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BOB 2020 Rambler Travel System - Black

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BOB Travel Bag for Single Jogging Strollers
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25.2 lbs

Birth to 75 lbs

26 L x 18 W x 40 H

18 L x 10 W x 22 H

Rain cover

Cup holder

A complete travel system with the included BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax.

12" air-filled tires on high-impact polymer wheels easily take on bumps and are compact to save trunk space.

One-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with the simple squeeze of a button.

Swivels for easy maneuverability or locks for stability when jogging on- or off-road.

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The BOB Rambler is the perfect companion for all your family adventures. The front wheel can swivel for easy maneuverability or lock for stability while jogging. The suspension system is designed like a mountain bike for an ultra-smooth ride, and the compact, 12" air-filled tires easily take on bumps, while saving you trunk space.

This stroller is both lightweight and amazingly durable, weighing in at 25 lbs and built with a sturdy, aluminum frame. An extra-large UPF 50+ canopy provides broad protection while the fully-upright seat allows your travel buddy to see the world. The one-hand recline lets you quickly lay the seat back and the five-point harness allows for easy height adjustment - no re-threading necessary. Pair Rambler with a BOB infant car seat by Britax or other major brand car seat to create a travel system perfectly suited for your active lifestyle.

With the BOB Rambler, every day is an adventure - whether you're heading to the farmer's market or going out for a jog.

  • 12" air-filled tires on high-impact polymer wheels easily take on bumps and are compact to save trunk space.
  • Swivel-locking front wheel swivels for easy maneuverability or locks for stability when jogging on- or off-road.
  • Mountain bike-style suspension system offers up to 3 inches of travel for an ultra-smooth ride.
  • Sturdy, aluminum frame is both lightweight and durable, delivering a robust stroller that weighs 25 lbs.
  • 75 lb. weight capacity and spacious seating area offer extra room to grow.
  • Extra-large UPF 50+ canopy shields your child from sun and weather.
  • Fully-upright, padded seat with ventilation allows your child to see the world and ride comfortably on all your adventures.
  • One-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with the simple squeeze of a button.
  • Large lowboy cargo basket for spacious storage underneath the stroller seat.
  • Five-point harness with no-rethread design keeps your child secure and allows for easy height adjustments.
  • Easy 2-step fold for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Easy-remove wheels allow the stroller to become more compact for easy storage in tight spaces.
  • Adjustable front wheel tracking refines alignment with a simple twist of the knob to keep the stroller running straight when the front wheel is locked out for jogging.
  • Foot-activated parking brake secures both back wheels in the stopped position with one step.
  • Wrist strap provides safety while running and includes a buckle to lock the stroller closed when folded.
  • Product weight: 25.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 75 lbs
  • Open Dimensions: 24.5 W x 39.5 H
  • Folded Dimensions: 38-43 L x 24.5 W x 14 H
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Spokane, Washington
Verified Buyer
Great buy
June 2, 2022
This travel system worked great for us in all the terrains we came across. We are expecting baby #2 soon and will be keeping it instead of replacing for a wagon or double stroller.
Philadelphia, PA
Verified Buyer
Great Product/ Investment
February 25, 2022
I ordered this last year and It's been wonderful. I have a history with a older version of the bobs stroller and I needed a new one for my daughter. We've used this at the beach, over the boardwalks, just on casual walks through the park, and through the grass and gravel. It provides the smoothest ride I ever experienced in a stroller. It's almost effortless to push the stroller, no matter how much weight it's holding. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it's totally worth the money! Great Investment
Bismarck, ND
Wonderful Travel System
May 9, 2021
I was absolutely pumped when I received this item to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel!

First, the set up was a piece of cake. I usually have my husband take care of that when we get something but I ripped it out of the box and had it set up myself in 10 minutes! The tires were already filled and it took basically no effort to put it together. Second, the ease of use is incredible. Folding it up to store in the back of my vehicle was able to be done quickly and I didn't need to search for the instructions on how to do it(thank you for that).

We use our strollers on a lot of different terrain, we go through gravel and grass during softball night, we are on purely gravel with lots of hills when we are at the lake, and in town around our home there isn't sidewalks so it's all on the street. This maneuvered better than any other stroller we have ever used. It was night and day compared to some others and my husband and I are HIGHLY impressed. When we ran, our children weren't bouncing around inside the stroller, the suspension was fabulous! Also, the carseat is beyond easy to install with the stroller and feels super secure.

There are a few things that could be changed to make this even better though. The basket underneath holds little to nothing and it's EXTREMELY hard to access or fit anything slightly big into. It's very tucked under and not ideal for a family out and about needing some storage. Lastly, for a jogging stroller I would have liked for the handlebar to be adjustable. I'm not very tall at 5'6" and it still seemed really low to me, especially when running.

Overall, this travel system is fabulous quality and I do highly recommend!
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North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Love It
August 12, 2020
We are due in January and we've done nothing but "play" with this stroller and carseat combo! It's SO lightweight and easy to fold up compared to others that I've tried out. We are looking for ease and convenience and of course safety and we are thrilled to use both of these for our baby!
Fort Rucker, AL
Verified Buyer
Love this product
November 10, 2019
My husband did a lot of research when looking at strollers and car seats, this one was the best priced for what we were wanting.They came in and are so amazing, my husband is blown away by the jogging stroller. Very happy with our purchase cant wait to get all the use out of it soon!
San Jose, CA
Verified Buyer
Nice System but needs improvement
July 16, 2019
I did extensive research on this travel system beforehand. I wanted to make a purchase that would be worth my money for years to come.
Pros: easy to assemble, easy to maneuver, I like the safety when the car seat is on, love the shade that cover almost the whole stroller. I really like the click system for the car seat base the other car seat base' are so hard to secure with this one it's a click away and a pull of the strap to tighten.
Cons: no storage whatsoever, the storage underneath is small and hard to get the diaper bag in and out, no cup holder and not tray. Not so easy to close.

For the price I paid about $650 with tax and all I would have thought it would come with a cup holder, and tray even the pump for the tires. The travel system itself is already expensive. I've been using it for 6 months now, we'll see if my money was well invested for years to come.

Definitely needs improvements but a good system overall.
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Verified Buyer
The best
May 24, 2019
So light and easy to manage
Marin, CA
Verified Buyer
Britax BOB Rambler
November 2, 2018
I received the Britax BOB Rambler as a promotional product through WeeSpring Parent Panel. Ironically, I own two Britax strollers with car seats and a BOB Revolution already. I love both brands and feel very comfortable with them but what I really like about the Rambler is that it's a great mix between the two strollers (everyday/walking vs. exercise). I feel very confident and safe in the Rambler, it navigates well and the car seat easily detaches and fits into my car. My favorite feature is how light and easy it is to store in the back of my car. My other BOB is very sturdy but it is very heavy and cumbersome. I tend to run with my child at a location that is not accessible unless I drive. The Rambler allows me to run and take it into the grocery store because it's not bulky. Running is hard enough and to add a very heavy stroller can make it very hard to motivate to get out there. This is a great product!
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Verified Buyer
Attention to Detail, High Quality
October 30, 2018
When I first received this travel system, I had a few worries about it. The car seat looked narrow, and I was worried it would be uncomfortable for my 9 1/2 pound newborn. Once we put him in it, I could see he actually liked it! The car seat is narrow where it needs to be without compromising function. It is narrow on the bottom which makes it more comfortable for those sitting next to him in the car. It is wider on top to fit the bulk of his body. I also found it very easy to get the correct fit of the shoulder straps using this car seat, which I've always struggled with on my newborns in other car seats. Another worry I had was with the stroller. Jogging strollers are notorious for taking up a lot of trunk space, I only have a sedan and was worried about it fitting. But once I folded the stroller up and put it in my trunk I realized I still had quite a bit of room, and I didn't even need to take off the front wheel to fit it in my trunk. The only thing I haven't liked about this travel system is the way the car seat base fits in my car. It's impossible to get the base properly level without using a rolled up towel underneath the base. I feel as though I have a pretty average car so I was disappointed that I'd have to take the extra step of adding a towel underneath to make the fit correct. I also don't like the look of having the rolled towel underneath--- I think it takes away from the luxurious feel of the travel system. Overall, I've loved this travel system. Every big worry that I've had has been put to rest. I love how smooth and light the stroller feels while pushing it, I love how it fits well in my vehicle, and I love the way it looks. The extra strap that helps hold the carseat to the stroller provides me peace of mind. A few weeks ago we took the travel system to the corn maze and it was so nice knowing the car seat was safely strapped in the stroller while we were going over uneven terrain all day. Another bonus is that my newborn actually likes being in this car seat! I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
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Jessica W.
Madison, WI
Verified Buyer
So worth it!
October 30, 2018
This travel system is amazing! I was super overwhelmed when it came to choosing a stroller and car seat for my first baby. I ended up picking a random car seat (I would not recommend this) along with a random stroller (also would not recommend this). The car seat didn't fit into the stroller without a million (not included) attachments and even with said attachments I found the fit wasn't snug enough and the stroller was wobbly with the car seat attached. What I wish I would have done was purchased a travel system like the Britax BOB Rambler to begin with! When the weeSpring Parent Panel asked me to review the system, I jumped at the opportunity because I wanted to try a system that worked with one another rather than piecing a random stroller/car seat together. This is definitely what I should have purchased from the beginning! The car seat is comfy from what I can gather from my 15 week old (she has expressed dislike for other brands!) and wipes easily. Installation was simple and I love the SafeCenter latch feature! The stroller is agile and turns really well (aka no awkward bumping into things because the stroller can't turn on a dime). I love how you can adjust the front wheel from "walk mode" to "run mode"- when it is in run mode, the front wheel is locked and doesn't swivel, which keeps the stroller steady on both concrete and uneven terrains during runs. This was awesome when we went on runs, I felt like I was in complete control of all of the stroller's movements.The suspension system was a nice added touch and seemed to control the bumps when we were on uneven ground, but it didn't cut them out completely. One thing I wished the stroller had was a back pocket- there is ample storage underneath the stroller but it would be nice to have an easy access back pocket for storage (phone, keys, etc). My absolute favorite feature was how seamlessly the stroller and car seat worked together! It was so easy to snap the car seat into the stroller and go for a walk/run. The system was easy to setup and worked well together, plus I felt like my child was snug and secure (which was a huge relief)! This is definitely something I wished I would have registered for the first time around and wished I had from the time my baby was born!
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Chicago, IL
Verified Buyer
Smooth and stable
October 29, 2018
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Britax Car Seat, BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System.

The base of the carseat is easy to install in the vehicle and the car seat is easy to get in and out of the base. The base is heavier than my previous base (this is my 3rd child) however the carseat has a higher threshold for weight. 5 lbs more is a big deal, especially as the new pediatric recommendations are for rear facing longer. The Britax Car Seat itself is lighter than my previous infant car seat. This is great for loading and unloading into the car or attaching to the stroller. My favorite attributes of the carrier are:
The awning: it comes up farther and has a tight fit to protect my son from the wind. It is great how the awning from the seat and stroller can work together to protect the baby while walking.
The handle: it is wonderful that there are 4 different handle placements where it locks into place. I found the stabilizing one when the handle is all the way back particularly useful.
The build of the seat: All 3 of my kids have been heavy & long infants. This seat can hold up to 35 lbs. Although I typically switch to an upright carseat before they reach 35 lbs, it is nice that such a light carseat can handle the weight. It is very sturdy and a little more slim than my previous infant carrier, which is important when trying to fit 3 carseats across the back seat.

The stroller is very easy to collapse andset back up. The wheel lock is on the wheel, which makes sense, but we have used a different brand of jogging stroller where the wheel lock was on the handle. The stroller is a very smooth ride for both walking with my infant and suburban off-the-beaten path with my 2 year old (parks, mulch & pea gravel trails). The awning with the peaking window are great. If I could offer one suggestion it would be an adjustable handle height. My husband is 6 inches taller than I am & we would have loved a height difference option. My 2 year old liked the seat depth. The back was easy to adjust, even with just one hand.

Overall this is a great product. The reason I wouldn't give this 5/5 stars is that it would be hard for me to use this as my sole stroller/travel system for an infant. It is large and takes up trunk space so grocery shopping and taking the stroller in and out of the car seems more tedious. As mentioned the stroller is simple to put up and down, but it is still a large piece of equipment.
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North Idaho
Verified Buyer
A great travel system option!
October 28, 2018
This is a very sturdy, quality travel system. We have a two year old and a two week old and I've been able to test this out with both kiddos. My son was so excited when he saw the big wheels come out of the box, he couldn't wait to put it together-and neither could I. Luckily it was super simple to assemble, the two of us did so in maybe ten minutes, tops. He was even more excited to take it out for a spin. I like how high up my two year old sits In the seat and I feel he enjoyed that as well. I also really appreciate the larger storage basket, something most strollers neglect. I am able to fit a full sized (and overfilled) diaper bag down there. We first took it out on a pretty rainy day and I was thankful the shade comes down so far, when we got home my son was completely dry. I also really like the design of the infant seat. The seat itself is much deeper than our old infant seat and the frame of the seat looks like it would be very safe in the event of an accident-it looks like it would cocoon around the child. I did find the base was a bit tricky to install, however. My husband and I both felt it didn't feel as secure as it should have. But the car seat adapts very securely to the stroller and feels safe. My husband and I were both impressed by the suspension and how well the stroller handles. When I take both boys out, I wear the baby in a carrier and I always like to have a hand on the baby and typically only push the stroller with one hand. I thought our old jogger handled well until using this stroller. It glides so smoothly and feels so light to push. The option to lock the wheel also makes it that much easier to maneuver while jogging. The only thing I did not like about the stroller is that you can't stand it up while folded. This would just be nice when it's in storage, not a deal breaker, but definitely something I miss about my old stroller. All in all, if you're an active family in the market for a travel system, this is for you and I would definitely recommend! A huge thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for giving us the opportunity to test this wonderful system out.
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New Braunfels, Texas
Verified Buyer
Extremely Amazing!!!
October 28, 2018
Love this stroller, I wish it would of been around when I had my first baby who is now 6 years old. A high quality of a BOB but with a smaller wheels - exactly what i was looking for. It's a jogging stroller without being bulky and heavy. Spacious and comfortable, all terrain which is very useful for me here in Texas - easy to push in the park, at the mall, or just around the neighborhood. I'm tall 5.9' and the handlebar is perfect for me. It maneuvers so well and handled all terrain really well. It feels solid and well made with quality materials. The BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax that came with it is perfect. This stroller is wonderful! It's easy to assemble and easily to collapse for taking in the car or storing in the garage. The wheels make for such a smooth ride. Britax has always been my go to brand of choice, once i got introduced to it there has been no turning back. I love everything about the Brand, the quality, the choices, and how a lot of products have evolved and gotten better each time.

I was given this Stroller & Car Seat to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, Thank you so much weeSpring Parent Panel for the opportunity.
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Austin, TX
Verified Buyer
Game changer
October 28, 2018
I received this Stroller & Car Seat from the weeSpring Parent Panel. This travel system is a total game changer. I feel extremely confident walking with my child in the seat attached to the stroller. It is very easy to attach the infant car seat for my infant. My almost 4 year old also still fits nicely into the stroller. The suspension system is unmatched. We live in a big city, and this stroller maneuvers smoothly throughout the city as well as on rough terrain if we travel outside the city to explore. I have yet to find another stroller that steers as easily and as smoothly as this BOB stroller. I am just starting to begin exercising again post-partum, and this stroller is very easy to push while I am working on interval slow jogging and walking. My favorite features of this stroller are: the pivoting front wheel and the sun shade that extends for extra coverage from the strong sun where we live.
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Verified Buyer
We love this system!
October 28, 2018
Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for giving us this travel system to test out! This stroller is all around amazing! We live on a big ranch and when it's time to go out to feed and water, I'm able to put my son in the stroller and go anywhere I need. He is comfortable and enjoys the ride and I can still get my chores done. We also enjoy hiking and this stroller has done amazing on all of the dirt, rock, and bumpy terrains that we have taken it on! Jogging with the stroller is a breeze, it's so lightweight to push. I've never once had to worry about it tipping while running, it's sturdy and smooth! The suspension makes it a smooth and comfortable ride for my son as well. It's the first stroller he has ever fallen asleep in so it must be comfortable! We really appreciate that it sits fully upright also! My son has never liked when he couldn't sit fully upright in a stroller. Then, moving it back for him to lay flat when he falls asleep is easy to do without disturbing him! The extra large canopy is great, it provides much needed shade on almost my son's whole body! I feel confident using this stroller with my son with him in the stroller and in the attached car seat. Everything fits together with no issues. We love the car seat as well, it's comfortable, easy to carry, and has great safety features which is number one priority for us. My favorite thing about this system is the stroller suspension and wheels because they allow me to use this everywhere I need to go! It doesn't only work for running or using in town, but it works for the every day need in my household which makes it a winner for us! I honestly have not found anything I don't like about it yet! This travel system is perfect for us!
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Verified Buyer
Great Jogger and Travel System
October 28, 2018
I have a 2 year old and a 6 week old with whom I have used this travel system. As my 2 year old is too big for the car seat, I used only the jogger with her, placing her in the seat directly.

I love the size of the stroller. It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. My 2 year old fits well in it, with the seat depth being a better fit than my other jogger. She seems very comfortable when she rides in it, and I am able to adjust the back (reclining or upright) for her comfort. Additionally, my husband and I are very impressed with the mountain bike style suspension system. Although I only walked with my daughter (as I am recovering from a cesarean) my husband noted that the stroller did exceedingly well over various surfaces while running. This is definitely our favorite aspect of this stroller! We both feel very safe putting our daughters in this, both in the actual stroller seat and in the car seat with the adapter for my infant. The metal brake is quick and easy to use as is the front wheel lock, which makes for a smooth transition from walking to running. The fact that the stroller has a lockable and unlockable front wheel is very important to us, as we not only use our jogging stroller for running but for every day activities. The only thing that we did not like about the stroller is that the handle is not adjustable for height, which makes it less comfortable for my 6' husband to use. The height is perfectly suited for me at 5'7", though.

I also use the car seat and adapter to walk with my infant. I absolutely love the car seat! My daughter fits snuggly inside with the infant insert and the straps are very easy to adjust, allowing for a great and safe fit for the little one. The sunshade canopy is very large and covers my daughter better than any other car seat I have used, which is a great feature in both sunny and rainy weather. The base, however, is difficult to fit tightly into the car, and takes some time to place correctly. I also feel that when the car seat is placed onto the base, it moves vertically too much. As such, I prefer to place the car seat directly into the vehicle with the use of a seatbelt.

Below is a list of pros and cons I made regarding this system.

- Easy assembly
- Lightweight
- Stroller is compact and folds easily
- Easy locking front wheel
- Excellent suspension system which makes for a comfortable ride over any terrain
- Large sunshade
- Car seat straps are easily adjusted

- No slowing brake for downhill running
- The stroller handle height is not adjustable
- The car seat base is somewhat difficult to install

Overall, I am very happy with the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System and recommend purchasing it. I would like to thank the weeSpring Parent panel for sending me this product to review.
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Burke, VA
Verified Buyer
Quality jogging stroller
October 28, 2018
The BOB Jogging stroller has a great suspension system, pivots well and offers a smooth ride for both an infant, in an infant car seat, and a toddler. Overall the entire system is easy to set up and take apart. One apparently unavoidable downside of the system is the amount of available space needed when the system is collapsed either for travel or storage.

Unfortunately, my youngest child is just 2 weeks old so I haven't been able to jog with the stroller yet, but look forward to it once cleared.

My favorite feature of the stroller is the breaking system which is easy to initiate and effective. It's as easy as a quick movement of your foot.

I rated this system 4 stars as I felt it was time consuming to set the straps to the proper height on the car seat, especially with a fussy baby.

I was given this Stroller & Car Seat to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
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Indio California
Verified Buyer
Skate Jog or stroll!
October 28, 2018
The weeSpring Parent panel has done it again! I got to unbox and review the Britaz BOB Jogging stroller and we are in love. It has many awesome features and includes a car seat piece that clips easily into the stroller system. Make sure if you aren't a patient parent, that you have your spouse around to help with assembly. The only negative thing I have to say about the stroller was that the babies were so excited to try it out but that assembly took us a while. After we had it all put together we tried stroller time a few ways. My husband loved jogging with it and the nice lockable wheel feature and I loved Roller skating on my derby skates and pushing it all around the park without fear that my little one would come flying out! We loved testing this one out! Definitely a staple for all active parents!
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Mallory M.
Baltimore, MD
Verified Buyer
Amazing travel system!
October 28, 2018
The Bob Rambler travel system is exactly what we've been looking for! The car seat and adapter attach easily to the stroller providing an easy transition for both the parent and baby! The stroller provides a smooth ride, is light weight and easily maneuverable, and has a great sunshade for lots of protection. It also has straps that are easily adjustable if changing between different aged children-huge perk for us!
Thanks weeSpring Parent Panel for allowing us to test this awesome travel system!
Customer Images
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Verified Buyer
Great travel system
October 28, 2018
I have enjoyed using this car seat and stroller. We received them from the weeSpring Parent Panel when my baby was about a month old, and I like the car seat better than the other brands I have used. I like that the car seat has such a large weight range, I feel like my infant fit in it better than the other one we used for the first month even though she was 7lbs at birth, so not really tiny. I like that the straps are so easy to adjust on the carseat. I like that the canopy has elastic to keep it in place, the car seats I used for my first 3 kids did not have that and wouldn't stay in place, it was annoying. My husband doesn't like that the base is heavier, but I don't mind it. I like the special slots on the base that grip the seat belt, it helps keep the car seat from tipping.
This is the first jogging stroller that I have owned, and I really like the big wheels. I don't jog but I do take my kids for walks and this stroller is so much easier to push across grass and uneven ground. I used it with the infant seat and the baby went right to sleep. I like that with the canopy from the car seat and the canopy from the stroller she had complete shade, but there was a little flap that I could peak in and check on her. I also used it for my 20 month old and he loved it. My 4 year old liked to push it around too, and was able to steer it pretty well. I like the brake, it is easy to engage and disengage, and I like that I get both wheels with one motion.
Folding the stroller is a little complicated, and I had to fold it in the rain once and I didn't like that the handle ended up on the ground while I was trying to fasten the strap that keeps it folded. That strap is also a little odd and very awkward to fasten, other strollers I have used had clips that kept the stroller folded that automatically fastened but were easy to unfasten when unfolding.
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Gilroy, CA
Verified Buyer
Great everyday travel system
October 28, 2018
I was so excited when I found out I was chosen by the weeSpring Parent Panel to try this Britax BOB Rambler Travel System! The Stroller, infant car seat, and base come together in a pretty large and slightly heavy box. The stroller does require some assembly, but with the easy to follow instructions assembly only took about 10minutes. The wheels came a little deflated, so my husband took the wheels to the gas station to fill them up with a little bit of air. It does say on the side of the tires how much air is required. The directions do say to use a bicycle tire pump to fill with air, but since we didn't have one our only option was to use air at the gas station and so far we haven't had any issues with the tires. This stroller is very easy to push and maneuver. This is my favorite feature of this stroller because my five year old daughter loves to help me push her baby brother. The old stroller we had was so hard to maneuver even with two hands! This stroller I can easily maneuver with one hand and still have complete control over the stroller. The handle for the stroller does not adjust so if you are tall it may make pushing it a little awkward. My husband and I both are 5'2 and the handle is the right height for us. There is is a large storage pocket under the stroller which I love because most of the other strollers I have used didn't hold enough storage, not even half as much as this stroller can store. If you are used to strollers that come with cup holders or other accessories keep in mind that this stroller does not come with any. You will need to visit the company website to purchase them. This was a little bit of a bummer for me, but is a problem that can easily be solved. To use this stroller for Jogging it is recommend for ages 8months - 5years. Since my little guy is still a newborn we haven't jogged with him in the stroller, but my husband and I both took turns jogging with our daughter who is 5 years old and it was easy and actually pretty fun! There is a strap on the handle to use when jogging so you don't get separated from the stroller and you have to make sure you switch the button on the tire in the front to jog mode. If you do not do that the tire will Be able to rotate 360 degrees, making it very easy to loose control of the stroller while jogging. The infant car seat attaches very easily into the stroller and feels very secure. I like that the parking break on the stroller is large because it makes it easy for myself or my daughter to use. My husband and I both LOVE the suspension on this stroller it is amazing! It provides such a smooth ride. Unfolding the stroller is pretty easy to do with one hand, it's folding it up that I haven't quite got the hang of yet. It requires two hands and if you have a crying baby in your arms or are holding something you may have difficulty folding it like I did. The stroller is not too heavy, but it is not very lightweight. I have an suv and this stroller does fit in the trunk, but does take up a lot of room because of the tires. You can remove the tires with the Allen Wrench that comes with the stroller, but in my opinion having to remove them every time I put it in my car is a little irritating. The base for the infant car seat was such a breeze to install in my car, one of the easiest ones I've ever installed and still feels very secure and safe for baby. I don't struggle with snapping or unsnapping the car seat from the base because they click together so nicely. This is a nice feature when a family member is getting the car seat out of my car, I don't have to worry about them struggling to get it out. This stroller is great to have for an infant and an older child. The maximum weight capacity says 75 pounds, so my five year still fits very comfortably in this stroller. When her baby brother isn't using it she is because she loves how comfortable it is. She also loves that you can pull the front visor down almost all the way so the sun doesn't get in her eyes. I am very satisfied with the Britax BOB Rambler Stroller System. I just wish that this system had a double stroller option so both of my kiddos could ride at the same time. Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for this amazing opportunity. We love our travel system!
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Verified Buyer
Smooth and Secure Ride
October 27, 2018
The car seat easily attaches to the stroller and feels secure with my baby in it. I have five children so I have owned many strollers over the years including a double and a single jogging stroller.This is the smoothest stroller I've ever walked or jogged with. The shades are large and easily adjustable. I walked with my 25 pound two year old and my 45 pound five year old in the stroller. It was surprisingly easy to push each of them. The seat is deep enough to fit my tall two year old well. It is heavy when loading into a vehicle, but not excessively. When walking or jogging with it, it doesn't feel heavy. It is simple to switch the front wheel from walk to run mode. An awesome stroller! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product.
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Berne, NY
Verified Buyer
High Quality system
October 27, 2018
Upon first receiving the whole BOB travel system (stroller, infant car seat, base and adapter) I was quite impressed by the obvious quality. The car seat is far superior to our previous model (comparable in price) and the stroller has great features that aren't found in others. I live in the country so the ability to run/walk on gravel roads is important and we are in and out of the car often going places. I currently have a 15 month old and am preparing for baby #2, hence looking into new products. The system as a whole is something that I would recommend to a friend in a heart beat but I will list below a few things to consider while in the market.

Car Seat: Great sunshade and just FEELS, as a whole, like it is high quality. The car seat has nice weight to it but is not too heavy to carry (even when 33 weeks pregnant!). I let my son try it out in the house and he was sufficiently comfortable in it, to the point of falling asleep for a small nap! I am impressed by the larger height and weight limits compared to our previous seat. Easy to click in and out of the base and to carry around independently. I really like the placement of the strap adjustment (to tighten and loosen) as its not hidden like some other seats.

Car Seat base: Easy to install in the car and the car seat pops in and out nicely. I like that it has a level bubble on it for correct installation. Biggest thing to consider: extra bases cost $100- which may be a deal breaker for some.

Stroller: While I was unable to get outside and jog with it as of yet, I can tell that the shock system will be AMAZING. Just walking around the house I was impressed by the shocks ability to absorb bumps and was quite reactive to pushes down. I also like that there are 2 settings for the shocks to account for babies weight. It is something to get used to though as if you push down on the handle bars too much, it will compress the shocks. The shocks combined with easily being able to attach the infant car seat for a more secure ride will be great for getting out side for walks early on with an infant. It has a GREAT turning radius when the front wheel is not locked and folds down pretty small, especially if you take the wheel off. I was able to tuck it behind a desk and not notice it when having it stored. 2 major things I wish this stroller had, especially with jogging in mind, is a handlebar adjustment to account for different user heights and a hand brake with a tether. I will be a bit concerned with running on hills without this. I like the strollers seat and harness as well as the easy recline option. Once again, the sun shade is amazing! I was impressed with how easy it was to attach the car seat to the stroller but will admit it took me quite some time to get it out as the directions make it seem like the release button is near the handle bar/attachment piece when it is in fact the same release as when using in the car.

Overall, I am very impressed with the system as a whole and would recommend it to a friend. Some small things to consider, as I mentioned above, but they are by no means deal breakers. I would like to thank the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this travel system to try and review.
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T M.
Columbus, Mississippi
Verified Buyer
Excellent everyday jogging travel system
October 27, 2018
We received the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System in black via mail. It arrived very well packaged, nothing was broken or missing. We were thrilled with the frustration-free packaging and assembly; my husband opened the box, assembled the stroller and installed the car seat and base in the car in under 25 minutes!

The stroller itself is very impressive and of the quality I would expect from a BOB. It has air-filled tires (that were already full on arrival), excellent steering, it's weighted for 75 lbs, and has a suspension that allowed our newborn to comfortably ride over bumpy pumpkin patch terrain without a hiccup or rousing from her sleep. (I also tested it with my 2 and 4-year-olds.) It folds pretty easily and was a piece of cake for my husband to load in the car. I did find folding and loading to be heavier (it weighs 25 lbs) and slightly more cumbersome for my frame, but still not difficult! Due to the 12" tire size, it is not as compact when folded as some strollers. But it's a minor inconvenience and, unless you have a compact car or never encounter rough terrain, the trade off is definitely worth considering.

It does not come with snack trays or parent consoles, but none of my other strollers have; I just always get those as separate accessories. Storage space under the stroller is adequate. The stroller brake is easy to flip with one foot. It includes a mesh panel behind the child for air flow on hot days and a roll-down solid panel for cooler days. There is a clear window pane in the top of the stroller for viewing, but I found it difficult to use when actually moving with the stroller when by itself; it really was only useful for my 5'4" self when I had parked the stroller and was standing next to it instead of behind it. It reclines nearly flat; with my own infant head support added to the stroller, I was able to walk with my newborn in it without the car seat attached.

On a jog or run this stroller is fantastic. There's great weight distribution, so it feels very light, and it's so easy to steer, even one-handed when needed. The handlebar has a soft foam cover; it wasn't hot enough for sweating on our walks or jogs, but it did give me the impression that it would resist slipping when sweaty. It also includes running must-haves: a front-wheel lock and a parent wrist safety strap.

The infant car seat was of average difficulty for vehicle installation and it easily transitions from car to stroller and back. In the stroller, it's a breeze to pop in and out and includes a very visible red safety strap for extra security and confidence when used with the stroller. I absolutely loved how the canopies of the car seat and stroller meet together and can easily cover baby from the sun and prying eyes!

It has a narrower base for the car, which is helpful. I did find it harder to lower the car seat handlebar once it was installed in my car, since it requires compressing the buttons on both sides at once, but I do have three car seats in one row of my SUV, so it's a tight squeeze! It also required slightly more hand strength to remove from the car seat base than my other infant car seat does, but it was not too difficult for someone of average strength. The handlebar also lowers enough to act as a stabilizing bar when the seat is on the ground! I trust the Britax brand and this infant seat is rated up to 35 lbs.

Overall, I was highly impressed with this travel system and would recommend it for those looking for an everyday stroller that can also be used for either jogging or just rougher terrain travels. However, if you need a more compact stroller that's lightweight and easy to carry this might not be the best option. Pros: smooth stroller ride and easy steering, great canopy coverage on both, easy assembly and installation, good weight limits for stroller and infant seat. Cons: stroller has heavier and more cumbersome frame when carried or lifted due to the air-filled tires, not as compact when folded, difficult to see through stroller window pane when canopy fully extended.

Folded dimensions: folded length, wheels on: swivel mode 38 in; folded height, wheels on: swivel mode 14 in.

I was given this product for free to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
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Kellogg, Idaho
Verified Buyer
Our ultimate family stroller - a definite reccomend!
October 27, 2018
This is an excellent stroller and carseat system! When you have a newborn, we love it!! The ability to easily snap them in between from car to stroller is totally worth it! Also having three large wheels is an essential! They glide over uneven surfaces and gravel with ease!

Even if you never jog a day in your life, I would still go with this system, its large wheels maneuver over the curbside and manage rough terrain easily! This system handles very nicely in my opinion, quickly responding to your touch, and also it just goes! I love how it doesn't feel like you're hardly pushing anything, creating such a smooth ride!

I haven't had the chance to jog much with it, but I've been impressed with the little I have done. It gives a smooth ride with the suspension system and handles effortlessly. It glides so smoothly it is practically begging you to jog with it!

Other features I am in love with:

-Having three large wheels is a must when buying this type of everyday stroller. The ease it adds to going up a curb is unbeatable, let alone if you want to travel on any uneven or gravel surface. Small 4 wheeled systems don't compete. The only reason I'd buy the latter is if it offered extreme compactness for traveling purposes.
-I absolutely love the huge canopy on the stroller! The weather had been nice here so far, but I believe it will protect my child well from rain, wind, snow and of course the sun. It offers a wonderful venting system when you need it to. It also pairs nicely with the carseat creating a complete covering coupled with the carseat canopy, which I also love!
-The side cut outs on the carseat to put the straps between uses are great! It is so nice not to have straps in the way when you put your baby in!
-The strap system in the stroller is excellent; it is extremely adjustable, appears to be very comfortable, and is easy to snap your child in every time.
-The one foot brake system is easy and feels secure!
-The actual seat of the stroller reclines and sits up easily.
- I love just how easy the car seat base was to install in the car, also it is smaller than our previous base saving just that much more room between seats, which can be a big deal!
-The car seat adapter was also easy to install to the stroller and also remove when we want to take our toddler out for a ride. I was concerned this would be an issue prior to its arrival but am so glad it is easy to switch between infant and toddler!
-I always forget to put it on at first, but the red security strap on the car seat adapter gives you extra peace of mind as you are out and about.

A few things I thought that could be better about this system:

-A better way to store it. Once folded, it does not offer a super easy storage solution. We live in a small house so this is a bit of an issue for us, though resting it on its side has been working out alright.
-There is not a way to secure the peek flap on the canopy, seems like it would have been easy to add some way to secure it up.
-While large, the storage compartment is harder to access compared to our other stroller system. A bit of an extra hassle to stash your bags in there.
-It isn't too bad, but I thought set up instructions for the stroller could have been just a little easier to understand. Also, I struggled with unfolding the stroller for a while until finally getting the hang of it, it does open easily for me now though.
-I personally have had a little bit of difficulty removing the car seat from the stroller, but have had similar issues with other systems too, it might just be me, haha!

Overall this is such a great stroller system! Perfect to use with our children as they grow! It offers an easy ride and feels completely safe! I definitely would recommend it to anyone in search of a comfortable everyday stroller, whether for jogging or daily strolls! Thank you so much to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for providing us with this wonderful stroller system!
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Courtney S.
Verified Buyer
Easy to use, safe and secure for our little girls!
October 26, 2018
We recently had our second baby and were just planning on using the infant seat we used with our first so the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System could not have come at a more perfect time. The first thing my husband noticed when taking the infant car seat out of the box was how solid it felt. He is very protective of our little girls and kept commenting on how easy, safe, and secure the seat felt while installing the base and attaching the seat to our vehicle. It was just as easy to secure to the stroller and I felt at ease maneuvering the system over rough terrain.
Our baby is only three weeks old so I haven't gotten cleared to start running yet, but we've gone on several walks and the suspension and large air-filled tires make for a smooth, comfortable ride and an easy push for me. We even used the stroller with our toddler while I wore the baby in a carrier and she had plenty of room to grow and was even able to nap in it! My favorite part of the stroller is how compact it folds down and how easy it is to open and close; I couldn't believe the stroller and infant seat both fit in the box they were packaged in. The only cons to the infant car seat is it doesn't have as much padding as our old seat and it's heavier than the seat I'm used to carrying; however I've heard nothing but great things about the safety of Britax seats and I'll take the safety of my baby over carrying a few more pounds. Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing us with the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System.
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Hillsboro, OR
Verified Buyer
Great stroller/car seat combo! Very sturdy!
October 26, 2018
This stroller/car seat combo is fantastic! We are already fans of Britax, as our 3 year old currently uses the Clicktight car seat and we absolutely love it. This was my first time using BOB though. We have a different brand of jogging stroller as well, but I have to say, this BOB stroller is far superior. The wheels are large and sturdy, with tread that is great for all different types of terrain. I had no problem navigating on the sidewalks, dirt, and even gravel. Unlike some other car seat/stroller combos where you just set the car seat into the stroller, this car seat actually clicks into place once you've installed the car seat adapter, and even comes with some extra security by means of a safety strap. I felt 100% confident that this car seat wasn't going anywhere! The ride is smooth and thanks to the amazing suspension on the jogger, I didn't feel that my baby was being jostled around too much. You can lock the front wheel into place or allow it to swivel depending on your needs. The stroller is actually very easy to fold up, and I'm impressed with how something this mega could fold down into a fairly small size. I would have no problem fitting this in my minivan OR my Scion XD. The handlebar is very comfortable, seemed just the right height, and there is a safety strap for your wrist. Though I mostly use it for my 3 month old infant with the car seat attached, my 3 year old climbed into the stroller and said it was very comfortable. It's very roomy and the foot rest space is generous. I also really love the easy, one step break. I hate dealing with multiple wheel breaks when I just want to quickly lock the stroller. With the BOB Rambler, all I have to do is push down the break bar with one foot and I'm done! Same with unlocking, just easily lift it up with one foot and it's ready to go.

As for the car seat, I like the deep bucket, it makes me feel like my baby is protected on all sides, and snug inside. The shoulder strap pads are just the right size. Sometimes, I find that shoulder strap pads can get in the way and make it difficult to ensure that the straps are tight enough and the chest clip is in the right place. I didn't have this problem at all with these pads. I was always able to get a good fit and proper placement. The sun shade is really sturdy and provides a good balance of coverage and breathability. My only complaint is that I don't feel like I can get a tight enough install with the car seat base. Like I mentioned early, we use the Britax Clicktight and those things don't budge at all! I tried installing the base by way of anchor, and also by way of belt, but both ways left a bit too much wiggle for my taste. My husband even climbed in on top of it and put his weight into it to tighten it as far as it would allow, but it still isn't as tight as we've gotten our other car seats. Not sure why that is.

All in all, this combo is really impressive! It's stylish, functional, and convenient. A big thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for giving me the opportunity to try this product!
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La Habra, CA
Verified Buyer
Smooth ride over rough terraine
October 26, 2018
I am obsessed with my new BOB Rambler stroller travel system. This stroller came at just the right time. My son was 10 weeks old when I received this product and itching to get out walking more in the cooler mornings.

I love how easy it is to connect the infant car seat to the stroller with the adapter and the added security of the buckle to keep the car seat in place. All I have to do is take the car seat out and click it in.

I used this stroller while at Disneyland and it handled so smoothly over the various terrains. My previous stroller's wheels would get stuck in grooves or cobblestones, not my BOB. Because of the tires (basically small bike tires) and the shock system, my son avoided being jostled around during his ride.

The other thing my husband and I both loved was it's more compact design. Compared to older versions, this is more narrow and sleek; we didn't have a problem maneuvering it in crowds or at places like Target or the grocery store.

Lastly, the handles are height adjustable and my husband was able to easy switch it to his preference and use this stroller. This was a huge plus for him.

I would say if you have a compact car or car with a small trunk, this might not work for you. While it is exceptionally easy to fold up and put away, it may take up most of the space in your trunk. I personally think you could fit it, but it would leave little room for a major grocery shopping trip.

Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for allowing us the chance to try this out. We cannot recommend it enough.
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Verified Buyer
Good multipurpose running stroller
October 26, 2018
This is a good, solid running stroller that could also be your only stroller. Everything felt solid and safe, including the connection between the stroller and car seat. The suspension is great, making for a smooth ride for the baby. There is also plenty of space for storage. Unfortunately I haven't been able to run yet (c-section recovery) but I plan to run with it and I think it will work well. It works great now for walks, even on bumpy terrain.
The only reason I wouldn't want this for my only stroller is that it's very big and heavy. I'd probably want to use this just for running or walking on not-smooth surfaces.
I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
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Sacramento, CA
Verified Buyer
The ultimate stroller and carseat combo
October 26, 2018
In the early days when you have an infant there are several products which one really must have to make life easier. An amazing stroller that attaches to an infant carseat is an absolute must in my opinion.

Both BOB and Britax have out done themselves on this amazing Rambler Jogging stroller travel system. This Britax car seat is actually fairly light and easy to hold on to. It attaches to the BOB Rambler with ease. It takes seconds to click it in and attach the safety strap and it easily fits into the car as well. It is also very comfortable and roomy for my infant. When my son was first born we had a different brand carseat that he hated. He cried every time we strapped him into the car and drove anywhere. With this Britax carseat he is happy and content to ride around anywhere now. It has saved us from terrible car rides.

I am a huge fan of BOB strollers in general as I feel that they are the absolute best jogging and off-road stroller out there. This Rambler is absolutely up to the BOB Stroller standard. The Rambler has amazing suspension and makes jogging behind the stroller and infant seat a breeze. It is the lightest of all the BOB strollers I have used and is super easy to collapse and put in the back of my car. The large canopy that covers my entire baby when he is inside the carseat was wonderful and snug. My baby falls quickly asleep every time I take him out jogging with this travel system. I absolutely love how easy this stroller is to maneuver and use in all situations. It goes through doors with tons of room and even my four year old still loved taking a ride inside it. I love how far back the seat goes into an almost fully reclined position. This is the ultimate travel system that can go from infant to child with no problem. I would absolutely recommend this carseat and stroller combination.
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product
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San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer
I wish I would have put this system on my registry!
October 25, 2018
I received this stroller & car seat from the weeSpring Parent Panel about a month after my baby was born so I already had another stroller and car seat system. But if I knew about it beforehand, I would have put this system on my registry instead!

I'm mostly impressed with the stroller. It has large bicycle-like tires that go over all sorts of terrain with ease: dirt, grass, decomposed granite, lava rocks, etc. There are a lot of trails near our house that are made of dirt and decomposed granite and this is the only stroller we can take on them. I have also done a lot of jogging with this stroller since I received it, and I love that the front wheel locks for safety. Because of this, I am able to jog on my trails knowing that the front wheel won't get caught on a rock or soft spot of dirt and tip over. We also go hiking on less-maintained, hilly, and rocky trails and the shocks/suspension make our adventures easy! Our baby often falls asleep and doesn't get woken up because the suspension does an amazing job at absorbing the uneven, rocky terrain. The ride is seriously smooth for baby! As for weight, the stroller isn't super lightweight but it's not heavy. It folds up small enough to fit into both of our cars' trunks (coupe and sedan).

Before I used the car seat, I had to make sure it had good safety ratings (this is the reason I asked for my original system-- I am very concerned about having the safest car seats possible!). When I researched, I was happy to find out that this one was highly rated as well. The base installs easily into the car and the car seat then clicks in easily to the base. The car seat also clicks into the stroller and overall it's just a very simple-to-use system. The car seat is also very lightweight and I can get it into the backseat of my coupe. I highly recommend this system, especially to anyone who needs a jogging/active stroller.
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South Dakota
Verified Buyer
Amazing Travel System
October 24, 2018
I received this Stroller & Car Seat from the weeSpring Parent Panel. This carseat and stroller combo are AMAZING!!! The stroller and carseat combo made me feel confident in the product with how secure the two fit together. The base for the carseat was easily installed in our vehicle and easy to use. The stroller provided a smooth and comfortable ride for my child and for me as the parent. The stroller worked great while running on different surfaces and the front wheel did not shake like other brands we have used. My favorite features of the stroller and carseat are the canopy on both and the smooth ride the stroller provides!
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College Station, TX
Verified Buyer
Good concept - has a few kinks to be worked out
October 24, 2018
I was given the opportunity to review the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. There are three major components to this system - the car seat base, the car seat, and the jogging stroller. Please be advised that these three items come together in one VERY LARGE (and relatively heavy) box and some assembly is required.

Stroller & Car seat combo and infant seat base
• Clear, easy-to-follow instructions & easy assembly (took approximately 15 minutes to assemble stroller and car seat adaptor and about 45 seconds to install the car seat base in my vehicle).
• Folds up very compactly for storage and transport - and wheels can be very easily removed (DON'T LOSE THE ALLEN WRENCH) to make the stroller even more compact
• The combo feels super secure - with the infant seat snapped in and then buckled down with the red strap I felt like my baby was very securely attached into the stroller.
• The suspension in the system is pretty good - for flat surfaces. I would not recommend this stroller for trail running.
• The parking brake on this stroller is large and VERY convenient and easy to push/use. I really liked this feature a lot.
• This stroller is very easy to push and highly maneuverable. It makes tight turns and has a smooth ride.
• Switching between laying the stroller flat and raising it up into a seated position is one of the easiest I've had in a jogging stroller. It is extremely convenient and I REALLY liked this feature - this was actually probably my favorite feature.
• Large pocket storage under the stroller provides more storage space than my previous jogging strollers
• The car seat base is amazing! It was literally the easiest car seat install I have ever experienced and is very easy to snap the car seat into and out of. The base was probably my favorite thing about the entire system. It was JUST SO EASY TO INSTALL!

• The wheels were rather deflated on my stroller and I could not use it without filling them with air. That being said - it was not difficult to fill them with air (using a bicycle tire pump), so that was nice.
• The handle for the stroller does not adjust. If you are very tall it is likely the handlebar will be at an awkward height for you.
• There is no handlebar brake on the stroller. Generally on a jogging stroller the ability to immediately stop the stroller is needed/appreciated.
• While this product appears to be marketed for you to be able to utilize it to jog with an infant younger than 6 months (which is the average recommended age for jogging stroller usage) the directions specifically state that this product should not be used for jogging with infants younger than 8 months. Therefore I did not test this product as a jogging stroller (utilizing the infant seat) with my infant as I did not want to go against the specifically stated instructions for the stroller.
• This car seat does NOT feature a no-rethread harness and moving straps through slots to change the strap height is a little annoying. The same issue for moving the crotch buckle. If slight changes were made to the car seat (a no re-thread harness and easier to move crotch buckle) this would be an impressive car seat system. As it is - adjusting the car seat is more difficult than other systems and does not make up for the amazingly easy install of the base.

For all three components combined I would give this system a solid B rating. The car seat base is a dream, the stroller is very good, and the car seat is fair. All together this is a very good system and I truly appreciated the opportunity to try it out. Thank you again to weeSpring for this opportunity.
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Ketchum, Idaho
Verified Buyer
Awesome Travel System!
October 24, 2018
I received the Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System from the weeSpring Parent Panel right before we went out of town for my step son's 3 day soccer tournament, so it was the perfect opportunity to see how it all worked. The entire Travel System arrived in one box, and was very well packaged. Assembly basically consisted of unwrapping everything and attaching the wheels, which was very simple. The car seat base was also pretty easy to install in the car. I pushed down on it and pulled the straps a couple of times and it was level and snug. There are markers on the base which help to determine whether or not it is level, which is helpful. The infant seat portion of the system is made of durable fabric, which was very easy to wipe clean, but it still feels soft enough to be comfortable. My almost 3 month old baby is not a huge fan of the car and she was pretty happy in this seat. The seat easily snapped into the base. My favorite part of this travel system is definitely the BOB Rambler stroller portion, which has a suspension and large, inflatable tires, which can easily be removed for storage or travel. The infant seat easily snaps into the stroller (facing either direction), and felt very secure. There is an additional strap included for added security. We spent a lot of time strolling around on bumpy, grassy soccer fields and the stroller handled really well. We were using a regular, non jogging stroller previously, and the baby was bouncing all over the place on the fields. The BOB Rambler's inflatable wheels and suspension provided a much smoother, more comfortable ride. Another great feature is that you can close the canopy on the infant seat as well as the sun shade from the stroller so they meet in the middle, and your baby is totally covered/protected from the sun, which was really nice when my little one was napping and when we were standing in the sun watching the soccer games. I also took the stroller out for a jog on a paved path, and it handled equally well on the pavement. There is a feature on the front which locks the wheel in place, making it really easy to jog without the stroller wandering from side to side. Again the suspension and the large inflatable tires handled extremely well, going over sticks and leaves, and uneven pavement with ease. Also, the storage basket down below is pretty spacious. We were able to put the diaper bag, jackets and some other things for our 4 year old down there without a problem. The Britax BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Travel System is great all around, and I would say it is definitely worth the price. I believe it is a good value when you consider you are getting a nice, safe infant car seat and base, as well as a high end jogging stroller that can be used from the time your little one is a newborn all the way through the toddler stage.
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Runner M.
Gainesville, Ga
Verified Buyer
Smooth setup and smoother ride!!
October 23, 2018
Hang on tight for a thorough review, thanks to weespring parent panel for letting me try this setup out!
First, the BOB rambler stroller:
-it comes legit assembled; the only thing you have to do when you take it out of the box is pop the wheels in (and inflate). Seriously so easy!
-the fold-down/fold-up mechanism is the easiest I've seen; it doesn't get very compact, but I don't expect a good jogging stroller to, I'd rather have a good run than more trunk space
-it doesn't come with any place for mama to have access to her water bottle, so keep in mind to buy the add-on cup/key holder (and phone holder if you need it), as it's not included.
-but what IS included is the easy-to-snap-in car seat adapter, so as soon as your OB gives you the green light (and baby is old enough), you can start jogging with baby in the bucket seat! (Or enjoy a smooth walk from the very get-go!). I did have issues getting the car seat out of the adapter the first few times, but once it got loosened up I don't seem to be having that issue anymore...
-it's an incredibly smooth ride running with this stroller; I recommend putting the leash on and pushing with one hand (if you really want to get going), it glides like a dream and the fantastic suspension will handle any bumps in your way!
Second, the Britax B-Safe 35 infant car seat:
-when you first take this out of the box, the whole setup seems HEAVY. Luckily most of that is in the base that stays in the car, shewww!
-to get it set up in the car is a breeze; I tried both with the hook-ins and the belt, clipping it in feels more secure but if you're in a car with only belt you can get it very snug; I was very surprised at how secure it felt with just a seat belt.
-the seat itself is great from birth--it seems deep, very protective around the baby (which is exactly what you want when you take them from the hospital out into the great big world!)
-the handle can be clicked back all the way or just partially; I'm not entirely sure why you'd only want it partly down, so I do wish it just had two settings; all the way up or all the way down...
-the one and only real downfall for me is that I like to carry my bucket seats by sliding the handle up past my elbow and hold the lip below the handle with my fingers to give my arm a break, but this car seat is smooth with no lip around the opening of the seat, so I can't "cheat" hold it with my fingers instead of arm. If you've never done this maneuver, it won't make a bit of difference, but if you have, just note it's not really possible with this seat.
-however, it is the easiest bucket seat to pull out of the car; I don't know if it's because everything feels so well-built or what, but I never have to struggle to unclip the bucket from the base, so easy!
All in all, I will literally be using this setup every single morning as I jog to lose this baby weight and I couldn't be happier. Thank you again weespring parent panel for letting me try this awesome setup, I am so excited to have this as part of my routine!!
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Gastonia, NC
Verified Buyer
Great travel system!
October 23, 2018
I received this product to review as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
I bought a BOB Revolution stroller five years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, and the stroller is still in great shape. I have had three Britax car seats and I've been happy with all of them. To me, this travel system is a marriage between two high quality brands that I was already comfortable and pleased with.

Car seat: narrower than my previous(non-Britax) infant carrier, which is great since I have three car seats across in my Subaru Outback. Looks very sleek. Fabric is easy to wipe off: I read other reviews complaining that the fabric isn't breathable and the baby was hot...sure, but I haven't found an infant car seat yet that left my child cool. Narrower seat meant getting infant in and out was slightly tricker, but to me it wasn't harder than getting him out of the Rock n' play, and as I mentioned the tight space in my car meant I found this trade off worth it (baby is 6 weeks old now, was born at 9 lbs 8oz, 21inches And is currently weighing in a little over 12 lbs, for reference).

Stoller: I love it. Smaller back wheels compared to my previous BOB which makes it slightly easier to transport (although it is still a large stroller when folded. This is not your answer for a compact stroller if that's what is needed). It is also easier to fold/unfold than my previous BOB (I can do this one in a more fluid motion, my old one requires an additional, more awkward second step when collapsing). The only way this stoller comes up short compared to my previous one was the lack of a pocket along the back of the stroller. You can get around this by buying stroller accessories, but I do miss that mesh pocket (note: it also lacks the two pockets along the interior of the stroller, but I never really loved those so I don't miss them). I have pushed this stroller through a state fair (grass/uneven pavement, crowds and tight corners), across playgrounds (sand and mulch), along pavement, and in stores. Works great in all terrain. The suspension system makes it easy to switch terrains and is also great to bounce baby when trying to soothe
And not that this is recommended, but my 3 year old or 5 year old can sit along the front of the stroller and I can still push it easily.
I haven't yet jogged with this stroller (at least not for long distances), but I did with my previous BOB and didn't have any problems. Front wheel locks/unlocks easily (and of course it's more annoying to steer in the locked position, but that's the price you pay for stability when traveling quickly)

Travel system: excellent. Seat locks in easily and securely- I'm not at all concerned about the seat becoming unattached or stroller tipping over. Seat was easy to install in my car and gets in/out of the base easily. The shade of the seat/stoller are more than adequate to protect my little one from the sun/rain.
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Verified Buyer
Great jogging stroller and travel system!
October 23, 2018
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Stroller & Car Seat. Assembly was one of the easiest to date, as far as baby items go. Pop on three wheels and you're good to go! As a jogger, the stroller glides smoothly, offering s comfortable ride for my 2 year old or infant. We've taken the BOB rambler out on neighborhood streets, waking trails, and a pumpkin patch - it handles all terrain with ease! The shocks and suspension are great!
Converting to a travel system with infant carrier attached is a breeze - just snap in the carrier bar and click in the seat. It's so easy to transition between a toddler and infant. Myv2 year old is very tall (almost 40 inches) and the leg room is perfect. The storage basket below is large enough for a diaper bag and other items.
The Accompanying infant carrier and base are also incredibly easy to just and install, offering a safe and comfortable ride for my infant with ease of transition between car and stroller.
The only (minor) cons, it is a two stop folding process and weighs a bit more than other compact strollers, so for every day, quick use, it slows you down a little. But for its intended purpose - jogging, it can not be beat!
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Scottsdale, AZ
Verified Buyer
Lightweight for a jogging stroller but slightly unsteady
October 23, 2018
As a mom of two, a 6 month old and a toddler, I have a lot of strollers. I currently have an all-terrain single stroller, travel single stroller and a lightweight double stroller. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel, I now have a single jogging stroller that has always been on my wishlist. I'm familiar with the BOB brand because so many friends and family members have a BOB stroller. I was surprised by how lightweight the BOB Rambler was for a jogging stroller with suspension. It was very easy to put together on my own and felt pretty sturdy without a child in it. I had difficulty figuring out how to recline the seat and put it back up without reading the manual. I also had to refer to the manual to change from walking to jog mode and to fold the stroller. It was very easy to attach the car seat adapter and Britax car seat that came with the stroller. It only took me about two minutes while holding my 6 month old! Since I don't have a car seat adapter on my other strollers it was great seeing my 6 month old while walking. Once I made sure the tires were inflated correctly, it was an extremely smooth ride in walk mode with my son. I also tried this stroller with my 2.5 year old daughter to try the jog mode. It was extremely difficult to get the front tire in a comfortable position to jog with. It was much easier to jog in the walk mode position so the wheel could have some wiggle room. It also felt very tippy with a larger child in the stroller in the jog position. My daughter is on the shorter side and seemed to be close to growing out of this stroller. Overall, I love how lightweight this stroller is for a jogging stroller with suspension but I would love more intuitive features and for it to feel more steady with a larger child.
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New Jersey
Verified Buyer
Great, smooth riding stroller
October 23, 2018
This is a good stroller and travel system. I really like how it is fairly lightweight but feels super sturdy. It folds down really compactly, much more so than another single stroller I had that folded in two parts and took up way too much trunk space. It has a really large cover and my son can easily climb into it, without me having to lift him (bonus points for this). The car seat is amazing! It attaches to the latch system in the car easily and I feel secure that my newborn is safe. It was also easy to attach to the stroller and it's secure with screws. The suspension on the stroller is great. I bring my son down two stairs out my front door and the transition was smooth with this stroller. I do not jog, but I do like to go through bumpy terrain and this stroller is good for uneven surfaces. It is such a smooth ride, no matter the surface I've been on. My favorite feature of the stroller is the quality of materials. It feels really sturdy and I feel safe using it for my babies. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Stroller & Car Seat.
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Ridgefield, CT
Verified Buyer
Stroller convert!
October 23, 2018
We have 3 children under 5 and my husband and I are both runners. We were always curious about the Bob but never bought one due to cost so we we over the moon to receive this one in the mail from the weeSpring Parent Panel. We absolutely love it. Our youngest is 10 weeks old and we have been using it mainly for walks around the neighborhood but both my husband and I have recently taken it on a jog and we loved it. It took us a little time to get used to the bar attachment system with the car seat but once we did it a couple of times it became much easier and smoother for us both. We had no problem attaching the car seat to our car, after 3 kids we are pros! We both find the stroller to be very smooth due to the size of the tires, we live on a relatively bumpy road and with other strollers it seemed like you could feel every bump, not with this stroller. It was easy to run with and the best was my feet weren't hitting or catching the stroller in front of me which has happened with other strollers. The best part is that we have been able to use the stroller for our multiple children. Our middle child who is 2 1/2 loved sitting in the seat, said it was very comfortable and I loved being on a run with him; he even fell asleep! Even our 5 year old has loved sitting in it for walks! Our favorite feature of the stroller is being able to fold it up and take it in the car so that we always have a stroller handy for the park, a walk, a run, anything. It is sturdy, feels very safe, and its really nice looking too.
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Oklahoma City, OK
Verified Buyer
October 23, 2018
I received this product from the weeSoring Parent Panel. I actually really like this jogger. It rides really smoothly and great for a jog; super easy to set up and go- the only downfall is if you put too much weight on the handle bar while jogging/running it gets wobbly and tilts up due to lack of weight in the front of the jogger. The less weight you put on the handle bar the easier it is to run/jog. I also did not care for the car seat-my 4month old seemed to always get upset in it. My overall preference was just buckling my kids directly in the actual jogger- I tried it with both my 4month old and 17month old. Which is why I'm rating it at a 4- also wish the handle bar was adjustable for height-
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Los Angeles, CA, USA
Horrible car seat
September 25, 2018
The stroller is great; however, the car seat is dangerous and shouldn't even be in the market! It is way too narrow and too deep and the fabric gets very hot. Britax should recall this product! The baby screams the whole time he's in it, he starts sweating after a short car ride. It is dangerous for a newborn!
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Emily wagner
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January 27, 2021
Does this come with the base for the car seat? 
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January 17, 2021
Is the car seat included in this purchase 
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