Nuna 2019 Cudl Baby Carrier Review

Nuna Cudl Infant Carrier
Reviews, Ratings, Price and Release Date for 2019

If you’ve recently become a parent, grandparent or caregiver, chances are that you’ve heard a little something about Nuna’s super lightweight car seats and luxe stroller options. To learn more about Nuna’s awesome family of products, click here.

Now Nuna is introducing a brand new category of product ? fanfare music ? an infant baby carrier, the Nuna Cudl! We scored a sneak peak and are ready to spill the beans.

The Nuna Cudl spent three years in product development, and boy, that attention to detail and commitment to innovation show. The Cudl is a three-position ergonomic carrier (front facing in, front facing out, back) that sports an integrated infant booster and built-in hood for snoozing. And prepare to have your mind blown: Where you may expect a buckle for adjustment, there are safety tested MAGNETS.

More Nuna Cudl features we ♥

  • No additional accessories are required to carry newborns, so the Cudl is ready to wear with tiny squishes, right out of the box.
  • Perfect fit adjusters on the front of the shoulder straps make repositioning for breastfeeding super easy.
  • Every Cudl comes with two organic bibs that soothe teething baby’s gums and keep your carrier (relatively) tidy.
  • An ample zippered pocket on the waistband stores keys, phones, chocolate... Whatever gets you through the day.
  • Both the waistband AND shoulder straps are secured before positioning baby, so it’s a great first carrier for babywearing newbies who are learning the ropes and building their confidence.
The Nuna Cudl has a tentative launch date of early 2019. If your due date isn’t cooperating with that timeline, click here to check out comparable carrier options.

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