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Evenflo Everyfit 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat - Winston

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The Evenflo EveryFit 4-In-1 Car Seat has been engineered for maximum comfort, safety, and longevity. The EveryFit accommodates your child by adjusting to multiple positions, allowing kids to ride rear-facing beyond 2 years of age

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This is the absolute...
By KaelaH
from undisclosed
on October 1, 2021
This is the absolute worst car seat ever!!! Will not tighten up to the seat and can't tighten the harness for the child. Evenflo definitely takes your money but gives you a product that is absolutely worthless.
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from undisclosed
on August 24, 2021
Very well made! Great gift for my nephew and his girlfriend.
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Good car seat but needs improvements
By MeganP
from undisclosed
on August 12, 2021
Good car seat to grow with my daughter. My daughter gets car sick so I have to clean frequently, it's easy to take apart but fabric doesn't get clean in the washer as I thought. Styrofoam broke in half and I cannot loosen the buckle for my daughter's legs. It's super tight and hard to buckle. Straps twist and she's still rear facing and it is hooked up with seatbelt and it leans and skids all over. I wish it was better.
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The straps are...
By Chandra
from undisclosed
on July 28, 2021
The straps are difficult to tighten. When installed it immediately slips and then my child is tilted.
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By AshleyM
from undisclosed
on June 28, 2021
Hated everything about this car seat. I wanted to love it so much. I was convinced I was going to love it that I tried to force myself to love it in end. It's been a year that's how hard I tried, Truth is. It's just plain AWFUL! every aspect of this. I am not a fan of graco and I was not fond of safety 1st either. This seat is EXTREMELY BULKY. I have a midsize suv and this really won't fit properly. Not to mention how hard it is to adjust the reclining for rear facing. Taking it apart to clean is a nightmare. Good luck getting it back together. When babe is in it the leg straps ride right into the crease. And leaves red marks. When trying to adjust it just makes everything else lose and really hard to tighten without complete removal from car if rear facing. The foam on the headrest is extremely flimsy. My 20mo broke it right off. I am now back to car seat shopping a year later. I was so excited for this to be our last seat only to find out I wasted my money. And it was a hefty price than what it's sold for now since I purchased at target.
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Seems very safe and...
By aspirationalmama
from undisclosed
on June 15, 2021
Seems very safe and the longevity of this car seat makes it worth it. It's the only seat we'll ever have to buy.

My only issue is that it does recline enough in my opinion but my son seems to be very comfortable in this seat.
The EveryFit allows kids to ride rear-facing beyond 2 years of age-without extending the seat.
It's easy it is to use the quick and secure SureSafe Installation System.

Booster Type: Chair-style
Direction: Rear / Forward Facing
Features: All-in-one, Certified for Airplane Use, Washable Fabric, With Adjustable Headrest, With Cup Holder
Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 lbEvenflo Everyfit 4In1 Car Seat Winston
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By JaymieT
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
If I could give this carseat 0 stars I absolutely would. We currently have it installed by the anchors in rear facing mode, the exact way the manual says. I've even triple checked this Step to see if I misread any part. Yet the seat is constantly becoming loose!! I don't even know how this honestly passed the safety tests because I do not feel safe with my child being in it. Not to mention it is extremely hard to even tighten down the straps to buckle the child. I had high hopes for this seat since our oldest has been in a different evenflo carseat that appears to no longer be available and it's been great! We have had no issues which is why we chose this seat thinking it would be the same but I guess not.
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By JamesM
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
Terrible to install. Would not buy again. Does not stay in place.
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Not worth the money
By Cayla
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
This car seat is very bulky. The clips to hold the bottom cover on broke within a month and I can't find any replacement piece for it. You have to completely undo the straps to move them around.
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Excellent seat for a great price!
By EmilyN
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
Excellent price for a quality car seat that will grow with our son! Our son loved this upgrade from his Chico Key Fit and appears to be much more comfortable. He loves to look out the window and comment on cars, trees, etc.

He is still rear-facing, and I did notice that the strap is tough to pull tight, but my husband and I are both able to pull it tight enough to get if secure.

This is a great deal for a safe car seat that will last for many stages in our son's life!
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Try a different car seat
By JoeVonteW
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
The car seat alone is hard to adjust and you legit have to fight in order to get the car seat tight, and the straps are very hard to tighten.
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Worse seat ever.
By Brendaf12
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
Worst car seat ever.. please don't get this seat.. waste of money.
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Love it!
By Tarika
from undisclosed
on May 26, 2021
I love this car seat! It's big front to back and heavy but if you aren't taking it in and out of the car it's fine! I wouldn't suggest this car seat if you're doing 3 across unless you have a big backseat. This car seat makes me feel like my 3 year old is secure and gives her more room while being rear faced. I struggled a little installing it but it worked out after a few try's. Highly suggest this car seat
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Great carseat
By HannahSh
from Missouri
on February 21, 2021
I am using it for my three-year-old. He hasn't complained about it and seems to think it's more comfortable than his old car seat. It is easy to tighten the harness straps. It was easy to adjust the height of the car seat also. The quick latch connector and belt lock-off make it easy to securely install. I love how this car seat will work from birth until the child is in a booster. It can be used both rear and front-facing and it has three booster modes. The car seat is good for 10 years. This car seat is slim and would work great in a small car. The car seat is easy to clean since the car seat cover is machine washable and is easy to remove.
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Safety is highest priority
By Bren303
from Denver, CO
on February 10, 2021
I've used this car seat with at 3 of my kids and at 3 different stages. 6, 3 and 1year old. The best feature on this seat is the latches! They are so easy for the seat to be removed! This has always been such a struggle because the clips that other seat have are nearly impossible to un clip because of how snug and tight the seat over lays over those hooks! I've made big, made small, removed padding and added it back on. Every stage I've used has been simple and easy to achieve. Another feature I loved was the weight of the seat! As for me, the heavier the sturdier and safer the seat is. But this one, is lighter then the previous I've had. It's made it easier to move between different vehicles. The color worked great and sizing worked great for the size of our vehicle as well.
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Awesome Price Point & Safety Features
By Jenna0730
from Boston, Massachusetts
on February 8, 2021
I love this car seat! It took a little while to get the car seat installed in my car but once it was installed it barely moved. My son is tall and skinny and I feel he never looked truly 'secured' in other car seats simply due to his size. I didn't have that problem with this car seat, he seems to fit perfectly in it without feeling like he can't move. We had a second car seat that our in-laws purchased for us which we ended up returning when we found out how much money they spent. You can't argue with the price point for a car seat that will stay with him until he's able to be in a car without a car sear or booster seat. One thing I think should be mentioned is storage. With the original car seat we had, we would eventually need to buy a booster seat and already had to upgrade from a smaller car seat from when he was born. These all take up a lot of storage space, this isn't an issue with this car seat so we have more space to hold onto his toys and clothes for another child down the line.
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Sturdy, beautiful and solid
By DarthDamsel16
from Andreson, CA
on January 17, 2021
As always Evenflo delivers on making a car seat that is not only adorable, but also very well built and sturdy. It has several different back positions, and reclines. Of course it had the tethers with the quick release option which is such a plus for me. My daughter loves the seat and says it is very comfortable, I agree as it has just the perfect amount of cushion to keep my little one comfy and safe. I love that you can pop the cup holders off, so if you don't need them or only want one you have that option. It is also nice that after an infant car seat this is the only seat you will need. I would highly recommend this seat if you are looking for comfort, safety and quality!
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Really like the recline and good comfort with straps.
By Shrinewood7718
from Indiana
on January 14, 2021
The carseat reclines really well compared to others. We have heavily slanted seats in our Prius V and must car seats require us to use a towel. This car seat was able to be installed with no towel! Very comfy, love the shoulder straps. The only complaint is the install system for rear-facing with the anchors is inferior to both the push to click system and ratchet system offered by Evenflo.
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Easy to install and adjust!
By jessicaB
from norwood, ma
on January 14, 2021
This carseat is very easy to install, feels secure once in. I really like the easy disconnect of the bottom tethers so I don't have to shove my hand into the seat and having the top tether makes it feel even more secure. It wiggles much less when installed than our previous car seat and has nice head protection (which also adjusts really easily without needed to pull any straps out). My daughter likes that she sits more upright and can see better out of the window in this seat. My only concern is that she sits so upright that if she falls asleep I think her head will slump down in one of those awkward positions, but we aren't going out much these days so I have not seen this actually happen.
Another small feature that I love is the double cup holders that actually stay in place. Our previous car seats cup holder would never stay on, these are secure in place and my daughter can reach them easily.
Overall, I am really happy with the car seat.
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Great Style, Comfort, Safety
By ekham
from Michigan
on January 13, 2021
Overall, this is a very good car seat. It has a very nice, sleek look to it and it has nice padding for the child's comfort. The manual clearly walks you through the directions for installment and safe use. I like that the shoulder harness pads are large enough to stay put on the shoulder (other car seat models I've used have small ones I always have to readjust and pull backward and forward), and it has a padded cover for the harness buckle, given that it sits right in a child's crotch. Thoughtful!
I will say this car seat is bigger than some of the others I have used. I have a Ford Escape, so it takes up quite a bit of space in that vehicle, but I think that's pretty common for 4-in-one seats in smaller vehicles. It was also a bit more difficult to install than some others. We were able to get it installed in about 10 minutes, but it did take a little bit more adjustment and readjustment than some of our previous seats to get it to sit on the seat in the correct position and tighten enough. We don't anticipate having to re-install it often, so this is a manageable thing. What I DO like about the installation set up is that the latch clip uses a pull loop to unfasten, and this is FAR easier to unfasten and detach than the button style my other car seats have used. Much appreciated innovation!
I do have a hard time tightening the harness to a safe enough tightness when my child is in it, and I have to stand in the car door frame to get myself positioned above it enough to tighten it securely. I've had this issue with other carseats before, but this one is one of the more challenging ones (if anybody ever figures out how to make a car seat with an easy-tighten harness, they will be a billionaire). The top of the car seat is a little bit loose/more flexible compared to others I've used, but it doesn't seem to impact the safety of the car seat.
My child was 19 months and about 20 pounds when we got this seat, so she will be rear facing a little bit longer. This car seat will continue to work for her over the coming years, and that is really important for our family. It's nice to know that her seat will keep her safe and adjust to her while she grows!
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Great seat to grow with baby
By SloansMom
from San Antonio TX
on January 13, 2021
The install for this seat was a bit complicated, but it is secure. The release tab for the straps is harder to depress in our truck compared to our car, but it's just the added height of the vehicle That makes depressing the release a bit awkward. I love the style of the seat and the fact that it will grow with my daughter through back facing to booster. It is a good investment, safe and comfortable. The padding around the head is great and my daughter is happy to ride in it when we make the occasional grocery pickup. I can't stress enough how nice it is that this product will grow with her. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.
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Very safe and Cozy
By Baxter4
from Cleveland OH
on January 13, 2021
This car seat could not be any better. My daughter looked so tiny at first in the car seat, which made me feel safe knowing the protection and padding surrounding her. The conversion is so easy! Its foolproof, honestly! It shows you on the car seat the next step how to tilt what to remove as far as the padding and at what stages. Very easy to clean, my daughter has thrown up a few times on it. I have just wiped it clean and it doesn't have any after smells. Very impressed with the quality and the ease. The dual cup holder is perfect for a drink cup and a snack cup, or now for her socks since she just ripes them right off in the car! Its the perfect car seat, and you only need to buy one it will last thru all the stages!
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Great for a newborn and 7 year old!
By Aga_k1
from Bartlett, Il
on January 13, 2021
I was looking for a car seat that would work both for my 2 months old and 7 year old. Now I found the perfect one! Starting from the beginning this car seat is SUPER lightweight. When we received it, my husband asked if the box was empty, it was so light. Installation was very easy, even I could do it without any problems. The car seat looks incredible, I love those colors. Seatbelts run smoothly, no issues buckling up my little one. I'm trying to think of any cones but there are none! I simply love our new car seat, it's awesome!
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Solid everyday car seat
from Boston, MA
on January 11, 2021
This is a decent car seat - it is not as fancy as some of the other Evenflo car seats, but it is solid and gets the job done. It's a little finicky to install - getting the strap to tighten when using the lower anchors takes a bit of elbow grease. But once installed, it seems comfortable and secure. It's great that it grows with your child, and most importantly it seems like a safe option.
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Adjust height in seconds!
By Twinmom19
from Detroit, MI
on January 11, 2021
We have had several car seats for our twins and none have compared to the Evenflo Everyfit 4-in-1 car seat. There is a handle at the top that allows you to adjust the height of the seat with one easy pull. The seat also has thick padding over the crotch clip portion of the 5 point harness. This extra padding has eliminated the issue we previously had with our girls getting diaper rashes from the pressure of being in the seat for periods of a time. The seat offers two cup holders along with a small tray on one of the arms. We have two of these seats in my vehicle and they fit with room to spare. I would suggest this seat to any new parent or caregiver.
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Very comfortable
By Lupe95
from Twin falls Idaho
on January 10, 2021
This chair is perfect it is very cushions.great for trips so the little ones won't get tired on the way.my Daughter loved it since she tried it.I really loved it I am looking to buy one for my 2 year old son because they are great because they can turn into a booster seat.it is great there is 4 different modes meaning you can put your little one from 4 pounds all the way till they are 120 pounds. I'm just love it
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Awesome car seat in all modes!
By Salfamily
from El Paso, TX
on January 8, 2021
I really LOVE this carseat! Since it's a seat that grows with the kids, I decided to give it a try with both of my kids.
At first opening of the box, the seat was heavy and a bit bulky. This is however, something I expected being that it's a forever type of seat. The look is very nice and the seat itself seems to be very comfortable. It does look like it would be hard to wash when the kids inevitably get it dirty. The cup holders were super easy to install but it seems as if maybe I received something extra, maybe another cup holder?
I first installed it rear facing, to try it out with my 18 month old. She typically does not enjoy car rides but seems to be very relaxed in this bigger seat. Installing the seat was super easy and fairly quick. The instructions provided we pretty clear in the steps. It was easy to adjust the straps to get them nice and tight on the baby and she still had room in the chair to safely and comfortably move. After a week or so, it's deemed that baby loved the seat just as much as I did.
For the second week, I switched out the seat to be a forward facing, high back booster for my 6 year old. She was riding in a high back booster with a harness so using the seatbelt in the booster was new for us and made me quite uneasy. The chair itself was easy to transition to the the high back booster and to reinstall forward facing. After putting my 6 year old in the chair and discussing with her the importance of keeping the seatbelt in place, I was extremely impressed with the seat. The seat belt stayed in place, my daughter says she was comfortable and she felt very secure. We spent time practicing removing the belt and discussing when to remove the belt in case of emergency. This seat was easy for her reach over and unsnap their nest safely and quickly.
Overall, I am very happy with this seat in both modes and look forward to it growing with my baby.
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Grow with you carseat!
By AlexisY
from Greeneville, TN
on January 7, 2021
This carseat is great for so many reasons. The first thing that i noticed about this convertible is that its from birth to 120lbs! This is a very long lasting carseat and can be used the whole time the child needs to be in a carseat. The convertible carseat is rear facing and forward facing that can recline to as needed. There is lots of cushion to help keep the child safe and comfortable. We installed this Convertible carseat in the back on my Toyota Camry and it only took a few minutes. There is a LATCH system that has three anchors to anchor into the seats of it can be used with a seatbelt. The material piece can be easily taken off and washed and put back on each time its needed to be washed. There are two cup holders that are very convenient for the child to reach and can be removed to wash and put back into place. This carseat converts into several different seats and grows with my child every step of the way. The 5 points harness is very secure and not hard for parents to use. This has been a very easy carseat to use and we have enjoyed using it for one of the many stages we will be experiencing with it.
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Great for growing child
By TrinaK
from California
on January 7, 2021
Every kid 4 in 1 car seat is a carseat that will grow with your child. This car seat is convertible. It is able to be put into multiple positions which would allow the child to sit rear or forward facing. I really loved the aspect of this being able to be used by my child for a long time. It is very easy to install and to switch between vehicles. That was a huge plus for us as we tend to jump between our car and truck throughout the week. So a quick switch is what this car seat has allowed. If your unsure on how to install just give the instructions a read and it will explain it. My child was super excited about having two cupholders. She has used them as holders for her sticks and flowers. Overall we are very impressed with Evenflo and would highly recommend it.
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Looks super cozy
By busymamaof3boys
from Reno NV
on January 7, 2021
The Evenflo every fit 4 in 1 Winston car seat is full of cushions to have your little ones be nice and cozy yet full secure and safe. It has two removable cup holders for easy cleaning and had a little area that your child can put snacks or a toy. It was fully assembled and ready for use when first taken it if the box. Easy installation for your little or big child. Love that it's a grow with me and infants clear up to a child in a booster seat can use. The seat covers are removable so you can wash them. Highly recommend and feel comfortable putting my baby in this car seat.
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Forward Facing car seat
By SDoz
from Louisiana
on January 7, 2021
This car seat is being used forward facing in my 2018 Highlander for 2 1/2 year-old twins.

Installing and uninstalling was super easy. The car seat sits without any issues. This is great because in the past I have had to use rolled up sheets to make other seats sit level. It is light weight so it is easy to maneuver. The anchoring harness has a pull strap rather than a button which makes it easy to remove and switch to a new vehicle. Some cons I noticed were the size of the seat. I takes up a lot of space. I could not fit a third car seat in the middle if I needed to. I also worry about the pull strap on the harness being a safety issue when my boys are a little bigger and are able to reach. It would be very easy for one of them to pull the strap and release the anchor.

The straps have an easy to press button that releases them to make them tighter or looser. This is great feature for me because I have twins who are not the same size. I have to readjust their straps often because they don't always sit on the same side of the car. They seem to be very comfortable when sitting. Their heads are supported well and there is adequate cushioning.

As I mentioned before, this seat is super light weight, which makes it easy to maneuver. However, it also makes it seem a bit flimsy. The head rest wiggles a little bit, and there is a lot of wiggle room in the seat area. This would be a great thing for a larger child, but it's a little scary with smaller children.

Overall, for the money, this car seat is a good deal. You have the option to move your child up from infancy And you never have to purchase a new seat. I would also recommend this seat if you plan to switch vehicles often, as it is super easy to install and remove. If you have 3 children and need to use three car seats I would measure your back seat before purchasing this seat, as it is a little wide and might not fit.
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Solid Car seat to grow with baby
By SarahG
from Carmel, IN
on January 7, 2021
The EVERYFIT 4in1 Car Seat is a solid car seat that is designed to grow with your baby from infant well into childhood. Our daughter is not yet two years old, so we are only using the car seat in rearing facing, bu I can see how easy it will be when it is time to turn the car seat around to front facing. I took away one star because the buckle is hard to get buckled and then to unbuckle. It feels a bit tight, but I am hopeful it is something that will become easier with practice.
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Nice Carseat!
By GHJ1213
from Wisconsin
on January 6, 2021
I love how this carseat has cupholders! Super helpful for our toddler. He loves being able to grab his cup during our rides!
We have 3 kids and I love that this carseat right now would be able to work for any of them very easily. It is simple to switch it around, and not confusing.
I only gave 4 stars because the ease of Installing the carseat.
We received this product from the savvy parents sampling program, thank you so much for a great product!!
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Not as good as I expected from Evenflo
By Aura
from Arlington, VA
on January 5, 2021
I am a loyal Evenflo customer and I was given the opportunity to test this car seat which I gladly accepted as I have been extremely happy with my other Evenflo product (Pivot Xpand). I seriously hoped it was going to be better than our Graco 4ever car seats (2 standard 4evers and 1 slim) and replace one of them and provide more space in the back. Unfortunately, while the car seat looks really nice and the padding seems to be really soft and comfortable, I was disappointed to experience most of the other reviewers' complaints. First, securing this car seat in your car is not the easiest thing. Base is so narrow that the car seat doesn't even stay stable on a flat service in the house let alone in a car seat. Tightening the latches to ensure the car seat was secured required a lot of effort and still I wasn't able to get a tight fit like I do with Gracos every time I remove and reinstall them to clean. Second, the lap buckle is very thick and padded but that is exactly why our 2 year complaint the moment she sat. It is very hard to remove and makes the toddler very uncomfortable while seated. Similarly, chest buckle is hard plastic and clicking it and opening it is not smooth. Most annoying thing for me was that the straps are very thin and would easily twist forcing me to always fix it before sitting our toddler.

Again, I am comparing my experience with Gracos but my experience did not give me the feeling that they were of similar quality. However, I still think that this is a good product for the price point but would have expected some of these issues would have been dealt by Evenflo as I know they have very good products.
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Love the car seat
By Tifftiff088
from York,PA
on January 5, 2021
Got this for my son. It's so soft and looks comfortable. My son loves it. I've always loved this brand my daughter has one of these as well. Very happy with it. Comfortable and safe and fits in our car perfectly. Was easy to install in the car as well.
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Love it!!
By Khigg20489
from Cochranton pa
on January 5, 2021
This 4 in 1 carseat is amazing. It was so easy to install in my car. It has so many different cushioned protection i feel safe putting my baby in it. Love that its the only one ill have to get since it grows with my child and can be used through lifestages while a carseat/booster is needed.
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Secure seat, great for toddler!
By Swwhite
from Dunstable, MA
on January 5, 2021
This was a great upgrade for my toddler when he was ready to move from rear to forward facing, though it would also have been a good rear-facing seat as well. The headrest is comfy but secure, the straps are thin enough so they are easy to untangle but still very strong. Installation did take a bit of maneuvering around in my back seat, but once the seat was in it was very secure. The snack tray is a great addition.
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Just like the graco
By Mandy717
from Orange
on January 5, 2021
As a mom to a 20 month old baby boy. This car seat is very comparable to the graco 4 ever car seat. My husband recently just got another truck, and with different schedules, we have been enjoying this car seat as an addition. Very easy to take in and out of car. Very pretty color, and very nice material. Definitely recommending this car seat to all of my friends.
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Comfy carseat
By FJ422
from Illinois
on January 4, 2021
Straight out of the box it was easy to set up and adjust to my child's size. It's nice and padded my child looks super comfy. Straps are comfy and don't rub his neck. It's easy to buckle and unbuckle. Installation is comparable to other car seats. It fits nicely in a Ford fusion. The positioning of the carseat for my child's size is easy. However I do wish it has a ball level instead of just a line. Overall it's a good comfy carseat.
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Look no further !
By Alannah C.
from Mesa, AZ
on January 4, 2021
This car seat is just as good if not better than the graco. I was looking for an extra car seat for my second car and received this one. This car seat fits just fine in my Hyundai Tucson . My LO also seems to think the car seat is comfy which is great for those long car rides. I would definitely purchase again and would even gift this to a family member or friend . I would say no need to look any further for a great car seat . The even Flo is awesome .
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Great grow with your child car seat!
By Anheli
from Phoenix, AZ
on January 4, 2021
This car seat worked great for our family. The machine washable items and removable cup holders is always a plus when you're always on the go. We put snacks one one side and use the other for our child's drink. Forward facing install was easy. Keep in mind the overall size of the car seat we have an suv so the space is great and it works for us.
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Comfortable and practical
By BeccaG
from Maryland
on January 4, 2021
This carseat is a great option to grow with your child. The inserts allow for the safe and comfortable cushioning for an infant while also converting to a toddler seat and beyond. My son is 15 months old, so we used the rear-facing option. I love the recline option under the chair. The buckle was a bit tricky to undo, especially when wrestling a toddler. Also, I was not able to find how to widen the straps across the waist, so it was a bit tight.
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Solid, no-frills, functional car seat
By Hesedguy
from Corvallis, OR
on January 3, 2021
This car seat works. It doesn't have a lot of extras, but for us that's just fine. We don't drive much, but have taken several hour long drives with our 2.5 year old in it and she was perfectly comfortable. The only issue we've had was getting the harness tight in the forward facing position, could just be our car, but we figured out you need to pull the slack out of the lap straps before cinching down with the tightening strap.
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High hopes fell flat :(
By secretgoldfish
from Maine
on January 3, 2021
I had such high hopes for this seat. The features out of the box are AMAZING. Easy recline and easy to convert between different modes. So many little perks. However installation was a nightmare. Per the manual, we had to use the seatbelt instead of the latch clips because our daughter is over 40 pounds. We're not ready to have her in the booster mode so we were aiming to have it installed as a car seat. I was absolutely unable to get a secure attachment. My husband tried later and the two of us together couldn't get it in properly. It was wiggling far more than the acceptable amount. We also tried to buckle our 4 year old into it outside the car installation. The crotch buckle did not move enough to accommodate the size of her hips. Even trying to put our much more petite 2 year old in the seat didn't seem comfortable for her. In the end, we took it out and put the old seat back in. We'll try again and update if it works for us, but as of now it's a hard pass. We love all our other evenflo seats (5 in our kids' lives so far) so I was really bummed about this one.
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Will last forever
By Samanthajason
from North Dakota
on January 3, 2021
I have six children so I have tried so many different types of car seats. I want one that converts, lasts, quality, safe, Comfy , and is cute! This seat is everything I need and want in a car seat! I will only buy evenflo car seats!
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Great bang for your buck!
By Dad L.
from Nashville, TN
on January 3, 2021
We were looking for a new car seat for our 2 year old and this Evenflo Everyfit fit the bill. This is a great bang for your buck seat with a lot of features and also provides good comfortability for our little dude. This Everyfit is great cause we can easily transition to a booster when he gets bigger and we don't have to purchase another seat. We are currently using it as a front facing seat. The cushions seem to be comfy and provide good support. There are two cup holders with a little snack tray which is a huge plus. Installation was super easy using the latch system. There is only one area that I can think of for improvement, and that is the buckling and tightening of the seat belt. It is sometimes hard to tighten the seat belt for the seat. We also wished it had a "clicking" feature to ensure snugness.

Easy installation
Good features and comfortability
Great price

Hard to tighten the seat belt
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Very well made!
By Marie C.
from Cleveland, Ohio
on January 3, 2021
This car seat is perfect for your child at all stages of growth. Whether you have an infant, toddler or a school aged child - this seat accommodates all. It installs with ease, and is extremely well made. The car seat fabric cover removes with ease for easy washing if needed. My two year old is even able to rear face with comfort in this seat! The overall quality is perfect and I'll definitely be purchasing another for my 4 year old!
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I'm in love with this car seat!
By Calimom2
from California
on January 2, 2021
I am very pleased with the quality of this car seat! There are so many great features that I think any mom would love to have. One of my favorites is the super easy installation! I've have car seats that are quite complicated to figure out but this one was a breeze. I also like that the seat seems a bit more on oversized than most. Which is great for my little one. He is a lot taller than the average child his age so having the extra space and comfort is essential. I also love that this is a seat that my son can grow in. Since it is a 4 in 1, there is no need to purchase any other seat before the transition out of it. I think investing in items that convert is a smart choice and I've done that for both of my children. My daughter also have a Evenflo carpet that she loves and she is almost ready to convert to the booster seat. Overall, I am very happy with this product as well as all Evenflo products in general as they never seem to disappoint.
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Good carseat but not as sturdy as others
By Gators10
from Florida
on January 2, 2021
The carseat looks great. When installed, my child seemed properly restrained and was comfortable. The seat material was easily removed for cleaning. I didn't feel comfortable with the restraint when using the seat belt for installation, but the LATCH system felt more secure. I was disappointed with how the front of the seat pad attached with plastic clips that have easily broken on me in the past. I look forward to using this seat when my child is front facing as it looks more secure in that direction.
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Highly recommend
By Vanessa
from Orlando, FL
on January 2, 2021
I have twins and since they outgrew their newborn car seats I was wondering which other car seat would work better for us, and this one is perfect. It is easy to install, it is well padded, and my babies now have more room for their legs. I'm happy that this product will last forever. I can say that they are very comfortable and safe when in there.
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