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OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser - Green

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Diapers, wipes, powders, creams and a little one wriggling around on your changing table is a lot to handle! Simplify your diaper changing routine by keeping wipes conveniently within reach, with one-handed accessibility. The OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser opens with a simple push on the lid and allows you to easily remove one wipe at a time through a weighted interior plate that keeps the rest of the pile perfectly in place. No more fishing around in a disposable package; the next wipe will always be ready and waiting. The Dispenser lid seals in freshness with a silicone gasket ensuring that wipes stay moist and gentle for your little one. The Dispenser fits all pre-packaged, pop-up style wipes, up to a 100-count package, and can also be used for cloth wipes. A weighted plate and non-slip feet both help keep the Dispenser in place on your changing table or on top of the toilet tank when your little one transitions to flushable wipes. A clear front window lets you know when it’s time to stock up on more wipes, polished plastic is easy to wipe clean and its sleek white design goes with any decor. When it comes to diaper changing, the OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser is the next best thing to an extra pair of hands!

  • One-handed usage makes changing time a breeze
  • Weighted plate dispenses one wipe at a time and keeps the next wipe ready, upright and waiting
  • Dispenser lid opens with a simple push
  • Silicone gasket in lid keeps wipes fresh and moist
  • Non-slip feet and weighted plate keep Dispenser in place on changing table or back of toilet
  • Clear indicator window on front
  • Easy-to-clean polished plastic construction
  • Fits up to 100 wipes
  • Can also be used with cloth wipes
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Verified Buyer
Just Okay
April 13, 2023
This was okay for us. We use Honest wipes, and the plastic flap in Honest packaging doesn’t fit with the weight in this dispenser.
Verified Buyer
Keeps wipes wet!
March 23, 2022
Love that this keeps wipes wet and keeps them from bunching together!
Bobbi J.
Butler, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
February 5, 2022
We love this product. Keeps wipes wet and the weighted top insert is great.
Verified Buyer
A wipe dispensing MUST
March 3, 2021
This wipe dispenser has been such a great addition to our nursery. Keeps wipes fresh and easy to open. Just one hand needed to open and close.
Verified Buyer
High Quality
December 4, 2019
This holder is quite heavy, but high quality. I like it. Always a fan of OXO.
Jason F.
Verified Buyer
Very convenient
October 31, 2019
Well built and makes it easy to grab wipes with one hand
Los Angeles, CA
Not just for tots
September 18, 2019
Good dispenser for baby wipes OR "flushable" wipes. The thing that appeals the most is the simple, minimal design that doesn't look silly sitting out in the open. I also appreciate the window that gives you a peek inside to see how full the dispenser is, and the product feels well constructed.
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Suffolk, VA
The Wipe Preserver
June 3, 2019
I've had flushable wipes placed within the dispenser for about a month now, and it retains the moisture pretty well. The intermediate lid gasket is thick/pliable enough to properly seal when shut.The sight window adds a nice touch and serves as a reminder to refill when wipes are running low. Another plus about the dispenser is that the weighted piece that sits above the wipes does a good job with pulling the wipes one at a time. One gripe about the dispenser is that it lacks shock resistance. I've dropped the dispenser off my coffee table and sectional couch which both are roughly 16" above my carpeted floor, and most of the time the dispenser would pop open. Side and lid impacts resulted in higher lid openings when compared to straight falls. Overall, the dispenser is a nice addition to the household. I will test how good the dispenser performs when left in a car next. Stayed tuned.
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Heavy but nice
June 1, 2019
This is a nice and sturdy wipes dispenser but is very heavy.
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Everett, WA
Great idea!
May 18, 2019
My husband had been regularly mentioning how he disliked pulling multiple wipes out at a time, of our usual wipes brand. This wipe dispenser has calmed him down! It works well the majority of the time, a little less so as you get to the bottom or try to pull them out in a big hurry. My only real complaint is that it's quite large a bulky, it doesn't fit on the shelves we usually keep our wipes on. We love it otherwise!
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San Diego, CA
Sleek and functional!
May 15, 2019
I enjoyed how good looking this dispenser look in my bathroom... I no longer have to pick up my regular wipes and open/tear apart the packing for each use. I simply just place it on the floor and tap the lid and it'll open up for easy usage! Maybe just a small set back, the interior piece that hold down the wipes can be made to be a little wider so that way I feel my wipes won't air out and dry even though with the lid closed that won't happen for a long time but something to keep in mind if oxo wants to make further better changes in the future.
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Smithfield, UT
Only requires one hand!
May 12, 2019
This a something very helpful for diaper stations and beyond. It only requires one hand which always appreciate. It's sturdy and works every time. It keeps the wipes from drying out and is so easy to refill.
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Minneapolis, Mn
Love the one-touch open
May 3, 2019
Love the one touch open & easy close; the simple design; and the weight, ensuring you just pull one wipe at a time. Would definitely recommend!
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Upstate NY
Great for use anywhere
May 1, 2019
We love these wipes dispensers! They're easy to use, whether you are wrangling a wiggling baby or doing a quick diaper change in the car. They're easy enough for an adult to open with an elbow, but just hard enough that a smaller toddler can't help themselves. I highly recommend them.
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Best invention ever!
May 1, 2019
This wipe dispenser is choice. I've never had a better wipe experience in my life. When I reach for a wipe the dispenser doesn't come with like it does when I keep them in their traditional pacakging. I love how it looks near our changing table and I've already ordered another one!
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Evergreen M.
Seattle, Washington
One-handed tricks with Oxo's Wipes Dispenser!
May 1, 2019
We got the Oxo Tot Perfectpull Wipes Dispenser to help with our newborn. It's sturdy, easy to keep clean and stays put when pulling out a wipe.

The dispenser is easy to use on a hard or soft surface and survived very thorough testing by a 4.5 year old! It's easy to open the lid and pull out a wipe with one hand thanks to the non-slip feet and the weighted plate which weighs 10.4 ounces (close to the weight of two baseballs or 1.5 softballs). We've found that the weighted part moves around a little when pulling out a wipe, so some of our family members prefer to keep the wipes in their original packaging.

Wipes can go into the dispenser in the original soft packaging or taken out and put straight in the dispenser. We easily fit a pack of 64 wipes. I left the wipes in the packaging and enlarged the packaging hole a bit so they came out easier. The seal on the dispenser keeps the wipes moist when the lid is closed and the gasket is easy to clean. The window is nice, but really isn't necessary because you see the weight go down as you use wipes.

When we first got the dispenser, we had to use adhesive remover to get all of the sticker off the top but once it was clean, we had no complaints.
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Santa Monica, CA
Does the trick!
April 30, 2019
The wipe dispenser is great - it does exactly what you hope it will but it is essentially a weight inside of the outer box. So as your pack of wipes gets used, the weight inside falls low. I expected the dispenser to keep the wipe pack in place and ensure that (even when the wipes get low) the pull is still perfect. Because the weight isn't fixed, the pull through isn't as seamless as a cleaning wipe tub, for example. That said, the dispenser could fit any brand of wipes and isn't an eyesore. I use it to wipe my dog down every time he walks in with dirty paws. Does the trick!
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awesome wipe dispenser!
April 27, 2019
I am actually impressed with this wipes dispenser! I haven't tried one before, but I love this one! It is VERY easy to use! That is a MUST when you have kids! The lid pops open easily and the wipes actually come out super easily.. you can do it one handed! There is a weighted plate inside that only dispenses one wipe at a time, so you don't grab too many and waste them. It makes life easier, because you don't have to worry about having to take multiple wipes apart while trying to wrangle your kiddo! There is also a silicone ring around the top of it that keeps the wipes fresh and moist! That is a must for me! Dry wipes just can't happen when you are changing a messy diaper!

The casing is made from plastic, but it is a heavy duty plastic. It really is made well! This dispenser also has a little window in the front so you can see how many wipes are left in it! I LOVE that about it! It's nice to know when you are running out so you can put more in there BEFORE they run out!

Another thing that I love about it, is how well it was packaged when I received it! It was packed well and didn't break or scratch in transit. That made me happy. I am just all around happy with this product. I would for sure recommend it to anyone with kids! It is a very nice product!

Pros: quality, silicone, weighted plate
Cons: none!
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Athens Ga
Well Made Product
April 25, 2019
This is really well made and it looks like it will keep our wipes from drying out. I am so glad I got it.
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Perfect for my classroom!
April 24, 2019
This has solved a huge problem in my kindergarten classroom: dried out wipes! There are several times a day when one of my little friends gets sticky fingers, and wipes are the quickest thing to use. It's been so hard for them to get a single wipe out, much less reseal the package. This product has eliminated that! They can get them out so easily and we haven't wasted a single wipe! Great product!
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Lunenburg, MA
Changing Station Must Have!
April 24, 2019
We loved this product so much for our first child that we have purchased a second for our soon-to-arrive baby. This dispenser has just the right amount of weight to it that allows for wipes to be easily pulled out. We use strictly pampers wipes and they fit wonderfully, but I cannot comment on its compatibility with other brands. We also love the sleek look of this product that blends nicely with our minimalist nursery.
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Williamsburg, VA
Heavy duty!
April 24, 2019
I got this a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! I wish I would have discovered it sooner, but better late than never! This wipe dispenser is great quality and works really well! I love the fact that there is a weighted piece inside to go over the wipes so when you pull them, only one comes out at a time, makes diaper changing so much easier for me especially if I need to quickly grab a wipe! The lid is a push top so with one click it opens easily which is also a convenient feature! It is a little too large for me to put in the diaper bag and would definitely make the diaper bag much heavier to carry, so I personally would not recommend this specific dispenser for travel (unless you don't mind having a heavy/large diaper bag) but overall I'm incredibly happy with this product.
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Bardstown, Ky
Worked, but could be a little better
April 24, 2019
I actually liked the OXO Tot Perfectpull wipes dispenser. Being able to use the wipe dispenser one handed was extremely convenient! The dispenser was so easy to use you only need one finger to open or close it, and when you close it, you hear a small "click" and it locks the lid into place. The dispenser itself is very sturdy, thick, and seems like it's really well made. It does have a little weight to it. I put an entire pack of 52 full size wipes in it, and it still had room for a little more, so the 72 pack should work fine in it as well. I loved that it had a little indicator window in the front, you can clearly tell how close you are to running out. Usually I have a problem keeping wipes wet after first opening, because sometimes the closure on the original pack doesn't want to stay snapped shut- I didn't have this problem with the PerfectPull dispenser. There is a gasket around the seal, and it does keep the wipes fresh and wet! The only thing that I felt could be a little better was the weight that sits on top of the wipes. All it does it sit on top of the stack, and you pull the wipe through it one handed. It was weighted enough that it worked, but I felt like it could have had a little more weight to that part. Sometimes when I would go to pull the wipe out too fast, it would pull the weight up and it would fall out. I wish the weight was connected somewhere to the actual dispenser than just sitting on the stack. But overall, this dispenser is as easy to use one handed as it claims, and I would recommend it to all my multi-tasking moms out there!
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Los Angeles, CA
Simple, great product!
April 24, 2019
The weighted piece that goes over the wipes actually works! It really helps you pull out only one wipe at a time without ripping them. I'm always frustrated by the manufacturers' packaging that always seems to make me tear the wipes or pull out too many. This is a great solution. Plus, it looks clean and sleek in any bathroom!
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Waynesboro VA
Great wipes container
April 24, 2019
I really like this wipes container! It's made well, easy to open/close, and dispenses one wipe at a time. Thanks Oxo!
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Ricky G.
Hollywood Fl
Modern look
April 24, 2019
A great item . It is like a part of my decor in my bathroom now . The push top opens right up and is ready for dispensary. Very nice modern look.
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North Carolina
Great wipes dispenser
April 24, 2019
I've only been using this dispenser for a short time, but so far I am very impressed. It feels very substantial and the seal seems to work well to keep the wipes moist. I keep this on my kitchen table for quick mess clean up and it looks so much sleeker than my old tub of wipes. The push to open top and the non-skid bottom make it easy to grab wipes with one hand. The weight inside does a decent job of dispensing wipes one at a time but I've found it works better when you pull the wipes slowly. If I'm frantically yanking out wipes as my toddler throws spaghetti at the dog it will tend to release 3 or 4 wipes in one pull. Although who am I kidding, I needed at least 3 wipes to clean up that mess anyway!
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Columbus, Oh
Not a baby must have
April 24, 2019
I have been using the Perfect pull wipes dispenser for over a week now. The one touch to open is nice and and the size is sleek and fits two packages of wipes at a time. My baby is getting squirmy during changes so the one wipe at time is appealing. However the steal plate that is supposed to hold the wipes down often lifts and moves around and becomes cumbersome when trying to pull a wipe out. The idea is great but the execution is not quite there.
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La Grange Park, IL
A great option for non re-sealable wipes
April 24, 2019
After mistakenly opening a pack of wipes that did not have a resealable top that I received as a gift I quickly realized I needed a product to stop them from drying out. This product solved that problem! You just plop the whole bag in and you're good to go. There is a weighted piece you place on top to aid in wipes coming out one at a time. I would say this occurred 9 times out of 10. Sometimes the next wipe wasn't readily available though so I had to dig at it. The size of the entire box fits in the top drawer of my child's dresser which I was surprised about since this drawer is not as tall as the others. Overall a great product if you need something to contain wipes that are not re-sealable. That being said, I will only be buying wipes that have resealable tops in the future.
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Bayside, NY
Verified Buyer
Does the job
February 8, 2019
I have 2 of these now, easy to take out wipes with just one hand. For the most part, it does pull out just 1 wipe each time but not always. Small annoyance though. I like having it to use with refill packs that I buy since they dont come with a tub or dispenser.
Tucson, Arizona
Verified Buyer
Wipe dispenser
January 2, 2019
Easy one handed open and close. Definitely not a “perfect pull” every time as the name suggests but this is the best dispenser I’ve found and I now own two of them.
Verified Buyer
July 13, 2018
Perfect item to have on our changing table. Allows us to conveniently use different brand wipes due to being a generic dispenser. Sleek look and easy to clean
New York
Verified Buyer
July 18, 2017
Very easy to use. The weight inside holds the wipes. Perfect size, holds lot of wipes.
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