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Keekaroo Cafe Portable Booster Chair - Raspberry

This item is discontinued.
The caf? booster seat by keekaroo is the hot item every parent will have to have. An exclusive design process manufactured in the USA makes this booster seat soft-to-the-touch. Made with a latex free seamless material, caf? boosters are the child booster seats that are guaranteed to be peel-resistant and tear-resistant. Not only are the baby seats resistant to tears and peels, they are also impermeable to fluids. Your children can sit in the caf? booster, spill food and drinks all day and the mess will remain on the surface. They have been tested by the messiest eaters. The caf? boosters are easy to clean, easy to use toddler booster seats that can be used with most dining room chairs. The caf? booster will keep your child sitting comfortably and safely with the skid resistant textured bottom and security straps, making it easy to use on any chair. The 3 point safety belt buckles your child in for a wild dinnertime ride. The caf? booster provides comfort for your child with the quality keekaroo products boast.
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Alexandria, Virginia
Verified Buyer
love keekaroo
December 17, 2018
we bought this for my son because we had the peanut changer, now my daughter insists on having one too. Great booster, easy to clean, comfy for the kids, and easy install.
Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
The best!
September 13, 2018
We started with the Peanut changer and it was one of our favorite purchases. So when it came time for a booster this was the only one I wanted. So easy to attach, remove and clean.
Verified Buyer
Perfect for a picky toddler
May 21, 2018
My daughter refused to remain seated on any of the booster seats that we tested at Babies R Us. However, she loves our Keekaroo changer, so I decided to give this one a try. Verdict - She loves it! We have had many happy meals with this booster so far and it is easy to clean. The only downside is that the security straps are too short to fit around our super fat dining chairs.
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Security straps are too short to fit around our super fat dining chairs.
Fremont, CA
Handy and helpful booster
August 7, 2015
We recently bought this booster seat and it has been such a great addition. For one, when other baby friends come over, they have a booster they can use. When we go out to eat, this actually works a lot better than restaurant high chairs that my daughter can shimmy out of and stand up in. She is held securely in the cafe booster and it is soft so I don't worry whether she is comfortable. We've gotten many compliments on the booster from other parents who wanted to get it as well.
Best Uses
  • Travel, Restaurants, Friends coming over
Memphis, Tenn.
Verified Buyer
Perfecet Booster Seat
January 2, 2015
We needed a narrower booster seat to sit atop a bar stool, and after trying others we went with this one in black. It is soft, easy to clip and unclip and wash off. We're really happy with this purchase.
Rochester NY
Great seat!
November 13, 2014
I love this booster! I had originally purchased a different one and my son refused to use it after about a week, he actually sits in the keekaroo and is happy about it. The straps are very secure and very long so it should fit all chairs. If you decide to not use the straps the booster still stays put on wooden chairs, my son is super wiggly and it doesn't budge. One of my favorite things about this chair is that it is extremely easy to keep clean! The other booster that I bought looked filthy after the week (even though I wiped it with a washcloth after each meal). I only wipe down the keekaroo at the end of the day and it still looks new after a month and half of constant use.
Blacksburg, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Beautiful seat lacking safety
August 22, 2014
I'll begin with a warning-- I saw a review warning me that the latch on this seat was very easy for the child to undo, but I disregarded it as a child who was just too smart when it came to buckles. However, the buckle on this seat IS NOT going to keep your child in their seat if they have ANY interest in playing with buckles. My daughter loves buckles, but can never undo the type that must be pinched from either side to slide out. However, this buckle (as you can see in the photo) is a simple button that needs only a very gentle touch to open. Pros: Blends in to the furniture rather than standing out.Looks visually appealing and modern.Comfortable and soft to the touch (even more so than the "bumbo")Black buckles and straps don't look dirtyNice straps and a "sticky" material that keep the seat from sliding around on the chairOnce child is old enough you could remove all straps and just use as a "sticky" booster.Low profile to slide under table easilyEasy to wipe downConsThe buckle is USELESS for most children old enough to be in a booster (IMO)The hole in the crotch allows lots of food to fall through so normally I just lift it slightly and sweep most of it out, but occasionally it must be unstrapped and truly cleaned.I wanted a seat that would allow me to remove the buckle altogether and still keep the straps for attaching to the chair and I honestly couldn't figure out if this seat had this feature or not from the reviews. It does NOT allow that, but the center clip can be pushed into the hole and the side straps can be tucked out of the way if they aren't needed.If the Bumbo booster was still made in brown, I would probably have chosen it over the more expensive Keekaroo, but alas, they have discontinued that color. I would, however, suggest if you don't mind the wild colors that you go with the Bumbo. My vanity is prompting me to keep the Keekaroo for the Brown color, but I'm definitely not 100% satisfied with it as keeping that silly buckle clipped is a CONSTANT topic of conversation at our dinner table.
  • visually appealing and modern
  • comfortable and soft to the touch
  • black buckles and straps don't look dirty
  • very secure on the chair
  • all straps can be removed for older children
  • low profile
  • easy to wipe down
  • buckle is USELESS
  • hole in the crotch allows lots of food to fall through
  • child straps are attached to the chair straps
merrimack NH
Verified Buyer
Excellent choice for my 2 1/2 yr old grandson.
January 29, 2014
My grandson seems comfortable, at a great height to be part of the meal, and everything was easy to set up, buckle himand clean up.
  • Material is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Comes in great colors
Best Uses
  • Dining and table activities
  • A little pricey
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