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Baby Jogger City Select 2 Second Seat Kit - Peacoat Blue

Share Baby Jogger City Select 2 Second Seat Kit - Peacoat Blue

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Please note this item will ONLY work on Select 2 strollers and NOT on earlier models.

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With a few simple clicks, the Baby Jogger® City Select® 2 Second Seat Kit turns your City Select® 2 single stroller into a double stroller. The kit includes the second seat and its mounting brackets.

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So disappointed!!
By mng96
from United States
on January 26, 2023
Apparently I'm not the only one extremely disappointed in this company. We got our city select lux over a year ago and now thinking of expanding our family so we started looking for a second seat and they apparently don't sell it? We did so much research on this stroller and spent so much money on it. I wish we would've just gone with the uppa baby vista. How can you not sell the accessories for previous models? I totally get making upgrades with new features but there should be a way that we can still use our lux with the newer version of the second seat OR they need to make the older version accessories. Will never be recommending this brand. Incredibly disappointed.
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Does not fit the older model!
By Irritated
from Indianapolis
on January 8, 2023
I bought the baby jogger late 2019 for my first child, figuring if I had a second child I could buy an extra seat as needed. Well, my second child is now too big for the baby seat so I came on to buy the second child seat and just realized they changed the entire formulation of the attachments so you can not fit the new seats on the past generation of strollers! If I had known they were going to do this I would have bought from another brand. I know for example other brands make sure older models work with newer attachments. Do not buy this brand. Because if you do they will probably switch everything up in a year and you'll have to buy all new products. Now I have no idea what we will do. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new stroller! Frustrating!
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Not compatible with city select Lux
By Shelby C.
from undisclosed
on January 7, 2023
We just bought our city select Lux stroller back in 2021. Now we have a second child and can't add the second seat because they do not have anything compatible to the stroller. The company should at least make the new products compatible to the existing products for people who may need parts/accessories.
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Quality and design
By Drew b.
from Fort Lauderdale FL
on December 25, 2022
Terrible design, the infant car seat design for twins could crush one of the babies legs or feet. The car seats get stuck when trying to pull them out half the time.
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By MaggieH
from undisclosed
on December 22, 2022
Great stroller which we've used for two years but now, I'm learning this model is discontinued and there's not an option to purchase a second seat. This is incredibly disappointing as we've only had this expensive stroller for two years. Cannot recommend this model or company for this reason.
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It IS compatible with the City Select 1.0 frame!
By TallRoses
from Boston, MA
on December 14, 2022
We bought our City Select stroller in 2020/2021. I read reviews that the second seat for the City Select 2.0 didn't fit with the old frame, but thankfully it does. You have to figure out the seating/hood arrangements a little, as some combinations seemed cramped in terms of leg room, but it does fit! We were even able to fit the seat on with our Cybex Aton 2 car seat. The second seat kit comes with the extenders, so you don't have to buy it separately. They click in just above the front wheels. My only criticism (and it's a minor one compared to paying 100s of dollars for a new double stroller) is that our original stroller is black and the new seat is gray.
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By AndiLundy
from Southern California
on December 9, 2022
I purchased the city select thinking it would be able to grow with my family. My youngest is getting ready to be out of the infant seat and in to a convertible car seat. I am very disappointed that I can no longer find the second seat that will work with my stroller. I invested in a city select thinking I would be able to use it as our family grew.
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Not Compatible with Original City Select
By adaniels6
from Utah
on December 5, 2022
We bought the City Select at the end of 2020, we were so excited the stroller had the option to grow with our family. Before purchasing the stroller I reached out to Customer Service to confirm that accessory seats would be available in the future, even if an additional version of the stroller was released. The representative who responded to my email assured me that any future versions of the stroller would be compatible with the original or we would be able to get accessories designed for the original, unfortunately, that is NOT the case and we cannot find a second seat for our stroller anywhere. Very disappointed at the misinformation provided by the company. The stroller itself works great, just wouldn't recommend this brand because of all the changes.
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So stupid
By Cmarie
from Sioux Falls, SD
on November 26, 2022
I am SO ANNOYED that this 2nd seat is not compatible with the original city select stroller. Like many others, I invested in my city select stroller in 2020 with plans of it growing with my family. I would have NEVER bought this stroller for that amount of money if it didn't have the option to turn into a double stroller... which is now the case. So disappointed.
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Can't add the second seat now!?
By CeCe A.
from Ohio
on November 24, 2022
Like several other reviews, I am extremely disappointed to find out I can no longer purchase the second seat for my now 1 year old. I purchased this stroller in 2020 right before having our first child knowing we would be trying for another baby a year later and knew this stroller would grow with our family. Needless to say, this stroller is useless to us now and I will have to look to purchase another double stroller but will do so with another manufacturer. Such a waste!
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Why Is This NOT Compatible?!?!
By FrustratedParent9
from undisclosed
on November 24, 2022
This second seat conversion kit is not compatible with my City Select stroller which I haven't even owned for a year and a half yet! This is completely ridiculous. Baby Jogger, what in the world are you doing by not having a conversion kit for the City Select (1? apparently) that I bought LAST YEAR?! I got the City Select stroller on the recommendation of a friend, but at this point majorly regret not going with a different brand. One of the selling factors was that it was a single stroller that was able to convert into a double stroller, which we knew we would need as we planned on having more than one child. What are we supposed to do now after spending hundreds of dollars on a stroller that we thought would fit our family for the long-haul, that apparently is not able to deliver on the promises it made in its advertising?
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No second seat available!
By Jazmyn
from Chicago
on November 23, 2022
Bought this in 2020 and only was using for my one child, I was told I was able to get a second seat if I ever needed to use as a double stroller, I'm really upset they no longer have an option even available for this expensive stroller I bought as I now have a second kid.
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City Select model attachment discontinued
By Cynthia R.
from New Jersey
on November 21, 2022
I had my first child in May 2021. After careful consideration, we decided to go with the Baby Jogger City Select system for our baby, mainly because of its ability to expand and add another seat if we chose to grow our family. Less than a year and a half later, I am expecting again and I am EXTREMELY disappointed to find out that the city select 2nd seat attachments have been discontinued. I understand you released the city select 2 the summer of 2021, but to go ahead and eliminate all items compatible with the city select so quickly is HORRIBLE. Do you know how many families spent SO much money on your travel systems just for them now to be useless less than a year and a half later? I am VERY hesitant to ever buy a product from you again, with the fear of it being discontinued again. Without any sort of deal for the families with a City Select model, I will forced to invest my money elsewhere.
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from Hilo Hawaii
on November 17, 2022
As most parents, I TOO, have purchased a city select in the previous model. I'm LOYAL TO CITY JOGGER! INVESTING MONEY INTO THIS PRODUCT EXPECTING IT WILL GROW WITH US, This is my third CITY JOGGER stroller, starting with my first child back in 2010! Now I'm on my sixth child, AND CANNOT FIND THE SECOND SEAT FOR THE PREVIOUS MODEL OF CITY SELECT. IM SO DISAPPOINTED!!
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Product is not compatible with previous model
By abutters
from Salt Lake City
on November 14, 2022
We bought a City Select stroller just over 2 years ago when my wife and I were expecting our first child. The idea of buying a nice, high-end stroller that could grow with our family was worth the upfront cost. However, as I have looked further into adding a seat to our stroller I have realized this new seat is NOT compatible with the City Select. I'm torn because we love the stroller, but are so disappointed that it does not work as advertised.
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Extremely disappointed doesn't fit on city select
By kmom
from Lincoln, NE
on November 9, 2022
I am in the same boat as everyone else. Invested a lot of money in a city select system with my first in 2020 and now that my family has grown I can't find the second seat that fits my stroller anywhere. The ONLY reason why I bought this stroller was so that it could expand while our family does. I have told so many expecting mom friends how much we loved our stroller and had a many purchase the system as well. I would have never recommended it if I'd known this was going to be an issue. I loved our stroller but now feel like I wasted so much money and am going to have to get an entirely new stroller system. You can bet I will not be getting another city select or baby jogger product.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Not compatible??
By Alex2022
from Glenville NY
on November 8, 2022
Sounds like I'm in the same boat as everyone else... looking g for a second seat for the stroller I bought in 2020 - absurd that they discontinued
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Great quality product
By CRoy
from Richmond, VA
on November 2, 2022
Great quality, we've loved this stroller for 10 years. Just had to update the seat for our new baby. Love the green fabric.
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Blown away
By Ac04
from undisclosed
on October 24, 2022
Truly cannot believe we're unable to purchase another attachment for something we purchased less than two years ago. Basically renders our stroller useless now that our second has grown out of his infant car seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
No more second seat for City Select
By krob
from undisclosed
on October 19, 2022
After reading other reviews, it appears I have the dreaded answer, that the City Select 2 second seat and attachment does not work for the original City Select. I purchased my City Select in 2020 for my first child and just had my second. I purchased this stroller system to grow with my family. I came to purchase the second seat and cannot find it ANYWHERE. This is SO frustrating and disappointing as we have the whole system and 2 carseats. Customer service hasn't responded in 3 days. It looks like I will never be purchasing anything else from this company and now have to find a whole new stroller system while juggling my toddler and newborn. This such a let down.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Extremely disappointed
By Em2021
from Rochester, MN
on October 14, 2022
We bought our City Select LAST year (2021) and we're completely unaware that they would be changing the model. As I started looking for the 2nd attachment and seat for our next child, I discovered we will be unable to add a stroller attachment for our 2nd child.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Wow - they changed the model so we cant expand
By KelseyR
from San Diego
on October 12, 2022
I never would have purchased this strolled in 2020 if I knew they were changing the model and I wouldn't be able to add the 2nd seat. This was one of the only reasons I purchased this brand over the Uppa Baby. We invested in this stroller and even bought 3 bases for the infant seat to accomodate my car, my husbands, and my in-laws. Now we cant even add a second seat to our growing family? This is absurd and I'm really disappointed in the brand.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Discontinued Seat for Original City Select
By CamiAnne
from Salt Lake City, Utah
on September 25, 2022
This is incredibly frustrating. Like others, I am in need of a second seat for an original City Select Baby Jogger model. My stroller is not even two years old and I'm shocked that their are no compatible options for a second seat available. We love our stroller and wish we had an option for a second seat.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
No more city select
By Nikki5
from undisclosed
on September 19, 2022
I bought my city select in 2021 and I just had another baby. Well they discontinued the city select and this is the only seat that's available. It doesn't fit the original, it's such a huge disappointment. Won't be buying another one again.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Doesn't work with the City Select
By NicoleSab
from New Jersey
on September 14, 2022
Extremely disappointed. Bought the city select a year and half ago. Now pregnant with my second and can't find the adaptor. What a waist of a lot of money. I wouldn't but the city select 2 incase the same things happens.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
No more City Select?
By DKG9118
from Waukesha wi
on August 21, 2022
We got a City select stroller for our shower back in March 2021 and now we have a second baby and will need a second seat and they are discontinued. Very disappointed and frustrated....a waste of money on such an expensive stroller. We had high hopes for this lasting us years
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Excellent stroller
By Emily0165
from Boca Raton, FL
on June 16, 2022
I've been using my City Select 2 daily for the last 6 months, and I'm absolutely in love with it. It is so easy to manipulate the infant car seat and the forward or back facing seat. The material is very nice, and the storage basket is enormous. I love how durable this stroller is; however, I'm only 4'11", so it takes quite a bit of effort to fold and put in the back of my SUV. I would buy this stroller again in a heartbeat, and I recommend it to all my friends.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Had plenty room and plenty of shade from the sun
By Peaches
from undisclosed
on May 5, 2022
Very easy to install and love the color, would highly recommend
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
Worst seat revision ever!
By Andrew76
from Indiana
on May 4, 2022
Who ever thought of changing from the older style seat is clearly incompetent.
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
This kit is a great combo!
By Mimiro3
from Atlanta GA
on January 2, 2022
My Eco collection kit came with the 2nd seat, leather bumper and the seat adapter which pairs with the Eco collection city select stroller.

Shipping took 3 days .. pretty fast considering I ordered during the Christmas bustle and shipping delays due to pandemic.

Upon arrival I noticed the slender box had the brand "baby jogger" name and picture of item on the box. No surprise there for those trying to gift this item. FYI

The 2nd seat is very nice. I like that the harness buckle don't fall easily apart like the 1st seat.. no defect there. I had to set up the bottom of the seat well by snapping it in. Super easy. Fabric is similar quality and color to 1st seat in my new stroller set. I would like to see the foot well bar extend for additional height for taller kids to make the stroller investment super worth it!!!

I would like to see a standard plastic snack tray (nothing fancy about it) and non PVC rain cover or shield (again it's only a form of plastic) added to this kit for all of your double strollers that requires a second seat purchase. This is not much to ask for considering the stroller it self is expensive investment already that only included Frame, 1st seat that snaps in and faux leather bumper bar.

Overall it's a nice seat! Bumper bar gives luxury look. The adapters are easy to use and click in.

Thank you!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.

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