AL
on October 25, 2018
This plate has worked out really well for us. We have a 13 month old and she has eaten well from this plate. The suction is completely different than any other type of plate we have and the way you remove the plate from the table is a little weird and takes some getting used to.

Con: The middle divider section seems unneeded for a child at 13 months. I guess if you have a kid that is old enough to dip french fries or chicken into a sauce that section would be useful.

Pros: The actual plate is a hard plastic that seems really durable. The plate holds quite a lot of food. The suction piece can be removed and washed separately from the plate.

Overall, this divided plate has been a nice addition to our house. I would probably buy more if needed in the future.
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Great for babies and toddlers!
By Jessmg01
from Los Angeles, CA
on October 23, 2018
When I first opened up the package I was skeptical that this plate would actually stick to the table. It has proved me wrong. It's the perfect size for little ones getting used to eating on their own, and it doesn't fall down when they inevitably swipe at it. Extremely useful in preventing major messes on the floor!
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Really sticks and stays!
By Cait520
from Long Island, NY
on October 23, 2018
I love the way this sticks to the high chair tray. I have tried other products that claim to stick but my son is able to remove them. This he can't pick up and throw. I also love the dividers and how easy it is to clean
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Great product for younger eaters
By kipr
from Bloomington, IN
on October 23, 2018
I was really excited to get this product because my almost two year old likes to throw her plates on the ground in the middle of eating. When I first opened it up it looked sturdy enough and I tried it myself. I had to put in some effort to get it off the table so I figured it would work for my child. Unfortunately, she is capable of taking the plate off the table, and her high chair, even with the suction. I think this would be a great product for a younger child who was not as strong. The label says for 6 months and up so I think if you used it closer to that range it would work exactly as intended.
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Reduces mess
By Lyanne92
from Phoenix, AZ
on October 23, 2018
I have a 3 year old and every time she eats, her food and plate slide all over the place. This plate sticks in place which make it a lot easier for her to scoop her food. There's still a mess but it's significantly less.
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Sticks Well
By mthom
from Olathe, KS
on October 23, 2018
This plate sticks well. My 11 month old was not able to remove it from her highchair tray. It cleans easy and I love that it is divided. It is the perfect size for my daughter's meals.
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Excellent product with only one minor flaw!
from Houston, TX
on October 22, 2018
This plate has been awesome for my 7 month old. I love that it has separate compartments so I can give him different foods and the curved edges makes it really easy for him to pick up food off the plate. The suction works really well and it is a great feature that the place to release the suction is hidden so he can't figure out how to lift it off. My only qualm with the plate is that while the suction is strong and he can't lift the plate, he can move it around the table and slide it off the edge, which releases the suction and can cause a mess. Luckily he hasn't figure that out yet. It isn't a problem when we use the plate on his high chair as it has lipped edges so it's not possible, but on our wooden table and our countertop it could happen. Other than that I am very pleased with the product and would definitely purchase more from this line of products. It's also really convenient that it is dishwasher and microwave safe. The bottom is easy enough to twist off to clean.
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By BRey
from New Jersey
on October 22, 2018
This is perfect for my baby girl. She is just starting to feed herself and she seems to do so with ease because of the edge of this plate. She's able to scoop with out everything sliding right off the plate and I am loving the suction feature. She isn't able to throw the plate off the high chair which though doesn't make our pup as happy it is great for me.
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No more spills!
By Susan K.
from Hewitt,NJ
on October 21, 2018
Loved how the base of the plate sticks to high chair surface or tabletop..no toddlers flipping dishes! I do think it could be a little deeper if I was to be super critical!
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Functional of the Best Quality
By Maria
from Monsey New York
on October 21, 2018
My oxo suction plate arrived a week ago this is making meal time so much more fun neat and easy my kids are obsessed with it and even ask for refills they keep counting the compartments and make sure I fill all of them with food
Thanks for making meal time less stressful
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Well Designed Plate
By Shell23
from San Diego, CA
on October 20, 2018
This plate sticks well to the high-chair tray or other table-top surface, but it is still easy for a non-baby to remove. My 10-month-old can easily pick up food items from it. I have wanted to try a divided plate for a while, and this one works great! I am impressed with the design and how the plate and suction part can easily come apart to be cleaned without having small crevices that trap food or water. I have hand-washed and put it in the dishwasher top rack - both work well. I would not recommend cutting anything on this plate because the material most likely would scratch, so just cut any food up into pieces before giving to your child on the plate.
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Not quite strong enough
By Deej
from Daytona Beach, Fl
on October 20, 2018
I got this separated bowl and was excited to try it. My 13 month old was able to quickly release the suction of the bowl which I expected. Honestly, my son has spilled every non spill cup we have and no suctioned bowl or plate has survived his tiny fingers. I think this bowl would be good for most kids. The suction seemed really good when I tried it myself. I love the sections in the bowl so that all his food doesn't run together. I would recommend this product.
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Kept the plate in place!
By andim
from Illinois
on October 19, 2018
I've tried a few other kinds of auction items to keep my kid's plates and bowls in place. Nothing worked great on the tray of the high chair because of size. This fit perfect on the high chair tray and successful stayed down when he tried to pick up the plate. Love the dividers for food as well.
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Great plate for my toddler
By Sam1011
from Chicago, IL
on October 19, 2018
I really like this plate! It sticks well to all sorts of surfaces (high chair, countertops, etc) and my toddler cannot move it! It comes apart easily for washing, and washed great on the top rack of the dishwasher. It was easy to put back together as well. I like that the actual plate itself is a hard plastic versus silicone. I wish it a little deeper for certain foods. But all in all, it's a decent size.
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Great for Little Eaters
By Jenna
from CT
on October 19, 2018
We're huge Oxo Tot fans and this plate is going to be another favorite for sure. The bottom suction pad is generously sized and makes this plate almost impossible to move! An adult can manage to move it, but for a little one, definitely not. We have a LOT of kids' plates and this by far stays put the best. The suction pad unscrews from the bottom for easy cleaning and I appreciate the center section for dips etc. because my toddler has to have dip with every meal! Love this so much now I want one in every color for my 3 kiddos!
Customer Images
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Tot stick and stay divided plate
By Patty51
from Mendota hts minn
on October 19, 2018
My nephew, who is 16 months old, loves to throw things off his high chair. Plates ,bowls, food and toys all hit the floor.the tot stick and stay divided plate really stays in place! It adheres to all types of surfaces and is easily released by adults. It is dishwasher safe and the divided plate and curved surface allow him to keep foods separate and helps him to pick up the food off the plate.
I can't speak to use over time, but based on two uses this is a winner product for me.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Wonderful Design!
By Lindsey2 1.
from Arlington, WA
on October 19, 2018
I received this plate to test and I have to say that I loved it! It suctions very easily and quickly to any solid surface and was the perfect size. My baby is 18 months and couldn't get this plate off the tray. It has four divided sections, which held enough food for my daughter. It is very easy to clean, which is always a plus for me! While it does suction easily, it slides around on the plastic high chair tray. I did try it on a wood dining table, and it doesn't slide at all. I can see this plate traveling well, as it's a great size for slipping into a diaper bag!
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Best For Baby's Firsts, Not Terrific for Toddlers
By ElishaM
from Raleigh, NC
on October 18, 2018
As an avid OXO fan, I was very excited to try this product. My 2-year-old uses a divided suction plate every day but, after using this plate for a week, I have given up for a few reasons:

#1 - The sections of the plate are small and too shallow. Most of the food (especially rice and couscous) easily spills over the sides and ends up on the table or the floor.

#2 - There are four sections on the plate. For a picky toddler who must have every section filled before he will eat anything, this means more planning for Mama and Daddy. Three sections would be enough for detail-oriented toddlers.

#3 - Our toddler sits at the table, not in a high chair and the plate sits up to high off the table for him to reach.

On the flip side, it's very easy to clean and it REALLY does stick to any surface. It's very stable but, overall, not the right design for our family.
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Great for little ones!
By HNierhaus73
from Kopperl tx
on October 18, 2018
I got this for my grandkids when they come to visit and its wonderful! I don't have to worry about plates falling or getting pushed off the table! The high sides make it easy for the little ones to scoop up all the food without being messy! I recommend this to everyone!
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