Britax® Endeavors Infant Car Seats

The Britax® Endeavours Infant Car Seat

The top-of-the-line infant car seat model from Britax, the Endeavours car seat is essentially the B-Safe Ultra car seat with an anti-rebound bar (to increase safety in the event of a crash). The Britax Endeavours then delivers on almost all of the same promises as the B-Safe models--two layers of side-impact protection, SafeCenter LATCH, steel frame, dual level indicators and spring-assisted recline, high-performance fabrics, a crumple zone, and an extra-large canopy. 

Why Parents Target the Britax Endeavours Car Seat

The Britax Endeavours is made to bring extra peace-of-mind safety to anyone interested in the B-Safe car seat line. It also has an option for a European belt guide, which means that you can quickly thread a seatbelt through the car seat (making Uber rides and taxis amazingly easy to set up). For parents who would like to have a more robust car (from a safety perspective), the Endeavours is a great upgrade.

Why We Stand Behind the Britax Endeavours Car Seat

When we’re already crazy about the B-Safe infant car seat from Britax, what isn’t there to love about the premium version? If you have the budget for the high-end car seat, the anti-rebound bar is a welcome addition that Britax seems to be looking to incorporate into as many car seats as possible.