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BOB Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller - Black

This item is discontinued.
Fully loaded for all of your outdoor adventures. The Revolution PRO, with its hand-activated rear drum brakes, is perfect for conquering any steep hill that stands in your way.
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Awesome stroller
December 3, 2020
Great maneuverability and shocks. A bit bulky but a wonderful comfortable ride.
Rancho Palos verdes, CA
Verified Buyer
Sturdy, good looking, durable - highly recommend
November 27, 2017
This is a great jogging stroller which we use to take our son on runs/jogs on the unpaved windy roads/wilderness behind our house. He's securely fastened in the seat and is comfortable. The only nice thing would be if a cup holder came with this.
Verified Buyer
Best stroller ever!
December 5, 2016
As a Mom who has owned 7 (yes, 7) strollers. This one is the BEST. It maneuvers so well, is super top-notch quality-wise, and easily folds down. I LOVE the handbrake which is nice for our hilly terrain. It handles great on the trail and my baby loves to sleep in it (added bonus!). The large sunshade is definitely a bob-specific feature! Enjoy and don't bother with trying out another brand. Believe me, I've done it for you :).
  • super easy to maneuver, quality construction, comfy
Best Uses
  • strolling around, trail running, running, hiking
  • large. That's the only issue.
Northern CA
Verified Buyer
Best Jogger, Period.
November 7, 2016
You can not go wrong with a BOB Revolution. It is the most versatile stroller for parents with an active lifestyle. Standout features include the handlebar that adjusts to each parents comfort height, additional safety strap that connects to the braking system, and tires that easily go on and off for storage. A must buy!
  • Only stroller you will need!
Best Uses
  • Smooth ride in bumpy terrain.
  • None.
Middleburg, VA
Verified Buyer
Awesome BOB Stroller!
August 31, 2016
Great Price! Speedy Delivery! Easy to use and worth the extra $$$ for the hand brake :)
Verified Buyer
August 5, 2016
For the ones like me, that read the reviews before purchasing something, I am so thrilled with our new stroller. First, the stroller itself it's awesome! Best on market, and i mean it! I have 14 months old that loves to be out till the end of his "batteries". I had a travel system before , witch worked well in the firsts months ,but the my baby start growing and weighting much more so the old stroller was a pain to push. I decided on a Bob stroller not really for running , but for off road trips(and beach days) . It's heaven! So glad I spent the money! It is a little bulky but not for my minivan, and you need both hands to fold witch is not a big deal either. I feel it much more sturdy than my old stroller and my baby loves it. And pushes like a dream, considering my 35lbs toddler. Second, I have read a ton of bad reviews about Aleebee , but that happened after I placed the order, so I was so upset about it, thinking that i made a huge mistake. But, they were great! Next day I got a tracking number from them and 2 days after ...the big package by my front door. So, you can definitly trust Aleebee ! Awesome prices and fast shipping! Btw: the same thing on Amazon prime was $130 more...
Best Uses
  • Running, walking, beach, trails...whatever you want! And yes, it works at the mall also! It is a stroller , not a car
Marietta, Georgia
Verified Buyer
Worth the money! Best stoller I have ever had!
March 11, 2015
The Bob Revolution Pro is the BEST stroller. I purchased a much cheaper jogger stroller for walking thinking I was saving money and actually wasted it! This stroller is worth every penny. I purchased this based on my friends experience (who runs marathons with this jogger) and I could not be happier with my evening neighborhood strolls. I cannot wait to use it in the spring 5ks I have planned. My son is very comfortable in this stroller. The traction is unbelievable, its the Cadillac of strollers. It is rather large when folded up and the only down side I see is that the side wheels come off easily for transport and the front tire needs to be dissembled to get off rather than a simple push button. I highly recommend paying the extra to get this model with the hand break vs. just the flip foot break.
  • Very comfortable hand grip, adjustable for height preference, hand break.
Best Uses
  • Walking, Jogging, Running, Shopping
  • Front tire cumbersome to take off, does not come with accessories, laying seat down is not a simple release - takes some getting use too.
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