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Baby Jogger City Elite Single - Red

This item is discontinued.
The City Elite offers modern luxury and comfort over any terrain with plush seating, raised kicker and vented seat recline.
  • Patented Quick-Fold Technology - allows you to fold your stroller with one hand
  • Swivel front wheel for quick and agile maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling
  • 12" forever-air quick-release tires navigate smoothly over any terrain
  • Raised kicker accommodates smaller children and provides easy access to the under seat basket
  • Multi-position sun canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels that secure with magnets
  • Plush padded seat reclines to a near flat position with a vented seat top and retractable weather cover
  • Universal accessory mounting bracket
  • Adjustable handlebar to accommodate individual users
  • Soft handlebar console with multiple storage compartments
  • Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride
  • Seat back storage compartment and large under seat basket
  • Adjustable padded five-point safety harnesses
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • Removable auto-lock to keep stroller closed when folded
  • 75 lb. weight capacity on stroller
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Ottawa, ON, Canada
Great for everything except..
March 31, 2016
Really awesome stroller, easy to fold/unfold, good for storage and was super easy to bucket into it. Only issue now that my son is older is that the seat does not go into an upright position!! It's annoying for him if he wants to look around. I wish someone had told us that when we bought it. Other than that, great stroller.
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Suffolk County, NY, United States
March 25, 2016
We recently took this stroller to Disney and it worked out amazing!!! It was also awesome to have in the airport. The basket holds a ton and it is SO easy to maneuver which makes large crowds no problem!! My two yr old is super comfy in it however when my 5 yr old got tired he fit comfortabley in it as well. The recline is awesome which made nap time easy in the parks!! I highly recommend this stroller! We also use it at home regularly. Love love love!!! Also a breeze to open and close!!
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Verified Buyer
Very nice stroller!
March 19, 2016
The city elite is a great stroller. Haven't yet used with baby, but I can tell that I will enjoy the ease of use and the smooth swivel. I love that it's compatible with my Nuna Pipa car seat, and the gray is a nice neutral color as well. Would have given 5 stars if more accessories were included.
  • Compatible with Nuna Pipa
  • Neutral color
  • Easy to use
  • Pricey
  • Accessories sold separately
Toronto, ON, Canada
Great versatile stroller
March 17, 2016
This is an great all-terrain stroller. I can use it on grass, gravel, pavement, snow or dirt (hiking). The wheels are large enough so that it doesn't get stuck on thick grass. I like the easy fold option; however it takes up a lot of space in the trunk compared to am umbrella stroller. I also got the rain/wind cover as well and works well but one suggestion I have is to also have an opening in the cover in the same position as the canopy so that I can see my baby even with the cover on.
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StaSSy B.
Minsk, Belarus
Love forever!!!
March 16, 2016
City elite- our second stroller from Baby Jogger. Model 2012 - black. Use additional pram. City elite, I'm in love with it at first sight, and my husband even more - it is very maneuverable, mild stroke, roomy, comfortable for both parents and for the child, stylish, well thought out to the smallest detail .... loved everything, but sometimes We thought that we like everything in it, but sometimes it was thought that if you were a shock absorber to the back wheels, city elite would have been perfect stroller for us, but olso really want to ride more and summit. I like all products Baby Jogger. For more beauty to our "Elitik" I sewed myself removable canopy and other accessories. I wish the company new and interesting ideas and prosperity. Greetings from Belarus ;)
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Bellingham, WA, United States
Rugged, Yet Elegant
March 16, 2016
Awesome for taking on trails around town. Aggressive tire pattern taken on all challengers. Nice storage too!
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Durable, easy to push, great canopy!
March 15, 2016
We have been using the City Elite for the last 9 months now and we love it! It glides nicely, does great on rocky terrain or in snow! I like the big pocket on the back of the seat. The only reason I never rated it a 5 star was I wish the bottom basket was just a bit bigger and wish the close latch was a bit longer and easier to connect together. All in all, I would definitely (and have lots) recommend this stroller for a great off roading stroller.
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Best stroller!
March 15, 2016
I absolutely love this stroller! I love how easy it is to fold up, how easily is turns and how deep the seat it. My kids have all loved it too! I also love the big canopy!
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San Rafael, CA, United States
Love this stroller!
March 15, 2016
I bought this stroller almost a year ago. It has held up great! Looks brand new despite almost daily use. We use it primarily outside on trails that are a dirt pavement combo. Never gets wobbly, feels very sturdy and doesn't bounce the baby excessively. I also like the fabric. I have been known to spill (lol it's not just the kids) and the fabric wipes off easy and hasn't stained despite wearing lots of coffee. The only down side is its a little heavy for me to lift into the back of our Jeep and takes up a fair amount of space. And when you are trying to unfold it the latch always seems to re do itself before I can get open all the way.
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Richmond, VA, United States
Perfect all-terrain
March 15, 2016
We bought this because we wanted a stroller to work well on all different types of terrain, but we knew we weren't quite "joggers". For 2&1/2 years it's been perfect! We had a squirrely wheel in the beginning and when I emailed baby jogger, they sent us a new wheel, no questions asked! And with removable wheels, changing it out was a breeze! Love this stroller and love the company!
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Utah County, UT, United States
Worth every penny!
March 1, 2016
We purchased this stroller 3.5 years ago. It has been everywhere with us. With a 6'7" husband I needed a handle that would adjust for our height differences (I'm 5'5). I'm always on dirt canal roads with tons of thorns and because of the foam tires I never had a problem with flats. It's is super easy to push and turn. It doesn't lag at all. I jog with it and walk with it. Bumpy lawn rides at the fairs are no problem with this. Good storage space under and I LOVE the handlebar pockets for drinks, phone, keys, glasses etc. my one least favorite thing about it is the seat always sits at a slightly angled back position. Wish it would sit up a little more . I would buy it again in a minute though and am so glad we have it. We use it all the time.
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Montreal, QC, Canada
Limited advantages
February 14, 2016
Yes, it works well on uneven terrain, including snow and sand. Yes, it can take a beating, very rugged. But it is VERY heavy, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has several steps to their house or who plans to store it in the car. It's also awkward to open. Kids sit very deep in this seat. Even at their tightest, these straps are not appropriate for an infant. Maybe after 6 months. The basket is difficult to access, particularly when there is a kid in the seat. Note that you cannot upgrade this model to a double.
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Alaska, United States
they don't mention it all
October 21, 2015
I bought this stroller and have a couple complaints. When you open and close the stroller there's two red snaps you have to snap and unsnap. Its time consuming and annoying. If I knew about these snaps I wouldn't have bought this stroller. they are hard to snap and unsnap. Also when you open the peek a boo window, It would be nice if there were magnets to hold it open. If its a windy day, all I am doing is reopening the flap to see my kid.
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rural Colorado
The best all purpose stroller out there!
October 15, 2015
This causes stroller envy in others! Living in a rural area where there is little pavement, I needed something to fit my lifestyle. I had rented a CitiMini @ WDW years ago and was sold on some of the features: lies FLAT for naps & diaper changing, has a HUGE canopy to protect little ones, folds FAST for toting around, has tough upholstery & comes apart quickly for storage. Nothing can beat this tough stroller & I will be sad when my last child (#4) no longer needs it. We took on a recent trip to Disneyland (holding my breath when I gate checked it) & it was a dream at the park! I am reminded time & time again why not only are BJ City stroller the first choice of rental agencies, but this is a quality product made to last! Hooray Baby Jogger for such a fine product!
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Mission Viejo, CA
Needs a front fender to save the basket
September 26, 2015
If you put anything into the bottom basket the weight causes it to move forward and now the front wheel is rubbing on the basket. Do this all week while on vacation and see the tear show up and soon the front basket can't hold much of anything. And on those rainy days the front wheel throws up the water on the sidewalk and soaked the basket and the contents. Everything else on this stroller is awesome!
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Tampa, fl
We love our city elite but...
September 9, 2015
I have two girls and we picked the. It's elite because it goes to 75 pounds and I did not want to deal with the length or width of a double stroller. My eldest daughter loves this stroller. She says it's very comfy and it has a smooth ride. What I wish it would have is an extendable handle for when I use the glider board with my eldest and have the little one sitting in the stroller. It makes pushing the stroller quite difficult. I have to have my eldest daughter sit on the glider board and I have to be careful to not kick her. Other than that we haven't had any issues with the stroller and we love how easy it is to fold down and the smooth ride but for the handle to extend would be fantastic so that using the glider board for the older child more conviinient.
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Searching for a separate part
August 21, 2015
Hello ! We have the city elite, we are very happy but one aluminium bar is broken (the one where the brank handle is attached). Could we order just this part ? Can you contact me please ? Thanks a lot :)
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Northern NY
Love my double!
August 19, 2015
I have the City Elite Double stroller and I love it so much!! Walking around town on uneven sidewalks has been a breeze, even while pushing two kids. I am passing our current double on to a friend as I really only need a single now, but would buy another Baby Jogger in a heartbeat if I could.
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convenient for on-the-go parents
August 16, 2015
this baby stroller is very handy to keep in the car as we use it to grocery shop with our kids.
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One and only
August 14, 2015
My sister was the one that bought this stroller for our first child. We love this stroller. We use it all the time and love its versatility. My daughter loves to be in this stroller. It glides and we are able to use it for so many activities. We love it!
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Alberta, Canada
Amazing stroller!
August 14, 2015
When I was pregnant with my first, I bought a jogging stroller on sale at ToysRus and then bought my car seat later on. I had checked the compatibility when I went to buy the stroller, but the month later when I went to get my car seat, something had changed and it was no longer compatible. I was very upset, as my car seat was no longer secure, and I wasn't comfortable using the travel system. So I started asking around to my friends and family with young kids as to what strollers they had. My cousin highly recommend the Baby Jogger brand, she had the city select, and while I wanted one, I knew it wasn't as practical as the city elite would be for where I live. I also had a hunch that my son would be solidly built, so a higher weight limit was important to me, more so than the ability to expand the stroller to two children, although the seat is large enough that my son can sit at the back, and my friends younger child can sit in front of him quite comfortably with the stomach bar still in place. while this is not ideal for long walks, if we get caught in a surprise shower, they can both be covered while we run to cover! This stroller has exceeded my expectations in every way, my husband loves it to! It is easy for everyone who wants to use it, as soon as they know where the brake is! The only downside for me, was that I purchased the rain cover, but found when it was installed that the cover went over the brake rendering it un-usable. Luckily there was a seam right along where the brake sits, so I opened it, added some fabric to serve as trim, and it works perfectly now!
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Vancouver, Canada
City elite
August 14, 2015
The City Elite is an amazing stroller! With a weight limit of 75lbs, it easily will accommodate a 5 year old. I took the Elite on a family vacation to California and my 5 and 6 year old argued about who would ride in it! It maneuvers excellent even with a 5 year old in it! We had a large diaper bag with snacks in it and the City Elite stayed upright and didn't tip over. Folds easily. The glider board attaches easily and the stroller pushed excellent even while using the glider board.
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Clarisa G.
San Antonio, Texas
oldie but goodie
August 14, 2015
I am the owner of a DOUBlE CITY ELITE by BABYJOGGER. WE purchased it second hand , but we have not been let down by this stroller! We have all boys, and we travel ALOT all over town, and it has held up so well! I have called customer service twice only for wear and tear on tires and seats, and your customer service is absolutely stellar. You have the most wonderful products, and employees who are friendly and passionate about your products, and we've had everything shipped no later than 2 days. If I would have known about your products back when we had our first son, we probably would have purchased from you a long time ago. Your product has held up so well, and everyone always stops us and compliments our stroller, and I immediately refer them to your website. (: we love our stroller!!! Thank you for making such an amazing product, and outstanding customer service!
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Istanbul, Turkey
Glide Effortlessly over Anything.
August 10, 2015
My daughter is now 11 months old, and in that time she's learned to say words in 4 languages, lived on three different continents, eaten probably 20 pounds of yogurt, and spent about a cumulative month in her gray City Elite stroller. We chose this stroller for durability, because we knew it would transition from Beijing, China to Istanbul, Turkey -- neither of which has terribly well-developed sidewalks. In a given day we roll over grass, concrete rubble, gravel, dirt, and asphalt. Occasionally we need to get the stroller on to sidewalks over 24" tall from the street, and we frequently need to take it down escalators or into the trunk of cabs. It fits in the back of our hatchback (with one wheel removed), and has a slightly narrower wheelbase than a standard wheelchair, so it can fit lots of other places, too. If we're headed somewhere without elevators or escalators, she can be picked up in one arm, and the stroller can be folded into a carryable form with the other hand on the fly. We barely miss a beat. I do some things with this stroller that aren't recommended. I hang weight on the handlebars, I run with it, take it on escalators, etc. This is the only stroller I own, and the only stroller I intend to own. It does everything without breaking a sweat. My wife and I can barely fit in our building's elevator along with it, but I'd not lightly replace it with a smaller model. The 3-wheel design is stable, easy, and a joy to use. This is one of the more challenging ways I can imagine to use a stroller, but in the time we've owned it it's never let us down. It rolls smooth, stows easily, looks great, and is comfortable enough that she prefers sleeping in it to sleeping in her own bed. That means that she spends between 8 and 10 hours a day in the City Elite, and still loves it. What higher praise can be given? CONS: These are few and far between, but they exist. 1) The latch that keeps the stroller shut when folded is convenient, but difficult to release when removing the stroller from the car. It would be nice if it was more convenient, like the brake is. 2) This stroller is physically very large, specifically the wheelbase on the rear wheels. Every inch counts here, but I frequently need to abandon the sidewalk because there just isn't enough room and walk in the street. That's not Babyjogger's fault, but an extra inch would save me some headache. Maybe redesign the removeable wheel brackets to make them a little narrower? it would be nice is the rear wheels were no wider than the handlebar.
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New England
Verified Buyer
Great stroller!
July 28, 2015
I'm in love with this stroller! We had the Mini for 4 years before we switched to this. My 4.5yr old son has medical issues that make it difficult to walk for long periods of time and causes him to get very tired quite quickly. This stroller has been fantastic and we know will accommodate him over the next few years. It's a dream to push and turn!
Greenwich, CT, United States
Heavy duty stroller almost too heavy duty
July 6, 2015
We have used the City Elite for almost three years now it's been a great stroller. My only complaint is it very large and heavy, but that could be a plus for some people! The folding mechanism is what sold me on this stroller.
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Victoria, BC, Canada
Great stroller although seat needs improvement
June 2, 2015
I have owned this stroller for 2 1/2 years. It has held up very well and still drives great! I love how it folds up quickly into a compact easy to manage size. It still looks brand new except a couple scuffs, so I would say the components and fabrics are great quality. The only negative thing I would say about this stroller is the seat limits the child's view while in the stroller. The seat is quite deep so the child's vision is limited which has bothered both of my children. I often see them trying to lean forward to see better.
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Vancouver, bc
Smooth ride for baby goes over any terrain. Love i
January 26, 2015
This stroller got me through 3 half years with my little one. So easy to steer and will go over most terrain even wet sand. Hiking trails and rocks were easy t go over. Says it isn't for running but I ran with mine 3 times a week. Highly recommend
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Brooklyn, NY, United States
Best Stroller
January 8, 2015
I love my baby Jogger city elite. I have it for close to 6years and have used it a lot. I got the jump seat (which is discontinued at this time ) and love it. The stroller is comfortable its closed on the sides and baby has enough space to strech. I never feel like my baby will fall out if sitting up. I like the bar for added safety and comfort. It is a bit bulky but I don't fold it often and don't use it as a travel stroller and I'm fine. The wheels last well I just add air about 2-3 times a year and its enough. I have no complaints on it.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Amazing Stroller!
January 7, 2015
We bought a City elite in 2011 for our son, we wanted a stroller that worked well on all terrain and I can certainly say the City Elite has been so amazing. We even took the stroller hiking up to a waterfall (there was a gravel trail) it is so easy to fold and store which has been a huge bonus.
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Laura B.
Baby jogger city elite
January 4, 2015
This stroller came highly recommended by many, so I decided to surprise my daughter for Christmas. The baby hasn't arrived yet but she lives in NYC & does a lot of walking/jogging. The red is just beautiful!!
Best Uses
  • Walking/jogging around the city
Santa Clara, CA, United States
Only way my kid would nap, 6mo-4.5yrs
December 15, 2014
We compared it to Bob, the folding feature was awesome, but what sold us was how much the seat reclines. This stroller was the only way my daughter now almost 5 would take naps, which in turn is what kept me sane. For her to be able to be comfortable, sometimes even sleep on her tummy was a life saver. Now we are getting ready for our 2nd one and I am excited to start using it again :)
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Lynden, WA
Baby Jogger 2014 City Elite Single
December 10, 2014
I love everything about this stroller except that the basket underneath could stand to be bigger. Aside from that I feel like we got the Cadillac of strollers with this one! My son absolutely loves it and it's so handy to be able to lay him down flat whenever he falls asleep without a sound- the mechanism to lower the back is whisper quiet. Great stroller!!!
Polar S.
Calgary, Alberta
Baby Jogger City Elite
December 10, 2014
I like to do a lot a trail walking, both on paved and gravel pathways, such as in Fish Creek national park. It is fabulous with our Polar Stroller skis on for winter walking, snowshoeing etc and an excellent all terrain stroller, without being too big and keeps your child shielded from the elements. The Adjustable height handle bar is a must have for all parents. So I wanted my stroller to; Be all terrain wheel with air filled tires to give my baby a good ride, when out walking. Be light and easy to fold down and pop up and be compact in my SUV. Be easy to travel with and the wheels to come off easily. Be able to lay my baby flat whilst he was sleeping and sit him upright when awake. To have a large canopy for protection again the sun and harsh winter elements. To have an adjustable height handle bar, for good ergonomics for activity. I didn't want a jogging stroller with 16" wheels as they were too big when indoors. I didn't want to spend more than $500 on a stroller. I found that the Elite with 12" air filled wheels, ticked all my boxes What's something I dislike/ would change? I would like the upright position to be more upright, rather than sling like and slightly slumped. I would highly recommend this stroller for active, outdoors people, who like to walk with their child.
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Fort Erie, ON, Canada
Verified Buyer
Roomy for tall toddlers!
September 29, 2014
Lots of head space. Comfy padded seats. Smooth ride, great tires. Love the large canopy and ventilation. ♡
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Fort Erie, ON, Canada
Roomy for tall toddlers!
September 29, 2014
Lots of head space. Comfy padded seats. Smooth ride, great tires. Love the large canopy and ventilation. ♡
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El Cerrito, CA, United States
Great one out there
September 24, 2014
I'm still using mine and my son's love his buddy when he wants to sleep or play with his pad :)
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Towson, MD, United States
Lasts forever!
September 8, 2014
We have had this stroller for a little over 3 years now; and still love it. Our 3 year old, and our 1 year old love it when they are not riding in their double. We love how smooth it rides and how easy it folds and opens. The adjustable handlebar is great too. We have taken this stroller in the woods, on the beach, bumpy roads, etc. and we love it. Love how it reclines all the way back and has a huge shade.
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Calgary, AB, Canada
Awesome maneuverability
September 7, 2014
I bought this stroller gently used and it's in great shape. Easy to handle with one hand, and comfortable for my little one. Couldn't ask for a better stroller.
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Ontario, Canada
September 6, 2014
This stroller is phenomenal!!! It is great for any kind of terrain: winter conditions, grass, sand, gravel etc. great for transitioning from newborn (with adapter baby carrier clips right on forward or facing you) to toddler. Options to lower child for sleeping, or upright for normal day activities. A lot of accessories to choose from ie: rain cover, sleeping bag, tray, cup holders for parents etc. Folds up as easy as a pull of a handle and wheels come off for easy storage or transportation. Easy hand break on side and handke goes up and down for parents/babysitter's height differences. Overall, amazing product and would recommend hands down!!!! You need a durable, reliable stroller? This ones for you!!!
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Oklahoma, United States
Great stroller!
September 6, 2014
I've had this for a year and still love it! It's great for infants without using the carseat adapter. Just recline it back! My now toddler loves riding in it.
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Chesapeake, VA, United States
Best stroller ever!!
September 6, 2014
We were looking for an all terrain stroller that wasn't complicated. It wasn't until we discovered baby jogger that we soon fell in love. It is simple to lock. No need to step down on anything. Just pull the switch on the side. The canopy is huge!! With a magnetic closure for the window so we don't disturb our sleeping angel. The sides of the canopy had mess to allow circulation of air and when the seat is reclined you have the option of letting air through to cool them down. It is super easy to fold and unfold and remove tires. This stroller is amazing on both grass and side walks. Many times we needed to get off a side walk and it takes the grass and curb like a champ! Plus adjustable handle bar is perfect for my really tall husband (5'11'') and me (4'10''). It takes a second to adjust by simply pressuring two buttons on each side of the handle bar. It's easy to clean and even easier to steer one handed. I highly recommend this stroller to any new parents. It is a must have!
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Long Island, NY
Easy fold
September 5, 2014
This is a sturdy stroller, with a smooth ride. It's so important to me that the stroller folds with one hand, so quick and simple!
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Virginia, United States
Smooth ride
September 5, 2014
This has the smoothest ride of any stroller I have tried. It is a little heavy, but worth it. I like the magnetic closures instead of the velcro as well.
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Columbia, SC, United States
City Elite - Worth Every Penny!
July 20, 2014
This stroller was worth the investment. We labored over which stroller to buy and decided on this one for many reasons. We are not joggers but we are avid walkers putting about 70-80 miles/month on this stroller. It has held up beautifully providing a smooth ride for our son and an easy push for us. We love that we don't have to maintain air in the tires; the rubberized tires handle bumps easily. Our son started riding in it a six months (18lb) and the optional foot rest was very useful at this age. We felt the more structured seat was a more supportive ride at this age than the hammock style seat the jogging strollers offered. He is now two and a half (32lb) and takes regular naps in it during long strolls. The retractable seat back and the extra long vented canopy keep him cool and comfortable while we walk. We appreciated not having to purchase separate attachments for water bottles, keys, cell phone, etc; there are lots of places for storage. We did add a small blinking light (cycling safety light) to the wheel base, as there are no reflectors. When we are strolling at dusk we worry that an all black stroller could be hard to spot. We like that the handle can be raised or lowered to accommodate a taller or shorter pusher. This stroller folds and unfolds quickly and easily without having to detach wheels. Our only recommendations would be to have a vented sunroof opening rather than just the plastic screen. It would be helpful to have magnets to hold this flap open similar to how the side vents are held back. Despite keeping our stroller indoors, some of the elastic has stretched out - the back pocket behind the seat and some sections alongside the front. The sagging does not affect the usability however. Lastly, we would have loved a foot brake that could be pressed quickly when stopping at a stoplight or to visit with friends. The hand brake is sufficient for permanent stops, but a foot brake would be useful for quick and short stops. We recommend this stroller to all of our friends and those who have purchased have not been disappointed either!
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Utah County, UT, United States
In love
July 15, 2014
The stroll is a beast, I take it everywhere, everyday. My son is comfortable and he doesn't try to escape. The wheels are top of the line and easy to remove if needed. We have taken it on all turfs and it takes everything so smooth. My husband and I love how easy the handle is is easy to adjust back and forth and the cushion on it is perfect for hot and cold temperatures. The break is in the ideal spot. I wish there was more options on colors but it cleans up nicely. And the big basket is supper handy. And I have friends and family members who loved mine and now have them as well.
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Silver Spring, MD, United States
not smooth
July 1, 2014
we bought this 2 months ago. I ended up dumping it last weekend, after I almost hurt myself walking down the street and the brakes kept jamming on, and locking up. not only did the store refuse to replace it, the factory said they only will send new parts, and I have to put the replacement parts on myself.
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Odenville, Alabama
perfect compact stroller for bigger kids
June 3, 2014
We bought our Mini for our daughter who was 4 years old at the time about a year ago. We needed a go anywhere light weight compact stroller that would work as she grew (our daughter has mild cerebral palsy and fatigues easily when walking long distances so she will need a stroller longer than most kids.) We also wanted a high quality product that looked nice and would last. Baby Jogger way exceeded our expectations! Our now 5 year old still fits in her stroller perfectly at 40lbs and 39 inches. The stroller still looks new and we have really used it a lot this past year. We love everything about our Baby Jogger especially the super simple and fast one hand fold and the very nice and generous sun shade. I do not believe we could find one negative thing to say about this stroller if we had to it's truly that good and worth every dime! Oh and on a side note this stroller was a God send on the busy DC metro during a trip to visit family this past Christmas!
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Surrey, BC, Canada
Easy to maneuver
May 15, 2014
I love this stroller!!! Only thing I wish it had better is a larger storage basket.
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Alberta, Canada
LOVE this stroller!
May 14, 2014
This stroller is great! Very easy to fold and set up. Wheels come right off for easy cleaning. Lots of storage room to carry extra things with. Option to lock front wheel or swivel is great for uneven surfaces. I use this stroller on the farm and it pushes with ease over rough terrain, even one handed. Canopy is great for wind and sun, even light rain. Also has very adequate vents that you can open and close for those hot days. The brake lock works really well, very stable and trustworthy! Babies seat lays right down flat for comfort while sleeping. Have used in stores as well, works well but can be a tight squeeze for tires with some store displays. Is a touch bulky when folded up, can take up fair amount of trunk space if you have a small car. Cannot say enough good things about this stroller!!!
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