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Durable Carseat
from California
on June 10, 2022
Verified Buyer
Just received my order, and the car seat is very well made and comfortable. A lot of cushions and roomy for my 5 years old. Canít wait to install in the car.
Great car seat
By Galina
from FL
on April 26, 2022
Verified Buyer
My son was finally ready for a good quality booster. This seat is very comfortable and well maid
fantastic safety features
By Jessica
from Boise, Idaho
on January 22, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is one of the only boosters I have found with a reclining headrest. Not only is this feature great for the comfort of a napping child but crucial for for best head and neck position during an accident while asleep. I also recommend looking up and watching the crash tests on this booster as you can see the superior support it provides when compared to other big name brands. My 6 year old loves the pink color and says its very comfortable. Installed this via the latch system and it feels very sturdy.
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Simply Perfect!
By Hunni
from Las Vegas, Nv
on April 12, 2021
Verified Buyer
I'm so impressed and excited about this product. It's exactly what I was looking for. Excellent stability. Maximum comfort & support when my grandson falls asleep. I have total peace of mind for his safety. Bravo Cybex!!!
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Best carseat and easy to install
By Jung N.
from undisclosed
on November 15, 2020
So easy to put it together and install. Kid feels more comfortable than another one we got before Cybex. Love the brand and have been using Cybex since newborn.
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Cybex child booster seat
By Michelle C.
from Chicago
on July 14, 2020
Super easy to install. Fits great and is very sturdy.
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Lightweight & Great Quality
By CHudson
from Seattle, WA
on May 15, 2020
We recently transitioned our daughter from her carseat to this Z-fix by Nuna and we love it! She is comfortable in it, and its easy to move from car to car if we need to! I love the look and it fits seemlessly into our cars!
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Fantastic Next Step
By josh
from Ponte Vedra, FL
on May 7, 2020
We graduated to this seat from the Eternis S. It was the perfect next step. Out of the box assembly was a breeze. One of my favorite features of the Cybex is the built in pocket for the instruction manual! This booster seat is very sturdy and secure. It even fits perfectly in our two door coupe. Overall a fantastic next step!
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Excellent seat!
By Mayne92
from Dallas, Texas
on May 2, 2020
I received this seat as a sample to try it out. It has an easy installation, a beautiful design and a excellent comfort. I loved the way that he felt safe on that and I was completely in peace with the safety that the seat provides to the child. This is his first booster seat and I am really happy with the result. Definitely a must have!
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Superior carseat
By BarbCarter89
from MO
on April 27, 2020
My Daughter is so happy in this carseat, she weighs 57 pounds. She fits well, and says it is comfortable for long car rides. It was easy to install, and is made with safety in mind. I can feel great knowing how well, she is protected. When looking at it side to side comparison with her old one, you can see how much better the design is. It is lightweight to carry, the fabric washes well for spills. The color is nice, it can get a bit hot if left in the sun. We have so much peace of mind, that she is safe in the car. I would recommend it, the quality is unmatched.
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Beautiful and well designed
By Claire6557
from Scarsdale, NY
on April 26, 2020
We have been using this booster for just about 6 weeks now, and it is fantastic. We purchased the Cybex infant seat for its safety features and sleek design, and I was so happy to find out they have a booster now. After buying so much baby gear, Cybex stuff always just seems the best thought out. Installs are easy, fabrics are easy to clean, and the safety features are awesome. Right out of the box it is well packaged, and honestly installs in minutes. My daughter is five and loves it. It is well padded and the fabric is very luxe, but it seems like it will hold up well.

I was skeptical that her head would remain within the headrest when she slept, but it really does work! I keep the headrest in the "reclined" position since it seems comfortable for her and she has a tendency to fall asleep. I haven't tried having her reach back and recline it herself, but that's probably easier for an older child.

We installed the seat using the LATCH connectors. Read the manual if you are using them, but basically you flip them out, and a little indicator turns green when they are clicked into place. Could not be easier! There are simple videos online to watch that show how simple it is to install and adjust.

The only drawback we've seen (that will likely be true of any booster) is I have a small sedan, and the booster is very tight against the buckle, so it is tricky for my daughter to buckle herself. I recommend getting a seat buckle holder to hold the buckle out if you have the same issue.

Highly recommend this booster, it is beautiful and comfortable, and the safety features are unparalleled!
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Great design!
By Auttimommy
from Sacramento CA
on April 4, 2020
As always cybex quality does not disappoint. Easy to assemble out the box, easy to adjust to kiddos size, and easy install. Soft easy to clean fabric too. It is not very compact but I like the added comfort and safety features.
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Very easy to use!
By Mlz517
from Long Island City, NY
on April 2, 2020
This is a truly excellent product - it was very easy to install, it is easy to use. I love the look - it is very sleek in appearance. My child loves the seat! Most importantly, I feel very comfortable knowing that is has excellent safety rating.
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Safe and Comfy
By Nata
from Florida
on April 1, 2020
We have 3 boys: 2, 4 and 7 years old. I was looking for a car seat that is safe, comfy and can last long with growing boys.

CYBEX™ Solution Z-Fix looked promising. The installation was very easy, the car seat came in two peaces and was put together in no time. We preferred to use izofix for better safety. Today, this car seat is suitable for our two older ones, the height and width is adjusted with just one click.

Safety is number one for us. This car seat has Linear side-impact protection system that absorbs more impact forces in a collision and also extra safety pads on the side.

Comfort comes next. Reclining backrest, that easily adjusts to car seat and reclining headrest is just great. After a long weekend on a beach my kid falls asleep and his head does not bounce around and does not fall forward, he sleeps in comfort.
Machine wash fabric is a must, we are driving to the ocean and parks a lot and this helps me keep the car as clean as it possibly can be:).

We live in a hot state of Florida, so that the air ventilation system, that is built into the car seat, is really handy the whole year.

The only tough part is the weight of this car seat. We are traveling by plane a lot, and prefer to have our own car seats for rented cars. However this point would be of my last concern).
Customer Images
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Awesome Looking BoosterSeat with Great Features!
from Seattle, WA
on March 31, 2020
I have probably purchased 2 dozen different carseats over the last 10 years for my own child, nieces, and children that I have nannied. I would say I can a carseat connoisseur. I spend a lot of time hauling kids around and safety is of the utmost importance. I was so excited to receive the Cybex Z-fix booster seat to add to my arsenal of seats. I had the opportunity to use this seat with my 6 year old niece. When I first received the box, I was surprised at how compact it was. Putting the seat together was more difficult than I expected, as in I would give it about 15 mins to assemble. Snapping the back support on to the bottom piece wasn't hard, but adding the SIP protection bubbles to each side took a little more pressure than I expected. Once I got them on, they were one though.

Once assembled I flipped the seat over to examine the rigid latch system. I was impressed when it was super easy to install in the third row of my 2017 Ford Explorer. Once it was attached it wasn't going anywhere. This is super important to me due to my experience with boosters in the past not staying put, but sliding around. The seat's latch did an excellent job of this.

My 6 year old niece fit perfectly in the seat with lots of room to grow. She typically sits in a Diono radian and Clek booster seat and she said this one was a lot more comfortable than the other two. I had her use it for 3 days while in my care and she had no complaints. I love the extra padding and side impact protection around her head as well, gave me some peace of mind.

Additionally, she as able to get in and out and buckle herself into her seat all by herself. This is always a plus with three little ones.

Overall, I recommend the seat and find it very competitive with other high end brands at this price point.
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Love the design !
By gabymgp
from san diego, california
on March 26, 2020
I'm so happy with this chair and my kid loves it too.
Compared to other similar car seat I had, I absolutely love this one, because my kids head stays up when he is sleeping. It has 3 head reclining positions! With the Chico I had, his head would constantly fall down while napping.
I would prefer if it came with a cup holder, but I guess they make it like that for small cars, I bought the cup holder and it works and looks great.
I LOVE that it has ISOFIX connectors , because it's not only the car seatbelt holding the chair, it adds more protection for my kid. It's Cybex, so it's very easy to disconnect and take it tO another car.
My kid is 3 years old I can still use the chair with him for many years.
I'm in love with ALL the cybex products, especially with its car seats, I think they're the safest and coolest looking .
Customer Images
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Easy to install!
By Amber5
from Florida
on March 25, 2020
I love this booster seat! I have never been able to install a car seat without my husband helping me. This is the first seat that I am able to install easily myself. It come in four pieces. A backrest, booster base and two shoulder pads.

On the bottom it has on orange handle that you pull to release the LATCH/UAS connectors. The connectors have a red bar on them. Once you click the LATCH/UAS connectors into the car anchors they appear green. Then you pull the orange handle on the bottom of the booster and push it back towards the seat. The booster will lock into place. It is so easy and there is no guessing if you have installed it correctly.

The only small problem I had was that I didn't push the Shoulder Pads down on the sides. It comes with one for each side. I pushed the right one in correctly but the left one fell off while moving it into another car. You just have to make sure that you push down all the way when attaching the shoulder pads.

I love safety features as well as the look of it. It has an adjustable headrest that you can move as your child grows. It has a Belt Guide to show you exactly where the belt needs to be. Defiantly a 10 out of 10 for me! Love it!
Customer Images
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Comfortable and sleek.
By Bkohara
from Dayton ohio
on March 25, 2020
The z-fix is great looking and comfortable for my child . This is for my husband's car which is a 2 door car. It fits in the car perfectly! The only downfall this product has is the installation. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow. But, we figured it out. I like all the safety features and the padding makes me feel good about putting my child in the seat.
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My six year old loves it.
By Diana
from El Dorado Hills, CA
on March 24, 2020
This booster checks all of the safety boxes. I love that it is so easy to adjust since I have two children in this booster size range. I like that it is easy for my six year old to buckle himself, but also that it is anchored very securely. The fabric looks to be easy to clean and my kids love that the sides of the head rest are comfy and will be great for long car rides. There are no cup holders on the seat, which is the only thing I wish was on the seat. Other than that small detail, the seat will work great for us.
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Quality I Expect from Cybex
By AlPal
from Sanford, NC
on March 24, 2020
I am a huge fan of Cybex, I think its products are next level in safety and as a bonus are also the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. We have 3 children ages 5 and under, we we have seen a LOT of baby products in this house. This is our second seat from the brand. Right out of the box we noticed a difference in quality between this seat and others we have had. I really appreciate the safety features such as the linear side impact protection that I have not seen on other seats. The recline is also amazing because. In other seats our son has been so upright that he is unable to sleep because his head keeps bobbing and waking him up. With this he is able to lay his head back and sleep with no problems. The material and feel of the seat is so plush and comfortable compared to others as well. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this seat, we are so pleased with it. Plus my son loves his "race car seat!"
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Great look and easy to use!
By Bri612
on March 24, 2020
First off, I love the simple design. The Stardust Black fits so well with our black interior and has a modern look. Secondly, it was very easy to install and strap my son in. He always looks comfortable and I know he is safe because of all the great safety features. I'm also very excited about the 12 adjustable positions when he gets older since you can adjust the whole thing with one hand and one button.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Works great
By Kazaar
from Mpls, MN
on March 24, 2020
It is a great little carseat. I like the sleek style and it was relatively easy to put together. My son was really excited to get into it and finally have a big kids carseat. It's fairly light weight as well.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Solid Booster seat
By DaniVP
from Tampa, FL
on March 22, 2020
Was looking for a booster seat for my very tall and sturdy three year old son. I obviously thought Orbitz was my best bet and I was not wrong. This comes in two pieces that you just pop together and is fastened with the Latch system. Just the thought of using a booster seat was stressful for me so seeing this seat was made sturdy and easy to install gave me confidence.
Customer Images
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Very great, it's light, compact + toddler approved
By MESB123
from Los Angeles, CA
on March 21, 2020
We absolutely adore this booster seat, my daughter can sit in it well and enjoys this style much better to her previous convertible car seat. She can sit like a "big girl" which makes getting in and out of the car a fun experience as opposed to those painful ones, I'm sure we are all aware of. Haha The design is light weight and it's easy to attach and detach the pieces,'for easy travel!! I'm really happy with this toddler seat.
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Great booster!
By ZZ0224
from New York, NY
on March 20, 2020
Solution Z fix is a top of the line booster seat. My daughter is able to comfortably sit in the seat and safely have the seatbelt routed across her. I like that you can adjust for height and it has air flow ventilation. One of my favorite safety features in all Cybex seats is the LSP (linear side impact protection), especially since she is not seated in the middle. My daughter is also to comfortably nap in the seat using the adjustable head rest that allows for her head to tilt back instead of forward when she sleeps.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Finally a peaceful car ride
By yes r.
from los Angeles CA
on March 20, 2020
My daughter from birth has hated every car seat we have tried. she hates a five point harness. I've tried all kinds of tricks, toys, hacks and bribes but somehow every car ride she's in tears. I think we have finally found something she loves. Forward facing with a shoulder strap is OK. Maybe It makes heijr feel like a big girl. IDK, but even before we got it installed in the car she love to sit in it and now that it's installed she doesn't cry anymore.

It's just soft enough without being a beanbag and spacious enough that she has room to move around and color or play with her toys. It feels super sturdy installed and is really easy to clean. I love how the back adjust for when she gets taller. It was really simple to assemble, the directions were very straightforward and there weren't a ton of parts to put together. I recommend also ordering the cupholder.
Customer Images
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Great Second Seat!
By MuckGal
from Worcester, MA
on March 20, 2020
I bought this car seat as a second car seat for my husbands car and for my almost 5 year old. I love that my little one is able be seated comfortably and still is safe. I was hesitant with using the seat-belt and not a 5 point harness, but my little one was safe and secure in the seat! I would recommend to other mothers!
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Luxurious Feel
By Nicolem
from Grand Junction, Colorado
on March 17, 2020
The Solution Z-Fix Booster seat truly grows as your child does.† As they get larger and older you pull up with just one hand and the seat comes out in a "v" shape to adjust the height and width at the same time.

This seat came with an additional protection function called Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP).† It was easy to push in the hard piece of plastic on the side of the car seat which was toward the door.† It is designed to absorb up to 25% more impact forces in an accident.

The headrest in this seat has so many different positions!† I always worried with my child that her head would bounce around and fall to her chest once she fell asleep.† Using this seat for her now I can worry less because it has all of these positions that you can set the headrest at.† Some settings are designed at these inclines especially for when they fall asleep.

I also like the ISOFIX Connect technology much better than having to install with a seatbelt only.† The guides on the connector bars installed before the connectors did which made the install very easy.† Finally the material of the seat and that extra ventilation is nice to have to keep the seat cool in those summer months and longer car trips.
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Great for older kids
By Marin
from CA
on March 16, 2020
We got this for our tall 4 years old. We are using it in an old car without a LATCH system and it is very easy to use. It looks very safe with the side protection for the head. Our little one loves using the grown-ups seatbelt. Personally I think this booster is better for a bit older kids, and would prefer a 5-point harness system at this age.
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Beautiful design and easy to install
By Zombiebaby
from Shawnee, KS
on March 16, 2020
The carseat was incredibly easy to assemble and installing it was a breeze. I couldn't believe how easy it was with the latch connection arms. There is no fiddling around trying to blindly find the connection between the seat cushions. I just set the seat down, lined it up with the latch indicators in my vehicle's seats and pushed it back until it clicked.
My daughter is on the low end of the size recommendation for the seat which is only an issue when she falls asleep. The padding around her torso and head leaves enough room that she ends up slouching pretty bad and her head falls forward. I solve this by adding some rolled up swaddling blankets on either side of her when I think she is going to fall asleep. I'm sure once she gets bigger it won't be an issue, in fact I was blown away at the fact that the shoulder pads actually spread out as you raise the height of the back to accomodate the child as they grow. So smart! I also really love the fact that the headrest reclines. She's not tall enough for it to help much yet, but I can tell that it will be nice once she is a little bigger and will help keep her head from falling forward when she falls asleep.
I wouldn't recommend the black color. It's a beautiful shade of black, however it shows every speck of dirt and pet hair, but the fabric is nice and soft.
The biggest improvement I wish I could make to this carseat is to add a cup holder. My vehicle doesn't have anywhere in the backseat to place her sippy cup within her reach. When I hand the cup to her she eventually drops it and I have to fish around on the floor boards or back seat when I get to a stop light. Not a huge issue for a quick trip to the store, but it would get rather annoying on a longer drive or roadtrip.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Easy Install!
By StefCav
from Boston, MA
on March 16, 2020
My favorite thing about the Cybex Solution is how quick and easy it is to install in my car. I always get nervous about making sure my car seats and boosters are properly installed but with the Solution Z-Flex it made me feel relaxed to know my son was safe. I also loved how soft the seat was and cozy. My son calls it his "space ship seat." This is a great booster and I highly recommend it.
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Simple yet safe
By Andy P.
from Lebanon OH
on March 16, 2020
The design and concept were well thought out! Simple solid black for less stains is nice. Seems very durable and safe. Easy to install and transfer to booster only option! Nice product! This is my first experience with Cybex, and it did not disappoint. I'm looking forward to trying other products made by them.
Disclaimer, this product was given to me free of charge, for review purposes, by Stellar baby Panel.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great car seat!
By Aleksandra
from California
on March 16, 2020
I'm in love with this car seat! We've been using it for a week and my son feels very comfortable in it. It was easy to set up and easy to use. Quality is great! Thank you, Cybex, for your great products!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Sleek and high quality product
By Mamma b.
from Chesterfield, Virginia
on March 10, 2020
I've been using my solution z-fix for a couple days now. I absolutely love it and the design. It feels very sturdy and well made. I really like the two fabrics used. The inner is soft and sleek, the outer fabric is more rigid but very practical. It was easy to install and the unique latch system is wonderful. I highly recommend this product. My daughter can't wait to ride in it every time it's time to go.
Customer Images
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The Solution Z-fix is a well-made childseat.
By Loka
from Lexington, Kentucky
on March 8, 2020
First things first, the seat was packed thoughtfully. I noticed it didn't have any kind of smell (as most plastic products do), which was really nice. I did take a peek at the manual, but assembly did not require it; the back piece snapped into the bottom piece with extreme ease, and the side pieces simply slide down into place.

The manual is short and easy to understand. Some of the manuals I've received from car seats were huge! So this was refreshing to see.

Installation was also ridiculously easy. There are two attachments that slide and snap into the car's latch/UAS anchors. Once those are secure, you simply pull the orange handle near the front and bottom of the seat, and release the latching system from the back by pulling it out and rotating it so that it faces the UAS anchors. Then it simply snaps together! There are color indicators that will convey whether or not you've installed it securely; they will shift from red to green. This was an incredibly thoughtful detail that brought peace of mind to me.

As for the seat itself, it seems sturdy, despite not being overtly heavy. I was able to carry it one-handed, no problem, and it didn't feel excessively awkward or bulky. The material feels water resistant to some degree, which is nice, considering my child is a mess waiting to happen! The fabric also comes off fairly easily and can be machine-washed.

The back is slightly adjustable, and can be pulled forward slightly or pushed back slightly. My only complaint about this feature is the snapping sound the seat makes when you adjust it is a little jarring (I thought I broke something at first...!), but it is a nice feature to have to ensure the seat is installed at the proper angle for your vehicle.

I don't have any real complaints or concerns about this product. It seems like a well-made child-seat and comfortable as well. It was remarkably easy to put together and install, and the material looks like it's a good quality that can take some wear and tear. I'm very happy with this product so far, and I think it'll last us quite some time.
Customer Images
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It uses the latch system!!!! < 3
By krllara
from Fayetteville, AR
on March 6, 2020
though I have other Cybex products (which I love) but this is my first booster seat. The packaging was nice and simple. Putting it together was fairly easy, though I did have a hard time figuring out if I was attaching the LSP System in correctly (the instructions are simple there just wasn't a sure way to know if it was installed correctly). I loved seeing that the base has a latch system and latch system guides for easy installation. As a mom of three, it brings me joy to know that my son will be just as secure as his sisters with a latch system in his booster rather than it being secured by a seat belt alone.
side note: I love how detailed and specific the seat requirements are.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Staple in our cars
By asereht777
from Chicago
on January 27, 2020
Verified Buyer
This is my 6th Cybex car seat and a staple in our vehicles. The have an intuitive design-built soundly-engineered for safety-and my children are incredibly comfortable in them. Don't care to use a any other brand. Makes a difference when children sit in them for 12 years
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Awesome Booster Seat
By Lenny6g
from Boston, MA
on November 19, 2019
Verified Buyer
The Cybex Solution Z-Fix Booster has been a wonderful product experience. Assembly and installation were incredibly easy, the seat feels very sturdy, and it looks fantastic in the car. A recent car full of children were all fighting to sit in the Solution vs. other available seats. My child is also thrilled to use the same seat belt as a grown up. An added benefit is the Booster has a slimmer vertical profile that allows an adult to comfortably sit in the middle seat, between two car seats. Previously, other bulky seats made it uncomfortable both in the shoulders and hips to sit in the back, even for short car rides.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great Product!
By vj24
from Boston
on November 15, 2019
I bought this car seat for my 6 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Its very well cushioned and comfortable for long drives. It's seems to be a good quality product that will last many years and I am very happy with my purchase.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Great Product
By Joshi
from undisclosed
on November 15, 2019
Verified Buyer
I did a lot of research before going for Cybex, and I am happy to say that I made the right choice. The most important criteria for us was child safety and this product is extremely sturdy and well made. I can tell a clear difference from the brand we were using earlier. We also love the fact that it fits well in the car and looks great.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Not worth it
By DallasMom
from Frisco, TX
on October 28, 2019
Verified Buyer
Go with a cheaper and better high back booster. I researched extensively (too much) high back boosters for my 5.5 yr old and 6.5 yr old and finally decided on this seat....but I may now return it. We've owned several other name brand car seats through the years and this is my first and last Cybex. It feels flimsy, the side padded bumpers constantly fall off, the attachable cup holder (at an extra expense) constantly falls off, and the reclining headrest has to be reclined from behind the seat (because you always know before you start driving that your child is going to fall asleep while in the car). We previously had another manufacturer's recline while you ride convertible seat where the driver can recline the child car seat while driving (genius!). We're too big for that now so I was hoping this would be a great next step but I'm disappointed.
There's nothing to justify the extra expense. The marginal angle you get to adjust the headrest doesn't help your child's head stay upright while sleeping and buckled in the seat vs. a high back booster without a headrest that reclines.
  • -flimsy craftsmanship
  • -nonworking cup holders
  • -placement of headrest recline handle
  • -back of seat does not recline, only small area of headrest reclines
  • -no tether (as with most high back boosters that are not convertible) leaving the seat feeling unsecured
  • -price

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