4moms High Chairs

When you see a 4moms product, whether it’s a stroller, car seat, or other accessory, it’s easy to feel like you’re looking into the future. And in a way, you are.

As a company, at the core of their mission is to create ?dramatically better? juvenile products. What this means is an enthusiastic commitment to not just improving but really shifting the way we use and interact with the everyday baby items in our lives. It means small details that totally alter the experience of a playard or a high chair. It means ingenious modifications that surprise you with how easy and intuitive it becomes to transport or bathe or feed a baby.

Every product is designed to make you think, Of course! How come nobody thought of this before?

4moms high chairs are no exception. We guarantee you’ve never seen or used anything quite like this before.

But look closer and you’ll find the real magic. You know how traditional high chair trays can be tricky to operate? You have to line them up right. They can be clunky. Food gets stuck in the clasps and slides and can be difficult to clean. Dishes get upended easily and food goes everywhere.

But what if all that could be solved in a simple, brilliant way? 4moms high chairs did away with all the slides and latches and replaced them with an elegant, perfect solution: magnets. The tray glides on and off with one hand and an easy click. The magnetic, dishwasher-safe tray liner makes cleanup a breeze. The seat liner wipes down with a damp cloth.

And the good ideas go one step further: dishwasher-safe plates and bowls that are lightly magnetized to keep them in place. So babies who are learning to eat are less frustrated and parents have less mess to clean up. Every high chair comes with a free bowl, with other matching dishes and utensils sold separately.

4moms high chairs really are dramatically better. Dinner time will never be the same.