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Micralite ProFold Compact Lightweight Stroller in Carbon

Share Micralite ProFold Compact Lightweight Stroller in Carbon

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Please note: This item is NOT car seat compatible.

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Very compact stroller
By Jenny
from NYC
on January 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
I adore this stroller. It doesn't take up a lot of room in my apartment. It works from newborn up to toddler. Easy to fold and not too heavy to carry. It's not a wide stroller or bulky. Very narrow stroller, perfect for getting on and off the train or going thru crowds
Great lightweight stroller
By Ashley
from Florida
on December 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
I keep this in my car at all times. Great easy access to fold and unfold. Very lightweight. This was my stroller after I no longer needed the double of my uppababy Vista.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact folding
  • Easy steering
  • Seat bar does not attach partially, so you have to remember to keep it in car
  • Not a lot of real estate for Cup holders
Micralite Profold
By Jamie
from Tacoma, WA
on December 13, 2021
Verified Buyer
LOVE how easy it is to put up and break down. Extremely lightweight. Space saving. Highly recommend.
Perfect for travel and shopping
By Stanna
from Rego Park, Queens, New York
on November 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
I'm loving this purchase! I bought this for baby's first flight (didn't want to travel with and check our full sized stroller), but I've found that I really love it in general and have been using it quite a bit in regular day-to-day use. It replaced an umbrella stroller that was way too long for my car's oddly configured trunk. It is great for quick trips to the market. The basket is pretty roomy and the stroller rolls like a dream through cramped aisles.
  • Sturdy and well made. Doesn't feel flimsy at all. Great suspension with good cushion that's easy to steer. Has locking front weeks for gravel roads, which isn't something I've seen with other company strollers.
  • The canopy looks snazzy, offers ample coverage, and has a nice ventilation panel. I like that there is a large pocket on the back for phone, keys, etc. That's very convenient.
  • Nice sized basket. I can fit a couple days worth of groceries, easily. Great for quick runs to the supermarket (especially if yours has small aisles, like mine).
  • Easy one-handed fold and open.
  • Very compact. I can fit it in the leg space between my baby's car seat and the front passenger seat or in the trunk with plenty of room to spare. It also fit in the overhead bin when flying Southwest US domestic and under an Amtrak roomette seat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with cool extras like a raincover, shoulder strap, and a hidden bassinet bunting that stowes under the leg rest.
  • Price is amazing considering the quality.
Best Uses
  • Flights, train travel, small vehicle travel, shopping in tight shops.
  • Not infant car seat compatible like the Contours Bitsy.
  • The belly bar is situated in a way where you can put baby in without removing it, but it doesn't have a hinge.
  • The harness padding is useless. It falls off so easily. I just took mine off altogether.
  • Due to the compact fold, you can't attach a universal cup holder unless you take it off whenever you fold up the stroller.
Great for Travel
By Nicole
from South Carolina
on October 24, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought this stroller two months ago to travel by plane alone with my 8-month-old. It arrived quickly and was very easy to put together. I was impressed with everything that came with the stroller (Rain Cover, Shoulder Strap, Detachable Bumper Bar, and Mesh Foot Guard). I loved how far back it reclined and the one-handed fold. It is perfectly lightweight and the back pocket was great for having a place to carry my phone. The undercarriage is larger than most lightweight compact strollers and was easy to access. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • - Easy to fold
  • - Lightweight
  • - Large undercarriage w/ easy access
  • - Lots of included accessories
  • - Small when folded
  • - Stands up on its own when folded
  • - Reclines almost flat
  • - Easy to maneuver one-handed
  • - Easy to lock
  • - Large canopy that extends far
Best Uses
  • Best for travel and day outings that include public transportation. Would not use on rougher terrain than a paved sidewalk.
  • - Feels flimsy (although it is most likely the carbon lightweight build)
  • - Clip to secure the fold does not always latch properly
  • - At upmost recline setting, not as upright as I would like
  • - Shoulder strap slides along the bar, making carrying stroller unbalanced
  • - As mentioned, no cup holder
Perfect lay flat option
By Ramona
from US
on August 25, 2021
Verified Buyer
I needed a lightweight travel stroller for our upcoming europe trip. My son easily sleeps in the stroller but wants to lay flat. Theres not many that you can lay completely flat. Also the sunshade has a good size. Folding is as simple as it could and with the shoulderstraps easy to carry. Even a raincover is included. The suspension makes it comfortable to use too. Toddler is happy, so is mom
  • Lay flat
  • Suspension
  • Sun shade
  • Lay area could be a tiny bit longer
Love this travel stroller!
By Samantha
from Fayetteville, AR
on August 6, 2021
Verified Buyer
I can't stop talking about this travel stroller with others, and I have recommended it so many times, even after only having it for a few months. We've taken it on two round-trip flight adventures (two flights each way, so 4 layovers) and used it around town on our trips as well as at home.

Customer Images
  • - It is super easy to fold down, and I love that it stands up on its own. One of the trips I was traveling solo with our 10 month old, and both features were important when I was holding baby in one arm and needed to open or close the stroller with the other hand.
  • - It rolls surprisingly smoothly for having such small wheels. I was interested in the suspension feature, and I really do think it makes a difference on bumpy sidewalks.
  • - The storage basket underneath is roomy. We could fit his diaper bag, our Ergo carrier, and a couple of other loose things like a water bottle when walking through the airport.
  • - The fact that it can both sit upright and recline all the way is awesome. At one point, we reclined it all the way to get baby to sleep while we just walked the airport during a layover.
  • - I like that the foot rest for baby can be flat or angled.
  • - The height of the handle seems to be just right, though both of us are of fairly average height.
Best Uses
  • Airplane travel
  • Keeping in your car
  • Simple around-town errands
  • - The gray cover does slide some, so my little one was slouching at times, but that's also how he tends to sit in our jogging stroller as well. A little annoying, but not a deal breaker. You might be able to just use the stroller without that cover if it bothers you, though I love how easy it is to clean if you are using that seat cover.
  • - The foot brake, as others mentioned, can be in the way if you aren't careful, but we learned pretty quickly how to walk without kicking it. It wasn't a huge deal.
  • - The gray pad that covers the crotch buckle isn't attached to anything, and it fell off the first flight we took it on. Kind of a bummer, but not essential to have. I wish I would have buckled all of the straps together before folding it up so that it didn't get lost.
  • - The part of the stroller to grab as a handle when it is folded is not obvious, so the employees loading the stroller would often grab the wrong handle and it would come unfolded. I started asking the attendant at the gate to put the tag on the handle (even though it's kind of hard to reach under the seat when the stroller is unfolded) to help make it more obvious where to grab it once it was folded. I also considered wrapping the handle in brightly colored duct tape but didn't get around to it before we left.
Good for travel
By Alicia
from Boise, Idaho
on June 2, 2021
Verified Buyer
Nice compact and durable stroller! Travels well and has lots of features that you might not see on other compact strollers.
  • Lots of features, folds easily, compact
  • The insert cushion/liner doesn't attach to the bottom so it does flop around a bit, slightly heavy.
Compact and stylish
By Maureen
from San Francisco
on June 2, 2021
Verified Buyer
Surprisingly compact. It folds easily and can be stored anywhere. Itís light but durable. I love the fact that it fold down pretty flat so that my LO can sleep easily. Love this stroller!
Love this stroller!
By Nicole
from Pittsburgh, PA
on May 27, 2021
Verified Buyer
I wanted a compact size stroller to take with us to Disney and after a lot of research decided to get this one. We were a little nervous with the limited ratings but all I have to say was it is amazing! We added a stroller bag to the back and it was perfect for what we needed. Only thing that kind of stinks is the placement of the brake but even that is a minor thing. The brake is easy to use but is only one step pedal in the middle of the stroller so sometimes you can accidentally catch it when you are walking. Everyone who helped us though said how nice this was. So glad we got it!
  • - very compact and folds down very small (we were able to carry onto a plane and it stored above us)
  • - so smooth
  • - has a belly bar that although small made me feel a little better for my little one.
Best Uses
  • Travelling
  • Using if you need extra space in your trunk.
  • - middle brake
  • - no cup holder or tray
Good push and suspension, ok seat
By Maria
from Colorado, USA
on May 21, 2021
Verified Buyer
I'm not super experienced in light strollers, but I can say this stroller is well built. We got this and the City Tour 2 and returned the Tour 2 in favor of this one. It handles great, much easier fold system and brakes. The hardware works smoothly, at least for now. Love the extra large canopy with large peekaboo / vent window. The basket is sturdier, about the same size, not very big but good enough for the diaper bag and a couple more things. It has great push and suspension, so easy. Seriously, we just took it over grass and some bumps and our little guy wasn't phased by it. Nor were we. Just smooth. Better than our Chicco Bravo which is being sold because it was the first we bought when we didn't know better, and we have a better full size one. Anyway, what's not great about the Micralite Profold is the seat is kind of flimsy and small. Too open on the sides. There's a liner with a cozy side and a more breathable mesh side. It's cool but it moves a bit as the baby moves. He doesn't seem very comfortable and slouches a bit. He wasn't complaining though, so that's good. Also, I don't love the loose fabric + pocket behind the seat, which is still loose when you collapse the stroller, until you play with it and the Velcro. It's a bit silly, they could have done better with that. The seat reclining is also a bit difficult to adjust, the clip doesn't slide smoothly along the strap. All in all, an almost great portable stroller. Maybe I'm too picky and I haven't seen the Yoyo or the Uppababy Minu, so I can't compare with those. But the price is right, I only paid a bit over $100, and hopefully it'll work well during our trip to Spain. Very excited about being able to put it in the overhead bin in the plane, as we have a short layover and don't want to have to check it.
Customer Images
Folds up as described!
By Kateri
from Arlington, VA
on April 19, 2021
Verified Buyer
We were so excited to get this on a Albee Baby sale! We have traveled with two other larger strollers, and decided that Micralite ProFold would be perfect for airplane and car travel because it is so compact. It took us a few tries to get the hang of closing up the stroller, but it was pretty easy once we figured it out. The closed stroller does have a truly small footprint and it stands up by itself. I also love the suspension on the wheels and haven't seen any other small strollers will similar suspension!
Just fantastic!
By Raluca
from Strongsville, OH
on March 28, 2021
Verified Buyer
We love love this product. So easy to handle and a ton of functionality.
Great suspension
By Janice
from Malibu CA
on March 17, 2021
Verified Buyer
I really like this stroller. Itís compact enough for what I was looking for, for trunk space. It folds down smooth and maneuvers good too. Itís good quality. I got this specifically because it has the handle bad. Other compact strollers donít or you have to buy the attachment. Plus i wanted something comparable to baby zen. I havenít had the brake issue where you lock it while tripping on it. So hope it stays that way. 5/5
Will be returning
By Arielle
from Indiana
on February 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
We ordered the Micralite ProFold after doing tons of research on travel strollers. It seemed like it had most of what we are looking for, it maneuvers easily, we love the shocks on the back so it takes bumps really well. It collapses small, which was important to us. The sunshade is decent, not as big as others weíve seen on the market though. The cons are that my son slides down and is slouching which looks very uncomfortable. The biggest issue for us is that our diaper bags donít fit, which defeats the purpose for us of spending the money on a travel stroller. I have a Fawn Design that doesnít fit at all, and my husband has a backpack style that fits when completely empty but not full. We wouldnít want to carry a bag around Disney World or the Zoo all day long therefor we will be returning this stroller. If you have a bag wider than 10Ē this probably wonít work for you.
Customer Images
Very convenient
By Samantha
from Buffalo
on February 12, 2021
Verified Buyer
We love how light weight and convenient this stroller is. Takes up very few space in our car as well, perfect travel. My only issue is I wish the buckle situation was easier to work with. Hard to loosen buckle for growing babies.
Compact and Comfy
By Jen
from Texas
on February 10, 2021
Verified Buyer
Iíve been searching for a travel stroller that was a one handed fold, yet had enough features for daily use if needed. Iíve owned 3 other travel strollers that were more compact, but none had a one handed fold, which I wanted for faster loading. This met all the requirements and more! Way smoother push than the other strollers that were all more expensive. Love this find!
  • Smooth push
  • Lightweight
  • One handed fold
I like it but could be better
By SV0122
from West Des Moines, Iowa
on January 12, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought the Micralite compact stroller because I needed one that would fit in my car without taking too much room when running errands and groceries. This stroller is perfectly compact to fit in the backseat of my car. Opening and closing is a breeze using one hand. The canopy is so big it is great for blocking light. It reclines back and the leg rest lifts up for a fully flat ride. The handle bar is removable, I use it all the time to place toys. The storage basket is very functional and it comes with a storage pouch too. I've been able to store a small sling diaper bag and a roll up diaper changing pad on the bottom, and in the storage pouch I keep the rain cover and put my phone and keys if I'm not carrying a purse.
Things I don't like- back of the seat is kinda floppy and there is always a slight recline to it, my toddler likes to be higher up but he relaxes after a while. The expandable canopy zipper got stuck so I can't expand it without compromising it. The padded crotch part doesn't stay attached, it fell out as I was opening the stroller. I ended up keeping it in the storage pouch. All in all, it is a nice looking compact lightweight stroller that meets our needs.
  • Lightweight
  • One hand open and close
  • Compact closure that stands alone
  • Flip-flop friendly breaks
  • Large canopy
  • Flat recline
  • Seat has soft material
  • Big storage basket for compact stroller
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • Back of seat flimsy
By Dina O.
from Bonney lake,wa
on August 5, 2020
Verified Buyer
Makes baby slouch. He always seems like heís trying to pull himself up.
At 8 months old his head already passes the top of the back rest...a toddler would definitely not fit in here
great quality!
By Zerlina
from NY
on October 2, 2019
Verified Buyer
I've been looking for a stroller for NYC daycare drop off, had to meet following requirements: true one hand fold, compact, large basket, comfy seat, sturdy wheels with supensions. I looked around for a while and no stroller on the market really met all of these requirements except the micralite pro fold. We've been using it for over a month now and are very happy with it. Strangely it does not seem to be very widespread in the US market, it should!
Love this stroller!!!!!
By Monika
from Ridgewood Queens
on August 27, 2019
Verified Buyer
It took a lot of research to find the right stroller. The most important factors for me were for the stroller to be LIGHTWEIGHT , EASY TO FOLD, RECLINE so my daughter could nap comfortably A LARGE CANOPY to block from the sun/wind. This stroller is amazing!!! I was a bit skeptical to order this stroller as it was only available online. I went to the store to compare all the lightweight strollers available and microlite profold by far is the best and came with a rain cover!! The all wheel suspension makes pushing the stroller easy and smooth just glides on NYC street bumps
Customer Images
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Large canopy
  • All wheel suspension
  • Flat recline
  • Rain cover!!!!

2 Questions & 2 Answers
from Rochester, Michigan asked:
June 17, 2020
Is this compatible with nuna pipa lite?
The ProFold stroller is not car seat compatible.
Submitted by: Albee Baby on June 17, 2020

from Lafayette, LA asked:
July 17, 2019
How tall is the seat back?

Seat width: 30cm

Seat depth (to calf support): 21cm

Seat depth (to end of calf support): 37cm

Seat Back height: 40cm

Submitted by: Ilan Liipper on July 18, 2019

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