Quinny Yezz Strollers

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Quinny Yezz Strollers

When you’re ready to get out and explore the city without being weighed down by a bulky stroller, Quinny Yezz strollers are the perfect fit.

This featherweight stroller is a total urban champion: under 13 pounds, compact, one-step fold. Because it can fold up so easily – just one hand, and then sling it over your shoulders with the handy carrying straps – the Quinny Yezz can transition from sidewalk stroll to stairways to subways in no time.

And what’s better than versatility in an ever-changing urban landscape? The Quinny Yezz stroller cover comes in a wide variety of colors and can be easily switched out. The water-resistant fabric wipes clean, and the comfy hammock seat cradles your little one as you’re out and about.

The Quinny Yezz frame is constructed of super-strong IXEF® high-performance plastic that’s durable on sidewalks and city streets. The ergonomic push bar and innovative skate wheels make pushing effortless, even with just a finger! The storage pocket will hold your day-trip essentials, and when you stop for lunch at your favorite café, simply fold up your Quinny Yezz stroller and stand it up next to your table.

Nothing says that the city belongs to you more than this smart, simple, ultra-portable stroller. Grab it and get out there!