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Joovy Nook High Chair in White Leatherette

This item is discontinued.
The Joovy Nook is amazing! It has clean lines and is very unobtrusive. It wipes down easily and you can take the entire seat cover off and put it in the washer and dryer. The tapestry fabric is also washable. It folds completely flat with one hand. The Nook's swing open tray makes it easy to store the tray and to put your child in and out of the high chair. It is simple and easy. Plus, the tray has a removable tray on top that can be easily popped off and rinsed after a messy meal (it's dishwasher safe too). The top tray is a lifesaver, making food disappear before it makes the transition from eating to wearing, instantly leaving a clean tray for a book, toy or clean second course.
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Carrollton, TX
Verified Buyer
Eady to use
May 18, 2020
Easy to use comfortable seat but difficult to clean
North carolina
Verified Buyer
The perfect high chair! Bought two!
April 5, 2017
The tray cover comes off for washing. Easy fold up design for storing away or traveling. Soft but easy to clean vinyl seat cushions: smart design!
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Karin K.
Verified Buyer
Best folding highchair on the market!
March 8, 2017
Love this so much this is the second one we bought. We take these to every family visit folds up small but is super sturdy, has a nice big tray easy to remove for cleaning. We bought the second one for our house in Florida so easy to store in a closet. Every one comments on how small it folds up.
United States
exactly what I was looking for
July 15, 2014
These days it seems impossible to find a high chair that isn't bulky and looks huge or gaudy. I was skeptical of this chair because the legs look very skinny, but this chair has held up extremely well for my very messy and active toddler. The cover is faux leather (I'm not sure why the previous rating said it was a mesh cover). It wipes clean easily and looks great. The chair cover is removable, although it does take a few minutes of figuring it out (pulling the straps out, pulling elastic loops off of hooks to take the fabric off completely). One thing that surprised me is that it has a slight rocking feature - although I don't know if it was intended! - but if my toddler tries to rock while seated, the seat rocks slightly while the base stays still. I love this because I don't worry about her accidentally tipping it over. I love the removable tray, the sleek design, the easy fold, and how lightweight it is. Really my only complaint is that the permanent tray (underneath the removable one) has a slight texture to it, so if you let food dry on it, it's a little difficult to clean. Otherwise, I could not be happier with this chair and if something were to happen to it, I'd happily buy another one.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fold
  • Sleeker design than bulky and more expensive high chairs
Richmond, VA
Do not buy this chair
January 5, 2013
Though it earns points for style and for being able to fold like a lawn chair, it's lack of utility forces me to give this two thumbs down. To begin, the chair's cover is a mesh material that not only does not resist food but actually absorbs it (much like a sponge). I could live with this if it were not for the fact that you have to spot clean it since the cover cannot be removed...or, if it can be removed, I've yet to figure out how (after much experimentation). So, again like a sponge, the chair has become a Petri dish of bacteria. Lack of sanitation extends to the food tray. Though there is a removable tray that can be inserted in the tray already attached to the chair, the tray that is attached to the chair cannot be removed. THis makes the try incredibly difficult to clean because there is no way to take it to your sink to clean (or put in your dishwasher). Instead, you have to bring the cleaning materials to the chair. Its a cumbersome chair that is never easy to clean, thus taking additional time to clean after each meal. To top this off, after the additional cleaning time, yu can rest assured that the chair is still pretty dirty.
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