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Joovy Boob PPSU Baby Bottle + Insulator - 5 oz, Grey

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The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle is the most innovative baby bottle on the market today. The new nipple design, patented CleanFlow® Vent System, and bottle are state-of-the-art and use todays best design and materials.

The PPSU Boob Baby Bottle stands up to repeated sterilization, will not absorb odor or color, and is BPA, phthalate and lead free. It is ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand. The gray color emphasizes a “clean” look and milk appears whiter vs. amber-colored bottles. Each bottle is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

Our 1-piece CleanFlow™ vent is easy to clean. There is no assembly needed and no need to touch any part that comes in contact with the milk or formula. It provides consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held. The vents tabs fit perfectly into the bottles neck to eliminate any miss-fittings that can cause leaks and inconsistent liquid flow.

The nipples have been designed to make transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and bottle-feeding to breastfeeding an easy and natural process. The large diameter base and nipple length assist your baby in properly “latching” onto the nipple. Available in 5 flow rates, our nipples are molded (not cut) with the appropriate size hole and are tested for consistency throughout production. We also take the extra step of baking our nipples. Baking strengthens the silicone to help prevent nipple collapse while providing constant softness.

The innovative insulator is designed to keep liquids near their desired feeding temperatures longer. It also extends the thawing time when traveling with frozen breast milk. The clear insulator allows you see how much liquid is in the bottle. It works with the nipple/collar installed, as well as breast pump adapter and bottle cap.

The Joovy PPSU Boob Baby Bottle may cost more than others but the meticulous production process, material and quality are the absolute best available. There is no better bottle.

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Love this bottle!
By Lmz11
from undisclosed
on September 4, 2021
We've had these for a few months now. Our baby was super picky about bottles/nipple shape, so we tried a few different bottles before finding one that worked. When it came time for daycare, we needed to switch away from glass. Being a materials chemist, I'm super picky about the plastic used. I was thrilled to find a PPSU bottle option with the same nipple shape that worked! These bottles have been put through the dishwasher 5 days a week for months now, and they still look new!
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My favorite bottle
By al23
from Irvine, CA
on August 30, 2018
Verified Buyer
I switched over to this after using a more popular brand that had constant leaking problems. My twins easily transitioned to this, it was WAY easier to clean, and I very rarely had any leaking. I like that it is made of hard plastic
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Joovy family
By Savannah1
from Fort Worth tx
on June 5, 2018
Verified Buyer
My family and I are very happy with products my son loves them and will not take any other bottle but I do love them too they are much easier to clean
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Best Bottle!!
By Jennipher
from Somerville, MA
on March 3, 2018
Verified Buyer
So glad I found this brand! the nipple controls the flow perfectly, and the insulator keeps it warm on the go.
By Rebecca c.
from Milford, NJ
on February 13, 2018
Verified Buyer
The collars come loose too easily and milk pours everywhere. Something should be done about this as milk is expensive. Other features are fine.
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5 Stars from this Lactation Specialist
By Lifewithboys
from Visalia, CA, United States
on June 19, 2017
I have 5 kids and have uses EVERY bottle possible. And when i had my twins in 2015 I tried these bottles. These are the only bottles my twins would take because of their tongue and lip ties. I have reccomended these to Every client that has asked, and every single one ended up throwing every bottle away and keeping these. Thanks for an amazing product that isnt rocket science to put together.
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A-ma-zing bottles!
By yocrystolilousmom
from Miami, FL, United States
on May 25, 2017
I bought the PP bottles to avoid nipple confusion while supplementing breast milk and formula feedings. They help prevent the nipple confusion and my baby is now 3 months and loves the shape. She's also never had gas while her formula feedings with the bottles.
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I am loving this baby bottle gift set!
By The N.
from Ontario, Canada
on April 28, 2017
I love everything about this PPSU gift set and am very excited to test it out with pumped breast milk when our third child arrives in June. I received this gift set from Joovy to review on my site The Mama Nurse. Here are the things that I especially love about the PPSU Joovy bottles: - Dishwasher safe on the top rack - BPA and PVC free - Resists odours and colours unlike most other plastics - Great venting system to prevent colic - Only 5 parts including cap, so easy to keep clean - Comes with 14 nipples of varying flow from 0 months to 6+ months - Comes with nipple and bottle brush - Comes with breast pump adapters and bottle caps to make pumping to feeding sessions seamless If you are exclusively bottle feeding or pumping, occasionally pumping, or planning to transition from breast to bottle feeding, I would highly recommend this gift set!
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Leaks a lot
By Veeahhknee
from Undisclosed
on March 21, 2017
I got the free trial one and it was perfect for my little babe (3months old) & has now been leaking a lot around where that ring thing goes . :/ I put it in correct I just don't know why it's leaking so much . So sad that these aren't going to work out for us..
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Awesome bottle for breastfed babies
By ChitChatMom
from Wilcox, PA, United States
on February 1, 2017
*Disclaimer - I received this product from Joovy to review. I highly recommend these bottles. They are perfect for feeding breastfed babies to get them use to a bottle. They're a great price too!
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leaks all over
By wade
from kodiak ak
on December 29, 2016
we just bought this bottle a babies r us and it leaks everywhere. something to do with the vent
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By HP4211
from Georgia, United States
on December 29, 2016
My breastfed baby loves this bottle most and so does her mommy!!
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Love these bottles!
By The M.
from AZ, United States
on June 21, 2016
I love these bottles! No leaks! Our daughter took this bottle right away and didn't have any issues. I had to get medical treatment done several months after giving birth and needed to pump and dump for 24 hour periods over the course of two months. I was nervous the she would have a difficult transition from breast to bottle and back to breast but these bottles are fantastic. Just make sure to remember to put the clean flow vent ring on the bottle for every feeding or the bottle will leak. The clean flow vent ring prevents the leaking and also makes sure that the baby does not suck in additional air. We love the breast pump adapter also! Great great bottle!
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I'm still deciding
By Brittany
from Grass Valley, CA, United States
on June 17, 2016
I really wanted to love this bottle. I was going to go with glass baby bottles but decided I would give these PPSU bottles a try. I purchased 6 of these and 2 of the larger bottles, 4 caps, 2 extra vents, and 8 of the nood stage 0 nipples. It was a pricey purchase but I had high hopes. So far the good things are: My son loves this bottle, the stage 0 nipples are nice and slow flow (great since he is mostly breastfed), I feel great about sterilizing these often since they are made of good material. I also love that they hold an extra ounce compared to most bottles. A few things that I have been disappointed about: 1. The lids to protect the nipple when storing/traveling fit SO tight, which can be a good thing in some situations but for us... It means grandma can't get it off, and when she does the collar is now loosened, and the vent had moved out of place. She tightens the collar back up and feeds the baby, but the bottle is leaking all over the place. I've now shown her the problem and how to fix it but it's frustrating because you have to touch all the pieces, and now they aren't sterilized. I really wanted to love this bottle but this has been disappointing. 2. Another down fall of this kid is that I have ruined a few of them in the sterilizer, they aren't the same quality material and when they got hot they stuck together. My bottles gets stored for a few days in the fridge and the lids have to be sterile since they touch the nipple. 3. This is very minor but when washing the bottles there is a small crevice/lip just below the collar that can be hard to clean, it would be nice if it was a smoother transition :) Over all I do like these bottles. I hope one day the collar and vent system become one piece, and the lids were better quality and I would give these bottles 5 stars. An extra purchase I would make, would be if Joovy made a travel cooler to take to work when I pump (since these bottles are wider than others on the market).
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Great for Pumping Moms
By Secondtime M.
from Ohio, United States
on June 13, 2016
Verified Buyer
As a Joovy Mom blogger, Joovy sent me this item at no cost in exchange for my honest review. I first tried these bottles while I was pumping and expressing breast milk. I'd been using the same bottles for 8 months, so switching so late in the game scared me a little. However, my son took very well to these bottles. I added the Naturally Nood Stage 0 and Stage 1 nipples to this bottle for an even more "natural" feel. Now, a year later, we still use them and they're going strong! I've recommended them to everyone since my son was a picky bottle taker and never fussed with these. The footprint of these bottles are similar in size to the bottles we were using, so they fit well in our bottle warmer (just one thing to think about when buying new bottles). Overall, I would highly recommend these bottles for pumping moms.
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Best bottle system ever
By Lactation g.
from St Louis, Missouri
on February 11, 2016
As a Certified Lactation Consultant & an RN in L&D for 20+ years, I've researched, suggested & gone through trial & error with hundreds (if not thousands) of Mommies. Hands down Joovy bottles, nipples & accessories are far superior that any other bottles I've ever used! My first grandchild was born in Dec 2015. He was exclusively breastfed. At 2 weeks of life, my daughter started pumping after feedings to build up her breastmilk stock for when she returned to work. The breast pump lids fit directly on the bottles & we're compatible with both the best rated hospital grade breast pumps, as well as the portable/occasional use breast pumps available at major retailers. The vent ring keeps babies from swallowing extra air & prevents nipple flattening. The nipples are sized appropriately for infants of all ages & sizes. The holes do not crack or extend as they are molded & baked, not cut. The nipples are as close to size, shape & mechanism of real breast nipples! I simply cannot say enough great things about Joovy bottles! The only issue is they are more expensive than the other most popular bottle feeding systems. However, you get what you pay for! Perfect for 1st time moms as they will last through subsequent siblings! *Unlike others, I did NOT receive any free or deeply discounted merchandise in exchange for my review
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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