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Baby Jogger City Micro Double Stroller in Black

This item is discontinued.
The Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller is the most compact-folding stroller made by Baby Jogger. This double stroller handles and steers as easily (and often MORE easily) as any compact umbrella stroller of equal weight. It rides on EVA tires, with sealed ball bearings in the wheels to ensure no grit or dirt slows down your ride. Baby Jogger's patented quick-fold technology has been incorporated into the City Micro double stroller. It collapses in a single easy step, and the folded size is quite manageable. The two-position reclining seats on the Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller helps with nap time. The standard 5-point safety harnesses ensure that your children will be securely strapped. With a tall, rounded handlebar and good legroom for pushing, the City Micro double stroller is a very good choice for small to tall parents... and much better than most umbrella-type double strollers. The Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller looks similar to an all-terrain stroller, but it is designed to be used on sidewalks, in malls and stores, and other smooth surfaces. The City Micro will not push easily over rough terrain.
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San Jose, CA
Love it!
November 16, 2010
I love this for every day use. It's lightweight, easily folds, it's narrow & turns on a dime. The underbasket is pretty useless, but I have an older version BOB duallie & it's very similar. The other bummer is the straps sit next to/on my younger (16mos) one's face and it can't be lowered on the stroller. But, again, the BOB is just like this, so we're used to it. Ours does have a strap to hold shut (it came with an insert that said this was an addition to the 2009 model). We've only had a few days, but love it. I have an almost 3 yr old, and he fits better in this then the City Mini---his head almost touched the top of the mini. My 4ft 11in MIL says it a bit "tall" for her; I'm 5'5" & it's great height. Yes, you'll have to get some extras to hold things, but I already had things from the BOB since that doesn't have anything. Compared to the Mini, the sun shade is less, but my kids don't like the shade down low since they can't see and it doesn't recline as much, but it's sufficient for my age kids. For $200 more, it wasn't worth it for us.
  • ~Narrow
  • ~Lightweight
  • ~Turns on a dime
  • ~Folds easily & quickly
  • ~Under basket very hard to get to & small
  • ~Straps aren't adjustable on the stroller
New York
Verified Buyer
Love It!
November 9, 2010
I love this stroller. Ask anyone who knows me and I have spent more $$ on stroller these last few years than anything else. Find it very frustrating that I must try the stroller out for a while before I know if it will work and at that point they are unreturnable. I have about 6 strollers and like different things about each one. Wish I could find 1 stroller and had all the pros of the different strollers that I own. As fas a a double stroller you can't do much better than this (this is my 3rd double stroller and my youngest is 7 months). It is very skinny so fits through pretty much any door. It steers very cleanly and the kids are happy - my older son he just turned 3 MUST sit next to and be able to see his brother so a front and back stroller was not going to work for us. It is lightweight and very easy to fold. I can fit it in my truck and STILL go shopping and put the items I bought in there also - could not do that with the last double stroller I owed - took up the entire trunk. Granted it does not have some of the bells and whistles as the Mini version but for $200 more I wonder if they are really necessary for the times I use the stroller. My biggest complaint is the basket underneath I find more or less useless - it is tiny and hard to get to that is why I gave it 4 not 5 stars but it is something I can get over and work around so not that big of a deal. Overall GREAT option!!
  • lightweight
  • easy to fold
  • great stearing
  • skinny - so easy to access throughout stores and the city etc.
  • folds up small does not take up much space so can still SHOP and fit items and stroller in trunk
  • The basket under the stroller to hold things is VERY tiny and not easily accessible.
  • You WILL need to buy an accessory to hold things up by the handle if you want easy access to anything like cell phone, water, keys etc.
Nampa, Idaho
LOVE it!
August 24, 2010
After going through multiple double strollers, I got the City Micro and I LOVE IT!!! This stroller maneuvers like a dream and is a breeze to fit through doorways and store aisles. It is also very easy to collapse and doesn't take up too much space in my sedan trunk. It is truly worth every penny!!
Sturdy, compact, NARROW!
August 7, 2010
I wanted a stroller that would make shopping with my twins easier. I like having them side-by-side for feeding and socializing but it can be very hard to get through doorways! I was drawn to the MacLaren Twin Triumph but read review after review making it sound like there were some lemons out there that fell apart quickly. I also wanted something with a push bar instead of handles so that I could maneuver one-handed. This stroller promised a lot and BOY did it deliver! It steers like a dream, I can EASILY handle it with one hand and hold my three year old's hand with the other. It seems comfy, fit through ANY door (it's narrower than the MacLaren) and it seems VERY sturdy. It folds easily and though it doesn't have a latch I just bungee it into the back of my minivan. The size and placement of the wheels make me believe that this is an umbrella stroller that might survive a bit of off-sidewalk use, though I have another stroller for that purpose. GREAT stroller! And the Albee Baby price of $199.99 is a steal, I could not find it cheaper anywhere else and it delivered (by free shipping) within 48 hours of my order!
  • - Sturdy
  • - Folds flat
  • - VERY narrow, fits easily through doorways
  • - Easy to maneuver with ONE hand (bar across middle)
  • - I wish there were a latch to hold it folded shut but it's no big deal.
  • - In order to easily open and close it you have to skip the safety snaps underneath. If you actually use them you have to snap and unsnap to fold and unfold. But the idea of it folding up while in use is extremely farfetched. The only way to release is by pulling up on handles that the babies are sitting on. No real way to do that to both handles at once by accident!
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