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Toss the hospital peri bottle and get this bidet for your vajay. It’s the momwasher for relief and postpartum care down there.
  • ??Cleanse: the upside down peri bottle is step 1 in the frida mom 5-step postpartum recovery regimen
  • Upside down ergonomic design: specifically designed to be held upside down - avoiding the dreaded hand-in-toilet situation - with a narrow angled neck for a continuous stream of relief right where mom needs it.
  • ?Portable bidet: holds 10 oz of water and comes with a waterproof storage bag for on-the-go. Pro-tip: add 1-2 drops of witch hazel for extra soothing relief.
  • C-section mamas: clean your vagina and incisions without pressure.
  • Hospital bag essential: use during the first post-delivery bathroom trips at the hospital and back at home.
  • What’s inside: ?1 peri bottle, ?1 waterproof travel bag

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By Aly
from AZ
on November 27, 2021
Verified Buyer
Loved using this bottle, it worked so much better than the standard ones I've used in the past. The only downside is it is plastic and I wish it was silicone.
Glad to have for PP recovery
By Kelsey
from Des Moines, Iowa
on November 17, 2021
Verified Buyer
Will be nice to have for postpartum. Like others have said - I am not thrilled with the wording on the bag, but oh well! Product still works for it's intended purpose.
Very poor quality
By Ilona
from Prague, Czech Republic
on July 27, 2021
I'd like my money back please. How can you use a product on such a sensitive area postpartum with open wounds when you cannot even sterilize it? Before packing it in my hospital bag, I tried sterilizing it with my other equipment ( breast pump, nipple shield etc) and the Upside Down Peri Bottle melted (see photo). There is no warning against this in the manual. Better yet, please consider adding it to your product descriptions as I would never had bought this peri bottle in the first place. Anything you insert in your vagina should be sterilized, especially when you've just pushed a baby out of there!!! Expecting a refund soon please.
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Useful for Moms
By Olivia
from Seattle, Washington
on March 16, 2021
Verified Buyer
This bottle is convenient for moms to use.
By Seandrea
from undisclosed
on November 15, 2020
Verified Buyer
I bought this as an alternative to a toilet bidet attachment (I live in an apartment). I tried it and I LOVE it! It helps me keep clean throughout the day and is priceless during those few days a month where it's nice to be extra clean. I cannot explain how much this little bottle has made me feel extra confident. Thank you so much for creating a product that JUST MAKES SENSE!!
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Washed before using and fell apart
By Lindsey305
from undisclosed
on October 2, 2020
Verified Buyer
I'm so bummed I purchased this item in addition to a bunch of other fridababy products and put it in the dishwasher to clean it prior to use and it completely melted. I'm not seeing anywhere on the packaging where is says not dishwasher safe. Purchase was a complete waste and was really hoping to try it as I'm due in 2 weeks and now I'm afraid to wash my other products because i don't want them to fall apart.
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Why would you ruin it?
By annoyed
from undisclosed
on April 20, 2020
Verified Buyer
Why would you ruin a good product by printing, in HUGE all cap letters, TRUST US, YOUR VAJAJA WILL THANK YOU, on the carry bag. especially with the word VAJAJA highlighted. I could have discreetly carried the bag to the ladies room at the office, but NO. I have to find something else to carry it in. And at the pool, and whereever I don't want to tote all my stuff every time I use the toilet. What is wrong with you? Why would you think your customers want that slogan on the 'travel bag?' Well, this is hilarious -- the frida website wouldn't let me post my review with the word V***** in it, because it labeled that word "profanity." Yet they put it on the outside of the travel bag.
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I wish I had this sooner!
By Caris87
from Central NJ
on April 8, 2020
It's the little things that make life so much nicer and this is just that. I came to love the original Peri bottle I received at the hospital with my 1st son, but this was a total game changer! The shape is amazing and helps me clean up and go to the bathroom comfortably without making a huge mess or missing where I need to. It's now a must for all my baby shower gifts!
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Must have for any new mother!
By ngtj79
from undisclosed
on December 25, 2019
This item is one of those things that no one thinks to purchase ahead of time, but it should be a must have for all new mothers! It has been instrumental in helping to keep me feel clean and refreshed. I loved how easy it was to use and how evenly it distributed the gentle water stream. It's also a fair size to hold adequate amount of water but not be cumbersome to carry around. Overall I loved it and would happily recommend!
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Very helpful and brilliant idea
By Mramos
from Los angeles
on October 30, 2019
Very helpful and brilliant ideaThis help me very much when I had my baby kind of like the ones they give you at the hospital but this was way better because it was like at a angle with very effective teachers would totally buy it for any time that I would have a baby your recommended to my friends who are having babiesIt was very easy to use and handle
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My vajajay will be so happy after babies
By Vigorousrae
from Loma Linda ca
on October 18, 2019
Got this couple weeks ago and got to use about 3 times. The angle of the head makes it easier to spray the warm water. Also makes it less messy. The bottles is easy to squeeze and easy to refill. Definitely a go to for after pudding a baby out.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Hands down the best peri bottle I've ever owned
By Destinyusa93
from New york
on October 15, 2019
I've had my eye on this for awhile and I finally got it. I'm a momma of 2 littles and I've had a few peri bottles and this is hands down the best one I've owned! My son is 10 months old and I still use my peri bottle due to heavy periods and well I like the clean feeling. This gets every part. I also use it in the shower because I have had 2 c-sections so I have a bit of a tummy and all I can say is WOW. So don't let anybody tell you different new mommas you don't have to stop using your peri bottles after that first bleed!!
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Love this for postpartum
By Cpellegrin
from Covington la
on October 5, 2019
This spray bottom made postpartum so much easier. The angle of the spout really helped to get to the hard and uncomfortable parts down there. I love how the spout part retracts and makes it easy store. I also love that it came with a carrying pouch so it is easily sanitary to bring with me to all my postpartum appointments and babies first appointment. It's so easy to use too.I recommend this postpartum spray bottle to every pregnant woman, it will make cleaning down there after birth a lot easier.
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Love anything Fridababy!
By Lk3071
from Austin, TX
on October 2, 2019
My only experience before this bottle was the freebie that the hospital gives you when you leave. And, this Fridababy version is the Cadillac of bottles. The angle of the spout makes using it so easy. Very thankful.
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Life saver!
By Stephmomto3
from New York, United States
on October 1, 2019
This is 100% a postpartum must have, and even long after. It is so helpful those first few weeks to have a gentle way to wash after using the restroom and this bottle is easy to use, fill and clean. It has just the right angle and squishy ness to squeeze where you want it to go. I swear everything Friedababy makes is so smart and well made and solves a real problem moms and babies have, and once again this product is no exception.
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Must have for a new mama or hygiene conscious pers
By HonestReviews111
from San Antonio, TX
on October 1, 2019
I have a bidet installed in every single bathroom ever since I used it once years ago and realized how nothing without water washing was actually anywhere near "clean". When I delivered my little one though, the pressure on the bidets was too strong for the sensitive areas so this peri bottle was truly a lifesaver! It's very compact, and very ergonomically designed to be comfortably held with one arm. I have tried both freezing cold, as well as room temperature water and I'm assuming hot and warm water would be just as efficient to be used. It's truly an absolutely must have for anyone who just delivered or even for women who experience heavy periods. Cold water in this bottle not only ensures you're clean, But also takes care of the inflammation.

I have actually even taken this on road trips as well as flights with me and it's compact enough not to be taking up too much space. It could actually even be easily used by men too especially those that have gotten to the cleanliness that the bidets offer. my husband is a very frequent traveler and has actually requested I buy one for him as well.

Trusted brand: when shopping for baby items I have constantly run into Frida baby and have purchased at least half a dozen of their products. When I saw the brand name of this bottle, I expected nothing short of reliability and practicality. What I
Got were those plus quality!

Honestly you can't go wrong. The pressure control is perfect. The water comes at a controlled pressure and neither hurts nor is too low to frustrate me like other ones I have previously used. Without a doubt, I think this is a staple product to have in everyone's home, or luggage!
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Awesome product
By Jess89
on September 30, 2019
I already love fridababy products so was excited to try this out. I was not let down at all it worked perfectly. And the fact that the nozzle can be put back down to store it easier is so much better in my opinion. Super easy to use too.
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By GamingGoddess87
from West Virginia
on September 29, 2019
Okay, so I've been wanting to try this peri bottle since the birth of my first 2 children. I thought the one from the hospital was good enough. Well, I'm regretting not buying it to use before! So much easier to use to clean your lady bits! So much more accurate and effective at cleansing. Absolutely will buy this for mommies to be. No doubt.
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Upside Down Peri Bottle
By SandyB
from Moreno Valley
on September 28, 2019
Probably the best postpartum product im using! I didn't even use the bottle they Gave me at the hospital. For extra soothing I put a little witch hazel with the water and when I shower I add some intimate wash to clean well. Highly highly recommended
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Life saver
By momOf6
from Delaware
on September 28, 2019
After having a baby, this is a life saver! It will help keep you nice and clean when everything is too painful to touch. I wish that I had had one for all of my pregnancies because it sure would have made life a lot easier!
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I love this and I haven't been pregnant in 4 years
By sharden
from Fairmont, WV
on September 27, 2019
So don't think this is just for "after baby care". Put some warm water in this thing and you have "that time of the month care". I am in love. Also, I am clean.
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So easy
By cincykaty
from Cincinnati, Ohio
on September 27, 2019
The Fridababy upside down peri bottle is just amazing. It is so easy to use, simply fill with warm water and squeeze. Out comes a gentle stream of water to aid in cleaning up. Being able to hold the bottle in a natural position makes it incredibly easy to use. Bravo Fridababy.
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SO MUCH BETTER than the hospital one!
By MsMama
from Alameda,CA
on September 26, 2019
Okay, I admit I thought - clever design but does it REALLY make a difference? Answer: YES! SO much better than the awkward maneuvering when you use the standard squirt bottle.
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So much better than the hospital ones
By thux91
from Battle creek, MI
on September 25, 2019
I got this for my sister and she had been using the hospital one with little luck. She switched to this and loves it. Its so much easier to use since its upside down and the nozzle males aiming so much easier. She loved it and I recommend this to any new or expecting mother!
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Great product
By Gvega
from Newport news VA
on September 25, 2019
Great bottle design the silicone bottle is great because it doesn't slip out your hand when using it. The nozzle is long enough and that it has a carrying pouch for storage.
It is easy to clean and store away when not in use.
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Amazing product!
By DianaR11
from New Castle, DE
on September 25, 2019
I love this upside down peri bottle, I love the design, the ease to use and how convenient it is to have at home. I've been having heavy periods 8-10 days and it's normal for some women after having a baby. But let's face it who has time to shower every single time after we have a little accident (which most women do), well I can't specially having little ones I need to constantly watch and care for at home while my husband works. Anyway this peri bottle it's easy to use, it has it's own storage bag which I think it's great, it's easy to clean and all you have to do is to add water and squeeze to rinse down there!... I recommend this bottle to anyone, honestly wether you just had a baby or it's something you need because of heavy menstrual periods this is something you want to have on hand. This has helped me so much and I will continue to use it as needed!
Customer Images
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Love it!
By Lala8500
from Tacoma WA
on September 24, 2019
This product should replace all of Peri bottles because this is supreme compared to those hospital ones! I feel cleaner and you stay cleaner if you know what I mean. It gets up in all the nooks.
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Good quality
By Carebearkiller5
from Colorado springs CO
on September 24, 2019
Good quality material. Easy to clean. Does the job nice. 2 thumbs up.
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Great product
By Deliteful
from undisclosed
on September 23, 2019
This bottle is amazing. I was expecting a cheap feeling plastic bottle but was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box! This bottle is very well made, feels strong and great and has a nice spray nozzle and screw on top. It is super easy to use, no hand in the toilet!! It definitely is what they say... "a bidet for your vacate!" I would definitely recommend this! My GYN actually recommended getting a peri bottle to clean frequently to help prevent reoccurring yeast infections. Super handy and comes in a little bag with a drawstring!
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Love, love, love this
By lkw1974
from Hephzibah, Ga
on September 23, 2019
The fridababy is amazing. Oh my gosh it works so good and is so gentle. It works best for me with warm water, doesn't leak at all, and is made of great quality. It is a lot better then what the hospital offers and I feel a lot cleaner. It helps so much and I highly recommend it.
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New fan of Frida Mom
By Freesamplequeen
from undisclosed
on September 23, 2019
I'm familiar with the Frida brand as far as baby products go, but had no idea that they made products for moms as well. I was excited to find that they make products for postpartum care for new moms. I think this is fantastic! I got the upside down peri bottle for myself and it is so much better than what hospitals provide. This bottle comes in a basic box, but when you open it you find the product is packaged in a nice reusable travel bag. The bottle itself is awesome, it is very flexible and soft to squeeze, and the nozzle stores inside the bottle when it's not being used, but easily extends out for use. This bottle is intended to be used well being held upside down, so there is a constant flow and this thing has a tip with tiny holes that create a larger spray providing better coverage. It's easy to wash, easy to store, and a must have for any newly post part of mom. I wish I had known about this thing with my first few children!
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Really thinking of the mom
By Jennie8555
from Jersey City, NJ
on September 23, 2019
Got this a few weeks ago and it is so helpful after having a baby, the fact the it sprays upside down is great compared to the ones they give you at the hospital. It comes with a little carry bag so it's not out on display for anyone to see. And the nozzle comes apart for easy cleaning.. must have for new mommy's.
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By acuckler
from Ohio
on September 21, 2019
My Review for Upside Down Peri Bottle. I got this for my daughter whom just had a baby. I wish when I had my kids I had something like this. It's awesome she says. It is shaped perfect and it is super easy to use. Recommend!!!!! You do not have to twist or maneuver it. It is shaped perfectly.
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Great product
By Debrasworld
from Staten island
on September 20, 2019
Love this bottle the bottle has a nice grip since it's silicone so it doesn't slip out my hand when I use it the nozzle is a great size it's not short so I don't need to bend all the way it's angled so it's easy to use. It gets the job done.
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By Bewaters1
from undisclosed
on September 19, 2019
This portable "bidet" if you will is such a great thing to have not only for mom's use, but it is also great for using on my toddler! She always has a hard time getting completely cleaned off after a bowel movement; I just use this to help get her extra clean! It has saved me lots toilet paper using it for that purpose! I also love using it as a bidet while I'm having my menstrual cycle to help make me feel clean after each change! It keeps my ph levels balanced and my area healthy! I have purchased another one that I can take with me on the go as well. Another surprising use for this product is while you are out camping and wiping is possible so you can use this to clean off!
I would recommend!!
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Best thing ever
By 504nee
from New Orleans, LA
on September 19, 2019
If you're a new mom or soon to be mom, this is must have for you. Sure, you'll get a free bottle from the hospital to spray yourself with but that will be a hassle. I'm telling you now to order one of these and throw the free one in the trash. This bottle holds a good amount of water, its soft and easy to squeeze and you can spray the right spots without worrying about your hand maybe being in the toilet. This is the best thing ever and every new mom or soon to be mom must buy it or add it to their registry, you can thank me later!
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New mom's dream
By reviewwarrior
from saint cloud fl
on September 19, 2019
I wish I had this bottle after I had my kids. The hospital should give these out instead of the ones they currently do. This is like a personal bidet. I like that the bottle holds just enough to get the job done. It is also easy to clean.
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Such a relief!
By marissas706
from Ellerslie, GA, United States
on September 18, 2019
I got this recently and tried it out. The one from the hospital came in handy after I had my first baby. It's nothing compared to this one though. I don't have to basically put the bottle in the toilet to use it. It's really easy to use and convenient at that. I don't have to get in an uncomfortable position to use it. If I have a third baby, this is what I will be buying to use after labor!
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a lifesaver !!!
By Alicia27
from Pomona ,CA
on September 18, 2019
My personal experience with my Fridababy upside down perri bottle is a more than positive one .Right after having my baby girl there was alot of discomfort down there and at times i could not take a shower, this lifesaving perri bottle not only made me feel much better but it also helped make my recovery a easier one.I was able to multi use it and wash my lady bits which needed healing .This unique bottle is very easy to use and i am forever a fan and happy customer because without it i am not really sure id have ever survived and made it through those wonderful yet challenging days .
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Store away
By Carla
from Ohio
on September 18, 2019
Wow. I have 4 children whom were born at different hospitals. I have needed and used different Peri Bottles.
This is by far the best quality. I have confidence and trust this thing! I swear its a life saver. It helped me heal with comfort in more ways than just pain relief but it gave me comfort knowing this thing Works! So glad I got it!
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Love it!
By Kari1990
from San Tan Valley, AZ, United States
on September 18, 2019
So, for all the moms who have or are going to give birth, this little thing really just making everything easier. We alllll know what happens when giving birth vaginally. The hospital bottles are good, don't get me wrong, but these bottles, ARE YOU KIDDING? We should have invented these years ago! It just makes sense the curve of the spout makes sense. Really makes a awkward and difficult time easier.
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Great Hygiene Tool!
By Dela
from Oregon
on September 18, 2019
I have an injury that affects my range of motion, and thus makes it a little difficult to tend to personal "clean-up". This peri-bottle has made things a lot easier for me. I simply fill it with warm water, and the angled wand and nozzle help to reach and rinse important areas. Not only is it effective, but it also helps to feel fresher and cleaner than with normal methods alone. I think I will continue to use this even after my injury is healed simply for aiding in better hygiene. I highly recommend this product, especially to anyone who has any kind of physical restrictions.
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Great to have after a baby
By Babygirl2451
from Maine
on September 18, 2019
This thing is a life saver especially after having a baby. It helps women clean down there especially if you have stitches. Very simple to use just put warm water in it and hold it upside down and squeeze. It is even helpful during that time of the month to help to clean off.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
A must have for every postpartum mama!
By Hayleyc925
from Moriches, NY
on September 18, 2019
I had the opportunity to try Frida Mom's Upside Down Peri Bottle. I am a huge fan of all Frida Baby products, and so I was delighted too see the brand branching out to moms! The Upside Down Peri Bottle is designed to provide a continuous stream of relief to the perineal region or even c-section incisions after birth-- and that is just what it does. The bottle itself is made from high-grade flexible plastic; easy enough to squeeze all 10-ounces of water out with a single hand. The ergonomic narrow, angled tip and aerated spout design of this bottle is what really sets it apart from the old-school hospital peri bottles, as it enabled me to reach the perineal area easily without turning, bending or struggling. I love that I can turn the neck of the bottle to a position that is comfortable for me in both the standing and sitting position. The spout features small holes which make the pressure of water release perfectly gentle and refreshing. I love that the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle comes with an on-the-go pouch bag and also features a retractable tip for easy storage and transport. As a mom, I can find 100 uses for this bottle, as it also provided soothing relief for postpartum hemmorhoids when I added a few drops of Witch Hazel to the mix. If you are a mom-to-be, treat yourself to this product, as it is a hospital bag necessity. If you are looking for a great gift for a mom-to-be, pick one of these up and expect a big "thank you" after baby is born! As new moms, we often forget to think of our own self-care at the postpartum level. However, as a mom of two daughters, I now realize how critical it is to feel our best mentally and physically, and to provide ourselves with the best and most convenient postpartum care. One of my favorite parts of this product is actually the box, as it is full of hysterical odes to women parts! Trust the Frida brand, and make your vajay happy!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
I love this product! Trustworthy
By Milly76
from Bridgeport
on September 18, 2019
Love that you can travel with it.so convenient to use.does it's job.comes in a nice lil case z.easy to squeeze to wash.love that the top is slanted for a more confortable wash
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Jaci
from Dallas, Texas
on September 17, 2019
If you are even thinking about buying this DO IT!! Yes, the hospital may give you something but it is nowhere close to how easy and, yes, refreshing, this is. I had a C-Section and this made it easy to "clean down there" without bending over. I get one for every pregnant woman. Buy it -- you'll thank yourself!!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Must have for postpartum!!
By huysmama
from Seattle, WA
on September 16, 2019
Ok ladies, listen to me. You NEED this product in your hospital bag. If you haven't gotten one and are on the fence about getting one, GET IT NOW and put it in your bag. I'm telling you. The one that the hospital provided does not even come closer to this. Don't wait until when you need it and wish you had listened to that one review and bought it. My son's head circumference was in the 98th percentile and he came out with one arm over his head. I gave birth without epidural. Needless to say this thing was my BFF for a long time. Highly recommended.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Ulunda16
from Dallas, TX, United States
on September 16, 2019
I bought this because i not to long ago just had a baby and always dread going to wash my self and the blood getting on me its hard because i bleed heavily but i love this its tube is long plastic and flexible so its great at navigation and great for getting everywhere and everything up and left me feeling super refreshed plus its easy to clean and came with a cute bag so u have privacy i love so the plastic is to squeeze also its really soft to touch i love it.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Goodbye hospital peri bottles
By Sanali16
from undisclosed
on September 16, 2019
The upside down peri bottle is such a great idea and it is far superior to the peri bottle you get at the hospital. This bottle is made of a soft pliable plastic material so you can apply little pressure to squeeze the bottle to spray the water. The neck of the bottle is slim and long and the sprayer has plenty of holes to get an even stream of water. The best part is that it functions upside down so you don't need to angle the bottle in the correct orientation/direction. It also holds plenty of water so there was no need to refill the bottle for a single use. You can also have it filled and ready to go for the next use and not worry about water leaking from the spray end. The bottle is easy to clean and dries quickly. It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch to take on the go. Overall this is an awesome post-partum item to have on hand.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Brilliant design!!
By Jns3
from undisclosed
on September 16, 2019
I could never go back to a regular designed peri bottle after using this! It was always so awkward to use the straight bottle, you could never quite get it where you wanted it! This design is absolutely perfect! The quality is exceptional and it will definitely last a long time. I now have a new go to baby shower gift! I have already told a couple of friends to check this out. Such a simple thing, but makes all the difference in comfort and relief when you need it!!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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