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Crane Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier - Pink

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  • Length: 9", Height: 13", Width: 9"
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Auto-off function when water tank is empty
  • Variable mist output control
  • Removable water tank
  • Variable humidity control feature
  • Power on light indicator
  • Power: 32W
  • Water tank capacity : 3.4 liter/ 0.9 gallon
  • Running time per tank: min 11 hours
  • Suitable room size: Approx. 250 sq.ft/ 23m2
  • FDA registered

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Awesome Crane Purifier!
By Susie
from Thomasville, NC
on October 21, 2021
I bought this on August 31, 2021 and I'm so glad that I purchased it. It makes a big difference in the air quality in my bedroom. It helps my husband and I and our 5 cats to breathe better so we can get a good nights sleep!
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New tank
By Asdf123
from Mo
on October 20, 2021
I am happy to be able use my humidifier again after dropping and cracking the original tank. Only took a year for them to be in stock, but I am thankful I finally got one.
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So comfortable
By Schnitt
from Wisconsin
on October 12, 2021
I love this pump. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it's been a game changer. The one piece silicone insert is comfortable and easy to clean. Many easy to use features so I can really fine tune to what I need in the moment. Highly recommend getting this.
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Great Humidifier
By Dana2021
from Sacramento, CA
on October 12, 2021
I bought this humidifier month ago I am thankful that I did it. I have 3 children a 5-year-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, and 2 months baby girl. My two boys suffer allergies before I bought the humidifier they were not able to sleep too well during the night. But when we start using the humidifier they were able to sleep well and their allergies were less. Now I am using it every morning and night I see they sleep better and their allergies have improved since we start to use a humidifier. Thank you crane
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Great pump
By Dana2021
from Sacramento, CA
on October 12, 2021
I received this product to test from a Facebook group, I am so grateful that I have my crane pump. Before I received this pump I was using a manual pump. Now that I have the crane pump the features that I like from this pump. Are that is cordless and you can pump both breasts. Another thing that I like is that is easy to use even for the first time using a pump. Another feature that I like about this pump is that very quiet and light. I was able to pump in the same room where my baby was sleeping. Thank you crane
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Great quality
By Bvance3
from Ridgefield WA
on October 12, 2021
I've been using this breast pump for two weeks and I'm really impressed. I've tried a few different ones now and I love that this one is smaller and that it's cordless. It makes it really easy to take with me and use anywhere. This one is comfortable and works well. The bottles that come with it are a really great quality too. They're a good size and shape and feel heavier like a nicer quality than a cheap bottle. It's really easy to pump and then switch the top to have a nipple and use the bottle too. I'd definitely recommend to someone looking for a portable/cordless pump.
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Great pump +great customer service
By Alohaaaaa
from Las Vegas Nevada
on October 10, 2021
I've been using this pump for a week and I'm so happy with their fast and friendly customer service.
I needed to change the nipple fringe and they shipped right away.
I own one more pump that's not getting my milk out but I love this adorable crane pump which is cordless I take any ware I want to pump.
I used to have hard time staying by the outlet in an awkward position . With this cordless crane pump I pump by the crib on the couch or while I feed my toddler ! Literally a life saver !
Also this cute face looking at me while pumping makes me relax to pump haha
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Everything and more!
By jdean796
from Colorado Springs
on October 9, 2021
I received this pump to try out and I honestly have nothing but good things to say. I love how I can take it anywhere with me because of how small and light it is.I had zero problems cleaning the pieces and it's really easy to connect all the parts. I like the fact the flange has silicone to help create a suction but I do have a hard time trying to see if my nipple is inside the flange.Also, the pump is louder than other pumps I've tried but not loud enough to wake your little one if you pump in the room. Overall, I've really enjoyed using it!!
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Innovative Features
By Betty
from undisclosed
on October 8, 2021
This pump is perfect for those mom that works away from home. It's cordless and small size makes it very portable. The attached photo is the pump inside the pocket of my pump bag. Where my old pump took up the whole space, the Crane pump fits with so much room to spare, allowing me to also store my pump parts inside that pocket. I was a little skeptical about the silicone inserts because that is another part to wash, but it really does make pumping more comfortable! Plus I also feel the silicone is easier/quicker to wash since it does not leave a milky residue that some plastic tends to hold on to. I would have to say my favorite feature is the flange cover! It's recommended to wash your pump parts after each pump, but let's be real, who has time for that. The covers allow me to keep the pump parts in the refrigerator and wash it at the end of each day, saving so much time!

The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is due to a couple design elements that didn't work for me personally. The cap that goes on the collection bottle is quite top heavy, so the collection bottles do not stay upright when empty. Also when storing it in the fridge with the flange cap on, I had to store the bottles on its side and taking up more space than I'd like, again because it was too top heavy with cap on.

Overall, I would recommend the Crane pump to any lactating moms for its comfort and convenience.
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Happy Breastfeeding Mama
By Sheila U.
from Bronx, NY
on October 8, 2021
First I have tried several pumps and I have been using this one for the last two weeks and it's been life saving.I have to pump often because my daughter has a lip/tongue ties and we have to use a nipple shield since it's difficult her to latch at the moment.At the start of our breastfeeding I like to pump on one breast to manage my other breast intake and have an idea how much she's eating.I am loving the single use feature since you can alternate during a session and adjust the suction as well.My letdown increases quickly which helps my daughter stay satisfied during her feedings.I like that I can choose how I want to pump without pre-set cycles if I want to keep my whole session with the let down feature or just all pumping. The best feature for me has definitely been the rechargeable system which lets me have several 20 minute session during the day without charging.I don't have to be inconvenienced to a particular outlet in my home and can take this with me on the go as well.

Now unfortunately there's no perfect pump so I have to say the few negatives that I only wish to say these things for feedback since I do love Crane and own other of their products.

First, The bottles that comes with pump are not the best.The material yes is very strong and scratch free but the ridge where it closes with the flanges comes loose very quickly.I can't have the right grip on the crane bottles however if you use another brand that fits like spectra it works well and stays connected.

Second, the flanges options since I wear a size 20m the box only came with one flange and I looked everywhere to see what size it was but I knew it was not my size.I had to order my size and I have to get the whole replacement duct valve and flange since it's one piece. The one piece however works amazing for easy cleaning.

My final thoughts I overall can say this will be my top three pumps that I use in rotation.I was able to find solutions for my troubleshooting by getting the right flanges and utilizing other bottles but the whole pump system from the silicon flanges, adjustable suction and rechargeable machine has been comfortable and super convenient.I'm truly happy as a breastfeeding mama.
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Could be better
By Ameaney
from SD
on October 7, 2021
The Crane USA Select breast pump is a very compact pump. It has an option to do single or dual expression. I like that the pump can be charged and then taken on the go. I wish that the battery lasted longer. There is also an on off switch on the back of the pump to save battery and help with the touch screen. The touch screen is very sensitive and can be easily turned on by getting touched by something. I found that while I was pumping if I moved incorrectly it would push the buttons.
The pump does have several levels of suction. When switching between expression and let down the pump goes back down to the lowest level and it needs to be increased to your suction needs. I really liked the idea of having a silicone flange with duckbills attached. I even ended up grabbing the smaller 21 mm flange and that is the smallest they have. Unfortunately, it was still way too large so I couldn't express as much milk as I normally do. I think if they had more size ranges, the pump would be better as most women are incorrectly sized much bigger than they should be. I think the suction would have also been better had the sizing been correct.
I never had discomfort when using the Crane Select pump, even with the size inconsistency. The flange silicone pieces will also need to be replaced more frequently since the duckbill is attached.
I was very surprised that dust covers and a small pump bag came with it. It definitely shows that the company cares about their customers. The tubing is nice and long so it could easily be set nearby without having to be in your lap. The bottles are super nice, see through, and measure to 5 ounces. It has a lid or bottle nipple option for the top. The nipple top has a cover for it that fits snug but has a finger grip to remove it easily. Overall, the Crane USA Select Breast pump is very useful, but adding additional sizes seems necessary to benefit more nursing parents.
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Lactation massager
By JenS
from undisclosed
on October 6, 2021
Their lactation massager is amazing! It has a curve so that it can reach different parts of the breast. It also has three modes and three speeds! It comes with a charger as well as
a carrying case. I love it!
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Easy to use.
By Chimamas
from Tucson, AZ
on October 6, 2021
I have used the pump for about a week and a half. I used it 2x a day/5 days a week while working. I was previously using a Medela Sonata. The pump is louder than I expected for being labeled quiet. The way that the pump sets up actually makes it difficult to put the shields in a hands-free bra. The way the pressure resets each time you increase the pressure feels weird also.
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Portable and Powerful for an At Work Mom
By Crystal B.
from Chicago, IL
on October 6, 2021
This product was sent to review, however, my opinions are my own. I chose to review the Crane Double Electric Breast Pump. I chose this one because I wanted to compare it to my current pump that I use daily. Currently, I use an Ameda Mya because of its portability so this is mostly what I'll be comparing it to. At home and when my baby was younger I used a Spectra S2, but not as much anymore due to its size and not being portable. Enough of the background, here's what you're probably looking for lol!

-it's light, compact, rechargeable, and can be put in any bag, and makes it easy to pump on the go
-nice digital display and can be seen at night
-strong suction
-not a lot of small parts to lose in a hurry
-has let down function with 9 options and expression mode with 9 options
-comfort shields are a plus and help massage my breasts and create a faster letdown for me, no imprints left
-fits wide mouth adapter for Kiinde system as that's what I pump into (please twist adapter tight so no spills)
-easy to use with a pumping bra
-comes with bottles if those are needed (hard plastic and a nice nipple)

-don't like how comfort shields and duckbill are connected, makes it kind of difficult to pull apart/put together for cleaning
-can't see the correct placement on nipples due to comfort shields being opaque
-says a full 2 hours of pumping time for a charge but I got about an hour and 40 min
-getting the backflow valve just right to create suction
-louder than my Spectra and Ameda Mya but not obnoxious
-replacement pump parts are kind of expensive

My cons list is from personal preference. Even with that, it's comparable to my current pump and I would choose this as an everyday pump if I had to buy it myself!
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Most Realistic Pump Ever
By Lyadonna22
from Indianapolis, IN
on October 5, 2021
I really can't believe how much this feels like my own baby nursing. The silicone flanges create this amazing squeezing motion when the pump is operating that feels incredibly realistic. I've tried two other pumps and two kinds of silicone flange and nothing has worked like this has. The pump itself is small and quiet, so it is great for the office. It fits in my pump bag and even came with a little drawstring bag I use for the pump parts. I feel like it has plenty of power behind the suck and the battery lasts for a couple of pumps before it needs recharging (and you can still use it while it's plugged in if you need). I like that they have an additional on/off toggle switch on the bottom so that you can keep the pump from accidentally turning on when you aren't using it.
The setup is simple to assemble whether you want to double pump or just use one at a time. I thought the limited controls for speed and suction would be problematic since it isn't as flexible as some other brands, but I haven't found that to be the case. As you increase the suction on the pump, it automatically adjusts the speed down to match. You can still increase the stimulation/massage power and it pumps quickly as one would expect, then you can change it over to the expression phase and it creates a more powerful, slower cycle that feels like when the baby is settling in for the full meal. It is very comfortable and works very well. You only receive one size flange in the package, which is disappointing if you aren't the average size, but I was able to contact Crane and was sent a set that fit me based on the measurements in the manual at no charge. The silicone flanges in the medium are still effective even if they aren't the perfect fit, though. Even though I'm best in the small, I'll be hanging on to the mediums. I think it is great that they also come with dust covers for the flanges. Putting the covers on before they go in my bag helps me feel comfortable that they are staying clean in transit.
I feel like the availability of replacement parts is the only real downside because they aren't available locally anywhere at the time of writing this review. I lost one of the diaphragms at one point and was disappointed that it left me only with one and no ability to easily replace it (it was later found in the bottom of a cup in the sink, so all was well!) It would also be an improvement if the diaphragm was able to seal to the breast shield body instead of fall off when you let go.
Overall, I think it is a great, compact pump that is excellent for travel and mimics the action of a real nursling unlike any other pumps I have tried.
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Love this pump!
By cmswear
from undisclosed
on October 5, 2021
This pump is so gentle and comfortable with the silicone flanges.

I know everyone is different but it was really effective for me, more so than my Spectra. I pumped for less time and had more output.

I love that it's so small and portable. I can easily throw it into my diaper bag and bring it along with me anywhere, especially with an adapter to do bags instead of the bottles.

Only thing that bothered me, which really isn't much of a negative honestly... there was a slight pause when switching modes or switching levels of suction.
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Portable and easy to use
By Momof2
from Baltimore, MD
on October 5, 2021
This is a powerful pump yet small and best feature is....portable!!! It's hard to stay chained to the wall plug in as a mom of 2 and this pump has it all - on the go pumping, with simple and easy to clean parts. Adding some sort of clip to carry it would make this 5 stars.
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Nice Portable Pump
By katelonie
from Albany, NY
on October 4, 2021
I was given the opportunity to try the Crane Select Cordless Electric Breast Pump. This is a nice little pump with some great features. The pump is lightweight and rechargeable which I really like! The silicone inserts make pumping really comfortable once everything is all set up. That said, I did find it a bit awkward to get the flanges on when double pumping and using a hands free bra. Because the silicone is opaque and there is only one piece for the flange/diaphragm/valve of the pump, it is hard to see if your nipples are in the right place. Having it all one piece also made it hard (and sometimes a bit messy) when finished pumping and trying to clean up. I found the suction/my output with this pump was good - I might have had high expectations from other reviews who felt like this pump was way better than other options. I think the suction is very good, especially for a portable pump, but it didn't increase my output vs my pump in style. I like that there are two expression phases, but the pump doesn't switch itself from one to the other and doesn't remember previous settings. Increasing/decreasing the pump speed causes the pump to pause so the transitions aren't as seamless as I would prefer.
Overall, I love how portable this pump is and it would be really great for traveling and the price point is great for someone looking to pump sometimes. That said I'm not sure I would love it for my full time working - 3 pumps a day/5 days a week - pump, but I could be biased since I've used two different Medela pumps for 15+ months of pumping.
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Very Quiet
By Donna
from US
on September 29, 2021
Gives off a wonderful mist. A very soft sound that is not annoying and can barely hear it.
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Reliable and comfortable pump!
By Haylee
from Minnesota
on September 27, 2021
The crane pump is more compact and easier to clean than the pump I was using before. The flanges are silicone which is a great feature and a lot more comfortable. The actual machine itself is very compact and easy for traveling and for on the go moms. I plan on bringing it with me on an upcoming trip. Overall great pump- wish I had this one when I first started.
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Great product
By Robyn
from undisclosed
on September 15, 2021
These really prevent mineral build up! Great product. I highly recommend!
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Exact fit.
By CJ A.
from undisclosed
on September 14, 2021
I broke the original part. Shipped in a reasonable time.
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Best Humidifier
By blanca
from undisclosed
on September 13, 2021
Love this Humidifier! Use one in my bedroom and also my kids bedroom. The Mist is great and even relaxing. Have had mine for 2 years and still works great! I do empty the water every morning and dry it.
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Compact and powerful
By Jlyn
from undisclosed
on September 10, 2021
The massager is very compact and has a lot of power for how small it is. I used it several times for clogged ducts and it was very helpful as I could just slip it into my bra and not have to hold it in place.
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Love it
By Robyn
from undisclosed
on September 8, 2021
Totally cute and effective! I use mine every night.
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Great humidifier. Easy to use!!!
By Nana
from Weston
on August 28, 2021
First of all, it is super cute. Also very easy to clean and use. The tank looks small but it actually holds a lot of water, the cool steam is quite strong and lasts a very long time throughout the night, even on high. Overall one of the most simple and best humidifiers out there.
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Great as humidifier and night light.
By Smartnatz
from Los Angeles
on August 18, 2021
Bought this for my daughter to put in her room. The humidifier is quiet and helped with her breathing when sleeping. The light is not too bright and perfect as night light on her side table.
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Quiet, and easy to fill
By Carolinarainbrella
from undisclosed
on August 14, 2021
We have 2 of these and have been using them in the winter seasons for about 3 years now. I love how easy the tank is to fill, how quiet (silent!) it is, and how the mist actually projects up in the air...and I can even point it towards my child's face while sleeping.
The only thing I would improve is making it easier to clean the tank....but honestly it's not that hard and I've never found a better one
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Lasts throughout the years!
By Mom2014
from Freehold, New Jersey
on August 13, 2021
I've used this adorable humidifier for about 7 years now and it's still working just like it did from the day I unboxed it! It's very easy to clean and super adorable! I love how quiet it is and my son loves the little green light that gives his room an extra glow at night.
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Adorable little humidifier
By Kerbearxoxoxo
from MA
on August 11, 2021
My toddler son and I love our Crane mini fox humidifier. it is so cute and perfect for his new room.
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An item everyone needs
By C H.
from Houston, TX
on August 10, 2021
I bought two of these based on a recommendation from a co-worker and I like them so far. They were reasonably priced and seem to work well.
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Adorable, quiet and works perfect!
By SamanthaT
from CHicago, IL
on August 10, 2021
I love this humidifier! Not only is it playful and fun for a nursery or child's bedroom, but it is so quiet, easy to fill and the light turns off after seconds so I do not have to worry about the light keeping my little one up at night. I love this design!
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Perfect & Sweet
By anrudi27
from Woodland, CA
on August 9, 2021
This little humidifier is sooo sweet for my baby's room. It is the perfect size for his room & the fact that it's a tiny fox is just adorable. It is easy to refill & I like how there are high to low settings & an option to use a vapor pad if I want to. Love this!
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The cutest humidifier to ever exist!
By MomOfTwo2
from Yuma, Arizona
on August 8, 2021
I truly love the size and features of this small yet mighty humidifier! It has 3 speed settings so you can adjust it to your need/liking. I had it on low setting and it ran all night long without stop! It has a vapor pad slot, and is also very quiet.
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Great Humidifier!
By Amy16566
from Van Meter, Iowa
on August 8, 2021
We love this humidifier for our kids room. There are so many great features. First off, there is a Vapor Pad Tray that you can put vapor pads in or your own essential oils. My son really enjoyed the scent throughout the night and we noticed it helped him sleep. The scent is not overwhelming but it is definitely noticeable. We preferred the Crane Vapor Pads over our own essential oil. The second feature that I love about this humidifier is the auto-off function. We have three kids and a busy, active lifestyle. I completely forgot to turn off my son's humidifier one morning. When I got home, it had turned off automatically. This is a must have feature for busy families. Another great feature of this is the ease of cleaning and setting it up. It has 3-4 simple pieces and does not require a filter. The "tank" or belly of the fox fits easily under the sink, even our kids' sink. In the morning I dump out the tank and lay all the pieces out to dry. Simple to clean as well with vinegar. My kids love that it is such a cute animal. Would definitely recommend this to other families.
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We LOVE our mini unicorn humidifier!
By Myc24
from Torrance, CA
on August 7, 2021
We got our mini unicorn humidifier about a month ago and absolutely love it! My daughter is obsessed with unicorns so she was ecstatic to see it! She loves helping me refill it with water every day and she loves to press the button to get it started! We have it right next to the kids bed and let it run all night! It definitely helps with some congestion and we love using the essential oil pad inside to help them sleep as well. Thank you Crane!
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By Mm305
from Miami,FL
on August 7, 2021
We absolutely love this humidifier! The mist coverage is great and perfect for any time of the day, we love the color changing light feature and my kids get excited to have it at night when they are stuffy or a bit under the weather. Another great feature is the aroma diffuser + it is super cute! I highly recommend this product
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Cute and practical
By Elise
from Huntsville AL
on August 7, 2021
We love our fox mini adorable! I love that it's compatible with oils as well! Only minor complaint I have is if you put the fox head on slightly out of position water will mister out but when put on correctly it works perfect! 10/10 recommend!
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What Mom I was helping needed
By Debbie I.
from Jacksonville, FL
on August 4, 2021
I gave this to a Mom that wanted to exclusively pump but did not have insurance or a pump. She stated it was very easy to use and comfortable to use. She had no issues with set up or flange pain. She was able to adjust the settings to match her needs for milk supply.
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Awesome Air Purifier that works
By Jeremy H.
from Chicago, IL
on August 2, 2021
Perfect! So quiet. I really enjoy the fact that the light changes with the fan speed/work load and can be shut off. Used in a bedroom, you can smell the difference of air quality once you walk in! Awesome unit. Affordably priced.
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Air purifier
By Mimi
from Alabama
on July 29, 2021
Very quiet and easy to set up. I'm anxious to see how well it works.
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By moni
from undisclosed
on July 22, 2021
Wonderful! Super convenient and definitely the best breast pump I have used!
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Crane massager
By MG14
from Ocala
on July 13, 2021
This massager helped me especially when I had blocked ducts. I also used it prior to hand expression the help with let down. Wish it had a way to provide heat.
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Old bulbs difficult to remove
By Carol
from undisclosed
on July 1, 2021
Bulbs work great. Difficult to remove burned out bulbs. Had to use pliers to remove them.
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Comfortable and Efficient
By MomX4
from Minnesota
on July 1, 2021
Verified Buyer
I'm so glad I had the opportunity to test this pump. I absolutely love it! It's very comfortable to use, and I do believe I get more milk than with other pumps I've used in the past. The silicone breast cushions make all the difference. I get probably three letdowns during every pump session with this pump compared to one with my other pumps. The controls are easy to understand and the display is wonderful. I love that it has a rechargeable battery also. There are a few things I'm not a huge fan of. First, it is LOUD. This is honestly probably the loudest pump I've ever used. Doesn't matter for me, because I only pump at home. Second, I don't like that it shuts off one side while you adjust it. I feel like that can hinder a letdown that was just triggered if you have to adjust it once you switch to milk expression mode. I wish it had a memory to go to the settings you last used. Also, I would like to note that when you change the suction, it also changes the pace. This can be a bit weird when pumping both sides then at a different suction and pace. Finally, not directly in line with the pump itself, but the bottles are not my favorite. The huge edge on them makes me feel like milk is being left behind every time I empty them. Overall though, I really am happy with this pump. It's what I always use now. Also, customer service was wonderful when I needed a larger size of the breast cushions and couldn't find where to get any. They were extremely pleasant and helpful. Definitely will be recommending this pump to others.
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Lifesaver for overproduction
By Tswan92
from Seattle, WA
on June 30, 2021
Verified Buyer
I received this product to test after attending a pregnancy expo. I'm so thankful that I've had my Crane pump, it is cordless and pumps both breasts fully and thoroughly in about 5 minutes! I overproduce, and so I have to pump after feeding my baby to prevent engorgement. It keeps it's charge for several days (being used multiple times daily) and it is very quiet and light. I had 2 ER visits within the first week of use for my pump and it was easy to store in my bag and take with. Everything is nicely packaged, and my last favorite thing is how clear the pump bottles are so you can get an accurate measurement of how much you expressed. Thank you Crane!
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Portable pump, comfortable fit!
By Keeks0
from Baltimore, MD
on June 29, 2021
I recieved this pump from crane to test and review, and I've been using it for about 2 weeks and love it! Because the inner breast shield is silicone, it perfectly hugs and fits you securely. Compared to the plastic shields of other brands, this is a very comfortable fit. I also like that the pump is cordless and very portable. The battery life lasts for around an hour, which is more than enough time per session. The let down mode felt surprisingly just like how it feels when nursing, and the expression mode had great suction that can be customizable for each side.

Customer service was great as well. The inner breast shield that comes with the pump was too big, so they sent me the smaller size which fit perfectly.

Some room for improvement: the pump is louder than some other brands, and the beeping noise when turning it on and off has startled my sleeping baby - so i don't use it in her nursery anymore. The shield tunnel is a bit short so i do sometimes feel like I'm hitting the back end of the tunnel, which can be a little uncomfortable. When switching back and forth from let down mode and expression mode, it does not "remember" the strength settings you had it on and automatically starts on the lowest setting every time.
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Very comfortable!
By Bianca
from Tampa, FL
on June 28, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love the silicone flexible breast shield - it makes pumping pain free for me. I also love the rechargeable battery so I'm not tethered to a wall!
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Not using the pads
By Holly H.
from Tucson, Arizona
on June 26, 2021
I have purchased both the menthol eucalyptus and calm & sleep vapor pads. The only way I could smell the menthol eucalyptus pads was if I placed two of them in the slot. Not worth the money if I have to use two of them. I really enjoyed the scent when I was trying to fall asleep but there is no way I can afford to run the vaporizer every night using a scent pad.
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True HEPA Air Purifier - Perfect for my bedroom!
By Albert M.
from Portland, Maine
on June 26, 2021
Bought this for my bedroom - I run it while I'm sleeping and I barely notice that it's on.
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