Joolz Geo 2 Tailor Twin Stroller - Silver/Black/Black/Black Double-Stitched

This item is discontinued.


Stroller weight: 36 lbs
Age/Weight Capacity: Birth to 45 lbs/seat
Open (in): 33 x 24 x 37-43
Folded: 38 x 24 x 22

What's Included:Chassis, upper seat/cot, lower seat/cot

What's NOT Included: Cup holder, child tray


Twins from Birth

The Geo Twin's convertible seats/bassinets easily accommodate twins from birth up to 45lbs per seat. The Geo can also accept two infant car seats at once (upper and lower adapters required; sold separately).

Bassinet Mattress

The Geo's roomy bassinet comes complete with a hypo-allergenic, breathable mattress.

Adjustable Handle

The adjustable handlebar allows parents of any height to stroll comfortably.

Compact Fold

The Geo stroller folds in one motion, and the transport lock holds the chassis together for easy carrying.

You're prepared for everything with the Joolz Geo2. After a trip to the grocery store, the XXL basket holds all your shopping and more. A new baby on the way? Whatever life brings - a second baby or twins - the Joolz Geo2 will simply grow with your family while remaining compact and maneuverable, handy on the bus, in the park or shopping. Taking the car? In just one motion, the Joolz Geo2 folds up as a compact one-piece fold. That's right, with the Joolz Geo2 you are ready for every family adventure.

The Joolz Geo2 Twin is suitable for two children of the same age: both in the bassinets at first, then when your babies are old enough, you can swap the bassinets for two seats.

The Stroller

The Joolz Geo is the ultimate companion for every family adventure. The modular design offers three different configurations, ready for any challenge. Even with two kids on board, you remain perfectly mobile thanks to the one-hand steering and width of just 24 inch. Shopping, picnicking, or a trip to the playground: there is plenty of room in the easy-access XXL basket. The stroller folds up in one smooth motion and even with two seats it is a compact one-piece fold.

The Bassinet

The ergonomic bassinet of the Joolz Geo2 is spacious, so your baby can lie down for as long as needed. The mattress is hypo-allergenic and breathable for a comfortable and safe sleep. The bassinet always comes with an XL canopy where the extended sun hood offers shade and the air-top ensures airflow. And thanks to the bassinet's high position, you'll never have to bend down deep for a hug. Your back will thank you.

The Seat

The seat of the Joolz Geo2 is an ergonomic feat. Whether lying down, sitting up or snoozing, its design offers your baby's body optimal support. If you're at home or out for a coffee, the seat is perfectly at table height, so you can pull it right up to your table. Thanks to its high position, there's no heavy lifting involved. The harness remains in an open, upright position and comes with a 5-point buckle, so your child is seated quickly and safely. All that's left to do is choose which way they'll face, for bonding time with you or exploring the world.


  • Premium award-winning Dutch design: Designed in The Netherlands. A streamlined chassis, leatherette touch points and sophisticated fabrics. All you have to do is add your baby.
  • Future- & twin-proof: Handy to know that you can easily extend the Joolz Geo2 if a second baby ever or twins come along. One design fits every family situation.
  • Large bassinet: The Joolz Geo2 bassinet is spacious so your child can lie down comfortably for as long as needed.
  • Hypo-allergenic mattress: We'd all like to sleep on something like that: a roomy bassinet with a hypo-allergenic, breathable mattress.
  • XL canopy with air-top: To protect your baby against the warm sun, our extended sun hood offers shade. The air-top ensures your baby gets fresh air and is in contact with you.
  • High bassinet and seat: When seated in a restaurant, just pull your little one up to the table. So, you'll never have to bend down deep for a hug. Your back will thank you.
  • Three ergonomic seat positions: The seat is reversible and has three reclining seat positions. Your little one can look freely into the world, or face you instead. The ergonomic design provides ultimate lying and sitting comfort.
  • Safe and upright, open harness: Because the harness stays upright in an open position, the Joolz Geo2 receives your child with open arms. And, your baby is seated safely, thanks to the 5-point buckle.
  • Ergonomic bumper bar: The bumper bar can be opened with one hand, from both sides - even with a child on your arm. The bumper bar is designed to safely carry the bassinet.
  • Adjustable handlebar: Moms or dads, grandmas or grandpas, and the babysitter: they can all walk with a straight back and there is enough space for big or small steps.
  • Easy to maneuver: In any configuration, the Joolz Geo2 can easily be steered with just one hand in small shops, narrow alleys or on the subway.
  • Four-wheel suspension: This is the four-wheel drive of strollers. You can push it over bumps and forest trails while your child sleeps soundly.
  • Toy hanger loops: Monkey, Giraffe and Mouse: together with his best friend, your little one discovers the world. Thanks to these smart toy hanger loops, you can suspend them from the canopy.
  • Easy-access XXL basket: Shopping, picnicking, or a trip to the playground: the XXL easy-access basket carries it all for you. Going to the market? All your groceries will easily fit.
  • Super smooth one-piece fold: In one motion, the Joolz Geo2 is folded up. Even with two seats it is a one-piece fold. Easy-peasy! And it fits inside everything.
  • Ultra-light and puncture-proof tires: The tires are made of ultra-light rubber foam. And they are 100% puncture-proof so you are never stranded with a flat.
  • Compact size: In the elevator, on the subway, or navigating a narrow aisle. With a width of just 24" you stay mobile, even with two kids on board.
  • Lockable swivel wheels: Strolling down a cobblestone road or a bumpy forest trail? Just lock the swivel wheels and off you go! Incredibly smooth, from market square to forest terrain.
  • Car seat adaptable: With the help of the car seat adapter, the Joolz Geo2 is compatible with major car seat brands.


  • Open dimensions: 33 x 24 x 37-43 in
  • Folded seat/XXL basket: 38 x 24 x 22 in
  • Folded seat/seat: 38 x 24 x 22 in
  • Folded without seat: 36 x 24 x 12 in
  • Folded without wheels: 36 x 19 x 10 in
  • Upper bassinet: 31 x 13 x 8 in
  • Upper bassinet mattress size: 31 x 13 x 1.2 in
  • Lower bassinet: 30 x 13 x 6 in Lower bassinet mattress size: 30 x 13 x 1.2 in
  • Chassis: 20 lbs
  • Chassis without wheels: 13 lbs
  • Upper seat: 6 lbs
  • Upper bassinet: 9 lbs
  • Lower seat: 6 lbs
  • Lower bassinet: 7 lbs
  • XXL basket: 4 lbs
  • Weight capacity XXL basket: 22 lbs
  • Weight capacity Joolz Geo: 90 lbs (45lbs/seat)
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