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FridaBaby BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser + Nightlight

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By White
from Oregon
on September 12, 2021
Verified Buyer
Love this humidifier, love the changing colors too
Doesn’t last... short life
By Ying
from Vancouver, Washington
on June 13, 2021
Verified Buyer
I purchased this humidifier last year. I thought it was cute to put in my childís room. After using it for a few months, the power cord stopped working, I had to bend it a certain and hold it in place to get the humidifier to turn on. The humidifier must be washed and dried all the way or it will get moldy and hard water is extremely hard to clean. Once it gets moldy, some areas that are hard to reach can get difficult to clean. Other then that, this humidifier is soo quiet, you wonít even know its on.
  • Lightweight
  • Small- great size for small bedroom
  • Nightlight
  • Super quiet
Best Uses
  • Kids room
  • Difficult to clean
I love this company!
By Molly
from Tulsa, OK
on June 8, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this humidifier! it is quiet and the night lite is great. But best of all I cracked the water tank and they are are sending me a replacement part no questions asked. All I had to do was send an email. It was so easy!
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Great humidifier
By Carlie
from Chicago, IL
on May 15, 2021
Verified Buyer
Works well and is relatively easy to keep to clean.
Great product
By MarinaG
from Murray. Utah
on April 6, 2021
Verified Buyer
I got this humidifier from my friend for my baby shower. Unfortunately the product didn't work, the mist wasn't coming out and the water stayed in the tank all the time even though the light was on. I am a big fan of all Frida products so I knew something was not right here. I reached out to Frida customer support and in the end they replaced this humidifier with another one.
I am very pleased with the service I received and the way the product is working right now. It is perfect size for my nursery. I love that it has the night light and besides I can add some essential oils in it and it works as a diffuser too.
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By Athena
from New York
on March 29, 2021
Verified Buyer
Love iti uses this humidifier EVERYDAY, one of the best product i got from my baby registry, is a must but lately is not working even if i turn the mist all the way up, comes a little mist or not a all... am i the only one? but overall is great!!
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Short Lifetime
By Lily
from undisclosed
on March 5, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought this while I was still pregnant and it worked miraculously. I realized my baby was less congested when I was able to use this... However this doesn't always work properly. I got a blinking blue/purple light from time to time, would have to leave it off for a night then it'd work the next day. I've only had this for a few months and recently it has stopped turning on. Wish it would've lasted me longer than just a couple months.
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Our Family loves BreatheFrida humidifier!
By Dzmitry
from Bellevue, WA
on February 17, 2021
Verified Buyer
We bought that in August to provide better sleep to my pregnant spouse. After delivery in September we haven't pay a lot attention to the quality of sleep humidifier provided. We have felt the difference when it stopped working for some reason. Frida support team sent replacement quick. Humidifier is a great tool to support sleep quality in winter! Calm baby - happy parents.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
impossible to clean
By Alicia
from Upstate NY
on January 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
After a short period of time humidifier became very moldy and is impossible to clean and I can't use it anymore. Super dissapointed.
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I love Fridababy's Products & Service
By kjcolv
from Clarksville, TN
on January 9, 2021
Verified Buyer
A family visitor used this before we'd had a chance to. She so enjoyed it. We couldn't find the cord after her visit and I reached out to Fridababy asking where I could buy one. They sent an entire new unit. I love that you can add oils to this, it is lightweight, does not leak, and doesn't have an annoying filter. I am very happy!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
I love this humidifier!
By Tdean
from Ohio, United States
on January 3, 2021
This humidifier is AMAZING! My daughter has asthma and allergies and it has worked wonders for her in her room! I simply drop a few drops of my breath easy in the water and it's good to go! You can adjust how much vapor you want to come out at a given time. I also really like the light on it. My daughter thinks it is so very cool how she can either pick a color night light she wants or she can have all the colors and pick a pattern she wants the lights to flash or fade out in. Highly recommend for any child or adults room!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Awesome machine!
By Bmagoy
from Somerset
on January 1, 2021
I love this product!! It works amazing and it also has a night light which my daughter absolutely loves!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Average diffuser/humidifer unit
By mgoose
from undisclosed
on December 11, 2020
Verified Buyer
Just bought one for winter 2020! First impressions:
Cons -
Any electronic nursery product should contain in its description whether or not it beeps!! For consideration of your light sleeper:
When you plug it in or if the power flickers (like in a storm), it beeps.
When you push the light button, it beeps.
When you turn dial from off to on, there's a relatively big "click" sound, along with the beep.
It doesn't beep for auto-shutoff, but the big blue light blinks a couple times.
This style water canister (the upside down kind) will periodically gurgle as the water/air exchanges while in use. You can also continually hear splashy water noises as it works, but this can be relaxing.
Pros -
It does the job of adding water vapor into the air to help moisten airways!! I appreciate that I can use essential oils in it.
Directions say use filtered or distilled "for best performance", but I'm using my hard tap water and just anticipate needing to clean it with vinegar more frequently.
It's a quiet beep. The motor hum is very quiet. The water noises are the loudest part, but once my brain gets used to the periodic gurgling, I can sleep through it.
I will never use the light; I'm not sure why this such a common feature to be on humidifiers all night. Doesn't that disrupt your sleep? I might use a progressively dimming light that turns completely off after an hour (like a sunset). I think our bedtime brains want either a dim, amber spectrum light or no light.

3 stars because these are all descriptions of an "average" unit. It sounds like unit longevity is a common issue. Can't comment on that yet, but man I hope it lasts more than one season.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Night Light - Bad Design
By sofie89
from Bridgewater, NJ
on November 30, 2020
Verified Buyer
The night light is a blue/green colored light. Blue colors are bad for the production of melatonin. The best color for babies is a warm red or yellow light. Unfortunately, I will no longer use this machine. I recommend that research is put into these products to it best serves the demographic.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Mist is powerful and it lasts for hoursss
By Jenny777
from Arlington, VA
on November 23, 2020
The mist is really powerful and that is what you want in a humidifier. Right? We had to run two humidifier during winters but now with the Frida one , we run only this. The only thing that bothers me is that the cleaning takes time. With my previous humidifier, there was no reservoir. Therefore you just have to wash the tank, which was easy. The light touch sensor was first difficult to use but once you get that hook, its easy. Great for babies & adults too.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Very compact
By Alexandra
from Omaha, NE
on November 8, 2020
Verified Buyer
The compact size is perfect for the nursery, however the vapor output seems weak even when turned up to the max ó Iím not sure itís really increasing the humidity in our nursery... Weíve had trouble with mold in all of our past humidifiers, regardless of daily cleaning and upkeep! Keeping our fingers crossed this one doesnít have that issue!
  • Compact
  • Simple
Best Uses
  • Very small room/nursery
  • Minimal vapor output
Stopped working after about a month
By tim6827
from Michgian
on November 2, 2020
Verified Buyer
I purchased this humidifier to replace a different one. It seemed to work fine. Would add in the recommended Frida brand oil as well, but could never really tell it was in the water/air After cleaning the unit, as recommended in the manual, the device stopped working. The tank is full, but the device gives the 3 blinking blue lights, indicating the tank is empty. Very disappointed in this.
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Too loud and bright, cant be placed closer to baby
By Kara
from Utah
on September 28, 2020
Verified Buyer
If I had to do it over i probably would just go with your standard humidifier. If you place it somewhere close to your child when the water drops to fill the bottom container its pretty loud and can wake baby up if not in a deep sleep. Also the button to turn on the light is too close to the switch, so i accidentally turn it on all the time blinding me and waking up baby. It does the job, but i just don't love it.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Works fine, but not really worth it
By Emmapants
from St Louis, MO
on September 9, 2020
Verified Buyer
There are a lot of Frida products I really love, but this one just isn't that special. I've had other humidifiers that work just as well. I was really disappointed that the nightlight only rotates through blue, purple & green, when everyone says that RED light is the most conducive to baby sleep.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Easy to clean
By Wendy761986
from Massillon, Ohio
on August 10, 2020
Previously, I was using a humidifier for my daughter that required a filter and wow was that a giant pain. It got disgusting so quickly, it molded it you let the water sit there for more than a day, it stunk after only a few uses, and it was impossible to clean. THIS however, the no filter style humidifier makes life so much easier. I can't believe they even make the filter style anymore (or that people actually buy them). Also, you are able to use essential oils with this one, which is a nice touch because you don't have to buy overpriced vapor pads. Also, it's very compact and takes up very little room. Very nice if you're looking into getting a humidifier for a child's room.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Very portable
By Margaret
from Manassas, Virginia
on July 19, 2020
Verified Buyer
Bought it as a gift and my friend loves it
Super easy and effective
By Krazykelly0045
from West Bend wi
on July 6, 2020
I put this diffuser in my kiddos room immediately and it was a hit! The light is subtle enough to not interfere with their sleep but it's bright enough to allow them to see. It's perfect. It holds a Great amount of water and the mist lasts all night easily!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
This works great for my daughter
By SarahR
from NC
on June 26, 2020
I use this in my daughters room at night as all 3. I use essential oils in it to be used as a diffuser. I also use it as a night light for her and it works perfectly. I don't have any issues with it leaking. It lasts for a while and it definitely works.
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Soft ambiance and helps us a lot!
By Cassie88
from Palm Springs
on June 3, 2020
My son has asthma so we are always using humidifiers. I LOVE this one. Mostly because of its looks. It's sleek and modern and has a soft glow rather than a bright green or blue one.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
My 2nd Humidifier
By Christine
from Las Vegas
on May 23, 2020
Verified Buyer
I got my 1st humidifier as a gift from my baby shower and it's perfect! However this purchase is for myself to place in my room. The cool mist is just right compared to another cool mist humidifier I got that is not from fridababy.
  • Automatic shut-off when water is finish
bought for baby ended up being used by hubby
By nh102
from pa
on May 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
we love this diffuser its super easy to use and my husband loves it. we bought it to use in babys room, it ended up in ours!! will have to buy another haha
Multi funciontal
By KatieK
from Houston, TX
on April 21, 2020
I really enjoyed trying out this Humidifier/diffuser/nightlight from FridaBaby. I have tried a few of their products in the past and really enjoyed them. I like this product because it is multi functional and can be used for all members of my family if needed, not just baby. I like that this humidifier can also be used as an oil diffuser by adding essential oils to the water tank.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Helps my son
By NadyaB
from undisclosed
on April 20, 2020
This is an awesome humidifier for a nursery! It's small yet powerful and holds enough to last all night. Recommend!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
good humidifier
By diane3005
from new york
on April 20, 2020
This is a really good humidifier. My son has a really runny nose and it helps him a lot. Its super quite so it doesn't disturb him while he is sleeping. He loves the nightlight it has.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Best one
By Mramos
from Los angeles
on April 18, 2020
This year was a lifesaver for me and my babies it came in handy and it was very easy to use also I love the nightlight that he has it doesn't make too much noise like other humidifiers do I would totally recommend this to everybody who has a kid
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
I love Fridababys products!
By Ang2182928
from New york
on April 17, 2020
I bought this month going I'm so happy that I did because this is a very easy to use. We use it every single day it is constantly on and it even works as a night light it is great. It also has the option where you can throw some essential oil and there make the air smell so much better.
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Just what she wanted
By MN M.
from Minneapolis
on April 9, 2020
Verified Buyer
Perfect gift for my daughters new baby arriving in June!
I love Fridababy?s products!
By hgunter
from Portland, OR
on April 5, 2020
Cute little humidifier/nightlight. Love it for the nursery/ kiddos room. Super easy to clean which is a huge bonus and no filter needed. Only wish is that the tank was a little larger. I?ve loved all the products I?ve used from this brand.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great Humidifier
By Queens10
from Ohio
on April 3, 2020
I am in love with my new 3 in 1 Fridababy humidifier. I have had this a little over a month and I couldn't be more pleased with the decision I made with picking this humidifier. I must say this is the best humidifier I have ever come across so far. I like how I am able to add my favorite essential oils in and use this as a nightlight also. I noticed my baby isn't congested anymore and she's sleeping a lot better than before and that's a plus and I have to add that this humidifier also helped me with being less congested. This 3 in 1 humidifier is very easy and simple to manage. I had no problems with getting it started for the first time I just love how the colors change and I think my baby girl loves it also as she's always look at it before she falls asleep. I also really like how I can control how much of the mist I want to come out plus the top piece can be twisted in the direction I would like for the mist to come out. I highly recommend this 3 in 1 humidifier you will not be disappointed.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great Product!
By garra44
from NY
on April 3, 2020
Love this Fridababy 3 in 1 Humidifier! It works great, love how small and compact it is and the nightlight feature is so helpful and useful. The actual humidifier function is strong with a lot of mist and overall just a really great product!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Love fridababy!!
By Lizzy2
from CA
on April 2, 2020
I love this 3in1 fridaby product. It's a humidifier+essential oil diffuser and has a nightlight included. I like that it's small because you can put it anywhere and it can run for up to 12hrs. Its super easy to clean and it saves you time and there is no filter to be replacing also it doesn't make too much noise and it's a plus because you can get a good night sleep. This diffuser is small yet so effective it works wonders when my baby gets sick.
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Great product
By BriDuncan31
from Hot Springs, AR
on April 2, 2020
This is a great humidifier. I love that you can diffuse oils while using the humidifier. My kids love having the nightlight on it as well. It is very handy to have, especially with all the stuff going around right now.
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Wonderful product
By Rachelrae
from undisclosed
on April 2, 2020
I got this product about a month ago and its been working great it has been doing wonders its also a 3 in 1 which is amazing fridababy always has great products i recommend everyone to try this item and others
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Love This!
By Shebulee
from Waco, Tx
on March 31, 2020
The BreatheFrida the 3-IN-1 HUMIDIFIER, DIFFUSER + NIGHTLIGHT is a great product. Not only does it have a subtle color changing night light, but it also is a humidifier that doubles as a diffuser. I've noticed when my daughter has been feeling sick, I'll put some lavender essential oils in the humidifier. So while its diffusing the lavender its also adding moisture into the air. This is really a great product and it has a nice canister for the humidifier/diffuser.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Lasts all night!
By Ami 3.
from Victoria,TX
on March 30, 2020
This is so wonderful for my baby. We are all big allergy sufferers so my baby has frequent sinus congestion and cough. I do wear essential oils, but having a humidifier, diffuser, and night light all in one is so convenient for the nursery. It does not come with essential oils (although they do sell their own), but I had my own and of course you do not need to have a specific brand or type to use in it. The water tank is large in that it holds half a gallon of water in the top that is leak proof with the screw on valve. The top sits snugly on the base. My only real con for this humidifier is that the cord isn't very long. It fits on the corner of the dresser I use it on, but not much further. The light button isn't a physical button but instead touch symbol. Touch once and the light comes in fading different calming colors. Press it again and it will stop on the color it's on. Press it a third time and the light will turn off. The absolute best feature is the knob that let's me adjust the amount of vapor that comes out. This is great for any nursery with or without essential oils.
Customer Images
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By Cali
from Steamboat
on March 30, 2020
We got this in BreatheFrida the 3-IN-1 HUMIDIFIER, DIFFUSER + NIGHTLIGHT in the perfect time! It was easy to set up and worked right away! The nightlight was perfect as my kiddo doesn't like the dark
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By MamaRog
from undisclosed
on March 30, 2020
I absolutely love this Fridababy 3 in 1 humidifier! I'm currently using it in my living room all day and turn it off at night. If one of my kids gets sick then i will move it into their room and add an essential oil to aid in recovery. The night light function is amazing. It can be turned on to switch colors but you can also click it again and it will pause on the color of your choice. The colors are relaxing and soft. The machine itself is quite, almost noiseless, and the cool mist is soft and doesn't come out too thick like my old one did which would sometimes make a puddle on the floor it up too high. This is modern and sleek looking and works like a charm.
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I Love the BreatheFrida the 3-IN-1
By Mary0823
from Nashville,TN
on March 30, 2020
I love the BreatheFrida the 3-IN-1 HUMIDIFIER, DIFFUSER + NIGHTLIGHT. My girls love that it changes colors. I love that I can use essential oils in it and make my house or whatever room it's in smell amazing. I also love that it's a humidifier too which really helps when my girls are stuffy.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great features!
By Amberleigh87
from Jenkins, KY
on March 30, 2020
I have children that get bronchitis with every allergy season. I'm so thankful for this product that helps add some moisture in to the air to help with the dryness our heat pump adds. The added lights and diffuser is just an added bonus!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
I love Fridababy!
By kgmadams
from Austin, TX
on March 30, 2020
I got this humidifier for our newborn's nursery. I love Fridababy products and this one is no exception. It is a sleek design and I love that it also has a nightlight and diffuser. It will be perfect for the dryer winter months and to help combat the current pandemic!
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Awesome humidifier..
By Cristal214
from Fl
on March 30, 2020
I've got this humidifier in my kids room and it's really awesome. This humidifier has night light and you can control the mist. I love how easy to use this humidifier and you can put some of your favorite essential oil. It has auto shut too so when it's low in water it will automatically shut off by itself, over I love it and will continue using it,
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Absolutely Amazing!
By Jacezara23
from Navasota, TX, United States
on March 30, 2020
My 3 year old son often has allergies and horrible congestiond throughout the day and night. This is a product that I can depend on for him. It releases cool moisture into the air, allowing him to breath better! It works in an instant. I also add in some esseential oils to add an even more relaxing and therapeutic effect. It works amazingly! My son loves the color changing lights and it stays lit all night for him, helping him go to sleep. I highly recommend this product.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Small humidifier
By Greggy137
from NH
on March 30, 2020
This is a sleek, compact humidifier that blends in nicely with my daughter's nursery decor. It's not an eye sore. I like that it provides a nice little light in her room and that we can diffuse oils as well. It's definitely on the small side though. If your nursery is on the smaller side, this would be perfect. However, my daughter's room is a bit to big for this to be effective without turning it all the way up and then it doesn't seem to last through the night. We had to go back to her ugly huge one in order to get the room to a nice humidity throughout the night.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Worth the money
By Niku7112
from New Jersey
on March 29, 2020
Love this product!!! I've used multiple cool mist humidifiers that always seem to wet my floor and the mist doesn't evaporate into the air. This humidifier is amazing! I bought it for my daughters room, she has asthma and my dr said to get one. It has been great!! We'll worth the money. Plus it really diffuses essential oils as well. Love it the bonus part is night light
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
One of my top favorite fritababy items!
By brii9211
from Mount Pleasant, IA, United States
on March 29, 2020
I couldn't be any happier to finally have a fritababy breathefrida! This is one of my new absolute favorite fritababy products to date! This has helped my family so much since I have gotten it. It is a must have for EVERY household! Even if I didn't have children, I'd more than likely still purchase this breathefrita.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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