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Micralite Sleep & Go Travel Cot

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Great product!
June 20, 2023
We love this for travel and for at-home needs. For our son, we travelled with it from 3mo until 2y of age, and he always slept great in it. The slumberpod fits over it nicely, and we used a hiccapop mattress once he was over 18mo for added comfort, but thoroughly enjoyed it throughout all of those stages. For our second, we are actuallyl going to use it as her primary bassinet in the beginning. So versatile! Great quality and no signs of wear after much use.
  • Versatility
  • Grows with baby
  • Quality
  • Durability
Norfolk, Virginia
Verified Buyer
Great for littles
March 26, 2023
Great bassinet/pack and play combo. We used the bassinet feature for our oldest to take afternoon naps in and would take it out on the porch for outside time. Will be using for baby number 2 arriving in a few months. Is light weight and easy to travel with. The side zip feature is helpful when your little wants their own play space and the freedom to come and go as they please.
Charlotte, NC
Verified Buyer
Great travel crib
August 2, 2021
We bought two of these for our 10 month old twins and they worked great. Much lighter than pack-and-plays, and a softer mattress that I feel good about them being on for 12-hours at night. They slept great, and I'm glad I read reviews and chose this over much more expensive options!
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Verified Buyer
Great travel sleeper and playyard
June 8, 2021
After doing browsing online my wife and I wanted an easy travel “pack & play”. There are many options to choose from but some of the most popular options are quite pricey. I watched some reviews of the Micralite and decided to take a chance and we couldn’t be happier. We love that it opens and there is the option for a raised bassinet type sleeper. It is very durable and easy to set up and take down. Although it doesn’t have a “backpack” style case; I can easily wear the travel case as a backpack which allows for even more mobility. When compared to my brothers premier travel play and go that was 3x the cost; this easily compares!
  • East set up and take down
  • High quality material
  • Zipper access to playyard
  • Removable bassinet
  • Carrying case is large when compared to competition.
Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer
Really easy to use
June 8, 2021
Bought this as a temporary crib + travel bed for my toddler. It’s really easy to put together and put away back into the bag. I love how all the pieces needed are included and there’s no need to purchase additional accessories.
  • Easy to put together and take apart.
Best Uses
  • Travel
  • None
Washington DC
Verified Buyer
Glad I bought this!!!
May 29, 2021
I was debating between this and Bugaboo stardust. I am glad I went with this one! Love the color, design, size, etc! Snuggle me also fits on the bassinet mode! Highly recommend
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  • Affordable
  • Nice design
  • Easy to install
  • Light
  • None
Verified Buyer
So happy I found this option!
May 19, 2021
I accidentally stumbled on to this crib from Albee baby's emails and was able to get it during a great sale. I planned to get the guava lotus but this one was so much cheaper and had similar features. I am so glad I did because I actually like the concept much better, the bassinet is easy to take in and out so I love that you can use it for sleep and then just zip out the bassinet and use it as a play space/safe space for baby to play. Also the mattress is very nice. I don't have the lotus but the reviews talk about how thin it is and how you have to attach it and this one is so easy and impressively thick while still being firm. I also just really like that it is all black/grey and the fold is super simple. The travel bag is also well padded although it doesn't have backpack straps we aren't too concerned since mu husband prefers the regular straps.
Emma L.
Birmingham, Alabama
Verified Buyer
Great product
April 8, 2021
We were looking for a compact, portable pack n play type thing that had the option to have a higher level for a newborn to lay. This product met all the requirements. It also shipped to us within 1-2 days.
New York
Verified Buyer
Would give 5 stars, but hard to find bassinet sheets
April 6, 2021
So baby is not here yet, but we did try out another "eco friendly" bassinet/playard combo like this and I like this one much better for a few reasons. The way it folds is really simple. It may be long when it folds but it's straightforward and easy to move around the house. Second, it had no odors at all. I don't know why but lots of baby things we have gotten have some off-gassing smells even if they are rated as OETEX or green guard or any of that. This is one not rated anything special but I figured I have it a little early and can smell it myself, it is completely neutral in my opinion. Last thing is that it is just really minimal and looks great around the house. I like that it's got a mesh panel to later see baby in the bassinet or playard. Honestly, I bought 2 of these, 1 for me and 1 for grandma's house lol we'll see how baby likes it next :) Only problem is that sheets are near impossible to find because of the unique size (20x30 almost as a bassinet). I guess if you are only traveling you don't need a sheet but I really wanted a fitted sheet for sleep. Finally found something on amazon but standard sheets will not fit this playard/bassinet.
  • - no odors
  • - minimal design
  • - simple fold and transport
  • - mesh panel
  • - hard to find sheets that fit the unique dimensions
Milwaukie, Oregon
Verified Buyer
We love our Micralite
April 3, 2021
We bought the Micralite travel crib over a year ago and we love it. It’s lightweight, not crazy bulky, sets up and folds up nicely. So happy with this purchase and more affordable than similar travel cribs.
Salt Lake City
Verified Buyer
Easy to set up
March 23, 2021
Sturdy and easy to set up/take down
Portland Oregon
Verified Buyer
January 27, 2021
we especially like the zip down side. If the zipper were a bit quieter I’d be at five stars.
Greenwood, In
Verified Buyer
Wish I had bought this with my first
January 21, 2021
So easy to set up and take down and I love how it fits in the carrying bag. Great purchase!
Verified Buyer
Love it
December 4, 2020
Just got this in the mail simple n easy to put together n very light weight also comes with travel bag
  • Light weight
  • Simple
Best Uses
  • Bassinet
  • Play pen
Pearl C.
Verified Buyer
Great quality for the price
December 4, 2020
I got the Micralite on this site before there were other reviews, because I did some research into their brand. I was considering the Bjorn travel crib lite. I'm glad we went with this one. We do travel, but not often enough to feel like the Bjorn would be worth it. We also loved the bassinet option, which we ended up using a few times. Another reviewer mentioned that the strap attachments on the corner were a little annoying, and they definitely are. But it takes a few minutes, and it further ensures the safety of the baby since it locks the mattress into place.
  • lightweight, super compact, safe, sturdy
  • Not so easy to get baby out (I'm 5'5" and it was a little awkward for me)
San diego, CA
Verified Buyer
We love it!
November 30, 2020
Amazing quality! We got a great deal. The travel cot is very well made, and we really like the bassinet option. It doesn’t take that much space, and it will last many many years with us. Very easy to assemble. And we love the minimalistic look of it.
Diana E.
Philadelphia PA
Verified Buyer
fine. not great/not bad
September 16, 2020
I'm "just OK" with this purchase but wouldn't purchase again.
The floor of the playard is too close to the floor so you can't step under it to get close enough to carefully/comfortably place a sleeping baby inside. The removable bassinet is a tad too high for my 11-month old who can stand and would easily fall out.
the removable floor pads are also a bit cumbersome as you have to insert the 4 corner loops through small slits in the base and pull through/hook to secure.
  • light weight, looks sleek.
  • The floor of the playard is too close to the floor so you can't step under it to get close enough to carefully/comfortably place a sleeping baby inside. The removable bassinet is a tad too high for my 11-month old who can stand and would easily fall out.
  • the removable floor pads are also a bit cumbersome as you have to insert the 4 corner loops through small slits in the base and pull through/hook to secure.
Austin, TX
Verified Buyer
Great for travel
September 11, 2020
Bought this travel crib without reading any reviews but after going to the Micralite website and checking out the brand, it looked like it would be good quality and I was pleasantly surprised. Love that it has more features than some of the other travel cribs I was looking at -- lightweight, the detachable bassinet and the zipper opening. The zip opening would be way more useful if it was on the longer side of the crib though, as I'm fairly short, so leaning over into the crib to put a 20lb baby practically on the floor is tough. If the zip was on the long side, it would be easier to lie her in there.
  • lightweight
  • easy setup
  • detachable bassinet
  • baby basically on the floor
Fort Bliss, Texas
Verified Buyer
Favorite Travel Crib
August 18, 2020
We knew we wanted one of the floor-contact travel cribs for this baby. We have previously owned a Graco Pack 'n Play and a Baby Trend Playard, and while the Graco worked great for what we needed for previous kiddos, it was heavy and not as toddler friendly as we'd like. As for the Baby Trend, it is much more complicated to set up than the Graco and the top rails are hard to lock into place correctly and just as difficult to unlock when trying to take it down. The Micralite, on the other hand, is superior to both in several ways.

The fact that the travel crib sits directly on the ground is (mostly) a huge plus. When used inside, it means there is no uncomfortable flexing of the mattress over bottom bars to create high and low spots. The lack of support bars under the bottom also allow for a decrease in weight, but more on that later. The floor design also allows for more convenient use for breastfeeding moms or parents of babies that wake easily when being set down to sleep. The side unzips so I can lay down to breastfeed my baby and not have to move them when done or to cuddle them until they fall asleep and not have to move them. (Teaching baby to self-sooth by putting them to bed awake is all well and good in theory, but sometimes you just need them to sleep so you can sleep or get something done.) The only downside to the floor contact is if you are using this outside. The bottom can get dirty and uneven ground makes the mattress flex under bigger babies or toddlers.

Set up and take down are simple and easy to do (with a little practice). The hardest part is remembering how to line up the two pieces to put in the travel bag. The legs easily swing out and lock into place with an audible click and the bassinet (which is included and not extra!!) easily zips into place. The mattress unfolds in two ways to fit the bassinet attachment or the main crib, so there is very little extra parts to haul around, unlike the conventional play yards. This allows the Micralite to be significantly lighter than many competitors.

The style is very clean and not gimmicky looking like so many baby products tend to be. I love the plain black fabric and sleek lines. There aren't a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles, just thoughtful features and functionality in a neutral aesthetic.

We looked at pretty much every floor-contact travel crib before deciding on this one. While there are several that compare functionally to the Micralite, the Micralite had a more budget-friendly price point without losing ease of use or having to pay extra for desired features (like a bassinet).
  • Budget-friendly compared to other floor-contact models
  • Neutral design
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Infant-to-toddler friendly design
Best Uses
  • Frequent travel
  • Newborn bedside bassinet
  • Breastfed babies
  • Still expensive compared to many conventional travel cribs
  • Storage/carry case is still quite large
  • Not great for outdoor use
Verified Buyer
Great Quality and price
July 22, 2020
Lightweight for travel, easy to assemble, solid and a modern design
Palo Alto, CA
Verified Buyer
Quality, Excellent Value
June 23, 2020
My daughter who is expecting in August purchased one. As a new future grandmother I needed a quality bed that could be easily set up when the new family came to visit. I very much liked the one that she had bought. The portable bed meets all my requirements. The bed is very versatile as it can be used from infant to one plus years.
New York City
Verified Buyer
Definitely Recommend
June 5, 2020
This Sleep & Go has all the features I was looking for: lightweight for travel, thick solid mattress, easy to assemble/disassemble, side zipper, dual functionality of bassinet/toddler playpen, and modern design. Other cots had some of these features but not all. Performs well in person. Definitely would recommend this product!
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