Fisher-Price Roar 'n Ride Lion

This item is discontinued.
Fun music and motorized-motion dance moves make Fisher-Price® Roar ’n Ride Lion the perfect backseat buddy for baby! He comes to life with four different dance jams and awesome dance moves whenever baby shakes the wrist rattle. Suction-bar attachment makes it quick and easy to attach to a car window, and just as easy to remove.


  • Two ways to activate music & dancing motion:
    • ?Shake the wrist rattle
    • ?Press the lion’s tummy
  • Four musical tunes
  • Motorized dance moves
  • Baby’s actions make things happen, introducing cause & effect
  • Bright colors & patterns, fun music & rattle sounds help stimulate baby’s senses
  • Securely attaches to your car window
  • Requires 3AA batteries
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Woodbury, NJ, United States
Keeps baby from crying!
November 12, 2016
Nora loves her lion! She hates riding in the car, but when her lion is there to sing and dance her crying ceases. She talks to him and he dances back!
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PA, United States
Good for son; quickly drives mom nuts!
September 14, 2016
We bought this for our 3 month old son to play with while working on sitting up and playing on the floor (we have large floor to ceiling windows in our living room). The lion works great (we found out he LOVES lions in pacifier is attached to one and lord help the poor sole trying to steal it from him!). The biggest down side is the fact that it only has 4 very short preprogrammed tunes. He will play with it for over 30 minutes; however after 10 I'm tired of listening to it! The rattle works great and if he was in the car I think I would have to eject him as my son LOVES to shake his hand to make it dance.
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Way to cute!
May 29, 2016
I got this because my family lives about an hour away, and I wanted something to help occupy my son during the car rides, and this is great! He learned quickly to use the rattle to make him sing and dance, and loves to watch him go. There are some weird quirky issues with it, first, it's really tall and not made for all rear windows, I own a Nissan Juke, and placement was hard because of how large he is. If he is touching the ceiling or door panel, he does not work right. Secondly, he does not do a variety of things, so he get's kinda boring quickly, especially when he is right behind my head lol. I wish there were more options, a variety of songs, phrases. . . Thirdly, he goes off with loud music, or bumpy roads which is kinda funny but not when your baby is asleep and your afraid of him waking the baby up. I wish there was an on, off button that was more easily accessible.
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Southern Ca
So Disappointed!
December 29, 2015
My son was 5 months old for his first Christmas- since he is just beginning to notice that he is alone in the backseat of our car, I was excited to see the Roar 'nRide Lion- and made it a point to buy it as his first Christmas gift from mommy...not to mention I LOVE lions- well I was disappointed when I opened the lion and began to play with it along with the rattle- and realized that the rattle does NOT activate the lion- as advertised. So in order to get the lion going you have to keep pressing the button- which defeats the purpose of having something to entertain the child while riding along. Booo.
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Buffalo, NY, USA
This seems cute but...
March 3, 2015
Living in Buffalo with very cold winter, this does not work while attached to the cold glass. Even after the vehicle has been warmed up for a long while it still does not work. The rattle that comes with this has to be shaken extremely hard in order for the lion to respond. It is easier to just push the button on the stomach to work. When my child wants to watch it, I have to reach behind me to push it on. It almost never works because I purchased this in February and it has been nothing but cold since. If I would have know that it would not work on cold glass then I never would have purchased it. Also the design does not work well for a sedan. The windows are smaller than a minivan/SUV type window. I am extremely disappointed as my children and I spend a lot of time the car and I was hoping for something that would bring them some enjoyment... I guess not.
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