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Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Ollie

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By mindy
from Carrollton, Georgia
on August 8, 2022
Verified Buyer
It is stylish and comfortable. I love the straps. Compared to the other car seats we have, this one is the best. The worst thing is that it doesn't have cup holders. That isn't a deal breaker for me. There are so many pros to this seat.
Great seat!
By Heather B.
from Clemmons, NC
on June 26, 2022
Verified Buyer
This is our 3rd Marathon Clicktight seat (4 kids - 10, 5, 4, 1) and we love it. The seat is very easy to install and has great safety features. This was my first time purchasing from Albee Baby and I was very impressed with the communication and shipping speed! The seat was manufactured less than 1 year ago (this seat is good for 10 years) so we have more life left in it than we need! Great product, great company and super shopping experience.
  • Easy install, safety features
Best Uses
  • Not for moving back and forth in cars; great for grandparents/caregivers not sure on installing seats safely
  • No cup holders built in/included; heavy/bulky
We LOVE it!
By Joyce
from Maryland
on June 4, 2022
Verified Buyer
Britax makes the best seats. We love this seat. Bought it for my nearly 2yo bc his seat was expiring after being used by my 4 kids. The new one is great. Easy to use. Easy to instill. Looks and feels great. Baby seems happy. Itís our second britax and you just canít go wrong with this brand
Customer Images
  • Everything
Best Uses
  • Rear facing
  • Nothing
Great and easy
By Savannah
from Virginia
on May 30, 2022
Verified Buyer
Good carseat for grandparents.
So easy to install
By Alan
from Phoenix, AZ
on April 16, 2022
Verified Buyer
ClickTight mechanism is so much easier to get a tight fit than regular car seats. Don't need to spend ages wrestling with the seatbelt and pulling it as tight as possible. Just thread it through and lock the seat down... done.

Its clearly well built and looks more substantial on the sides than other seats we looked at, so would be better in a side-impact. Its a pretty big unit, takes up a lot of space in our CR-V, but that is probably the price you pay for the extra safety.

Fabrics are easy to take off, machine wash and put back on. Overall, really happy with it!
Love my britax
By Kaitlin
from Enterprise , Al
on March 28, 2022
Verified Buyer
My son loves the extra room. The only con is no cup holder but I did find out I could add one!
Great car seat
By Stephanie
from North Carolina
on March 17, 2022
Verified Buyer
So east to install and very sturdy. Love this car seat.
By Tosha
from Knoxville
on March 8, 2022
Verified Buyer
This was purchased for an extra
Car seat. I was nervous about not ordering another Advocate, but was pleasantly surprised.
  • Easy install
  • Not as much padding
Easy install
By Megan
from Seattle
on March 6, 2022
Verified Buyer
Incredibly easy to install the seat. Adjusting the tilt and height was a bit finicky though.

Best brand out there
By Denese
from Bend Oregon
on February 24, 2022
Verified Buyer
Britax is the best brand out there in my book. The European people are way ahead of the.US when it comes to building cars so I am not surprised that car seat are up there right along with the cars since so many people need them. I have BMW X5 and before that a BMW 5 series and they fit perfectly
Into the backseat like they were made to. With the latch system it is so easy to install them. When they need to be cleaned you just take the cover off throw it into the wash and dry and put it back on..so simple and they even attach the instructions booklet to the seat for quick easy reference..I just tuck it under the seat when I install and I have it right there when I need it. Used this brand for my last son who is 22 and bought a new one ten years later for my Grandson and now have a new granddaughter coming along that this one is for. Will not even consider anything else out there no matter the cost. Cost does not mean safety or durability
  • Read above
  • Nothing in my book
Best ever
By K
from Idaho
on January 1, 2022
Verified Buyer
Very secure, and accommodating.
  • Loosens and tightens way easier than the others.
  • None
My favorite seat
By Erin
from Rutherfordton nc
on December 28, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this seat all three of my kids ride in one! Install is quick, easy and secure in any vehicle and itís super comfy. Definitely recommend
Clicktight is everything!
By Beth
from Wa
on December 3, 2021
Verified Buyer
Britax has outdone themselves with this clicktight system! I could teach a 3 year old to install this seat in under a minute. Super easy.
Easy to install!
By Alanna
from Bakersfield, Ca
on December 2, 2021
Verified Buyer
Itís a bit heavy, but once I got it in it was a breeze to install. Love this car seat for my little one!
By Anonymous
from Ballard WV
on October 16, 2021
Verified Buyer
Love this car seat I want have to buy another one.
  • Easy to put in the car very comfortable
We love this seat!
By Josephine
from Nashville, TN
on October 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
We are parenting a grandchild and needed easy seats to install that you can't go wrong with the install. The Britax clicktight seats fit the bill. I first got one for my vehicle and then my husband needed one as well so we got a second Britax. We like the cowmooflage since it is safewash! We have both a marathon and a boulevard and you can't go wrong with either one!
  • Clicktight easy install
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable for the child with several recline options
  • Safewash material
  • Don't have to replace seat if accident was a mild one you can drive away from
  • Easy to clip child in seat
  • None
Excellent budget plush choice
By Emiley
from Saint Louis
on August 2, 2021
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love the Britax marathon! It was the best choice for our family from a budget standpoint while still getting those plush features that we wanted. Extra cushion / padding for the little guy on long rides, flexibility in seat positioning and extended height for longer rear facing!
The only con, and it really isnít even a con, is it took a while to install compared to my others. Just read, read, read the directions and your car manual.
Safe heavy car seat, easy install
By Gwen
from Maine
on July 24, 2021
Verified Buyer
Yes this is a heavy car seat. There is metal inside to make it strong and safe. Thatís what I want. Safe! Very easy to install. I always use the cars seatbelt not latch system because the seat belts are the safest method. So, the click right makes it very easy to that. You can use latch if you prefer and child is within weight limits. It is approved for airline use, weight of seat would be a struggle for me though. That being said, we ordered a graco seat at lesser cost but still good safety ratings and we use that for travel and grandparents cars. This works great for us. This seat primarily stays in the car and does not transfer, again it is easy to move if needed though. Totally recommend. I also have a boulevard. It has a couple upgrades but marathon model is still wonderful and excellent safety reviews.
By Alexa
from Texas
on July 2, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this car seat so much!! It is so easy to install and I love how secure my baby feels in it!
Affordable and very comfy
By Valerie
from Oceanside,california
on July 1, 2021
Verified Buyer
My friend suggested if i were to buy a carseat i would definitely go with britax. It is affordable and very comfortable. My baby never cries whenever shes in her carseat. It is a big carseat but i could tell that my baby is safe with this carseat. And what i love about this is that it is so easy to install!!!
  • So easy to install
  • Safe
  • -no cup holder
  • -heavy
By Jessi
from Chester, VA
on June 27, 2021
Verified Buyer
My family is a HUGE fan of the Britax brand! We have 5 car seats and 4 of them are this model! Theyíre so safe, the lock tight feature is a must and these seats have them! On top of safety my girls look so comfy in them while riding!
Absolutely love!
By Derinda
from Alabama
on June 14, 2021
Verified Buyer
I was thrilled to find the cowmooflage car seat on sale! I purchased for my daughter whose nursery theme is cows. I received it very quickly, within just a few days and shipping was free!
Love this!
By Michelle R.
from Prescott Valley, AZ
on June 13, 2021
Verified Buyer
I just love this print. Itís so cute and the quality of the seat canít be beat. Itís definitely heavy, sturdy and not something you want to transfer from vehicle to vehicle but itís great for one car. The cover is easy to remove and wash. This is now my 4th britax marathon in the cowmooflage style and it just looks so cute.
  • Sturdy, reliable
Best Uses
  • Great long term car seat.
  • Heavy
Easy to install
By S V.
from Boise, ID
on May 17, 2021
Verified Buyer
This is our second one bc of installation ease!! We also are traveling on a plane with it which should be awesome bc the seat is one of the slimmer car seats available so baby will have her own space and be safely secured.
Would definitely recommend!!
By Kaitlyn G.
from North Carolina
on May 15, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this car seat! It is sturdy and safe, perfect for rear OR front facing, and I cannot get over how adorable the cow print it! Not to mention I received my item the day after I ordered, without even paying for special shipping. I am HIGHLY pleased with this purchase!
Happy Baby
By Lisa
from MS
on May 5, 2021
Verified Buyer
My granddaughter loves her new car seat. Itís comfortable which allows her to enjoy long rides.
Heavy but safe
By Audrey
from Draper, UT
on April 30, 2021
Verified Buyer
We have loved these car seats but not ideal if you will be moving it between cars a lot. They are sturdy and easy to install correctly but heavy. It has kept my daughter safe rear facing up to 4-years-old then forward facing another year. We will be passing it on to my 9 month old when he outgrows his car seat in a couple months.
Amazing car se
By alvamay
from Texas
on April 26, 2021
Verified Buyer
Britax is the best for our family. The clicktight feature is what I love the most
Love this seat
By Kat
from Oceanside, ca
on April 8, 2021
Verified Buyer
The fabric is easy to remove and wash, itís not too terribly bulky for a rear facing, and it is a breeze to install.
Love this seat so much
By cristina
from los angeles, CA
on April 7, 2021
Verified Buyer
The seat is so perfect, love it! No complaints
By Delaney
from Hodgenville, Kentucky
on March 28, 2021
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love this seat! Sold my One4Life to get a second Marathon! Easy to install, easy to get babe in and out, best seat Iíve owned!
  • Cute
  • Comfy
  • Easy install
  • No cup holder
Safe, Easy Install, American Made
By Julia
from Saint Louis, Missouri
on March 25, 2021
Verified Buyer
Love Britax carseats! Installs fast and easy! They are known for their safety. It's quick to get your child strapped in.
Great product
By Ariel
from Idaho
on March 10, 2021
Verified Buyer
I am a veteran mom four times over. I have used so many different car seat brands in all the stages from Baby Trend (bad) Graco to Maxi Cosi to Britax, etc.
Britax is hands down my favorite. Iíve replaced two of my Graco 4ever and E2F for the Britax compared seat, mainly because I kept having issues with my Gracos after 1-2 years, and I have never been more delighted. This purchase specifically, was to upgrade my 4m old out of his infant seat and installation was AMAZING. I used to roll my eyes at the ClickTight hype- getting a good install with the latches was easy enough, why would I pay for that extra for a ClickTight? Let me just tell you that it is 100% worth the money and hype! I also love how much more comfortable I feel with this steel framed seat than the plastic ones of other brands that I have used.
The seat itself is nice and plush, not as soft as a Maxi Cosi, much softer than a Graco, but much much better than either brand altogether. My four month old loves this seat so much better as well. We went from screaming in every car ride to a baby that is content to just look around and out the window.
Customer Images
  • Steel frame
  • ClickTight install
  • Higher height limits (49?)
  • Plush
  • Cute cow design
  • Great recline options
  • Compact
  • Antirebound bar option (sold separately)
  • Britax does not require seat replacement in minor fender benders
Best Uses
  • Infant
  • Rearfacing
  • Extended rearfacing
  • Forward facing
  • Heavy (steel frame) but because the install take 3 seconds, I wouldn?t mind transferring this seat back and forth between another vehicle if needed
  • Price but it?s comparable to other expensive brands that don?t have the steel frame or ClickTight or higher limits in order to rearface longer
Fabulous car seat!
By Feefee
from Delaware
on February 11, 2021
Verified Buyer
Comfortable and safe.
Best car seat ever!
By Ashley
from Kentucky
on January 21, 2021
Verified Buyer
I love this seat and the ease of instillation was amazing! It is truly fool proof. The cowmooflage is just a plus for the cow loving crew!
  • Ease of instillation
  • Safety factors
Best Uses
  • Any child that fits
  • The latch system is kind of in the way
Favorite out of 4 car seats
By Dar
from Northern California
on December 17, 2020
Verified Buyer
This seat is solid. Thereís definitely a learning curve to the click tight mechanism, but once that itís overcome, the seat fits as nice and tight as the old Britax seats. I had a little anxiety worried my sister would try to take it out of her car and not know how. The one complaint I have is that it is low for the toddler, and she canít see everything out the window..maybe thatís safer? The straps are superior to the other seats I have (Graco, Evenflo and Cosco), and I feel the kids are more protected with this seat. My 2 year old grandson even wanted to sit in it over the Evenflo when he was riding with his cousin. Itís heavy to transfer into another car but I do it so rarely that itís not a big deal. Another con is that itís a little wide for the backseat of my Mazda CX-5, but not an issue because other seatbelts are still accessible, it just fits best behind the passenger seat. It also fit in rear facing when we used it that way.
  • Tight fit
  • High quality straps
  • Cute polka dot pattern
  • Learning curve with click tight mechanism
East install!
By Allison
from Portland, Oregon
on November 26, 2020
Verified Buyer
We just purchased this carseat as an additional option for when visiting our parents house. Seems incredibly solid, it was very clear it was installed correctly, as well as easy to install. Would recommend
Best Convertible Car Seat
By Lea
from Burlington, Vermont
on October 19, 2020
Verified Buyer
This is the second Britax Marathon we have purchased and we love it. Easy to install and easy to get a kicking and screaming toddler in and secure. I just wish it had a cup holder!
Love Britax
By Repeat B.
from Missouri
on October 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
We ordered this car seat for our first child and like it so much that we bought the same one for our second child. We are repeat Albee Baby customers because of the pricing and fast shipping!
  • The major pro for our family is the safety ratings for this car seat.
  • The base is bulky and is wider than the middle seat of our Ford Explorer, so if your family needs three of these seats across one row, that might be a challenge.
LOVE this car seat!
By Nancy D.
from Murfreesboro, TN
on August 26, 2020
Verified Buyer
This is our 3rd marathon we have purchased and LOVE each one of them!!! We have a boulevard too, but this one works better in our vehicles! Our girls seem to love the marathon! Roomy, straps function well, and most important top in safety!!!!
Beautiful and easiest car seat
By Casey
from Homer, Michigan
on July 23, 2020
Verified Buyer
This was by far the easiest install on a car seat ever! My husband did it with no problem and I love the straps can be easily adjusted without removing anything!
  • Easy install
  • Heavy
Easy to Move, Install and Use
By Meghan
from New London, NH
on June 23, 2020
Verified Buyer
This car seat is easy to move, install, and buckle. We move it back and forth between our car and grandparents' car in 5 minutes (and it also gives us a chance to dump out any snacks that have snuck into or under the seat). Our little one moved into it at about 11 months and seems very comfortable. We are able to easily get her out when sleeping, which is a plus as well.
Comfy, easy to install
By Allie
from Plymouth, MA
on May 19, 2020
Verified Buyer
Adorable car seat at a great price. My 21 lb 7 month old seems very comfy in it and transitioned from newborn seat to this no problem. Got it with a coupon which makes it even better!
Great carseat
By Mo
from Cokato, Minnesota
on May 3, 2020
Verified Buyer
Great car seat.
Pros easy to clean, easy to buckle in, toddler likes the car seat and seems comfortable in it
Cons. The cover part keeps coming off and itís brand new (I had a older one same print marathon style but not click tight and cover never came off in the 5 years I had it. I just got new because I was in a accident)
Easy installation
By Josie
from John Day, Oregon
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love this car seat. It takes maybe 10 seconds to install and is completely fool proof! I also love how easy it is to take a party and clean. Itís heavy but they makes me feel like itís safe and doing itís job on keeping my child safe!
  • Easy installation, easy to clean, looks nice
  • Heavy
Best car seat ever!!
By Debbie H.
from Palm Bay, FL
on March 17, 2020
Verified Buyer
Extremely happy with this purchase!!
  • Easy to install in the car!!
So easy
By Cassie
from Glasgow, Kentucky
on March 17, 2020
Verified Buyer
We love how convenient this carseat is to install! It is a little heavy when moving between vehicles but I wouldn't want to use any other brand!
Must have
By chelsea
from Carlisle, OH
on February 28, 2020
Verified Buyer
Easy to install. Easy to adjust
Worth the price
By Chyenne
from Iowa
on February 20, 2020
Verified Buyer
I love the quick and easy install.
  • Easy install. Worth the price. Comfortable.
  • Very very heavy.
Click tight and go!
By Jessica
from Middletown, DE
on February 19, 2020
Verified Buyer
We love our click tight seats and have multiple.
  • Easy to install
  • Good looking
  • Safe
  • Large profile

3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Boulder, CO asked:
August 22, 2022
Is this product returnable if we do not like it?

Return Policy:

- 60 days from date of receipt

- item cannot be used in any way

- must be returned in the original box with all of the original packaging materials† † † † † † †

- customer is responsible for return shipping costs

Submitted by: caren singer on August 23, 2022

from NY asked:
April 3, 2022
Front facing holds up to 65lbs, but what is the highest height of a child?
Submitted by: caren singer on April 3, 2022

from Omaha, NE asked:
February 21, 2022
Can additional bases be purchased?

This type of seat does not have a detachable base. The entire seat installs in vehicle.
Submitted by: caren singer on February 21, 2022

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