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Fat Brain Toy Arx

This item is discontinued.

Arx is one rollickingly clever magnetic building toy.

Give an Arx piece a nudge and weebling and wobbling follows. Spin one around - simple play is here. Build with Arx? and know a fun new phenomenon for yourself.

When our staff created a large vertical question mark with magnetic Arx, we nodded our heads in agreement? Arx is fundamentally cool.

Stackable, slidable, attractable! Polished to perfection and genius too. Explore design, balance and the mystery of their magnetism!

A magnet rolls through each Arx piece, giving any builder the option of building in ways that defy common thought.

When the magnetic force between two Arx pieces meets- you’ll know it. You’ll feel the slight click as the magnets adhere. Now, you’ve found a new route for creative thinking!

Experiment with your inclinations. Design an Arx display horizontally on a table- or go up and out at angles that are seemingly impossible.

The magnetic capabilities of these beautiful crescent building pieces will send imagination over the moon.

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