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FridaBaby BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser + Nightlight

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September 12, 2021
Love this humidifier, love the changing colors too
Vancouver, Washington
Verified Buyer
Doesn’t last... short life
June 13, 2021
I purchased this humidifier last year. I thought it was cute to put in my child’s room. After using it for a few months, the power cord stopped working, I had to bend it a certain and hold it in place to get the humidifier to turn on. The humidifier must be washed and dried all the way or it will get moldy and hard water is extremely hard to clean. Once it gets moldy, some areas that are hard to reach can get difficult to clean. Other then that, this humidifier is soo quiet, you won’t even know its on.
  • Lightweight
  • Small- great size for small bedroom
  • Nightlight
  • Super quiet
Best Uses
  • Kids room
  • Difficult to clean
Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Great humidifier
May 15, 2021
Works well and is relatively easy to keep to clean.
Omaha, NE
Verified Buyer
Very compact
November 8, 2020
The compact size is perfect for the nursery, however the vapor output seems weak even when turned up to the max — I’m not sure it’s really increasing the humidity in our nursery... We’ve had trouble with mold in all of our past humidifiers, regardless of daily cleaning and upkeep! Keeping our fingers crossed this one doesn’t have that issue!
  • Compact
  • Simple
Best Uses
  • Very small room/nursery
  • Minimal vapor output
Manassas, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Very portable
July 19, 2020
Bought it as a gift and my friend loves it
Las Vegas
Verified Buyer
My 2nd Humidifier
May 23, 2020
I got my 1st humidifier as a gift from my baby shower and it's perfect! However this purchase is for myself to place in my room. The cool mist is just right compared to another cool mist humidifier I got that is not from fridababy.
  • Automatic shut-off when water is finish
Verified Buyer
bought for baby ended up being used by hubby
May 14, 2020
we love this diffuser its super easy to use and my husband loves it. we bought it to use in babys room, it ended up in ours!! will have to buy another haha
Verified Buyer
Just what she wanted
April 9, 2020
Perfect gift for my daughters new baby arriving in June!
New York, NY
Verified Buyer
It's Perfect
February 20, 2020
I love the sleek design. It fits right in with the nursery. I also love the color change option. How cute!😊
Harrison, New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Very quiet
January 29, 2020
Get ready for my little one. It’s really quiet and the light is gentle. Hey satisfied with the buying.
Candler, North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Great quality
September 13, 2019
I love this product the steam comes out right away and water last all night!
River rouge, MI
So cute!
April 10, 2019
My son always needs a night light and I thought this would be perfect since we always have a humidifier in his room too! The colors weren't super bright witch is great because why do you need a blinding light to go to bed?? Its a three in one!! What a deal! They quality of this product is great! No leaks at all and they lights are perfect! Love it!
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Redmond, OR
The best 3-in-1 children's product!
March 26, 2019
I recently received this 3-in-1 diffuser/humidifier/nightlight and I am so impressed! I have been looking for all 3 of these products separately to use in my daughters room and have been very disappointed that I couldn't find the right product. Until the BreatheFrida came into my life. I find that it is so easy to fill with water and use. The water reservoir holds a lot of water which is great because the diffuser/humidifier lasts so long. My daughter loves all of the color options of the nightlight! They are so fun and easy to change. I also love that this product is so visually appealing. I often find that these types of things are an eyesore in a child's room but not this product. It's perfect all around.
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Daly City, CA, United States
Fridababy products are the best
March 23, 2019
I have loved Fridababy products that I have used over the years. The 3 in 1 Humidifier/Diffuser/Nightlight is no exception. It is cute and also user friendly. It does the job amazingly well by helping my baby through a cold a few weeks ago, who was also stuffed up and having trouble breathing. Setting it up was easy through a 10 step process on the manual. It has very clear user directions and is easy to use. I love that the nightlight can change its color. With the aromatherapy drops, it adds another level of soothing scents and really helps you breathe. Just make sure to put it somewhere secure because it will spray out a mist.
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Frederick, MD, United States
March 20, 2019
This thing is awesome for children and adults alike. Ive only been using it for 2 weeks and already feel a difference. We all used to wake up with dry throats and stuffy noses and now we can breath much better. This unit is very quiet and goes for a long time depending on how much water you add. I even added some eucalyptus oil to the water. The colors are nice and but not too bright and you can sleep without the light waking you up.
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Greenbackville VA
So cool!
March 20, 2019
I really like the BreatheFrida the 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser + Nightlight. The nightlight is large but has a pale glow. It's not like annoying spotlight that would keep the baby awake. My favorite part is that you can use the essential oil they recommend or ANY essential oil you like (it even says it in the directions!) so I can use my favorites that I already have which is awesome. I like using lavender or eucalyptus for soothing the baby asleep. The only thing I thought could possibly be changed is the actual humidifier. It just doesn't have the output I was expecting for the size even in a tiny room. Overall, it is made really well and was easy to use and setup. I would, however, totally recommend to anyone that loves using essential oils and needs a subtle humidifier for sleepy time!
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Best humidifier
March 19, 2019
I love this humidifier! It is really simple to set up and I love that I can add essential oils. It as a great output and has a wide range setting. The nightlight is nice to have and has different options and can be turned off if wanted.
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Houston, TX, United States
I love BreathetheFrida!
March 19, 2019
We use BreathetheFrida for both my infant and toddler! For the baby - it has been a life saver. He gets really congested at night around 3-5 am and wakes himself up. The night after we started using this the congestion disappeared! For my toddler we love to use the diffuser and humidifier plus nightlight combination. The diffuser was able to diffuse peppermint and eucalyptus oils when she had a cold! The night light is a good brightness without being too overbearing. I love love love this product!
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Humidifier a necessity
March 19, 2019
Having a good humidifier is a necessity at homes since during winters the windows are always closed and it get pretty dry inside the house. A cool mist humidifier keeps the house a little humid which is very imp for a healthy living and especially if you have little kids at home. Dry air can cause lots of diseases and a good humidifier can keep sickness at bay.

Frida is a good brand and this humidifier has been working pretty good. The capacity is good and it also works as a lamp. It is easy to use and clean. I wish the size was a little bit bigger since I prefer having big humidifiers but nonetheless the functionality is great.
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Looks and works great!
March 17, 2019
I love the modern look of this humidifier. Other humidifiers I've bought look funny and don't look right in the room but not this one. I also love how it's a night light as well. I would recommend this product!
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I love Fridababy products!
March 17, 2019
This works wonders! I love the changing colors as this is used in my daughters room. She is 14 months and watches it till she falls asleep. I ALSO like that i can put different oils in it for the aromatherapy. This is a great addition to the humidifier. I like that it is VERY easy to clean and there is virtually no assembly required (you do have to screw in a lid but that is not difficult).
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Really Useful!
March 16, 2019
I really like this humidifier, it works great and is easy to use. I love the changing light colors that it has. It is also fairly small so it doesn't take up a lot of room but it also took a decent amount of time before we had to refill the water. The only thing I would maybe change is the brightness of the light.
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Love this humidifier
March 15, 2019
This is my favorite humidifier for little ones! I have a kindergartener and a newborn so we need all the help we can get in this house! It's nice that there is the option for it to be a diffuser as well. The night light is perfect for little ones rooms. My kindergartener especially likes the fact that the light changes colors from blue to green. The only downside to this is the water reservoir is rather small, even on a lower setting in the morning it is half empty. I don't think it would last all night on high. All in all this is a great product and I'd definitely recommend to parents
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San Clemente, CA
Great 3 in 1!
March 14, 2019
I love this machine! It's quiet, easy to fill, easy to adjust and I LOVE that I can put oils in it. The nightlight is great, the only thing I wish is that the nightlight had a lower brightness. I had to put it behind something to use it because otherwise it was too bright. Other than that no complaints.
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Erie, PA
I love this!
March 13, 2019
I love this humidifier. The fact that it has a night light built right in is an amazing feature. It is much quieter than other humidifiers that I have used. I also love the fact that I can use essential oils and diffuse them into the air to help my little one breathe better! I will be purchasing another for my sisters upcoming baby shower gift!
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Wilder id
I love it
March 13, 2019
I got this a week ago and wanted to try it for the whole week befor i wrote a review on it. I absolutely love this humidifier I love how small and cute it is. But dont let that scare you this small thing works as good as the big one i have.
It puts off a ton of mist and you can add oils in it to help your breathing too or to just make it smell better. I love that you can change the amount you get out of it and the color changing lights that you can choose from also. I put it next to my babys bed and i can see him perfect at night without having to turn the lights on or tripping over baskets of clothes because you now we all have that.
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Tolleson, AZ
The nightlight looks awesome!
March 12, 2019
My favorite thing about this humidifier is the nightlight hands down. Its soo cute and the color is constantly changing to different shades of blue; I couldn't figure out how to turn this feature on at first, turns out the light icon is a touch button lol. But this unit was very easy to start, just twist the cap off the tank, fill, replace cap, and flip it onto the base. You can see the mist come out instantly once you plug it in. I didn't place any diffuser drop in the tank since we never use those but it works perfectly fine without it. The 360° feature is basically just a cap on the top that you can twist to face the mist any way you want it to face. Overall it's a really cute looking humidifier that does what its supposed to do
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Monroe, LA
A must have!!
March 12, 2019
Our little one gets congested pretty easily so a friend recommended the breathefrida. It has made a huge difference in his nighttime breathing and even sleeping! Plus it doubles as a nightlight and is easy to set up and use
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Mount Airy, MD
Nice design
March 12, 2019
We started using this in our son's room and it is small and sleek so it doesn't take up much space. It is really easy to refill and clean which is incredibly important because we've had a few humidifiers and some were a pain to clean. I like the nightlight feature. It's not too bright but gives off just enough light.
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Another great Fridababy product!
March 11, 2019
Fridababy is a great 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser and a Nightlight.
It requires very low maintenance, it is filter free! I love that I don't need to spend extra money on the filters every month! And it is very easy to clean. It has a detachable plug, which is great, because I don't need to unplug it everyday to clean it.
It is also super quiet, which is very important, because I use it in my daughter's nursery and she is a very light sleeper.
It looks very beautiful in my daughter's room and the design is very nice and simple, so it can be used in any room!
Con: tank is pretty small. It lasts thru the night. However, it is very dry at my place, so I use humidifiers during the day too. So I have to fill it every morning and every evening. I wish tank was twice as big, so I only needed to fill it once a day.
Overall, it is great 3-in-1 humidifier. It is very nice looking and does a great job!
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The night light is great!
March 11, 2019
We love the night light feature on this humidifier. It's easy to turn on and has different colors. My daughter loves turning it off and on. You only have to touch it, so it's easy even for little hands to manage. I also love the smaller size, and how easy it is to fill. The humidifier for my bedroom is big and heavy. This one I can fill in the sink easily. However, the opening is small so it's hard to clean. The overall shape really isn't great for cleaning it out. The cap to direct the mist rotates, which is great! It doesn't secure in any way though, so my daughter keeps taking it off and hiding it. This results in water pooling and dripping down the humidifier. The sensitivity of the night light button means water running down the sides is enough to activate it.
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Enjoy my New Babyfrida product
March 11, 2019
I've been using the babyfridda humidifier and diffuser for about a week now. Things I enjoy is that it is multipurpose, so I only need one product for three things. My daughter enjoys the variety of colors for the nightlight. I enjoy that I can humidify the room when she's sick and use my favorite essential oils as a secondary help. The only thing that could be better is that it does have a slight buzzing noise. However, I don't mind white noises while I sleep. Overall, it's a wonderful product and I'll continue to use it.
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I love this 3 in 1 by Fridababy
March 11, 2019
This is the perfect 3 in 1 humidifier. I live in Ohio and this winter has been brutal on our skin and hair and sinuses. After the first night of using it I could tell a there was such an improvement. My skin wasn't so dry and I could breathe without the dry winter feeling in my chest. I like that this is light weight, easy clean and there are NO filters to fiddle with or replace! The tank is simple to refill also. This is the perfect size humidifier, you can also easily pick it up and move it from one room to another if needed. I usually leave the setting at about ½ way, when I wake up in the morning it is still going strong. One of my favorite features is you can add a couple drops of essential oil and this doubles as a diffuser. This is perfect for when the kiddos get sick or you need some relaxing lavender. Also there is a pretty neat nightlight feature. You can either have it change colors or leave it on one color. The color brightness is subtle. It's not too bright, but would be plenty of light for those late night feedings. If you have a light sleeper, i would make sure the light is turned on before the little one is asleep, the "beep" it makes when you turn it on may wake them. Another great feature is there is an auto shut off if the tank runs out of water. I love this sleek all white design it will fit in with any décor. Thank you Fridababy for an excellent product.
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Betty O.
New York, ny
We love fridababy products!
March 11, 2019
My family and I are enjoying fridababy 3 in 1 humidifier diffuser and nightlight. It is quite essential in our baby's nighttime routine. The humidifier helps her sleep at night when the air is really dry. We can use it as it or add essential oil of our choice to make her mote comfortable. We love the various options we have with this humidifier. If we're not using the humidifier or diffuser, we can still use it as a nightlight to help the baby sleep with some light. It is soft enough that it doesn't wake her from the brightness. I think it is a must have especially for new babies. I have already recommended it to a few friends and family. They've added it to their registry.
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Humble, Tx
The best humidifier!
March 10, 2019
We love this humidifier!!! It really has improved my sleep a lot. We have one in my room and other in my son room, at my room sleep my 2 baby's, and this humidifier helps so much! We currently put essential oils in our room and my baby can sleep all night, she have flu and have nasal congestion, it is easy to fill, and the night light is very pretty, definitely I recommend 100%... this weekend bought other for my other daughter and my Parents, hopefully works good for us.
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Perfect for a baby's room!
March 10, 2019
I have been using the BreatheFrida 3-in-1 in my 6 month old son's room for about a week now. It is extremely easy to use and comes with clear instructions. There is the option to change the direction of where the mist comes out, which is perfect if you need to place the humidifier in a smaller space. It's also nice that this is a smaller design, not taking up too much space. The nightlight is simple to use as well. Just push the power button for the light and you can chose from changing color, solid color or off. I haven't used it as a diffuser yet, but I do plan on adding lavender or other essential oils if we have a fussy night.
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Best of all 3
March 9, 2019
I just started my journey of essential oils and I was able to use it on this 3 in one BreatheFrida 3 in 1. It also came at a good time because my little one was sick. I was able to set it up without a problem and add the essential oils. It provides a perfect amount of mists and the essential oils was not too powerful. It provided a perfect sleep atmosphere for her. She slepted all night and it was great. It would be beneficial to buy a 3 in 1 and use whichever one is needed for the time.
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Altoona pa
I really enjoy this
March 9, 2019
I really like this three in one. Humidifier, diffuser and a nightlight. It adds a simple touch to any bedroom.
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Glendale, AZ
So lightweight!
March 9, 2019
This humidifier is so light weight and not big or bulky like others I've owned. It's very portable and easy to move from room to room. Plugged it in and there is a lot of options on the dial of how low to high you want the steam to come out. I love the nightlight option. I couldn't figure out how to use it and all you do is touch the light button and you have a changing color nightlight. Very cool! It definitely soothes my daughter when she isn't feeling well. I would definitely recommend just for the portability factor alone. Very pleased.
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Love it!!
March 9, 2019
Love it! Love the multiple options thst it has! Love the nightlight feature! You get the best of both worlds with this! Not to mention my kids love it too! And set up is so easy!
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I love this humidifier
March 8, 2019
This humidifier has an adjustable mist system that leaves my child's bedroom looking like a rain forest or with a mild flow of moisture. He can even put his hand over his hand over the flow of moisture without any heat or harm to his little hands. The humidifier provides a soft glow nightlight that gives my child just enough light to make him comfortable but still able to sleep. You can add oils to the diffuser for an added to help with stuffy noses. Best humidifier I have found!
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Burlington NC
March 8, 2019
This humidifier is amazing as it is 3 in 1, it is diffuser and so has nightlight. It works perfect and not making loud noise which supposed not too. Nightlight looks cool and my son wants looking at it til he fall asleep. Would really recommend to others.
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Finger Lakes, NY
I absolutely love this humidifier!!
March 8, 2019
I love this humidifier sooo much!! It's soo quiet during the night, and the lights are beautiful, and most of all- I can out essential oils in it!! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with children, and even for adults!!
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Redding, CA, United States
Love this baby humidifier!
March 8, 2019
My son is 4 and has breathing problems and is also afraid of the dark. This humitfer has been a life saver! Not only does it help break up his mucus for a stress free night but it has an awesome nightlight. It gives off a soft glow so when he wakes up to use the restroom he can go without being scared. He doesnt have to turn on the light waking me up either. This humitfer puts out the perfect smell and moisture in the air as well. Thank you for making such an awesome and thoughtful product for babies and parents.
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Jeannette PA
March 8, 2019
This Humidifier is wonderful for so many reasons, and it works amazing. My babys room was dry and using this ine time really helped out. This is also a diffuser and a nightlight which helps the children not to be afraid of a scary machine. The entire top lights up where my kids think this was more of a fun item to have then to help make them better.This is very easy to use as well.
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victorville, CA
Modern looking humidifier
March 8, 2019
First I would like to say the humidifier looks amazing, it fits the modern look. The plus is that its a night light. When I first opened it up I thought it was gonna be a hard thing to set up but upon opening the box it had simple instructions on one of the tabs. Right away it gave you simple picture instruction to help you before you even take it out. All you do is take it out, fill up the tank with water and any essential oils you want and place it back on the device, plug it in and bam you are done. the nightlight can be turned off and on whenever you like by a simple button. and adjust the mist of the humidifier with a twist of a knob. I really like it and its not just for children as one would think with the brand name, I will not only be using this in my daughter's room I will be buying a extra one for me.
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3and1 Humidifier
March 8, 2019
The Fridababy 3 in 1 Humidifier is Such A Well Made Product. I love it. It runs for 12 hours on the highest setting. It Has A Nightlight (Not Super Bright) Yet Visible Colors Green And Blue. You Are Able to use Any kind of Essential oils. you Can just use regular distilled water with any Cent. Or What Ever Option's Works best For you And your Child. It diffuses a good amount of scent. It has a 0.5 gal tank, Filter Free. 360 ultrasonic cool mist meaning You Can Rotate the Mist any direction to your is Super Easy To Clean. I had No issue With it leaking But I USe A Small Towel underneath Just in case. I would Reacomd this To anyone! Using Oil's And This Product Help My Baby Get A Better Night rested.
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Fayetteville, NC, United States
Small size, big results!
March 8, 2019
I absolutely love this humidifier for my baby's room. It's small and quiet but still lasts all night. I love the fact that you add essential oils right into the water basin. The nightlight is a nice feature as well. I could do without the loud beep it makes when you turn it on though. All in all I am very pleased with this. Highly recommend.
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Tooele, UT
Cute and Practical
March 8, 2019
I love having products in my home that serve multiple purposes at once. As soon as I plugged it in and the lights and mist started, my baby was captivated and wanted to do nothing but sit and stare as the lights changed colors. The mist feels great and does well in smaller rooms, like the nurseries it's intended for. My only concern was the amount of condensation that accumulated on the outside of the dome after just 5 minutes. Definitely recommend having a towel down under it. Overall, this is a fun and useful product.
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Chicago, IL
Great mini humidifier
March 8, 2019
Used this 3 in 1 humidifier for few weeks and I love it, great for moisture the dry air during winter season, the size just perfect for my little one room with the soft night light and sometimes I added essential oil as eucalyptus or lavender, the cool mist with essential oil so relaxing, love it.
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