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Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Activity Center - Turn, Bounce, Play, Transform - Wonderland Adventures

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Product weight: 13.7 lbs
Activity Center Age: 5-12 months
Play Table Age: Up to 5 years
Dimensions (in): 26.8 L x 18.1 H

What's Included:

Activity Toys



For easy transport and storage.


The seat turns 360 degrees so your baby can delight in a variety of toys.


Engages and entertains baby.


Grows with your child by transforming into a play table.

A love for literary classics is what inspired the new special edition activity center - a ?curiouser and curiouser? version adapted from Lewis Carroll?s Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland. The PortaPlay? Wonderland Adventures, has been made with the same fairy dust that will send lil? ones giggling delightfully, with animated characters that have been designed to bring out their bright-eyed amazement. Besides all the fun, it is a great learning journey for the lil? ones to make sure that key developmental objectives are attained and their imaginations stay kindled.

  • Loopy Hatter: Press the push-down lever to see the Loopy Hatter do a little jig or, hear him squeak like his friend the dormouse by pushing the mirror button.
  • The Twisty Tree: Straight out of a fairy tale, this twisty tree will entertain for hours. A yellow ladybug and so many colorful discs to play with, what's there not to like?
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: It's time to go on a great adventure. Let's tumble down the Rabbit Hole and play the starring role in the fairy tale.
  • The Chomping Poppy: This playing is hungry business and we have earned a snack. So bring some food, mama, and let's get chomping!
  • Tippity Dee & Tumbling Dum: Wham, thwack, bash, boom, are just some of the ways to play with these entertaining twins; the rest is for us to discover! Oh, and we love to chew on them too as they are perfectly safe!
Care Instructions:
  • Machine wash seat pad in cold water, delicate cycle.
  • Tumble dry, low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or bleach. Do not dry clean.
  • Wipe plastic parts with mild soap and water.

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39 Reviews
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Best Baby Item
By Genevieve
from Knoxville, TN
on June 20, 2022
Verified Buyer
This activity center is simple, incredibly portable (the legs fold down super easy to make it mostly flat) and it doesnít have any bounce. My 4mo has loved it and is now 6mo and going strong!
Great Product
By Julie
from Asheville NC
on November 22, 2020
Verified Buyer
Sturdy, fun, and versatile
  • I like that the child can rotate in the seat, it?s sturdy and the toys are great
  • It?s a bit heavy- but it?s sturdy!
By Kristina
from Minnesota
on October 31, 2020
Verified Buyer
Perfect little play center that turns into a table for toddlers. I want to get the matching toddler chairs to go with it. Very happy with this purchase!
By Kelsey
from Alexandria, VA
on August 8, 2020
Verified Buyer
Baby loves it as an activity table. Kiddos liked using it as an art table. Itís not super sturdy as a fully extended table but it worked and they liked sitting at the ďlittle tableĒ.
By Jeanie
from ,
on February 3, 2020
Verified Buyer
Exactly what I wanted. Way better looking than the generic jumpers, good quality, the jump is very slight, which for us was perfect.
Daughter plays in it every day
By Haley
from Pooler, Georgia
on October 10, 2019
Verified Buyer
Daughter plays in it every day. She really enjoys it and itís really easy to take on travel trips because we can fold the legs in and it fits in our SUV perfectly
Simple and easy to use w/ no batteries needed!
By Mamashay
from CT
on August 29, 2019
Verified Buyer
Love it. You take it out of the box, unfold it, and all you have to do is click the toys and seat in to the base. It doesnít need any batteries and itís easy to fold and stow or take along. The only changes Iíd like to see is for them to make it a little bouncy, and make the legs adjustable for taller babies. Otherwise, itís great.
Customer Images
Love this
By Ashley H.
from Carmel, IN 46032, US
on May 23, 2019
Verified Buyer
We love this activity center!
By Cassa
from NY
on March 15, 2018
Verified Buyer
This is the most unique and useful Baby item I have ever purchased. My baby loves it. I love it. Could t be more satisfied!
Grow with me!
By Jewel
from Santa Ana, CA
on October 5, 2017
Verified Buyer
Love the ease of set and breakdown. I like that you can replace a toy with the cover button to make a flat surface. There really isn't a "bouncy seat" more like a suspension spring seat. The Portaplay not as wild as some other activity centers and that is a good thing.
Adjustable Height
By J J.
from west bloomfield
on September 13, 2017
Verified Buyer
I love the adjustable height on this. I've had it for a month and my son is 5 months old. I've already adjusted the height once since we purchased it. He seems to like the activity center but he doesn't last more than 15-20 mins.
Zero bounce and do bowls develop fine motor skills?
By Linda
from Iowa City, Iowa
on September 11, 2017
Verified Buyer
I purchased the Wonderland Adventures version for my 6 month old baby the day it was released. While my husband loves lime green I was wanting something a little more neutral if we were planning to keep it for years with it's initial time spent in the living room. I was so excited to get a deal I didn't notice that one of the 5 activities was merely a bowl. A stationary bowl. As an activity. I don't get it Oribel. For the price I think that was a lame addition.I will say this center was easy to set up right out of the box. I didn't even have to look at the directions. I like that it was intuitive. I love that it folds down for taking to the sitters. I wish it came with a sack for the charms. I also wish the charms could face out so that once baby is too big to be inside he can still use the table to play with some of the charms. The table feature for toddlers is such a great idea, but if the inside of the table doesn't lock into place that worries me a bit. Will the child lean on it and fall in?Bounce? What bounce. This thing doesn't bounce and for the price and what was advertised it should provide bouncing for the baby. I thought I was saving money by combining a jumper and activity center, but I think my LO would have much preferred jumping if given the option.We only plan to use this activity center 1-2x/day so it's not a total loss that I don't love it for my baby. I'm hoping it will shine as a play table years down the road.
  • Folds down for storage, convertible to table
  • No bounce, potentially boring charms
Best Purchase!
from Princeton, NJ
on September 7, 2017
Verified Buyer
We LOVE this play table! I have two granddaughters: 7 and 15 months. I bought this with the matching stools. My youngest granddaughter uses the seat in the activity center and the oldest sits on the stool. It's the perfect item to allow them to play together. The best part is that it will convert to their play table when both are able to use the stools! Easy to assemble, folds for storage, yet light and sturdy. Great product!
  • Easy assembly, cleanup and storage. Great colors and children love the activities.
Best Uses
  • Great for use by multiple ages.
  • None that I could find.
I really wanted to love this
By Grace
from Seattle, Washington
on August 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
I really really wanted to this I really did, however a couple things upset me. It does not in ANY way bounce I thought that this would be great I wouldn't have to buy a bouncer and I would have an awesome activity center and table after this whole exchange. There is no bounce none whatsoever. It is very convenient to fold the legs and take the toys and material in and out, however I thought that the middle section that becomes a table would click in some sort of manner it simply lays there. You take out he cloth material and the plastic that is supposed to take its place and makes it a table is not sturdy in the slightest. It is simply placed and you hope it stays there while your toddler does activities on it. then to further the negatives I contacted oribel via their Facebook page and asked how to go about exchanging one of the toys because I bought the white grey one and it come with a yellow bowl as one of the toys obviously boring and not fun at all to my five month old. I asked them how to exchange with the owl toy that comes with the line free table. They told me no exchanges, to me this is horrible costumer service I have dealt with many many companies and the truly good ones will always replace without charge or ship you parts if it's not to your satisfaction in a reasonable way. They told me I could order something on their websit....when they get the spare parts on it up and running. Unacceptable to me considering how expensive this product is. I also asked for an exchange on the seat material sin I read the product description very closely and the material they mention should be easy to clean...its not so I asked for the material cover that is in the lime green one. They were unhelpful basically told me separate toys would be available soon. Not much closure. My husband and I splurged on this because we thought it would be a wonderful multi purpose but.....save your money the center part is by no means stable and customer service is not amazing as any good companies should be,
Awesome alternative to the large baby bouncers.
By Brianna
from AIKEN, South Carolina
on August 19, 2017
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love how compact this activity center is compared to the gigantic exersaucers. I didn't want to have a ton of huge plastic baby gear in my house the second time around. I love this as a space save and that this can be used for many years to come!
  • Modern look.
  • Portable.
  • Multi-use product.
Great product
By Alexis A.
from St. Louis, MO
on August 12, 2017
Verified Buyer
My 7 month old seems to enjoy this table
Great to grow with
By Lindsay
from Indian Trail, NC
on June 22, 2017
Verified Buyer
This was a more expensive purchase in the baby gear department but the fact that it has grown with my now 1.5 year old has been great. The seat fabric is easy to clean and the toys were very entertaining for my little boy. I wish the was a bit more bounce to it but overall I am very happy with the purchase. Also - quality is amazing!
Cute color
By Emma
from Philadelphia , Pa
on April 13, 2017
Verified Buyer
My LO loves the activity center. She started using it when she was around 6 months. It would occupy her good 30 minutes. Now she is 1 year old and doesn't like to sit in the middle but rather stand and go around playing with the toys. It would still occupy her good 20-30 minutes.The color is very cute, not too overwhelmingly bright like other activity centers.
By kmo
from Chicago, IL
on March 16, 2017
Verified Buyer
I purchased this based on my sisters recommendation. I'm so happy! It's portable which I love for trips to relatives and friends. My son loves the activities. It is cute and so much better than our old, bulky excersaucer. Turns into a table as your child grows. Highly recommended!
Awesome! Baby loves it!
By Caitlin
from Denver, CO
on February 27, 2017
Verified Buyer
Baby loves this but I think it would help if there were more toys on it that were made for those on the younger end (5 months). Some of the toys she has no clue what to do with them, but overall a great product!
I can't say enough - LOVE
By Cara
from Fort Collins, Colorado
on December 22, 2016
Verified Buyer
We were looking for a "modern" activity center - something not so "kiddy" and this is perfect! I assembled in about 5 minutes without the instructions - so easy! I put our four month old in it and he was instantly entertained and pleased. He really enjoys moving the little discs. We have it on the lowest setting, but there are multiple settings for when they grow. This also turns into a table (and you can buy chairs). I honestly couldn't be happier with this purchase. I highly recommend.
By Audrey
from Kemah, TX
on December 17, 2016
Verified Buyer
I love it! I have an 18 month old and a 4 month old and they both enjoy it. It's super easy to adjust heights when transitioning from my baby to my toddler. Oribel Portaplay is easy to store when it's not in use or I'm having company over! Great for taking along while traveling too, I'm definitely looking forward to taking it to the beach during the summer.
Customer Images
  • Foldable, transitional from baby to preschooler, easy height adjustment
  • None
kiddo loves it
By Ash
from Nevada
on October 12, 2016
Verified Buyer
my 5 month old son loves this activity center - i bring it in the kitchen while cooking, bathroom while showering, and outside - he stays content for longer than he does with anything else. i like how it isn't cheesy/cheapo like a lot of baby items and actually looks more modern and cool :) looking forward to continued use as a table!
Fabulous baby item
By Kate
from St Paul MN
on September 2, 2016
Verified Buyer
My 5 month old loves this and is so content in for long periods of time. He loves being upright and watching everyone. Love how compact it folds, unlike others of this type.
Oribel Convertible Activity Centee
By Vicky M.
from CA
on August 25, 2016
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love it! My son enjoys it, it's not your typical exasaucer that has a lot of nonsense going on, it's easy to carry around, & it's going to be useful as a table when he gets older.
Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center
By Mary
from Denver, Colorado
on August 24, 2016
Verified Buyer
We absolutely love the PortaPlay Activity Center! It's not too overstimulating for kids, but also still has engaging activities that help with fine motor skills. We love that it collapses, changes heights and turns into a table when finished!
Small and compact
By Melii
from Illinois
on August 19, 2016
Verified Buyer
Love this! Great fun for my baby and easy to store away
Great product, no annoying sounds/lights
By Caitlin
from New York
on July 5, 2016
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my 4 month-old daughter who likes standing with assistance. She LOVES this toy and I'm so glad we got it. It's the best looking of all the exersaucers I saw, plus it folds away flat to be stored easily, and it grows with your child because it becomes a play table. That's why I think this is worth the extra $ compared to the cheaper ones out there. Plus there are no batteries needed and no overstimulating lights or sounds.
My son loves his "office"
By Jen
from Chicago, Illinois
on May 23, 2016
Verified Buyer
This has been worth every penny! My son loves playing in his "office" and we love it's portability. It's nice to have such compact, attractive, and functional baby equipment in our city condo. I can't wait for this to grow with him and start using it as an activity table when he is ready. I put it together in less than 15 minutes and it folds up nicely when we want to put it away. Highly recommend!
  • Compact; portable; convertible
Great Alternative!!
By Yajaira
from New York City
on May 11, 2016
Verified Buyer
After looking through so many jumperoos & exersaucer I'm glad I found the oribel portaplay! It was easy to put together & my 6 month old loves it! I like that it will grow with her & she can use as a table later on. I also like that I'm able to fold it up when she's not using it. Living in a NYC apt space is always a challenge. Great purchase
Absolutely awesome!
By Kate v.
from Kentucky
on May 6, 2016
Verified Buyer
I purchased this as my son is five months old and desires to be independent but doesn't quite have the capability to be as independent as he would like. It is a high quality item. It is easily portable. Fabulous for inside or outside use, which was my intention in purchasing it. I would recommend this item readily!!
Best Uses
  • Indoor/outdoor, independent play
  • None
Unique and well-made!
By Nikoi
from Washington, DC
on May 6, 2016
Verified Buyer
Bright and colorful and easy to put together. Collapsible legs make it easy to travel with or just move room to room. Aesthetically pleasing and modern = welcome addition to living spaces. Love that it's usefulness won't run out as baby grows. Very highly recommend.
Great quality
By Heidi
from Colorado
on March 28, 2016
Verified Buyer
We love this item because it is a high grade plastic that is sturdy and well-made. We like that there are no batteries, flashing lights or cheesy music! Our baby is almost 6 months old and it keeps her entertained... it is a great spot to stick your little one if you want to get some things done.
My 5 month old loves it!
By Emily
from Yorktown heights, NY
on March 1, 2016
A great alernative to your normal exersaucer. It is fun without being too big and overwhelming. It is compact and folds nicely for easy storage. I highly recommend! Also the shipping from Albee was great, I ordered it on a Monday and my 5 mo old was playing in it by wednesday!
  • Small, compact
  • Folds up
  • Great colors
My son loves it
By Joanna
from New York, NY
on January 18, 2016
Verified Buyer
My son loves it!! All the toys in it are well thought out for developmental purpose.
Very Nice
By Chi
from Fairfax VA
on December 4, 2015
Verified Buyer
Our baby likes this table a lot. He loves to look and play with all of the toys. My wife and I love that it does not look as crazy as the other products similar to this.Very compact and smartly designed. We like how easily it folds and that it becomes a table later when our baby gets older.
Best Uses
  • Play
  • "Jumper" feature is not really existent. Description says that there are rubber bands in the seat that allow the baby to jump, but they really can not "jump" much in it.
A great quality modern activity table
By Stephanie
from United States
on November 9, 2015
Verified Buyer
When I received this item I was even impressed with the packaging. It's very easy to assemble and looks great in our home as it has a modern design. Our child is 6 months old and really loves it. I can tell it will continue to grow with her as her development grows. Very impressed with this product and would highly recommend to others
  • Easy assembly, modern design.
Best Uses
  • Best for letting my child play while I am doing something around the home and can't watch her continuously.
Simple, Sturdy, Fun
By Mom 3.
from CA
on October 22, 2015
Verified Buyer
Many exersaucers and jumpers are big eyesores, consume so much floor space and make too much noise! This one is none of those! The Oribel is well made and has high quality toys that each serve a purpose in helping my baby meet important milestones. He is 4 mos. old and on the short side, but was easily able to reach the floor to jump, swivel around and reach all the toys. As he gets taller, I can simply adjust the legs. You don't need any batteries for this, because none of the toys make music or have lights. I already had a small toy with lights and sounds and just clipped it on to this jumper. This stores FLAT easily and it is so easy to transport. It is small and does not take up a whole room, you barely know it's there! My baby is happy and really enjoys it! Best of all, it will turn into a table, so it is not just another baby item that's expensive that you will only use for a couple months. Buy it before it sells out!
Love This Item!
By Eutikio
from KENT, WA
on October 16, 2015
Verified Buyer
After searching and searching I came accros this portaplay center! We absolutely love it!!

1 Question & 0 Answers
Barb Bisker
from Biskerb@aol.com asked:
April 8, 2019
What is the weight limit for this activity center? My grandson is 6 months and 27 lbs. thank you

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